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Time is like a year, and in a blink of an eye, half a year has passed. I just did some ordinary things in my ordinary post. I also learned to fulfill the tasks assigned by the leaders in a down-to-earth manner and got the approval of the leaders. However, while making progress, I also found some problems in my own existence. Below I summarize the work of my half year as follows: 2013 Annual Work Summary of the Internal Work Fan Yiyi: Summary of the annual personal work of the office in the office [1] - Summary of the internal work of the enterprise The importance of the 2013 internal staff annual work summary three: 2013 internal staff annual work summary two: Review I came to the company has been unknowingly for a year, at the end of the year to summarize my 2012 company's internal work position, I am deeply It is felt that the office is the hub of a unit or enterprise, and plays the role of connecting up and down, comprehensive coordination, staff assistants, supervising inspections and services to ensure the safety of everyone's work.

The internal service is the internal service staff of the office, responsible for the internal affairs management of the office, document processing, report filling, document drafting and other daily work, and is the direct organizer and undertaker of the office work, so I am responsible for my work. Excellent completion of the following content: In the past year, through hard work and continuous exploration, it has gained a lot. Whether in the work arrangement or in dealing with problems, we must think carefully and be able to stand alone. I firmly believe that as long as you work hard to do it, you must be able to do it well.

I have been working in the field for a year, and sometimes I feel that I have some experience, or I have not been careful enough to handle things by my own decision. So I have made a lot of problems and made many mistakes. Afterwards, I realized that my social experience is lacking, or that I have not handled it properly. I am determined to improve my quality and recuperation in my future work, and to learn more about the philosophy of being a human being, to be able to surpass myself and strive for greater progress. As our internal and internal work is a comprehensive coordination and comprehensive service work, with the role of coordination, internal and external links, internal and impartial responsibility, not only to complete transaction management, document processing, comprehensive situation, fill out reports, draft documents, etc. In the daily procedural work, we must complete the work assigned by the leaders, and also make suggestions for the leaders, actively play the role of staff assistants, and assist the leaders in all aspects of their work.

A qualified internal service must have a strong sense of professionalism, a high sense of responsibility and a realistic and pragmatic attitude. It has a high political quality and business ability, is familiar with business and back office work, and has a broad knowledge and reasonable knowledge. Knowledge structure and rigorous and competent work style, dedication and dedication to the ideological realm of indifferent to fame and fortune. Combining four years of in-house work experience, I would like to talk about a few points. First, we must strengthen the five kinds of consciousness and adapt to the internal work as soon as possible. The internals must do a good job of propagating the party guidelines, routes, and policies. It is necessary to cultivate a keen and unique political awareness. It is necessary to strengthen the study of political theory, constantly improve political literacy, and strengthen the correct political direction so that they always maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee in their thinking. At the same time, we must maintain a political sobriety, treat things with good at capturing the essence, quickly grasp the key points, and find the best way for the leaders to coordinate contradictions and solve problems. The second is the overall awareness.

The internal service is a transfer station for information exchange between the upper and lower levels. The superiors issue the spirit of instruction, and the lower level reports the work situation, which must be passed down through the hands of the internal staff. Therefore, the internal staff should consciously enhance the overall situation awareness and overall awareness. They are good at focusing on the various central work in the current period, combining actuality, active research, active staffing, thorough research on specific issues, accurate recommendations, and work done. Careful, making yourself truly a competent assistant in decision making.

The third is service awareness. It is necessary to prevent the work arranged by the leadership from delaying itself, not allowing the handling of the matter to be backlogged in its own hands, and not letting all kinds of mistakes happen to them, and not letting the bidding business people be left out in their own places.

To cultivate a sense of service, always position itself, arrange work as much as possible, and resolutely obey the leadership and serve the masses.

Four is the consciousness of dedication. At present, a considerable number of units have only one internal office. The daily affairs, document management, and fire protection services are all undertaken by one person. Sometimes the internal control also needs to supervise the field work. In addition, the fire protection work has become increasingly arduous in recent years, and various special rectification tasks have continued. Adding a point, it has become a commonplace. This is not only a test of the individual's body, but also a spiritual will. This requires the internal staff to have the spirit of hard work, dedication, and hard work whenever and wherever. It is necessary to integrate their passionate and highly responsible attitude toward the fire service into their work. Dedicated dedication, hard work, and truly cultivate their own dedication. The fifth is the awareness of confidentiality. The particularity of the back office position determines that the back office is more involved than other supervisors.

Information such as action plans, decision-making measures, and confidential documents will form an aggregation point in the workplace, making the in-service position a 渃entral center? If you are slightly careless, leaking out will cause irreparable damage to your work. Therefore, as a back office, whenever and wherever, we must tighten the string of secrecy, and do not say what we should not say, and we should not say it. Second, we must adhere to the five diligence, and earnestly perform the duties of the post. The staff reads the documents every day, looks through the files, and consults the materials.

Looking at documents and materials can't be like a smattering, no impression. It is necessary to look carefully and review the documents of the superiors, understand the spirit, thoroughly understand the policies and policies, remember the terminology, and clarify the tasks; read the full text of the work report below, master the work progress, familiarize with the situation, see the problem, and benefit Guidance; focus on the learning experience and practices of the relevant departments' documents and materials, and take the lead and make up for it. For all kinds of business reports, you should carefully read the instructions for filling out the form, master the method of filling in the report, and fill in the time and requirements. The second is hand-work.

Be proactive in your work, do a good job of collecting all kinds of work records and information, and extract the situation, problems, data, and work progress as needed.

The third is the mouth.

In dealing with daily affairs, it is necessary to ask the business department and other colleagues for more information. For unclear situations, details, and the landing of one thing, it is necessary to ask questions, be diligent, and diligently, beyond the scope of authority. It is necessary to promptly ask the leaders, not to do what they want, to keep abreast of the work of all parties and colleagues, and to seek truth from facts and report to the leaders and superiors in a timely and comprehensive manner. The fourth is the leg.

It is necessary to carry out investigations in light of the actual situation, familiar with the various work dynamics, and to have more contacts with the field and related business departments, exchange information with each other, and support each other to do a good job.

Five is brain work. For all kinds of business reports, we must carefully analyze whether there is any correlation between the completed statements and the previous year, last month and other forms. There is no connection between the columns and columns and items in the same table.

For the collected information, it is necessary to analyze and study the brain, adopt induction, comparison, judgment, reasoning and analysis, pay attention to exploring, accumulating and summarizing work experience, be good at learning to observe and analyze various social phenomena, see the essence through the phenomenon, and master the analysis. Study the special rectification dynamics, pay attention to discovering problems, develop a habit of diligent thinking and good thinking, and achieve 渟inking and deep thinking?to gradually improve your work level.

Third, we must continue to develop and innovate, improve the innovation of the work level in the field, and reflect the ideological and practical work in the internal work. It is necessary to focus on the grassroots level, lay the foundation, and practice the basic skills, and constantly explore and summarize the basic foundation. New methods and new measures for work construction, seeking truth from facts, being aggressive, brave in exploring, grasping regularity, being creative, and constantly exploring new initiatives for innovation, so that all work measures and strategies at the grassroots level change with work. Changes, internal work and work can develop and break through. All in all, the position of the internal service is a melting pot and a stage. It can not only train itself but also show itself. As long as it constantly strengthens its own political and ideological quality, work style, professional quality and psychological quality, and earnestly fulfills its duties in the field. We will continue to do the 'five diligence' and continue to develop and innovate, so that we can do the internal work of the public security fire department.

V. Complete the various types of accounts of the police station and promote the pace of hierarchical construction of the police station. It has established and improved the population management, industry management, site management and special items account of the police station. Always do the tasks of eyesight, brainwork, handwork, and diligence, and complete the task of leadership in time.

Strengthen the archives and secretarial work of the police station, keep all kinds of archives and documents on time and on quality, and conscientiously do a good job in the health of the archives.

As a resident civil police officer, I often actively improve my business level, exercise myself at work, and do not understand the humility to ask the leaders and learn from colleagues. Under the correct leadership of the leaders at all levels of the company, with the solidarity and cooperation of the colleagues and the help and care, the tasks of the whole year have been well completed, and the business quality and ideological and political aspects have been further improved. The achievements and shortcomings that have been achieved in the past year are summarized as follows: First, for the past six months, ideological and political performance, moral cultivation and professional ethics, I have earnestly abided by labor discipline, attending on time and using working hours on time; sticking to posts, I need to work overtime. Work overtime on time to ensure that work can be completed on time. Seriously study legal knowledge; love and dedication, have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication.

Actively learn professional knowledge, work attitude, and treat each job seriously and responsibly.

Second, work ability and specific business aspects My job is business back office. Mainly responsible for the statistics of the company's iron ore shipments, receipts. In addition, the daily car skin number will be reported to the Shanxi office in time to check the receipt of goods in the Shanxi office; to sort out the railway ticket and issue the port package fee; to count the daily port unloading quantity of the port operation department and the moisture of the port inventory.

In line with the goal of 'doing a better job', I will carry forward the spirit of pioneering and innovation, do my job in a down-to-earth manner, and successfully complete the tasks for the past six months: 1. Statistics: Can be timely The agency department retrieves the pound list and makes the statistics of the number of shipments and receipts accurate.

2, the receipt of goods: Shanxi Office reported the number of receipts, from the receipt of the entire ship statistics on the receipt of profits and losses to now can be gradually divided into the entire column of statistical receipts and losses.

3, empty car overweight: In May this year, the implementation of the empty car, and now can be accurate for the number of shipments.

Although the previous report was based on the track scale, there are still errors. Now that the empty car is overweight, the number of shipments can be basically accurate. 4, moisture test: the number of shipments in the port has been short, the responsibility is not clear, in the end is theft of goods or the loss of water.

Now, it is stipulated that each item of goods is tested for moisture so that there is no shirking responsibility. III. The shortcomings of existence After summing up the work in the past year, although we have achieved certain results, we have made great progress, but there are still some shortcomings: First, there is still a certain gap between the quality and standards of work and the requirements of leaders.

On the one hand, due to the lack of personal ability and quality, there are certain errors in the number of iron ore transmission and reception; on the other hand, there is a lot of work, time is tight, and work efficiency is not high. Second, sometimes work sensitivity is not very strong.

Not sensitive enough to the affairs assigned by the leadership. Sometimes the work is not advanced, and the reporting is not timely enough.

Third, the role of the staff assistant of the leadership is not obvious enough.

I don檛 know the overall situation of the work. I can檛 take the initiative, think ahead, and think of ways. Many jobs just serve as 渁bacus beads?

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