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Running Dog Figure 2017 64th Prize: Frequent injuries, will the piglet leave Manchester United this summer? Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 Super Large Standard Little Hornets coach: There are no more than 5 Dallas places in the league to replace Batum. It is not a place where superstars are willing to come, not just Dallas, the whole of Texas. Not the kind of place that can attract superstars. In addition to the Rockets being able to get superstars from other teams, the Spurs and Mavericks superstars are all self-produced. To get a player like Parsons, you have to pay a premium. Contract and others grab.


Hacris is not as good as the starter when he plays with the starter. Although Messina can't make much contribution to the team, it is still his job to arrange the rotation according to the player's performance. In the last game, Haggis was placed in the rotation lineup by Messina. He found that he was more than three points in the rotation of the lineup when he played the fourth position, so the initiative changed.

Henry’s words, the starting lineup is not too much, he played more than ten minutes, playing the first time to play the bench is not much problem. .

The Hawks may be the perfect team to inherit the spurs of the spurs and carry forward the team. No team is as strong as they were last year. The authentic Spurs, led by **Vickie, did not reach the level of the Eagles last year. The standard first loose and tight schedule, the league gives the strong team almost all the way to arrange the schedule, let the strong team gradually find the game feeling, and gradually let the strong team enter the playoffs before the start of the playoffs. And those weak teams are tragedy, the league's designated schedule officials will not control the weak team, the 14-15 season Lakers' tragedy into the virtues, this is the reason. Gu Chao: I love playing games and watching American TV dramas. I strive to be the best goalkeeper. Stephenson averaged assists this year and played the role of the triangle offensive axis. With Curry's showdown, I have been very much looking forward to enjoying it. After he entered the league, Curry was already the top point guard in the league, and in fact he and Curry's showdown have always been mixed. When the two teams and the two teams have their own wins and losses. Wade: Don't consider playing against LeBron before winning the Raptors. Qin Zaoer and Long Juan played with a few children on the side, vigorously before Long Juan gave Yao Yao a tutor, she could not think that she liked children so much, and was very gentle when facing children. . Thunder coach's birthday night battle grabbed seven. The scoring list is ranked first, and the rebounding list is also the leader, but there is only one. Mamadou-Ndiaye will try the Lakers rocket. Martino: Messi will come back in the next game. Of course, the basics are all black and strong, just like those who have no brains, James and Kobe. Ma Yun Weibo rumors acquisition of Milan: Is Milan in Italy? The dunk contest is the stage of Lavin's one person. Just like the original Carter, no one can bring him pressure and how to buckle. Marker: It’s my dream to play in the NBA. All of these opponents are in front of the Lakers. On December 22nd, the Lakers beat the Kings again, refreshing the league’s winning streak this season, winning 11 consecutive victories, 25 wins and 3 losses. The record set the best start for the Lakers history. The Lakers' best start before the season was 24 wins and 3 losses in the 08-09 season. Han Dejun thanked Liao basketball fans: I love you, the Lakers here, this series of best play is Monroe, averaging 24 points and 22 boards, this data hanging days! In four games, he won double 20 in four consecutive games! Hollinger: Zhou Qi’s basketball English was no problem. He played 17 minutes and scored 35 points. This efficiency was even shocked by himself. The other party was not defended at all. He broke through to the inside dunk and nobody managed. In the second half, I could only sit on the sidelines and lament that my 40+ was gone. (To be continued.) Luneng vs Sydney starting: Before the tower gods, Li Wei continued to start. When I was preparing for the lovely Ao Yaoyao, one person grabbed Yaoyao from the hands of the powerful. I want to get back, but I see who is stealing Yaoyao. Decisively gave up the decision of this temptation, Long Juan is a dog... Well, Long Juan is a rabbit, but strongly believes that she is a dog, this female tyrannosaurus in a fight with her sister, I saw My sister will bite hard to live, so this adult girl will take this mathematics meeting, and she bites even more. Wade: Don't consider playing against LeBron before winning the Raptors. Of course, only the fans will not sympathize with him, but will ridicule him, just like the original Mike Brown, coaching.

The fans will praise the big, because winning is a great contribution.

Marcelo gives the Champions League medals and sneakers to the fans.

It’s a small matter to take the regular season mvp on the US side. Well, he won’t be surprised if he wins any awards. Even if he is an assisting king, he has more than 8 assists per game this year. Maybe the future will still be Really possible.

It’s only been two years of study. Qin Zaoer still didn’t learn, so the power was very speechless. Even Yaoyao, who was only six years old at the time, learned it. Qin Zaoer never learned.


Eating and frying, the salt is not evenly mixed with egg fried rice, the dragon war has to maintain a gentlemanly manner, the only bitterness in his heart is known to him.


The Cavaliers tried out players like Derrick Jones today.

The strong scoring average is ranked first in the league.

Everything rebounds in second place, second only to Drummond, one less than Drummond, taller than Jordan, and the three-player rebounding is fierce.

The strong assists ranked fifth in the league. This year Paul regained the first assists list. Kim-Terry is the best coach that Paul has encountered for him. Like Nash in the late career, Paul once again played. Both data are two pairs.

Get 18 assists per game.

Hoffford: Not ready to deal with the Love + Frye combination.

Nash feels like a falling pie in the sky. Griffin volunteered to come to the Lakers? The situation is somewhat unexpected! High thighs! Two shots and one help back to question, the efficiency forward is the biggest role of his super superstar is not how many points the individual gets, how many assists to brush.

It is by scoring ability to disrupt the opponent's defense, or to pass the ball to disrupt the opponent's defense. The strong offensive destructive power is the former, especially after he scored 74 points last season.

The threat on the court is the same as Kobe, who just took 81 points.

Hodgson: Kane is a penalty kick because of his high pass.

In fact, this Drexler does not have much to do with, people still praise him as always, and did not blame Drexler for Jordan's excellence.

Because everyone is aware of it, Jordan came to this earth, and he came to play with it.

It’s the strongest and the strongest people, but people also admit that Thompson’s excellence is the same.

After the game, Shumpert watched his dunk video and was ridiculed by his teammates.

Junely angered Olinick, Henry was just a small character in the Lakers, and he was able to humiliate the best center of the Wizards.

Luneng fans have disputed with Seoul security. They suspect that the other party wants to accept the national flag, but they can’t do it with other small moves. At first, they will use small tricks such as darkness. The top defensive players have some small moves.

Even if James is also a fake.

However, when the small action is vigorously used, the reaction given by the opponent player is too great, and the power of the big force is so amazing.

Running Dog Figure 2017 64th Anniversary Shampert Talks about the Finals: It’s not easy for the Lakers to fall into the abyss of despair.

Gao Hongbo: There is a flaw in the game. Zhang Yuning will face a strong individual offensive ability. There is no doubt that the Warriors can't prevent two people, so they use three people to prevent them.

The whole team even prevented him from scoring.

The Spurs and Rockets will try Isaiah Myers.

This season's regular season Jefferson averaged 19 points and 7 rebounds, and Feng Lai averaged 14 points and assists. The combination of the two sides is unstoppable.

Really, no contribution.

Thunder scored 133 points in the playoffs single-game scoring record? 'Why!' Yao Yao struggled for a moment, not struggling.


Although Christmas lost, but Christmas Eve still had to be happy. After returning home, he vigorously put away the feeling of losing, and saw Yaoyao and Xuexue two cute little Loli, want to be depressed Depressed.

Although it has been more than ten o'clock to return home, the family is still waiting for him to come back to eat turkey. The roast turkey made by Xiao Ai is very good, not necessarily the difference of those big restaurants.

Marbury's autobiographical film was booted, Iverson helped, and Paul came to the big city of Los Angeles, earning a lot of money, holding good data, but was slow to step into the Western Conference finals.

HD: Lu Wei Huang Yaqiong advanced into the Australian Open final.

The atmosphere of the Lakers is very low, but it seems that this is just an accident. In the two games, the Lakers lost to the Warriors less than ten, and even at the last moment, the two teams were alternately leading.

Plus the Lakers is the champion of the previous year.

This year's strong play is so good, people are still generally optimistic that the Lakers can finally win this series.


'Juan Juan, she still wants to come to my house, I thought she wouldn't come. She didn't say a word and went straight away last month.

'I am still very concerned about this matter. I am used to seeing people who are arguing every day and go straight away. Now I am moving back.

(To be continued.


) HD: Australian feathers match Yi Xin Chen Qingchen battle 84 minutes into the women's doubles finals almost all the arguments are one-sided, the Lakers were selected as the top champion of this year's championship in the beginning of the playoffs, for no reason, vigorously This is the most important reason for this team.

Running dog chart 2017 64-stage draw Lin Shuhao originally wanted to give great strength, but it is difficult to get the ball through the active defense of Wall. Wall is worthy of being one of the best defenders in today's point guard.

And he is one meter tall and nine-three tall.

鹈鹕 boss Benson: My daughter once wanted to kill me. 'Hello? Haha, Nick, are you teasing me? You can't even write a diary, but also write a love letter.

' I heard the most unbelievable things. Nick Young’s essays in the university’s essays are actually writing love letters!

However, Long Juan wearing a princess dress is really beautiful, and all the powerful eyes have attracted the past.

Magician: If Wei Wei continues to attack mode, the Spurs are hard to win last season when the Timberwolves turned over.

Summer Lavin and Wiggins, Bennett has made great progress in the Olympics, and the strength of this season has greatly improved.


The Wizards have worked hard for six games and lost in the most critical time. The seven-game battle was blown up by the Knicks and stopped in the first round.

The combination of Dragic and Haggis, which is a weaker team, such as the Spurs, can be used as a core, but there are very few playing time in the Lakers.

Magician: The first junk message was given to Jordan not only because of the very special psychology of the Chinese, but also the homesickness or the homesickness.

People feel that the dragon battle in the east alone is very pitiful, especially those female fans.

They think that Kang Jie, Kang Yu, and Dao are all in California, and they have mutual care, and the dragon battle is alone in the east... Because of the unique psychology of this Chinese, coupled with the long battle of the dragon, A large number of female fans have been captured in the country.


On March 4th, the Lakers ushered in a strong defending champion, the Atlanta Hawks.


Because now, the Rockets are still strong, 42 wins and 11 losses ranked first in the West, the Lakers 41 wins and 13 losses ranked second, the Warriors 40 wins and 13 losses ranked third, the Kings 38 wins and 15 losses ranked first Fourth, the following are Timberwolves, crickets, Thunder, Clippers, Grizzlies, Suns, Trail Blazers, Nuggets, Jazz, Spurs, and Mavericks.


The Nets are really the most amazing basketball team in the world.

They didn't get the championship, and there was very little history of being a strong team, but they only needed to be strong teams.

is the championship contender.

How long have you not seen James dunking like this! Since the 13-14 season, James has been interested in reducing his dunks.

After all, the weight before it was too big, his kind of violent dunk is very stressful on the knee.

Now he finally got a lineup that allowed him to lose weight, and he was finally able to return to the way he used to play.

There is a gap between the outside and the Warriors. Evans and Holliday are not opponents of the Splash Brothers, but their inside is also defensive, but Anthony Davis's offense is not vegetarian, but he is Super inside line with 26 points per game! George and Russell immediately went inside. Here George has been there a few times. It was Kobe’s treat before, and the All-Star had invited him once.

It’s just the money spent on the dragon battle.

Strong is now to understand the mood of James.

332. The Christmas War is coming.

After vigorously coming to the arena, I didn't want to practice after training for a while. I was waiting anxiously. He would talk to a person to ease his excitement.


After vigorously coming to the arena, I didn't want to practice after training for a while. I was waiting anxiously. He would talk to a person to ease his excitement.

: The unlucky Clippers don't mean they don't have the power of a fight, but their home tickets are almost bought by the Lakers fans.

Later, the Clippers boss, Ballmer, simply raised the ticket price.


The possibility of this last point did not come true, the Rockets were eliminated, and Durant was already at the peak, not Harden at that time.

So, Griffin’s agent immediately went to the Toyota Center and went to Nash to chat.


When the average score in January was nearly tenth lower than that in December last year, people thought that the state of gravity began to decline. It may not be so bad in the future. At that time, it was already surpassed by Wilt-Chamberton. The history of the single season is the second place in the scoring list.

In 27 games, he played hard and averaged points and assists. He has proved that his data is not a temporary break, but he can get so many points in each game. 'Yeah, it’s been two years since I last tasted the playoffs.' Griffin used the same way of drinking cocktails as vodka, which was a sea drink, and he wouldn’t taste it. Let a strong contempt. . (Lu Neng was fined by the AFC, due to the lack of timely submission of the big list before the game).

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