Sima Feng bowed his head, and the candlelight shone in his eyes from time to time, hiding all the emotions in his eyes.
As usual, I didn't know what he thought.
He knows that Nan Fufeng’s words are to comfort him.
The state of his body is that he can't help Nan Fufeng.
Inside the house, it was very secluded and the atmosphere became somewhat suppressed. "Brother, I didn't think that this time I will see your vulnerability. No one is invincible. Everyone has a weak interest. However, you must be strong now, and the demon is still waiting for you." "I know." Sima Feng took a dagger and never recovered any sound. "My medicine has not been obvious to you. You have eaten too much. In addition to a heart that will beat, even the meridians have been damaged. Your body has long been Being hollowed out, the only thing you can support now is your perseverance. As long as you are seven years old, you can support it. I trust, Chinese Girl now you can still!" Sima Feng did not make a sound, quietly clenched his hands, he I have never felt any pain in this body, because I have suffered too much pain and have been numb. There was only a single coat on his body, and the window was slightly open. There was a cold wind blowing in, but he couldn’t feel a chill. Without the red lips, he saw his throat twitching and quietly. I rubbed my lips. "I am tired, need to take a break.
"Well, I am watching you on the outside, if you have any comfort, call me immediately." Nan Fufeng ordered the dagger and quietly opened the door.
Sima Feng looked at the empty house, and his eyes continued to show the night enchanting in front of the dragon squad, and he was begging for the margins. His heart seemed to suddenly collapse into a ball, and a bit of pain rose in the bottom of his heart. Spread to all hearts.
He felt it, once again felt the pain and sadness, then the pain, so that he was simply blocked. "A fool, as long as you do such a silly job.
He whispered. After the unbearable pains of caution were withdrawn, they were replaced by a touch of helplessness.
Thinking of her, he seems to have passed away to the senses, as if slowly start to wake up, like the wild grass that died in the fall, in the spring, once again renewed hope! He quietly took a breath and recovered some of his body and began to take a break.
After half an hour, he opened his eyes again, and spent so many days in Qingcheng. Now that the game has been fixed, he is really sleepy and tired.
Stumbled on the bed, took out the purse in his arms and held it in his palm.
Although he is tired and wants to close his eyes, he is really afraid. If he sleeps, he will never wake up again... Nan Fufeng said that he is right, he must be strong and must support it! In his heart, the hope for life has never been so fierce! He wants to live well and see her like a normal smile.
"Little demon, you are waiting for me, I will return immediately. After I return, let's not leave again!"... Tomorrow, it is the full moon night, and the night is the time of completion! The night demon lifted the end and looked at the moonlight hidden in the clouds. The hand quietly clenched the pieces of bamboo slips hidden in the body. "Gang Lang, how are you? You have said that you must return safely and innocently. As long as you can come back, I will not be angry with you, nor will I blame it. I will only return you. Come... safe and secure.
"You said, you have to hurt me for a lifetime, pet me a generation, no, Chinese girl beauty it is for generations..." "You can't lie to me, you can't lie to me!" "You are the best person in the world, I can drop everything, but I can't fall away from you, I can't fall..." The pain that the mother suffered, she saw it with her own eyes, mother Everything on the body is full of feelings, and Lang Lang feels the same! When she thinks about this, her heart hurts and hurts. The tears can't help but slide down the cheeks, and the night demon lifts her hands and wipes them. I haven't had time to erase them. The tears flowed through the lips, so salty. Suddenly, there was a burst of weapons around, and it seemed very clear in the night. Who is it? Dare to break into the palace! The night demon turned back to the source of the sound. Looking forward, a few black shadows fell around her, one of them, so familiar. The night demon did not dare to trust their own eyes! "Grandfather..." She couldn't help but open her mouth, the person who came was actually a grandfather! Seeing the figure of the night demon, the heart was dark and happy, and under the urgency, did not notice the situation of the night demon at this time, "Devil! Come with me! "The national official went on, grabbed the hand of the night demon, and walked toward the front.
The night demon had not had time to make an echo, and she felt a chill in front of her, and she staggered her body without a trace, and stood in front of the national prince. The chill was forced to her face, and the hair was blown up by the sword. The trap of killing, stop at the center of her only a few inches! The man took a step back from the evacuation and apparently would not harm the night demon. Guogong saw the scene, the heartbeat was finished, but the demon was not injured! He immediately stepped forward, and he stayed behind and died. "Get it!" Under the order of the Qingyue, there were a few black shadows that fell from the sky and surrounded the black people brought by the national servants. Looking at this situation, the national public is afraid that it is impossible to escape! The heart of the night demon is indeed suffering, she did not think of it, the national official actually for her, do not hesitate to sleep at night! Does he want her? Do you still recognize her as his granddaughter? At this time, the national public only invented the night demon's anomaly. He dropped his arm around the dark guard and carefully looked at the night demon. From the time he appeared to the present, the night demon did not say a word! "Hero, what's wrong with you? It is grandfather, grandfather came to save you.
"National privately looked at the night demon, but the night demon in front of me didn't have a trace of echo, and even her face was still stagnant, like a body that had been taken away from the soul. Guogong suddenly turned back to the black in front of her eyes. People, roaring, "What have you done to her after all!" "Looking at the side of the country's almost disintegrated look, the night demon's heart seems to be late! However, she can't have a little bit of response. Tomorrow is the full moon night, she can't be defeated! But what about my grandfather? If he is harmed by her, how can she suffer? She feels that all the things in front of her face are so cruel, she would like her grandfather not to marry her, not to recognize her, even to hate her. The body of the night demon, she does not want her grandfather to take risks for her! "The mourner thinks that whoever is so courageous, dare to ban the palace at night, was originally the national official of my dynasty! "The voice of the Queen Mother suddenly sounded.

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