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If the gods do not leave, the remaining aura will be completely drained, and it will be a disaster for the spiritual world

He insisted on leaving the court, and Li Chang repeatedly refused to stay

The letter of the CPC Xinyang Senior High School Committee letter Gao Gaozi [2008] No. 6 Xinyang High School “New Liberation, New Leap, New Rise” discussion program This year is the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 10th anniversary of Xinyang’s withdrawal from the city It is the 30 years of all-round development of the school's educational undertakings, and it is also the 70th anniversary of the school's establishment.

In order to fully implement the spirit of the 17th Party Congress, thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, conscientiously complete the arrangements for the education work meeting of the Municipal Education Bureau at the beginning of the year, further transform the educational concept, promote the healthy development of education, further enhance the school's taste, and improve education. The quality of teaching, striving for a national model high school, according to the unified deployment of the provincial party committee, the municipal party committee and the party committee, the school party committee decided to concentrate on more than two months from the end of July 2008, and organize “new liberation, new leapfrogging, new Rise' big discussion activities.

The current plan is as follows: First, the guiding ideology fully implements the spirit of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the 'Three Represents', and thoroughly implements the scientific development concept as the main line, with 'new liberation, With the theme of “new leap and new rise”, we will focus on the ideological concepts of educational science development, establish institutional mechanisms for scientific development, solve outstanding problems affecting scientific development, and effectively improve the consciousness of teachers and staff of schools to adhere to management innovation and education reform. Resolutely, effectively improve the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the party's organizations at all levels to lead the scientific development of school education, create a new situation for the creation of glamour Xinyang, realize the school's resurgence, lay a stronger ideological foundation, and provide a stronger organizational guarantee. Second, the target task (a) strengthen the theoretical armed.

Further promote the theoretical armed work, guide the faculty and staff to seek in-depth study and understanding, seek practical results in implementation, accurately grasp the scientific connotation, spiritual essence and fundamental requirements of the scientific development concept, and deeply analyze the ideas against the scientific development concept. What are the concepts and what are the underlying reasons?

Focusing on the major issues in the development of school education, we will strengthen theoretical research, continuously enrich the connotation of the construction of fascination, and more consciously use the scientific concept of development to arm our minds, guide practice, and promote work.

(2) Update ideas.

Guided by the scientific outlook on development, promote ideological emancipation and renewal of ideas, further establish the concept of people-oriented and harmonious development, and focus on changing the ideological concepts that do not conform to the laws of education. By posing problems, finding gaps, turning to ideas, rationalizing ideas, and setting measures, we will solve various problems that restrict the sustainable and healthy development of schools as soon as possible, promote the all-round development of students, improve the professional level of teachers, and strive to satisfy people's satisfaction. Adhere to the path of resource-saving and environment-friendly development. To prevent the ideological tendency of one-sided pursuit of the rate of enrollment. Extensive and in-depth development of learning-type schools, through learning to make the concept of renewal become an engine to promote better and faster development of various schools.

(3) Reforming institutional mechanisms. Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for a person's progress to a country.

Today, the new national curriculum standards are being fully implemented in our school. Taking this curriculum reform as an opportunity, we will strive to innovate from the concept, change from the system, and transcend the content.

Actively explore the teaching and learning methods of practicing equal dialogue, joint exploration and autonomy, cooperation and experience.

Further innovative ideas, innovative systems, innovative policies, and innovative mechanisms to build a new system and mechanism that is dynamic, productive, open, and conducive to the development of education, further improve the efficiency and quality of education and teaching, and promote Xinyang High School to Norm, more dynamic ideal development. (4) Changing the mode of development. At present, although the education work of the school has achieved great results, the education industry has shown a good trend of sustained and steady development, but there are still many problems.

First, there is still a large gap between the supply of education and the demand for quality education by the people. The level of education development needs to be further improved.

The education of brother schools is developing rapidly, and our school faces the grim situation of “surpassing without progress”. Second, the contradiction between teaching and learning is still very prominent. Students' ideological status and behavioral habits need to focus on improvement and transformation. Teachers are relatively backward in teaching concepts and teaching methods, and there is still much room for improvement in teaching efficiency.

Third, the school debt is still very serious. The new school construction lacks follow-up funds. The lack of education investment seriously restricts the efficiency and effectiveness of education and teaching.

Fourth, quality education needs to be vigorously promoted, and the tasks of security and stability are still heavy.

These difficulties and problems need to be resolved by emancipating the mind, grasping the law of education development, innovating development thinking, transforming the development mode, and improving the quality and efficiency of development.

By transforming the development mode, we will create high-quality educational resources for the people of the city to meet the requirements of the people.

(5) Optimize the development environment.

It is necessary to take the scientific development concept as a guide, further optimize the development environment, extensively find out the problems affecting the education work of our school, and resolutely overcome Chen who is not scientific, irresponsible, unthinking, unruly, and untrustworthy. Windy habits.

Further strengthen the construction of cadres' work style, and resolutely put the 'five prohibitions' and 'ten not allowed' into practice. Adhere to the people-oriented, improve the treatment of talent policies, let talents come in, stay, and do well.

We must vigorously create a good atmosphere for enlightened democracy, form a value orientation that advocates innovation, and make the passion for innovation last forever. The source of innovation flows (6) to promote harmony and stability.

Further improve the content and form of government affairs disclosure, actively promote the construction of electronic school affairs and network, and effectively strengthen the comprehensive management of public security, do a good job in legal publicity and education, enhance legal awareness, promote school education harmony, and maintain campus stability as a continuation Efforts to emancipate the important goals and important content, in-depth study and explore how to better achieve social fairness under the new situation, how to better coordinate the interests of students and parents, and strive to publicize and implement policies that involve the interests of teachers and students. The party and the government are concerned about the major measures of the school, putting in place the students' hotspots, focus issues, and explanations in order to achieve comprehensive, dynamic and sustainable harmony and stability.

(7) Improve the quality of cadres.

In accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept, guide party members and cadres to take the ability to lead the scientific development concept as the central link to strengthen self-cultivation and improve quality, and strive to cultivate a high-quality cadre team, class teacher team and teacher team, and try to revitalize cadre resources. Encourage the cadre vitality and mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the cadres.

It is necessary to guide party members and cadres to maintain a high-spirited and motivated spirit, to stand on their own feet, to seek new ideas, to explore boldly, to be bold, and to do great things in the field of education, to create great cause and to strive for first-class achievements. To achieve personal development, to showcase the talents of the self, and to contribute to society and the country.

(8) Innovative party building.

In accordance with the requirements of the scientific outlook on development, we will continue to innovate the party's construction, further strengthen the cohesive force of the party's organizations at all levels, further exert the vanguard and exemplary role of the Communist Party members, and build the leading bodies at all levels into a collective that is good at leading scientific development. The construction of the cadre team has become the main force capable of serving as the school's 'new liberation, new leap, new rise'.

It is necessary to guide party members and cadres to talk about party spirit, emphasize morality, set an example, establish aspirations for development, seek development strategies, develop the strength of development, and seek the effect of development, forming a strong atmosphere that is better than learning and catching up.

Through large-scale discussion activities, we should further unify our understanding, clear our direction, broaden our thinking, enhance our confidence, and sing the chorus of emancipating the mind, reform and opening up, and scientific development, forming a great liberation of the mind, deepening the reform, promoting education, and innovating. Vigorously promoted, greatly improved, and enhanced vitality. Seize the important strategic opportunities, properly cope with various challenges, effectively resolve various risks, improve the living conditions of teachers and students, achieve harmony of various factors, establish a high image, and narrow the gap with national elite schools, so that the letter is high The city’s basic education is on the road to pioneering a more solid step.

III. Guiding Principles (1) Persist in focusing on the main line and highlighting the theme.

It is necessary to take the scientific development concept and the law of education as the main line to lead the big discussion, and to implement and implement the scientific development concept, the human development concept, and the art development concept throughout the discussion activities, and to reflect every stage and every link. The faculty and staff have a deeper understanding of the educational science concept, a more comprehensive understanding, and more conscious action. We must highlight the theme of 'new liberation, new leaps, and new rises', find gaps, find ways, seek countermeasures, and seek breakthroughs around this theme, so that the main line and the theme can be organically unified. It is necessary to adhere to the important principles of 'three benefits', to make the new liberation of teachers' educational thoughts, the new leap in favor of the quality of school education, and the new rise that is conducive to the strength of Xingao as the starting point and test of the new round of ideological emancipation. standard. (2) Persist in connecting with reality and paying attention to actual results. It is necessary to closely contact the actual situation of the school staff and students, and to discuss the actual situation of school education and teaching, to prevent two skins, air and air, to eliminate the form of graphics and to go through the scene. We must do urgent things, seek major events, and do practical things, and work hard to solve the development problems encountered by the current school, the outstanding problems that teachers and students reflect strongly, and the major issues affecting the harmony of education, and turn the process of conducting large-scale discussion activities into planning strategies and solving problems. In the process of promoting work, we strive to achieve results in the concept of armed forces, achieve results in ideological understanding, achieve results in solving problems, achieve results in decision-making deployment, and achieve results in development practice. (3) Adhere to the overall planning and promotion of work. We must organize and carry out large-scale discussion activities together with the promotion of various educational work, and make overall plans for mutual promotion and common development.

It is necessary to combine the big discussion activities with the major tasks such as the reform of the new curriculum, the development of students' physical and mental health, the improvement of the professional quality of teachers, the improvement of the quality of education, and the problem-solving that affects the development of the school, and combine the same with the teachers and students to do practical things. Improve the efficiency of education, enhance the effectiveness of educational effects, improve the quality of teachers and students, and do both correctness and promotion.

(4) Adhere to leadership and take the lead.

The leader and grade leader of the middle and above leading cadres is the organizer of the big discussion activities and the focus of continuing to emancipate the mind. In the big discussion activities, the party committee should take the lead, the main leaders take the lead, and the leading cadres take the lead. It is necessary to take the lead in strengthening learning, take the lead in finding the shortcomings, take the lead in formulating and implementing corrective measures, take the lead in changing the ideological work style, influence the masses with model actions, drive the masses, and promote the in-depth development of the big discussion activities.

(5) Adhere to summing up experience and enhancing confidence. It is necessary to take the big discussion activities as an important part of commemorating the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the city and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the city. Taking the big discussion activities as an opportunity to comprehensively summarize the development changes and historical progress made in the 30 years of reform and opening up. We will educate the staff and staff with the facts of development and progress, and concrete and vivid examples, so that the faculty and staff can understand the principle of emancipating the mind to develop and progress, and enhance the confidence of the faculty and staff to continue emancipating the mind, deepen education reform, and promote scientific development.

IV. Method Steps The discussion activities are arranged for more than 2 months and are carried out in four phases.

(1) Learning mobilization stage (July 30-August 20) The main task is to do a good job and strengthen learning.

With the focus on learning, discussion and special training, re-learn, re-understand and improve the scientific development concept and the rules of education and teaching.

1. The mobilization meeting will be held at the level (July 30-August 4). On July 31, the school set up a special organization to clarify work responsibilities. On the morning of August 4th, the school held a mobilization meeting for the 'New Liberation, New Leap, New Rise' discussion. The school's main leaders are automaters.

Each branch, each grade, and each subject group shall be deployed in a step-by-step manner in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Municipal Education Bureau and the development of a large-scale discussion activity plan.

2. Focus on the spirit of the Eighth Plenary Session of the Eighth Provincial Committee of the Provincial Party Committee (August 4th - August 8th).

All the faculty and staff of the school should concentrate on studying the spirit of the Eighth Plenary Session of the Eighth National Committee of the Provincial Party Committee. The organization center will focus on learning the important speech of Comrade Xu Guangchun at the Eighth Plenary Session of the Eighth National Congress and create a public opinion atmosphere for the discussion. 3. Conduct learning discussions (August 9-August 14). Organize party members and cadres to conduct study and discussion, and concentrate on learning and discussion for no less than 20 hours.

Please ask relevant leading cadres, experts and professors, and advanced typical tutorials for counseling.

Leading cadres at all levels should take the lead in giving lectures and making reports.

Party members and cadres above the department level should read through the prescribed learning content and have corresponding notes and experiences.

(Specially prepared for notebooks, special records) 4, carefully sum up experience (August 15 - August 17).

Combining the city's 'Shuangqing' series of activities, summing up the achievements and experiences of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the school and the 30 years of reform and opening up, use it as a vivid teaching material for ideological education, and enhance the faculty's emancipation of the mind, innovative education, and scientific development. confidence. 5. Organizational experience exchange (August 18-August 20).

On the basis of improving learning, the school organizes exchanges, symposiums, reports, lectures, and forums in various forms to organize exchanges and learning experiences of party members and cadres, and talk about learning and gains. (2) The stage of investigation and profiling (August 21-September 20) The main task is to investigate outstanding problems in ideological concepts, institutional mechanisms, mental states, self-quality, and work style. 1. Request for comments (August 21-September 7). In the form of discussion and discussion, talks and exchanges, setting up a request for comment box, issuing a request for comments, and publishing a hotline for large-scale discussion activities, we widely consulted the cadres and masses of the unit, the higher authorities, and the community.

2, carefully check the problem (September 8 - September 9).

In light of the scientific development requirements, it is necessary to investigate a number of outstanding problems that affect the development and progress of education work and affect harmony and stability.

3, centralized organization research (September 10 - September 12). Conduct concentrated research activities.

Focusing on the opinions and the key issues identified, especially the outstanding problems that restrict development, organize a 20-person research activity. School leaders must take the lead to go deep into the masses, go deep into the class, ask the teachers and students, and take care of the teachers. Health.

Each party member and cadre above the department level has formed a research report with a weight and is selected for publication. 4. Convene a democratic life meeting (September 13th - September 20th). The school leadership team should open a high-quality democratic life meeting, check the problems of ideological concepts, development concepts, knowledge ability, work style, integrity and self-discipline, carry out criticism and self-criticism, deeply analyze the root causes, write analytical materials, and propose improvement measures. (3) The main task of the rectification and improvement phase (September 21-October 10) is to study and formulate specific measures for strengthening and improving the problems and gaps identified.

1. Formulate a rectification plan (September 21-September 25). On the basis of investigation and research and scientific argumentation, a special party committee (branch) meeting should be held to formulate practical and feasible rectification plans to quantify the objectives and tasks.

The rectification plan will inform the public within a certain scope and solicit opinions.

2. Focus on solving problems (September 26-September 30).

Increase efforts, focus on solving the development problems of a group of units, and the masses reflect strong and prominent issues and major issues affecting social harmony.

For those who are difficult to rectify in a while, they should propose a rectification plan and advance it step by step.

If you do not have the conditions for settlement, you must actively create conditions and strive for an early resolution. 3. Extensive evaluation (October 1 - October 10).

The school party committee should organize non-party members to form a review group to review and mobilize the faculty and students to take the initiative to participate in the review.

(4) Consolidation of results (October) The main task is to establish and improve rules and regulations that are conducive to the scientific development of schools and form a long-term mechanism. Make a comprehensive summary of the big discussion activities and make long-term plans for continuing to emancipate the mind. 1. Based on reform and innovation, proceed from the actual situation of the unit, formulate and improve a number of rules and regulations and policy measures, and form a long-term working mechanism conducive to the sustainable development of scientific development.

2. Check and accept the large-scale discussion activities of each branch, each grade, and each department. For good practices, it is necessary to consolidate the results, and those who fail to meet the requirements should be re-submitted. 3. Summarize the discussion activities and make a written report to the higher party committee. Put forward countermeasures and requirements for continuing to emancipate the mind, and promote the emancipation of the mind to continue in depth. V. Organizing and Leading School Party organizations regard the big discussion as an important political task at present, attach great importance to it, carefully deploy it, do a good job, and grasp the results.

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership and decompose responsibility. In order to effectively strengthen the organization and leadership of the big discussion activities, it is clear that the party secretary of the school is the first responsible person, and must bear the overall responsibility and personally grasp it. Other leading comrades are responsible for the division of labor and specific arrest.

(2) Master the methods and methods to enhance the synergy between the cadres and the masses.

To master the correct way to conduct a big discussion, take a variety of forms to conduct a big discussion.

It is necessary to focus on the construction of thought, organization, work style, and system, and put emphasis on improving quality, ability, ability, and level, focusing on unifying thoughts and forms of consensus, focusing on updating concepts, clearing ideas, and focusing on Concentrate strength, invigorate the spirit, and strive to form a situation of unity, unity and harmony.

(3) Strengthen supervision and inspection, and seek to receive practical results. In order to promote the effectiveness of the large-scale discussion activities, the school discussion group will send a supervision team to supervise and inspect the activities of each branch, grade, and department. Units that have insufficient attention, are not well organized, are not in place, and have insufficient results will be notified.

Ensure that the big discussion activities can achieve tangible results in emancipating the mind, unifying the understanding, and promoting the work. (4) Do a good job in guiding public opinion and create a good atmosphere.

Strengthen the theoretical propaganda and news propaganda of the big discussion activities to create a strong social atmosphere. We will use various forms to do a good job in theoretical propaganda, report on the progress of the activities in a timely manner, and comprehensively display the new ideas, new measures, new progress, and new achievements generated by the school in the emancipation of the ideological debate, and vividly show the full enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the party members and cadres in the dedication education. A new look.

To continuously emancipate the mind as a long-term task, through the whole process of school development, we must constantly raise issues, clarify new requirements, and strive to create a new situation of emancipating the mind, reform and opening up, and scientific development. Xinyang High School July 31, 2008.

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