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Their echoes are in Xiao Hua

The dust and the dust looked at the overflowing magical power, and the mind was moved

How to write a survey report on college students' social practice work? The following is a sample of college students' social practice survey report provided by Xiaobian. Welcome to read the reference! I hope everyone can adopt! For more information, please pay attention to the column! In the winter and summer vacations of each year, colleges and universities will require college students to use their vacations for social survey activities. The intention is to improve students' social practice ability, so that students can train themselves and increase their knowledge while training themselves to analyze and solve problems. The ability to establish a dialectical way of thinking and serve the community.

However, when colleges and universities advocate social practice, is it true that college students apply what they have learned, and they have achieved a good combination of theory and practice.

In order to more comprehensively and objectively understand the actual situation of social survey reports written by college students every semester, the author investigated the mentality of social surveys and social survey reports by some students in the school and other colleges.

In the investigation, the author found that the social survey of college students is still largely in the form, and the importance of social survey reports is not enough, and the quality is generally not high.

I. Attitudes of college students of different grades to social survey reports Among the 120 students surveyed from the freshman to the fourth year, the author found that the freshmen’s attention to social surveys and social survey reports is in four grades. The highest, so the original proportion is also the highest, can reach about 70%. The author analyzes this because the freshman is able to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school shortly after entering the school.

In addition, due to the uncertainty of the weight of social survey reports in their own university life, they also pay more attention. However, from the social survey report written, they found that their ability to analyze problems and dialectical thinking is not deep enough compared to the senior students. The view of things is also at one or two points on the surface.

And in the sophomore group of students surveyed, they already have some experience in social survey reports, knowing the gold content of this report, so this is not very important, many students are just starting school, Desperately rushing to report, the basics of their own handwriting only accounted for 30%.

Therefore, looking at the social practice report they wrote, one can find a phenomenon: the date of marking is basically around the first week of school. As for the juniors, they are holding a kind of gun, unpleasant and light attitude, so it is not surprising that the same social survey report is reused in different classes or even different students in the same class.

However, for the students who take them seriously, their views in the social survey report are more unique than those of the lower grades. They are more targeted when analyzing problems and can grasp the essence of things. When it comes to seniors, there are only a handful of people who can work hard in this area because of employment and postgraduate studies. Second, the social survey report of college students why there are few elite authors on the Internet to search for relevant information, and found that the summer social practice team of the School of Tourism Management of Zhengzhou University has written more than 30,000 words after investigating the tourism resources of Huaiyang. The 'Huayang County Tourism Resources Integrated Marketing Plan', this report has aroused the high attention of the Huaiyang County Party Committee and the county government, and expressed willingness to spend 100,000 yuan to purchase this social practice research report.

However, this social practice squad made a bold decision and expressed its willingness to donate this social practice report to the Huaiyang County Government for free. From this example, we know that this is the true meaning of colleges and universities that have been calling on students to engage in social practice and to write social survey reports. On the one hand, it strengthens the students' ability to engage in social practice and enhances their self-confidence; on the other hand, it also contributes to society and realizes the value of college students. However, we have to admit that among the many colleges and universities in the country, there are not many college students who can truly achieve such a college.

The author analyzes the reasons mainly from the following aspects: 1. The standardization of college students' social practice needs to be strengthened. There is no strict requirement for the social investigation report of college students, and the quality of social investigation report is not clear. The norm, which leads to the importance of the paper itself is not well communicated to the students. Over time, among the students, there has gradually become such a psychology that social surveys are dispensable, and social investigation reports are rarely carefully organized. 2. The Internet has become the birthplace of college students' social survey reports. The rapid development of Internet technology in today's society provides a shortcut for students to organize social survey reports. For many students, writing social survey reports has become a Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

So the rankings of several top social survey reports on search engines such as Baidu and Google are quite high. 3. Students' initiative is not enough With the significant improvement in material life, the current initiative of college students has shown a downward trend. Many times, you can pass the customs and are not willing to go to a higher level.

This outlook on life and values ??is very different from previous college students. This is also the inevitable result of the high development of material civilization. This group of nature and contemporary has not pursued the quality of social investigation reports, and its recognition is not enough.

4. Contradictions between practice and social needs Many students find that their professional knowledge and social needs are difficult to link in the process of practice, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of enterprises. Therefore, the school should meet the needs of different students and different levels in the design of the activities, contents and forms of the activities. They should be interested in participating in social practice survey activities, combining social practice activities with classroom teaching, and professional internships. The combination of the combination with the development of scientific research projects and the combination of employment and entrepreneurship have enhanced the connotation of social practice activities and enhanced the purpose, pertinence and hierarchy of social practice, thus enhancing the appeal and appeal of practical activities. It maintains the fresh characteristics and shortens the adaptation process for students to social employment.

Whether it is thought-launching, planning organization, professional support, project declaration, teacher leadership, providing conditions, establishing a base, summarizing and commending, consolidating achievements, or focusing on setting up teams, decentralizing activities to strengthen management, and creating distinctive brand activities, Colleges and universities should strive to establish a long-term mechanism for college students' social practice activities.

Third, the solution for college students' social survey reports are rare, mostly coping style thinking, the author believes that we can work from the following aspects: 1. College students' social practice ability should reflect the characteristics of the times and social requirements If the profession is not correct, it is difficult to meet the market demand, and thus it lacks many opportunities to engage in social practice. Naturally, the social investigation report also takes an indifferent attitude.

2. Colleges and universities should encourage university students to participate in social practice. College students participate in social practice activities, which can promote their understanding of society, improve their understanding of the status quo of economic and social development, and achieve a better combination of book knowledge and practical knowledge to help them Establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. Colleges and universities should create favorable conditions for college students to participate in social practice, and adopt relevant incentive policies to stimulate college students to participate in social practice. 3. The government should give full play to the role of macroeconomic regulation and control The government should play the role of the invisible market, promote the contact and cooperation between enterprises and universities, provide certain special funding support, and encourage employers to participate in the policy orientation of cultivating college students' social practice ability.

4. Colleges and universities should strictly control the quality of college students' social investigation reports. Colleges and universities can raise the importance of contemporary college students' social investigation reports through activities, lectures, etc., so that they can actively participate in social practice research. .

IV. Summary In short, if the social survey report of college students is not in the form and improve their social practice ability, fundamentally, colleges and universities should create a bad environment and combine the market demand to improve the professional skills of college students.

Of course, the government should also give full play to the macro-control role of the market. More importantly, college students must improve their initiative, stress integrity, and not rely too much on others. In the second survey, I believe that the empty nesters really need the care and concern of their children. I am also a hope that the people who write this report can care about their parents and the elderly around them. When the elderly are valued, she (he) They will not suffer tremendous psychological and mental pressure. There are many old people in the society. They and they are under different pressures, pains and various difficulties. It is worthy of our help.

As far as I know, only the empty nest veterans of the Welfare Institute really get the help of our Volunteers Association, which shows the major drawbacks of our Youth Volunteers Association.

Therefore, I hope that as a new youth, we must take good care of our time and destiny, not only for our own happy life, but also for creating superior living conditions for our parents and children.

So let's work together! Do your best to fight to avoid blaming others in the future. Nowadays, as our country's economic level continues to improve, our living conditions in all aspects have also improved. Therefore, we should cherish the time in front of us and let our lives play their due value.

In short, the living conditions of empty nesters need not only the help of society, but also the help of their children and children. Let us work together to create good living conditions. Let the hard older generations better enjoy their old age.

During this visit, I met an old man named Wang Cheng. He is now 65 years old. He was a soldier after the founding of New China. After he was a child, he had no time to take care of him because his family was busy. He told me that when he was a child, his life was quite poor. There were many children in his family. His parents couldn’t take care of it. Many things were learned by himself. He knew a lot from an early age. Later, when his parents were gone, they slowly walked along until they went. Now, now that I am living well, I have no one to take care of here, and my children are not concerned. He is very disappointed.

The old man’s words made me feel cherished for my present life.

There are many elderly people in the village who are innocently cared for, and there are no relatives and some retired soldiers.

Old people live very hard here. There are not many leisure time every day. They sleep and sleep, or find a few people to chat and play mahjong. They live very poorly. When I started, I saw two old people still working on the field, and surrounded by three or four children to help, the whole scene made me sad.

When I left, the old people came over and sent me, saying that I must see them again next time, I nodded.

Then I greeted the old people and said goodbye to the place where I gave birth to me. This social practice has made me more aware of the empty nesters than our vulnerable groups. They need more care from them. They have all contributed to society and have a young and brilliant future. At the time, although he is old, he should not be excluded from society. He should also have his own status and should be respected by people.

This time I visited the old man and let me see the vitality of the old people. Although they are old, they still have the vitality.

They are optimistic and cheerful, without the care of their children, but they can make more old friends and have more common language.

They don't give up their dreams because of their age. They still live and study like they did when they were young. They also believe in their own own sky. This social practice has made me gain a lot. I will continue to pay attention to the people of these disadvantaged groups. I also appeal to everyone to care for them and make them more happy.

At present, there are 9 empty-nest elderly people in Xinhua Village Committee. They are old, frail and sick, and have no children to take care of. There are widespread psychological problems of loneliness and pessimism. Beginning this year, Dongyueguan Town piloted the activities of caring for the elderly in the rural areas in Xinhua Village Committee. The town volunteer association established a medical team to visit the empty nesters in the countryside on a monthly basis, serving as children to take care of them and give them warmth in society. .

The town also decided to establish a welfare home to allow the empty nesters to enjoy their old age. Auntie, let me visit you! On the afternoon of February 5, the empty nesting old man of Donghuaguan Town Xinhua Village Committee was filled with a happy smile. His original quiet home suddenly became lively. I was the first to visit him. In the New Year's Eve, I first remove dust from the elderly's residence, clean the hygiene worker, wash the laundry, and buy the new year for him. After that, I sat with the old man and chatted with the old man.

From the care of daily life to the adjustment of healthy mentality to the changes of old and new society, I am very happy to talk with the elderly. Among them, I also talked about 'The Red Lantern', 'Tian Xian Fu', 'Fairy Tale' and The classic dramas such as 'Sun Red' are enjoyed by the old people.

Subsequently, I visited the other 6 empty nesters of Xinhua Village Committee. He Wei, a Xinhua Village Committee, is 78 years old. He joined the army in his early years and played in the army. At present, he receives government subsidies every month, and he has no worries about food and clothing, but his age is already high. Living alone, it is inevitable that he will be alone. Since I knew that the town decided to establish a welfare home, I was full of hope for my future life. I came to Xinhua Village to visit the old man and left a deep impression on me.

The kindness, simplicity and approachability of the elderly are even more memorable.

I don’t think there is any further detailed understanding between myself and the elderly, but there is one more concern between them.

After an hour's drive, I returned to my home, but the rough hands of the old man kept coming up in front of my eyes. The old people's amiable eyes made me forget.

Many people who study at school say they would rather go out to work and are not willing to study at school; others who are already in society are willing to go back to school.

We go to school and learn advanced scientific knowledge. We are all going to enter the society in the future and give our own strength. We should try our best to master the professional knowledge today and serve the society better tomorrow.

Of course, this thing seems to be very quiet

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