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Going back, if it causes your mother to be suspicious, it will be troublesome

Based on our own responsibilities, we will create a first-class award in Ningbo City Experimental Primary School. In 2015, we concluded at the end of 2015. Under the leadership of the Haishu District Education Bureau, we conscientiously implemented the ideas of district education and teaching, and comprehensively promoted quality education; Try to carry out curriculum reform and strive to create a quality campus that integrates ecology, information and internationalization.

After the joint efforts of the teachers and students of the whole school, the work of the school has been organized in an orderly manner and has achieved remarkable results in the past year.

First, to cultivate a team of members of the party members who are seeking truth and being pragmatic and striving for excellence. The E family is a record platform for the practice of party members and teachers. It shows the party members and teachers in the daily education and teaching work, in theoretical practice, learning and training, and love. Practice and other aspects of performance and style.

The Party branch of our school used this as a starting point to consolidate the basic construction of the party branch, encourage party members and teachers to compete for excellence, and strive to build a brand party branch.

◆ Care for students, use wisdom to teach books so that every child can get special care in real life. This is the criterion for educating all members of our school.

We practice to educate people with wisdom and teach with wisdom. By the end of 2015, our school has 1 special teacher in Zhejiang Province and 13 senior teachers. 51 people obtained the certificate of completion of the postgraduate course of education principles of East China Normal University. Bachelor degree or above accounted for 95%. Party members and teachers have played a leading role in leading the school's education work. Ding Ping won the first prize in the 2015 primary and secondary school class teacher's basic skills competition. He will represent Zhejiang Province in the Yangtze River Delta Regional Competition. Hu Haixia and Mao Yanqin also won the provincial one. Wait for the prize and participate in the Yangtze River Delta Regional Competition. Wang Saijin won the first prize in the Zhejiang Young Pioneers class competition.

◆Professional support, dedication to the power Since 2006, our school has formed a brother school with Cixi Sanbei Hope Primary School and Ninghai Huchen Town Central Primary School, and signed a pairing agreement. They have also carried out party members' teaching and pairing activities with Songyang Central Primary School, Zhangzhou Wangchun Primary School, Gulin Town Central Primary School in Yinzhou District, Fanguiyu Primary School in Haishu District, Zhicheng School in Jiangbei District and Zhihe School in Haishu District.

The school dispatched the party members of the school to the pair of primary schools to continue the teaching and practice, education and scientific research and other aspects of guidance and help.

On December 31st, the school conducted a charity sale and love auction, and the donated donations will be donated to these paired schools. ◆ Serving others, volunteers in action to further deepen the party members to create first-class competition activities, give full play to the pioneering role of the Communist Party members of our school, show the image of good party members, and further promote the smooth progress of all work of our school, the school party The branch carried out the party member demonstration post creation activities among the party members of the whole school. The event launched a personal demonstration post for party members. According to the actual situation of the school at the present stage, the branch launched six positions including safety hazard checkout post, campus health supervision post, school information publicity post, special student Guan Aigang, curriculum reform demonstration post, and youth volunteer demonstration post. It is claimed by the party members themselves, placed in a prominent position on the party members' desks, and acted according to the positions they have claimed to serve others. 2. Carrying out colorful, active and effective branch activities The party branch is based on the construction of the branch. Based on the cohesiveness of the members of the branch and all the members of the party, a colorful branch activity was launched in 2015. The party members of the democratic life meeting talked about their work experience and lacked reflection. We will learn from each other's strengths; we will volunteer as a volunteer, serve the society \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; we will work hard to warm people with a harmonious working atmosphere, gather people with rich cultural and sports activities, and motivate people with positive public opinion. .

◆ Summer political study allows each teacher to be the master of the school. It is beneficial to strengthen the teacher's sense of professionalism and responsibility, to help clean up the educational style, accelerate the pace of social spiritual civilization construction, and promote the effectiveness of quality education. Implementation. According to the requirements of the District Education Bureau, combined with the actual situation of the school, our school formulated a plan on August 15th, and on August 25th and August 30th, we started to study with the political theory, laws and regulations, professional skills as the main content, and launched through publicity. A series of measures, such as organizational learning, self-analysis, and exchange of discussions, have achieved good results.

In the summer school teacher political study in the 2015 school year, our school will play the role of the master of every teacher, so that every teacher has become the strategy and promoter of school development.

After studying, Secretary Chen Jukai also asked each teacher to write a learning experience based on his own reality. All 75 teachers in the school turned in their learning experience, and Chen Shuji read them one by one.

◆ Teacher's Day activities, seven colors with gifts, sweet cakes, warm hearts, celebrations, Qi Huan Teng, and one year of Teacher's Day. The City Experimental Primary School Party Branch united the Young Pioneers and the Trade Unions to let all the teachers have a special warmth. Romantic, beautiful Teacher's Day.

The first is a seven-color band to give a teacher.

This year's Teacher's Day, colorful tapes are passed in the hands of children and teachers. Give your favorite teacher a seven-color band. The children of the small hands are today with the seven colors in their hands to the beloved teacher. We offer a special Teacher's Day gift.

Presenting orange ribbons, thank you dear teachers for caring for every child in the sunshine, every child will receive special care in the small land; give green ribbons, thank dear teachers, lead us Build an ecological campus, learn the ecological curriculum, let the ecological concept take root in our hearts; give blue ribbons, thank dear teachers, create a campus science and technology museum for us, welcome to the second classroom of seeking science, let us plug in the wings of technology, Let go of our ideal \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; afternoon, sweet cake warm heart.

When the teachers completed the busy teaching work and came to the office, they saw Chen Jukai’s secretary holding a big cake, an office and an office, sending delicious cakes to the teachers and sending them to the school. A holiday greeting to every teacher who has worked hard on his post.

The teachers tasted the sweet cake and felt the warmth of the collective warmth.

Then, the celebrations are full of joy.

The team leader called you dumplings! With the office as the unit, the city has carried out celebrations such as dumplings and fruit platters for faculty and staff, with unlimited creativity and unlimited joy. ◆Participating in Tuyu and Ningboo's opening ceremony, the teachers and students of the whole school learned from Mr. Tu Yu, the experimental primary school teachers and students under the leadership of President Yang Chunli, and were invited to participate in the opening ceremony of the Tuen Mun and Ningboo of the Ningbo Education Museum. Mr. Qi’s growth trajectory.

The Party branch united with the Young Pioneers and advocated that all teachers and students of the school learn from Mr. Tu. Students are the blue sky of the motherland. They hope that the children will learn from Mr. Tu, lay a good foundation in their youth, and write their own life chapters.

◆Ningbo City Experimental Primary School faculty and vocal music songs and songs competition to promote socialist core values, enrich the school teachers' spare time, create a good campus culture atmosphere, show teachers a good spirit, on the afternoon of November 6, 2015, The city’s small party branch held a hand-held meeting to hold a good song red song festival in Ningbo Experimental Primary School. The competition is based on the grade group. Each group chooses two programs, with solo and combinations. The teachers sang songs such as 'Beijing Yangge', 'Spring Story' and 'Mother' with enthusiasm. The biggest highlight of the event was the adoption of a web interactive platform. Each participating teacher scanned the QR code with mobile phone WeChat, scanned and entered the HI scene for sign-in, praise, comment, voting, lottery \u0026 hellip; \u0026hellip; this event fully enhanced the emotional relationship between teachers and improved the harmonious campus The atmosphere. ◆Chen Shu's party class 'Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China' On the afternoon of December 18, 2015, all party members of our school participated in the party class 'Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China' by Secretary Chen.

Teacher Song Fei and Teacher Zhao Wei from the Education Bureau also participated in the party class.

All party members took notes carefully and conducted party class interactions as required, and signed, commented, and voted. Secretary Chen’s speech was powerful and left a deep impression on all party members.

I believe that party members will demand themselves more in their future work and life.

III. Promoting the school's characteristics of correcting and adapting to each other's strengths ◆ Leading the development of education and scientific research with a focus on core issues In recent years, the core project of the school, the construction and implementation of the school ecological curriculum system, has been reported frequently until the end of 2014. He was awarded the first prize of the 2013 Zhejiang Education Science Research Outstanding Achievements.

The acquisition of this award is a major affirmation of school education and research work. Around this core issue, this semester, the teaching department has further intensified its efforts in ecological construction, and combed the teaching and practice of education and teaching from the aspects of environmental construction, curriculum teaching, and moral education proposals, summed up and improved the concept and characteristics of running a school, and achieved remarkable results. . In April of this year, our school held the school ecological curriculum system construction and implementation of the results of the promotion and display activities, successfully demonstrated the results that can be extracted, and received praise from the brothers and colleagues. Under the impetus of such an opportunity, the school's education and teaching work has shown a positive state of progress. The school has established a key project of Haishu District's teaching, 'The Creation of Characteristic Brands for Ecological Schools'; and the project of Haishu District Education and Scientific Research Project 'Primary School English Topic' 'Practical research on the use of picture books in teaching'; the project of 'Improvement of Primary School Sports Small Referee System' by Ningbo Excellent Engineering Project.

The school has been rated as the advanced collective of Haishu District Education Association; the advanced collective of modern school system construction in Haishu District; and the advanced collective of education and scientific research in Ningbo (20132014). ◆ Creating a smart school with the focus of the maker course as the main line to create a smart campus has always been the main task of the school's informatization work. This semester continues to create a space for students to build a dream platform. The school's first creator carnival was held to showcase the student creator's work exhibition. The students began to prepare for the winter vacation, working as a small creator, designing and producing the works, and a variety of makers and works. The whimsy is colorful.

The designers were eager to introduce their own works, winning applause and applause from the audience, and the carnival event was a complete success.

In March 2015, our school and Ningbo Institute of Engineering signed a joint space agreement between the two universities to officially start cooperation and build a guest space. Our school received more technical guidance and professional support from Ningbo Engineering School. .

Created a STEAM-based Maker School-based curriculum system, and the school-based curriculum has been sent to Ningbo to participate in excellent school-based curriculum. The school's Maker event has been reported by many media in Ningbo. China Education Information and China Education News also reported on the school's Maker activities. The most celebrated is that on May 18th, the China Youth Maker Education Alliance Inaugural Meeting and the National Youth Maker Education Forum, our school became a founding member of the China Youth Maker Alliance. Xiao Jiaer Jiang Jiayi showed her own somatosensory games and intelligent reversing warning system to the participating experts. She was surrounded by the attendees and exclaimed. The makers praised her creative works. In September 2015, the school was once again invited to participate in the Ningbo Zhibo Fair, which was highly appreciated by the director of the Central Institute of Education and the Director of the Beijing Ministry of Education. In October 2015, the school participated in the 15th China Education Information Innovation Application Exhibition in 2015. Yu Yongming, deputy director of the Zhejiang Education Department, came to the exhibition and gave a high evaluation. On the morning of December 11, the 2nd National Principal's Informatization Leadership Advanced Seminar and the Integration of Information Technology and Education and Teaching in the Central Electrochemical Education Center were held in the City Experimental Primary School.

This event mainly displays and shares the excellent practices of the city's small and smart campus creation in recent years; the staged achievements in the exploration and practice of the maker course; informatization Initiatives and reflections in the integration of education and teaching \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; activities are rich, exquisite and orderly, presenting the school's smart management and rich campus heritage in the details.

On December 18, 2015, in order to promote the development and integration of Maker Education in Ningbo's primary and secondary schools, and to share the high-quality resources of Maker Education, and set up a stage for many students to realize the Dream of Maker, initiated by Ningbo Education Equipment Department In Ningbo City, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, held a meeting of the Ningbo City Primary and Secondary School Maker Education Promotion Work. As the tester of the maker education, Mr. Chen Zhen, the director of the Experimental Primary School Information Center, shared his practical experience and thoughts for three years.

He introduced the understanding of maker education, the practical experience of maker education, the construction of the school-based curriculum, and some achievements. He won the praise of the participants.

In the afternoon, nearly 150 participants came to Ningbo Experimental Primary School to observe the results of the school's wisdom education.

The school is a everyone. Every achievement is inseparable from the hard work of every faculty and staff. The excellence of each student is inseparable from the teaching of every teacher. The professional growth of each teacher is not Open the team's cooperation. On the occasion of resigning the old and welcoming the new, let us carry more and more dreams, to meet a better future, and to look forward to the more grand blueprint of the school! .

Fan Wei looked around, the room was very hot, the equipment was not a wardrobe, a bed, a desk, and there was another computer below

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