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Tossing for four or five days to send people to the spaceship, the players in the game, the Frost Rose League players are a bit ambiguous, do not know what I told them to do, because they are still at the resort

People's education version of the seventh grade morality and the rule of law under the practice period of the test 5 data download people's education version of the seventh grade morality and the rule of law under the practice period of the test period 5 test in the full score of 100 points, limited time 60 minutes one, multiple choice questions (each question 3 points, a total of 45 points) After entering adolescence, we will find that the changes are quite big: the face is acne; the voice of the boys becomes hoarse; they are sensitive to the opposite sex students; they do not want to communicate with adults. Answer 1-2 questions.

1. The above changes () A. Is a pathological physiological change B. Is an abnormal psychological phenomenon C. It is a normal phenomenon in our growth. Only happened to individual students. In the face of the above-mentioned great changes in physiology and psychology, the correct way to treat it is () 1 Be mentally prepared to face these changes and 2 to minimize contact with others. In order to avoid exposure to disadvantages 3 to play their own advantages. Learn and live with confidence 4 Scientifically understand your physical and psychological characteristics A. 134B. 124C. 123D. 2343. Some teenagers blindly 'snap away' to imitate others: seeing others smoking, they also suck; see others worship the stars, they also go to 'chasing stars.' The reason why teenagers will have this phenomenon is () A. Enthusiastic to participate in group activities B. Have a vision, not affected by the people around you C. Lack of independent thinking and critical D. Willing to share happiness with my peers and share the pain. The following can describe the correct attitude of interaction between the opposite sex () A. Natural, extensive, alienated B. Passionate, proud, generous C. Respect, honesty, moderate D. Shyness, deception, initiative 5. In the following interactions, the abnormal and unhealthy ways of communication between male and female students are () A. Xiaogang and Xiaohong are both classmates and neighbors. They often hand in notes and make separate appointments. Xiao Ming and Xiao Li are both classmates and neighbors. They often write homework together. When the female classmates in the class encountered difficulties, Xiaojun was very happy to help D. In the physical education class, Xiaohui often exercises with the female classmates in the class. Youth makes everyone spend a flower, but there is no guarantee that everyone will have a fruit, and the result will often depend on when you are a flower. This sentence tells us () A. We must cherish the youth and strive to enrich ourselves. After the puberty, we will become talented people. To enjoy the youth, because the youth is short D. Not everyone can have youth. Youth is a book without words, and everyone wants to make it brilliant and fulfilling.

The following practices are correct () 1 in time, indulgent, indulgent, 2 youthful, shameful, 3 self-confident, self-improvement, self-improvement, and self-improvement 134B. 123C. 123D. 2348. The words '300,000' were engraved at the gate of the Memorial Hall for the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre.

The main purpose of doing this is () A. Let the world know the number of victims of the Nanjing Massacre B. The ugliness of the Chinese is lost, and the world is ridiculed. Let us be ashamed and brave, remember the shame, and work hard to make D. Let us remember hatred and wait for revenge. 'Do not do what you want, don't do it to others.' This requires us to stop at the best.

The following famous quotes can express the positive meaning of 'stop at the best' () A. Goodwill produces happiness, and civilization brings harmony. Industry is good at diligence, absurd in play; Everyone is wrong, too modest is a mistake D.嫉妒——The tumor on the mind 10. Zhang Yu had a squabble with her good friend Li Lu, and she was particularly depressed. So, after school in the afternoon, she went to the square near her home to go to the heart. Zhang Yu’s method of solving bad emotions is () A. Change cognitive evaluation B. Reasonable catharsis C. Relaxation training D. Transfer attention 11. (2016 at the end of the Fuzhou period in Jiangxi) People often say: 'Important is to punish others by doing something wrong with others.' This sentence explains () A. Bad emotions are caused by the fault of others. Human emotions are unregulated C. Be good at regulating bad moods. The emotions between people will infect each other. 12. On November 9, 2015, the China Fire Museum specially launched the “Holding Heroes Exhibition of the “8·12” Tianjin Hong Kong Dangerous Goods Warehouse Extraordinary Fire and Explosion Accident”, focusing on the first line. The fire officers and soldiers and the Tianjin Port full-time firefighters have forgotten their lives and fully handled the heroic deeds of the accident. One piece of real objects, one picture, and one video clip, the audience will be quickly brought to the scene of the thrilling fire fighting scene on August 12. The heroes’ deeds shocked every audience in front of the booth, many people Tears burst into tears and even burst into tears. The feelings of the audience before the booth explained () A. The way to vent different emotions is exactly the same. The emotions between people will infect each other. Melancholy emotions can resonate with people. The lofty spirit can inspire people's optimistic emotions. 13. At the Zhuhai Air Show in November 2016, many planes independently developed by China made their debut. The pilots also performed flight demonstrations, and they were shocked by the four towers. All Chinese children should produce () A. Pride B. Same emotion C. Rational sense D. A sense of honor 14. When watching a movie, the students will be moved by the storyline and will be greatly saddened; in the reading competition, the students get the purification of the soul together: at the sports meeting, you chase after me, and the students will experience the joy of success together.

This shows that (1) teenagers are not clear about the elegance and vulgarity of emotions. 2 The youth period is a period of emotional richness and enthusiasm. 3 The rich emotions are inseparable from social life and collective. 4 Rich cultural life is to cultivate emotions. The only way A. 12B. 23C. 13D. 3415. After learning to 'send the charm of emotions.

After this content, the students in the seventh grade (6) class have the following views. What you think is correct is () 1 small army: noble emotions are born, don't need to cultivate 2 little red: we can pass positive emotions Experience to cultivate noble emotions 3 Xiao Ming: We must cultivate noble emotions through the pursuit of justice and kindness. 4 Xiaowei: We can cultivate noble emotions by appreciating beautiful things. 123B. 234C. 134D. 1234 Second, non-choice questions (total 55 points) 16. In the Qing Dynasty, the governor of Henan Province, Ye Cunren, when he left his post, they sent a boat to send him off. Everyone relied on the words, and it was difficult to separate them. When they were quiet, they saw a boat and there were many gifts on board. It turned out that the scorpions wanted to give gifts to him. In order to avoid people's eyes and ears, the boat was deliberately late. When Ye Cunren saw this scene, he immediately wrote a poem: 'When the moon is clear in the middle of the night, the boat is sent late, so it is too late. It is a gift to the monarch, and it is not afraid of people.'

” Ye Cunren rejected the gifts and wishes of the geniuses. (1) Ye Cunren “Don't be afraid of others”, which explains what (4 points) (2) Learn the spirit of Ye Cunren's “Don't be afraid of others” What should we do for teenagers (6 points) 17. Recently, Tong Tong encountered an annoyance: she had a strange feeling to a male student in the class. When he saw him, he would blush, his heart beat faster, and his ears would be hot. Therefore, she always avoids the male student and does not dare to speak with other male students. (1) What is the significance of normal interaction between male and female students in adolescence (4 points) 18. Liu Yang and Tian Hao are both good friends. Another classmate.

They also received a letter of admission from a key middle school and were assigned to the same class. The two were very happy and determined to work harder in the new learning environment and achieve good results. Due to the increase in learning content, both of them felt that they were not very comfortable. After the mid-term examination, the results of the two were not very satisfactory.

The two people’s emotional feelings are different when they see the same unsatisfactory results.

Liu Yang and the teacher carefully analyzed the reasons for the poor performance, and thought that an exam can not represent the future, so adjust their emotions, study harder, listen carefully in class, ask questions, and actively participate in class. Activities, performance has improved rapidly.

Tian Hao saw the results and angered the papers and threw them into the ground. They left without any concern.

In the days that followed, Tian Hao was languid, and every test was tense and sweaty, and his performance continued to decline.

(1) In the face of the same unsatisfactory results, what kind of emotions Liu Yang and Tian Hao show are (4 points) (2) What do different emotional performances bring to our study and life? Different influences (6 points) (3) What enlightenment is given by the above materials (6 points) 19. Science leader Qian Weichang studied physics in his early years and studied in Canada and showed extraordinary talent. After the end of the Anti-Japanese War, Qian Weichang insisted on returning to the motherland. Under the difficult conditions of the country, Qian Weichang rejected the temptation of the American scientific community.

Loyal to the motherland and pioneered the mechanics science system for the new China.

He has studied Chinese and Western and has made great contributions to the development of China's scientific cause. Qian Weichang once said: 'I don't have a profession, and the needs of the country are my profession.

” He explained his professionalism: Patriotism with more than 60 years of national roads.

(1) What is the touching story of Qian Weichang (3 points) (2) What is the patriotic feeling of Qian Weichang (8 points) (3) After reading the above materials, what do you think? 8 points) Reference answer one, multiple choice questions 1. C analysis: puberty and vocal changes in adolescents are normal physiological changes; sensitive to the opposite sex students, it is a normal psychological change to have a reluctance to communicate with adults.

Choose C. 2. A analysis: 134 is the way to correctly treat physiological changes and psychological changes in adolescence. 2 is wrong.

Choose A. 3. C analysis: Some teenagers blindly 'slip along' to imitate others because they lack the independence and criticality of thinking, so choose C. 4. C analysis: When dealing with each other, they should respect each other, be honest, and moderately communicate. C is in line with the meaning of the question. Alienation, pride, shame, and deception are all wrong attitudes, and A, B, and D are not chosen. So choose C.

5. A analysis: Adolescent male and female students often hand in paper slips, separate dating is an abnormal, unhealthy way of communication, A meets the meaning of the question.

B, C, and D are the normal ways of communication between male and female students. So choose A.

6. A analysis: This sentence tells us that youth can lay the foundation for the development of a person's life. If you don't cherish your youth, you will not have any achievements, so you should cherish your youth, strive to enrich and improve yourself, and A is right.

B, C, and D are wrong.

Choose A. 7. D analysis: 1 practice error, the practice in 234 can make youthful and full of youth.

Choose D. 8. C analysis: C is the main purpose of engraving the words '300,000' at the gate of the memorial hall for the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in the invasion of China. A, B, D are wrong understandings. Chosen C. 9.A analysis: A is The role of goodwill and good deeds is in line with the meaning of the question. B is to warn people to be diligent. C emphasizes the need to correctly understand modesty. D reflects the harm of cockroaches. Therefore, choose A. 10.D analysis: Zhang Yu went to the square near the home to distract In the use of transfer attention to solve bad mood, so choose D. 11.C analysis: This sentence in the stem illustrates the harm of bad mood, so be good at regulating bad mood, C is in line with the meaning of the question. In many ways, A is wrong. People's emotions can be regulated, B is wrong. D has nothing to do with the meaning of the question. So choose C.

12. B analysis: The heroes' deeds shocked every audience in front of the booth. Many people burst into tears, reflecting the emotional infectivity, so choose B. 13. A analysis: When we see China's huge scientific and technological achievements, we will have a sense of pride, so choose A. 14. B analysis: The behavior of the students in the title reflects the views in the 23rd.

1 Obvious error. Rich cultural life is one of the ways to cultivate emotions. 4 is wrong. So choose B. 15. B analysis: noble emotions are not born, they are gradually cultivated in daily life, 1 is wrong. 234 is the way to cultivate noble emotions. So choose B.

Second, non-choice questions 16. (1) To know the shame, to understand the honor and disgrace; to do something, to do something; to be 'shameful and shameful' to 'stop at the best'; to establish a bottom line awareness, touch the moral bottom line, do not violate The law does not do anything; wait. (2) We must be youthful and 'shameful'; we must have a sense of shame, distinguish between right and wrong, make the right choice; we must establish a bottom line consciousness; we must constantly enhance self-control and reject bad temptation ;Wait.

Analysis: Careful reading of the material to find out the main purpose of the material is the key to solving the problem.

Ye Cunren’s deeds of “not fearing others knowing what he knows” reflect his “shamefulness” and the pursuit of “goodness”.

Question (1) asks for the answer to the explanation of Ye Cunren's 'Don't be afraid of others'. Students can organize their answers from the aspects of 'having shame', establishing bottom line awareness, and 'stopping at the best'.

Question (2), students can answer from the aspects of youthfulness, discerning right and wrong, establishing bottom line consciousness, and rejecting bad temptation.

17. (1) Normal interaction between male and female students can enhance our understanding of the opposite sex, learn from each other's strengths, improve their individuality, and promote the healthy development of body and mind; expand the scope of communication and exercise communication skills; and learn how to adapt to society. Different gender requirements to enhance their gender awareness. (2) 1 adolescence germination of some emotions of the opposite sex is normal: 2 the awkward feelings of adolescence are not true love; 3 for the awkward feelings of adolescence should be treated with caution, rational handling; 4 if not handled properly, will affect Your own physical and mental health development; etc.

Analysis: Question (1) asks students to write the positive effects of normal interaction between male and female students. Question (2) asks that students can answer from the generation of heterosexual emotions, the attitude of correctly facing heterosexual emotions, and the harm of improper handling.

18. (1) Liu Yang is positive (positive) emotion, and Tian Hao is negative (negative) emotion. (2) Different emotions have different effects on people's physical and mental health and growth.

1 Positive emotions not only benefit our physical and mental health, but also have a positive effect on our study, work and life.

2 Unusual, negative or bad emotions can affect our physical and mental health and hinder our study, work and life. (3) Enlightenment: 1 emotions have positive and negative points; 2 different emotions have different effects on people's physical and mental health and growth; 3 emotions are not completely passively determined by the things themselves or their outcomes, through appropriate channels and Method, we can effectively regulate, control and cultivate emotions. Analysis: (1) asks, Liu Yang adjusts his emotions by the material. I will study harder, listen carefully in class, and ask if I don’t understand. Actively participate in class activities. Liu Yang shows positive emotions. Tian Hao is listless, every test is tense and sweating. Tian Hao shows that Negative emotions. Question (2) asks students to write positive effects of positive emotions and negative emotions. Question (3) asks that the enlightenment given to us by materials can be answered in terms of the duality of emotions, the harm of bad emotions, and the need to be good at regulating bad emotions.

19. (1) Explain that Qian Weichang has a strong patriotic sentiment.

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