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'These coins should not be worth the pot.'

As a complete storage, if the container and the contents are together, it is more telling. But now this can has also been broken, and some are a pity. Wang Mingzhong also said, 'The value of these coins lies in the field of cultural studies. As the competent authorities of cultural relics, they mainly look at their cultural values ??and historical research values. As a currency of circulation, it may be possible to study some trade situations related to the Song Dynasty. In addition, judging from the present, this is an isolated hoard, because there is no cultural relic found in the vicinity, and there are no monuments around it. It is not in the village, but about 100 meters away from the village.

So, who are these coins and what are buried? It remains to be investigated.

'Jingkang Tongbao' and 'Jingkang Yuanbao' cast by Song Qinzong Jingkang during the years are the last kind of money in the Northern Song Dynasty. Jingkang is the year of Song Qinzong Zhao Heng.

Zhao Heng was a grievance emperor. After only a year in the throne, he was plundered to the north by the Jinbing and then died in Yilan, Heilongjiang. This is the 'change of Jingkang'.

Although Zhao Heng reigning time is short, he has not forgotten to cast money, and cast a different version of Jingkang money. 淛ingkang Yuanbao?Qian Wen has a pair of literary and sturdy bodies, and there are Xiaoping and Fuji. Fold three; 'Jingkang Tongbao' Qian Wen has a literary, awkward, and true three-body, there are two types of small flat, two kinds of two, all have copper, iron money.

Jingkang money is rare because of its short casting time. It is extremely rare for the 'Jingkang Yuanbao' Xiaoping money to be handed down. The first type of money in the Song Dynasty was the 'Song Yuan Tong Bao', which was cast in the first year of Song Taizu Jianlong (AD 951). The money type followed the 'Zhou Yuan Tong Bao' rules, which was Xiao Ping Qian.

Qian Wenshun read, is the national money of the national number plus Baowen.

After the Song Taizu Chuan was located in the younger brother, Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi was in the throne. During the Taiping Xingguo Period (AD 976-983), he cast the 'Tai Ping Tong Bao' money, and the money type was the same as 'Song Yuan Tong Bao'. At that time, Sichuan and Fujian paid iron. Fujian's iron money, the back Guo is clear, the caster is quite fine, and it is very popular. So he launched a ten-dollar coin with a diameter of cm. The calligraphy casters are all good. There is a dot on the back. It may be a kind of commemorative money. There are not many in the world.

These two kinds of 'Tai Ping Tong Bao' are all five-generation style, while the casters are neat and tidy.

Why are some of the Song Dynasty coins not worth the money? According to the data, the Northern Song Dynasty 'Xuanhe Tongbao' can start with a few dollars, and the 'Ming Knife' of the Warring States currency with a history of more than 2,000 years is only about 100 yuan. Some 'young' currencies, such as the Yuan Yang, issued by Yuan Shikai after the Revolution of 1911, have a record of several thousand yuan; the 'Tianguo Tongbao' of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the price even exceeded 10,000.

Song Taizu Zhao Yu passed the Chen Qiao mutiny, and the yellow robe was added to the Song Dynasty. The year number Jianlong was for Song Taizu.

The Song Dynasty was also the peak period of the development of Chinese feudal society culture and art. Painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and book engraving and printing all reached a very high level.

The Song Dynasty coins, which are the crystallization of science and technology and art, have also shown a colorful and exciting trend in this period of history. The two-song coin system is based on money, and the real thing becomes ordinary goods. Silver is becoming more and more important, and banknotes have also appeared and circulated. This is a prominent feature of the monetary system of the two Song dynasties, but copper coins still occupy an important position. Song Renzong was in power for forty years, during which he changed the yuan nine times and issued nine years of money. During this period, the money supervision of the Song Dynasty increased, but the management was not very strict. The money from the local money supervision bureaus had a large difference in the layout copper, and the fineness of the casters was far from the same. During the Tiansheng years, the 'Tiansheng Yuanbao', the 'Mingdao Yuanbao' produced during the Mingdao period, and the 'Jingyou Yuanbao' from Jingyou's years, both of which have both 绡?and 妤? and their diameter profiles are also It exactly the same, it 渢o the money?

There are still two types of iron money at this stage: Wu and Xiaoping. During the Baoyuan years, because the year number had the word 'bao', it was inconvenient to use the money, and then the 'Huang Song Song Bao' was produced. There were two kinds of copper and iron, and there were many copper money types.

In addition, there is a kind of money for the book - the 'Yongsong Songbao', or the 'Jiudai Emperor Song', which should be a kind of reward, the caster is exquisite, the quantity is very rare, and it is extremely rare.

During the Qingli period, Xixia Wang Li Yuanzhang rebelled and attacked Shaanxi and other places. The Song Dynasty sent troops to crusade, thus casting a 淨ingli Treasure?as ten money to solve the military needs. The money is cm in diameter, Qian Wenshu, there is a read, spin Read two; there are ten iron coins, diameter centimeters.

The war between the two countries lasted for three years. The power of the Northern Song Dynasty was greatly damaged. The coins continued to lose weight. At the same time, banknotes were issued in large quantities, which caused the price to rise. By the end of the war, the money was changed to three.

In the year of the year, he once cast 'To He Tong Bao' and 'To He Yuan Bao', Xiao Ping copper money, light back without text, there are two pairs of 绡? 妤? two sizes. In addition, there is a 'to and heavy treasure' discount two, three money. In the first year of Jiayou, 'Jiayou Yuanbao' and 'Jiayou Tongbao' were all small money and copper.

The main reason is that 'things are rare.' The existence of the world is the most important factor affecting the collection value of ancient coins. Taking the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom as an example, due to the short period of time, some sample coins were just tried and replaced by the currency of the next period. This kind of ancient money is naturally 渓ess than a king?and has a higher value. However, some of the more powerful dynasties use the same variety of currency for a longer period of time, and the amount of use is large, and the amount of deposits will naturally affect the appreciation potential. Eight, money and calligraphy are diverse.

The Song Dynasty's money and calligraphy are diverse, and they are characterized by innovation, symmetry, and compounding, and they are more famous from the famous family. From the book of the book, 'Suihua Yuanbao', the cursive writing into the beginning of the text, 绡? li, line, grass, 妤稩n addition to the five bodies, there are nine stacks of essays in the sacred book, 'Huang Song Song Bao'. There are Huizong's thin gold books in the script, and the calligraphy is beautiful or charming, or vigorous and straight, and the sky is full of spirits, forming the characteristics of Song Qian calligraphy art. Copper coins were the main currency of the Song Dynasty and were widely used in the Song Dynasty. At the beginning of the Song Dynasty, the economy developed rapidly, and the amount of coins minted exceeded 20 times that of the Tang Dynasty.

The Song Dynasty coins can be divided into six categories: the change of the Song coins, the reading of the Song coins, the translation of the songs, the change of the book of the Song coins, the change of the money of the Song coins, and the book style of the Song coins. Change, the change of the word of the Song coin. 'These coins are engraved with the words to be recognized. Jianyuan and Xining are all in the Song Dynasty.' Wang Mingzhong said that after the initial identification on the scene, these things dug by Lao Chen were copper coins between the Northern Song Dynasty and the Southern Song Dynasty. Look, there are more varieties, a total of 130 kilograms, several thousand.

Third, the annual number is the most. In the 300 years since the Northern Song Dynasty 'Tai Ping Tong Bao' to the Southern Song 'Yu Xi Yuan Bao', the emperor changed the yuan frequently, and cast a total of 49 kinds of annual money.

VII. The denomination of coins is complicated and the names change a lot.

Song Qian has different denominations such as Xiao Ping, Fold 2, Fold 3, Dang Wu, Dang Xing, Dang Bai, and Wu Wong. It is often a paper order to change the ten money into five money, and often change.

Song Qian name is different, and it adds chaos. Its copper coins include Yuanbao, Tongbao, and Baobao. There are more than one hundred kinds of iron coins, such as treasures, treasures and Hongbao. Second, the earliest invention of banknotes.

During the Northern Song Dynasty, the rich man of Sichuan was the first to make a 'fuss', and the Jiaozi was the earliest banknote in the world. Emperor Song Tongbao (Jiuyinyu) Zhenghe Tongbao Song Yuantongbao 6. The circulation of coins is obvious. At that time, most of the Central Plains, South China, and North China used copper coins, while Sichuan used iron coins. Shanxi and Shaanxi used copper and iron coins. Guangdong used both gold and silver.

In addition, banknotes are distributed throughout the country, or limited to a certain area, or can be used nationwide.

Song Yingzong Xi Ning first year (AD 1068) cast 'Xining Yuanbao', all Xiaoping copper coins; Xining four years (AD 1071) cast 'Xining heavy treasure' as ten money, this is for the Northwest Bentham's out, and then continue to lose weight, so that the money version is more. In the sixth year of Xining (AD 1073), it was changed to three, and then changed to two. Since then, two yuan has been issued every year. In addition, there is also the 'Xining Heavy Treasure' iron money, there are two types of Xiao Ping, five, and Qian Wenshu. Xi Ning Xiao Ping money has a back-and-forth record.

Yuanfeng years (AD 1078-1085) out of 'Yuanfeng Tongbao', there is a small flat, two copper and iron money, Qian Wenzhen is in pairs.

There are quite a lot of layouts, and there is a 'Dongpo Yuanfeng' that is written by Su Shi. During the reign of Emperor Shenzong, an average of more than four million yuan was cast each year, and it was the most cast in the Song Dynasty.

The Song Dynasty is the most complicated period in the history of Chinese coins. Its characteristics can be summarized as follows: After Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty, in the first year of Xianping (AD 998), the 'Xianping Yuanbao' copper coin, Qian Wen The script, the diameter of the centimeter, is read by Qian Wen. There is a big money with a diameter of centimeters, and Qian Wen also has a correctness and a circular reading. This money calligraphy is acceptable, it should be a currency.

But there are also some large and small money, and the text casters are different. They may not be the circulation currency issued by the government. They may be commemorative and the number is small.

In the first year of Jingde (AD 1004), the 'Jingde Yuanbao' copper coin was cast. The money system is the same as before, and Qian Wen is the script, which is the royal book money.

In the first year of Dazhongxiangfu (AD 1008), 'Xiangfu Yuanbao' was cast, and there were two kinds of texts: the back of the moon and the back of the light. In addition, there is a kind of lenient money, there are ten, five, two, but also the back of the stars and the back without text.

In addition, there is also a 'Xiang Fu Tong Bao', which is used for royal books. There are two kinds of sizes, which are used to reward ministers, so they cast less. Since then, the simultaneous circulation of 淵uanbao?and 淭ongbao?has begun.

The first year of Tianzhu (AD 1017) cast 'Tianzhu Yuanbao'. Not long ago, a villager in Hainan excavated 65 kilograms of ancient coins from the Song Dynasty in his own pepper field.

Since it is something in the Song Dynasty, and the amount is so large, how much can it be worth? The answer given by the experts is 'not worth the money.'

This statement is like a stone, and it is solid in the hearts of many coin collectors in Urumqi. Jianyan Tongbao 1, two Song coins, the first issued a year of money. In the 7th year of Emperor Xiaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty, the back of the money began to remember the year. The coin of the 'Qi Xi Yuan Bao' was marked with the word 'seven', indicating that the money was minted in the seven years of the reign of the Emperor, and was 300 years earlier than the European money. for many years.

Suihua Yuanbao (Gold Coin) Experts say that the value is not high may not be worth the pottery. Fourth, the largest amount of unearthed. The Song Dynasty did not necessarily have the largest amount of casting, but the amount of Song Qian unearthed was the largest. In Xisaishan, Huangshi, Hubei, 110,000 kilograms of coins were unearthed. In addition, a large number of Song Dynasty coins were unearthed in other parts of China. During the Song Zhezong period, three kinds of money were cast. In the first year of Yuanyou (AD 1086), the 'Yuanyou Tongbao' copper iron coin was cast.

There are two kinds of copper coins: Xiao Ping and Fen two. Qian Wenyu is in pairs. In Xiao Ping money, there is a back-end 淪haan? which is less common; iron money has three money, Qian Wenyu, and a pair. In the third year of Shaosheng (AD 1096), 'Shao Sheng Yuan Bao' and 'Shao Sheng Tong Bao' were produced.

There are two kinds of copper coins, such as Xiaoping and Folding, which are paired in pairs. Iron money has a small flat, two folds, three folds, are also in pairs.

There is a kind of copper casting in the Tongbao money, Qian Wenshuo, light back without text.

Tongbao iron money is also only seen in Xiaoping, in addition to the iron mother money, the back of the word 'Shi' is extremely rare.

Yuan Fu two years (AD 1099) cast 'Yuan Fu Tong Bao', there are two kinds of copper and iron, all of which are small flat, folded two, smashed, and paired.

This calligraphy is more beautiful and powerful.

There is a kind of 'yuan Fuzhongbao' for iron money. It is a rare book, and the book is beautiful and not handed down. It is extremely rare. Fifth, the first to create the money written by the emperor - 'Yu Shu body.' Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi began to self-title Qian Wen 'Suihua Yuanbao', and Song Huizong Zhao Yu wrote the 'Chongning, Grand View' Tongbao and so on with the original thin gold body. For fans who are involved in the field of ancient coins, experts in the industry reminded that although the appreciation of the ancient coins is large, but because it is very rare, there are also many counterfeit fish, not to be alone. At the same time, learning certain identification knowledge will be of great benefit.

Suihua Yuanbao (the back of the gold coin) 'Suihua Yuanbao' was cast by Song Taizong in the first year of the reign of Emperor Suihua (990 AD). It was the earliest 'book money', and Qian Wen had the truth. The three books of the grass are written by Song Taizong. In addition, in the Sichuan and other places cast iron and iron money, Qian Wen also has a royal book. Unearthed from Wutai Mountain, there is a gold 淵uanyuan Yuanbao?for raising money, and there are Buddha statues on the back. In the Song Taizong Period of the Song Dynasty (AD 995-997), the 'To the Ingot' was cast, and Qian Wen also had the truth, the line, and the grass. After Song Zhezong death, he was succeeded by his brother Zhao Wei because of his lack of children.

Song Huizong is very clever and versatile, and he is proficient in calligraphy, painting, and engraving.

In his twenty-five years of reign, he has produced seven kinds of money, most of which are exquisite. It is the most exquisite money for Wang Hao, and is also known as the second master of ancient and modern coins. In the first year of the founding of the Yasukuni Kingdom (AD 1101), the 'Song and Song Yuanbao' and the 'Song Song Tongbao' copper and iron coins were cast. The copper and iron coins of the Holy Song Dynasty have two kinds of coins, such as Xiaoping and Folding. Xiao Ping Qian, calligraphy and elegant, is the Huizong Imperial Book. 'St. Song Tongbao' copper coins, Qian Wenxing, light back without words, handed down less.

'Sang Song Yuan Bao' iron money has Xiao Ping, but the two are more, the texts are in pairs, the books are in pairs, the books are very few, there are big money, the diameter is cm, the money is back on the moon, should be the third or the Five money.

'Song Song Tong Bao' iron money only sees Xiao Ping, the book is light, relatively small, quite expensive. During the period of Chongning (AD 1102-1106), there were 淐hongning Tongbao? 淐hongning Heavy Treasure?and 淐hongning Yuanbao? all of which have royal books.

In the first year of Daguan (1107), the 'Daguan Tongbao' copper coin was made, and the book was thin and gold. There are Xiaoping, Folding two, when five, when ten.

Zheng and the year cast 'political and Tongbao', there are Xiaoping, fold two, Wenyu, Licheng pair, this money has more layouts. Iron money has 'political and ingot' as three money, Qian Wen Yu book.

'Government and heavy treasure' royal book copper coins, very rare.

A lot of money and money, Chongning money, and big money are cast into money. The so-called tin-carrying, that is, the synthetic money of lead and tin in copper, is a means of plundering the wealth of the people, resulting in social turmoil and public grievances. Later, due to Huizong's re-emphasis, he cast a 'heavy and Tongbao' Xiaoping copper coin, and the smashing and smashing were right, the caster was fine, and the copper material was pure enough, but it was soon stopped by the change of the year number. During the year of Xuanhe, the 'Xuanhe Yuanbao' Xiaoping money was cast, and there were two kinds of literary and literary, and there were many layouts, but there were fewer deposits. At the same time, the 'Xuanhe Tongbao' has Xiaoping, Folding II, and there are two kinds of literary and scorpion, which are rare.

(See the introduction of Huizong coin).

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