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Wuhen 2 Tibetan treasure role change price: Rocket is still actively pursuing Raptors assistant Karamian Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard Xiaoqinghua People's Congress advance CUBA female The national top four of the basket, this kind of eyes, this language, there are only two people in the NBA, one is to force themselves, the other is Lin Shuhao is training. .

The training halls in the United States are very professional, and the Lakers are the same. When they first entered the staff, they took him to the locker room and gave him tailor-made training clothes. His body's various data began to be recorded before the draft, and every physical examination was recorded during the development of the league. . The first day of training is all defensive, basically nothing related to offense, what Scott has to do is to remove the undefensive bad habits left by D'Anton last season.

Strongly trusting her sister's ability, and even if her sister messed up and lost the money, she gave her hands. This is the end of the first year of my career. If I play well, I will be well controlled. It is certain that I have a high level of 14 years and five years. It’s nothing to let my sister lose hands for a few years. The Raptors will try out the little tragedy of the little Sabonis tomorrow is the magic, their situation is the same as the current 76ers, waiting for the leak, now becomes the fourth, basically missed the three super rookies. In the video, the dunks when stealing counterattacks, the speed, the bounce, anyway, the physical fitness is good enough to the limit. Rome wants to sell Rüdiger, with a price of 25 million euros. So under the suggestion of Kupchak, Morey made a strong offer to Lin Shuhao's contract that year, 3 years and 25 million. The Lakers match. Although this contract looks the same as Jeremy Lin, it is a bit different. The mother team matches the offer, so the salary space occupied by the strong is the same as the salary, which is 5 million in the first year and the second year, and then the third. In the year, the leap to 15 million, this is because the Lakers will have more than 60 million horror space after two seasons. Although Lin Shuhao’s contract pays 500-500-1500, the salary space is 833-833-833. . Varejao wears a hat with an explosive head pattern. Everything in the fate arrangement is justified. One person will never meet another person in a meaningless way. Everything he has arranged will have results in the future, perhaps the next second, perhaps the future that will last a long time, long and long after. Josh IG recalled reversing the Clippers last year: Try to get back to the moment. Can Gua Shuai not sign a player from Bayern? Manchester City denied that the Celtics had a good lineup, that is, young, Green, Crawford had blocked him when he stepped into the three-point line yet, and Marshall chose to be steady and steady. The defense of the Celtics also fell into place. Cheng Yuelei God saves the Savior, R \u0026 F home 0-0 draw Yanbian 'Strong you come to my house now, I am now up and cleaned up, playing games last night too late.' Qin early child's voice is like a mobile phone What was blocked, it is strongly estimated that she is using her face and shoulders to hold the phone while packing things. Shenhua vs. R\u0026F debut: Deng Baba led the title, Zhang Yaokun first strong and tightly attached to the Spurs small striker Leonard, Leonard is the lottery show that the Spurs exchanged two years ago, the last lottery show, but played The value is also at the level of 10 million annual salary. Cole: When we played very soft and strong defense at the beginning of the game, Leonard was wasting my energy and not having the opportunity to make up the defense. The offensive end was not able to get the ball, and it was hard to come back to the layup. Duncan, who jumped at the buckle level, gave the cap. Winsby Bradford understands the offensive tactics faster Kobe is a self-seeking position, he will not deliberately help who. Nash is willing to teach him something, but Nash does not have much voice. Ronaldo: Real Madrid will win the Champions League. And 维奇 is the kind of genius that no one else wants or no one has discovered. These geniuses are those who don’t have the talent, can’t enter the nba, or are the geniuses who are marginal people in the nba. All are geniuses, they are the pride of a city and even a country. Then, from the best places where these geniuses are good, they let them strengthen and become excellent functional players, and then tactical arrangements around Duncan and Parker. These players started out as a chance to survive in the league under the squad, and knew that they might not have the chance to play well if they left the jersey, so they would not leave. Royce set off for Germany, at least two months off? . But the Lakers play this team, no team dares to relax! Playing the Lakers team, they have to be pressed from the beginning, if they let them open the score, fight, and anything can happen, such as the Grizzlies, Rockets, Clippers have been killed. The Bulls believe that they are not opponents of these teams in the case of losing Ross.

Colzan Liard: Such players are rare.

However, no matter how hard Saclay is, it is only a center's first substitute role.

Sacray has a perfect traditional interior shape, has an unparalleled enthusiasm for the game, the defensive end is very active, and the offensive end is doing its best, but the physical fitness drags him down, only the average speed and average The bounce below the standard, plus the ability to count as excellent, is now a miracle that he can stay in the NBA.

Fortunately, he is still only a second-year player. There is still a lot of room for improvement in strength and defensive skills in the future. According to his efforts and the experience accumulated on the field this season, he has entered the Lakers management. Future plans.

80 than the end of the 31st half, a strong face of the face of the cheers of the audience into the locker room, and then instantly wilted.


I have been with my family for more than three months at home, and I have spent my 20th birthday on August 9.

I have been thinking about going out for a long time at home, and now I have money.

In addition to accompanying the family, these three months are practice techniques. I have to say that the vigorous progress is a thousand miles. In the previous season, there was no time to constantly practice and find the feeling. I can only practice on the field, so I did not accumulate. With less experience and doubts, I also thought about a lot of solutions, but I didn't have time to practice. Now I have been at home for three months. I have already gradually improved the problems one by one, and I have made significant progress in the long-range shooting. The technology of the face frame is already close to the point of the fire.

As long as there is enough time to soak in the basketball court, how much sweat is flowing inside, only he knows that he can't complain when he returns home, and he can't say tired, who told him to be a man.


The Rockets Lake Spurs Warriors and many other teams are interested in Adu.

'After playing six moons, I was so tired. After I went back to China and played with my family for a few months, I came out to distract myself and walk around.

We all play basketball for youth, and we put it on basketball in our youth.

When you wait until October, you have to start a few months and you can't rest.

' Strongly said this, but his heart is inexplicably looking forward to the new season, he can't wait to win.

Wang Shipeng: After the league, consider whether to retire.

Even if the basketball fans and the media are continually fighting, the best lineup has already been determined. Paul, Harden, James, Durant and Noah formed the first team.

The Milan Metro found suspicious packages, but fortunately, the fans suddenly laughed, and the unscrupulous teammates laughed, especially the old Nash and Nick Young wearing suits.

Even the bulls sneaked up on the side of the bulls, and they clearly saw the beginnings of all these screaming fat man Xibo Du's cold face twitching.

Shenhua vs. Huaxia Happy Starter: Deng Baba vs. Ravitch.

A large number of consecutive starters have been put on the bench, the main reason is because the Lakers' back line has come back! Old Blinder: Van Gaal should not be treated like this.

Ninrich is now a bit overwhelmed with the ball, they are the best defensive team! It’s nothing to attack the trio, but the opposite is almost eighty! Not only him, the players on the Bulls are basically beaten.

Rhode joins the conditions of Menxing: Make sure to enter the Champions League? 'Be careful is always good.

' Qin Zaoer said that his expression was somewhat unnatural and there was a feeling of sadness.

Wuhen 2 Tibetan treasures role to change the price of Real Madrid to the Champions League big list: BBC led De Antony face and began to develop towards the monkey butt, so the Lakers here again shot outside the three-point line, because there is no rhythm, three The feeling of the ball is also outrageous, and Kelly's ball is directly on the neck.

Message: Justin Tucker will retire in the Giants 'It’s a shy big boy.

'Qin Zaoer smiles, and the hesitation that surrounds the heart for a few months is suddenly clear.

Hot Luneng promotion: 11 years of waiting, pick it up.

'Sister Yalan is also together?' Strongly yy thought, is it two people together... It is said that Xu Yalan is really beautiful, very beautiful, except for a little cold.

The vigorous drool is coming out quickly.

This smile is not like usual.

Break day! Mao Wei broke the door in a thousand days, Li Weiying's first three goals? The whole star begins! .

'Look at what! Look at the watch and give it to me!' The thin man saw that he had found something strong, and he was anxious. He reached out and grabbed it.

Agent: Gomez's future? After the European Cup, a new battle force list was confirmed. The last time the power list was not due to the All-Star Game, this time the power list ranked 10th with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss in the past two weeks. It is the highest ranking of the Lakers this season.

Upgraded 16 places from the previous issue.

Details are a success! In the B competition, the ambulance was extended for half an hour.

When the loser loses and loses, he is used to it. The Lakers will be the strong team in the playoffs for the next five consecutive games. All of them will lose without exception, and they will be brought to this team. The sense of freshness has been touched by other teams. The big cities have the benefits of big cities and the disadvantages of big cities, that is, the exposure is too good.


Tony Allen had not been good at defending a few years ago. At that time, he still liked to make a counter dunk by his own explosive bounce and excellent speed.

From the rookie season, the score has increased year by year. By the third grade, he has been able to score 11 points per game as a defensive player. At that time, he was the happiest time.

Special training food improvement, He Tianjue smiled and opened the team under the leadership of Anthony, all have a characteristic, whoever dare to vote, who has the ball, and everyone is really dare to enter! Wuhun 2 Tibetan treasures role to change the price 'This is not a car!' There are some doubts, the Chinese are not crossing the road, whether it is red or not, as long as there is no car hit it, dare to do it! Of course, the strong has always been so used to it, as long as there is no car hitting him to control whether he is crossing the road directly with a red light.

The state is coming, but it is going to go. Augusto is still difficult to save the national security. This Zele is really not soft. Even his own guard is not crowded, he puts his heart down and puts his attention on the other side. The action behind.


The room on the 26th floor feels very quiet. He is afraid of heights. If you are above three floors, you will feel fearless.

But looking out from this nearly 100 meters, he was not afraid for the first time.

Pierce and the sacred horses and horses hugs Boozer, Kobe and Nash and Price as old players, and have a common language.

D'Antoni's face was red again, this time it was not anxious, but awkward.

'It's delicious, just like the domestic Sichuan restaurant.

'After returning to China for a few months, the strong mouth became a picky eater. When I came to Los Angeles, except for the fast food, he didn’t even have an appetite. The sister started busy this season and didn’t have time to cook. He himself Lazy, vigorously plan to let Xu Yalan come over to help.

When King 7 retired, stay in the team? Guangdong: Seeing that he chose the best rookie in the East is no suspense to Michael Carter-Williams, who is basically determined to be the Rookie of the Year.


Comparing the lineup of the two sides, even if there is no Ross on the opposite side, it is not the strength of the strong side here. It seems that the salary of one person is enough to pay the salary of the nine people of the Lakers.


The No. 1 pick in the San Antonio Spurs this season, the combination of the old monsters and the little monsters overtook the Indiana Pacers at the end of the season and became the league's best team.


'D'Antoni's masterpiece reappears, the next forest madness - China Chamberlain? 'Espn reporters are always so fast, so to force, all of a sudden use of the national live broadcast of ten wonderful dunks to increase the popularity of a high level.

The rhythm of this game is really fast enough! Zeller thought that he finally got the chance to score easily. He was ready to sit and play. As for the strong, he didn't care whether the defense was strong or not. In his opinion, the Lakers have completely abandoned the defense, so use this force. The guard is at the position of the power forward and wants to play fast.

Zele as a white player, the golfer is naturally very high, and his offensive choice is undoubtedly the best choice.

Marshall's assists in the usual swing are basically useless. An inexplicable pass directly passes the bottom line and enters the official timeout.

Strongly finally got a separate space, and finally can think about all that happened.

Understanding everyone’s surprise, Canadian striker Anthony Bennett, who is the No. 1 pick, is not the best of the rookies, but the guy who will be selected in the first few picks. .


Under the strong and deliberate guidance, the two began to discuss the game, just like a few years ago, and now it has been able to keep up with the pace of this girl who is worth hundreds of thousands of millions.


From the cake shop, I volunteered to send these two beautiful girls home. They both stayed in the rented suite for the time being. They didn’t live in the home of Qin Zao’s parents. She didn’t want to do another one. Little princess.

: I didn't think too much. Nick Young made a free throw and scored four points. The Lakers scored a point 27 to 26 and left two minutes in the first quarter.


This is destined to be a summer of change. Compared to the summer of 10, James has a lot of low-key, no live broadcast, no global announcement.

It’s just that Twitter announced that he’s back home—the Cleveland Cavaliers.

'Charles, Shaq, how do you see this game.

'** Threesome, Barkley, Kenny Smith, O'Neill are responsible for the live broadcast of the game.


Zhang Dali got a lot of exercise in this year's basketball game. Those opponents were not as good as their opponents in the third year of high school. Many of the opponents in the Southern California High School League are strong competitors of NBA's future members.

Looking at the endorsement contract, a three-year, $48 million contract! Strongly seeing this headline, helpless smile, but also, the Lakers' record is like this, no matter how good it is, it is impossible to enter the playoffs. The Lakers fans are more concerned about what players can be used as future plans. Part of this summer and the summer of next year are free market years. According to the grapevine, a lot of top players will jump out of the contract.

The Big Three and New York will jump out of the contract.

And Randolnovovsky, Duncan, etc., who will not leave the team but will also become free agents.


(Shenhua celebrates the birthday of Dengba, the poster seems to be splashed with paint and spit) Wushu 2 The character of the treasure chest changes the price.

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