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In the month, another new member will join this small family

It is indeed a pleasure to see her between Chen Xia Zi, Xiao Hua, Li Zong Bao and Xiao Mao

Guide: Want to know more about the part-time situation of college students. has compiled a survey report and questionnaire for part-time college students. Welcome to refer to the survey! [College-part's survey report] Survey time: xx years xx xx days Survey object: All colleges Student survey purpose: College students engaged in part-time activities have become very common in major universities, and the concept of part-time has penetrated the hearts of college students.

College students have a relatively high level of cultural knowledge, but often play the role of cheap labor when working part-time. In order to make money or improve their practical ability, college students basically have no choices for part-time work. Generally, they have to do work, often do not care about labor costs, and are vulnerable to various unfair treatments.

Faced with the fierce competition in today's society, many students develop a part-time mentality after entering the university. They are prepared to accept the test of the society and exercise their abilities. They believe that doing part-time work can improve their practical ability and earn a part of their money. . The survey hopes to initially understand and reflect the basic situation of college students' part-time job through questionnaires.

Survey content: The main content of this survey is the purpose of college students' part-time activities, careers, access to part-time information, the relationship between part-time and study, family opinions, and obstacles and difficulties encountered in part-time work. Survey method: The survey was conducted by questionnaire. A total of 50 questionnaires were distributed at Nanyang Institute of Technology, and 50 were recovered. The recovery rate was 100%.

Among them, 42% are boys and 58% are girls, and the ratio of boys to girls is roughly equal.

Analysis of the survey results: (1) Survey of the proportion of people engaged in part-time activities and gender differences Among the 50 students surveyed, 56% of them had part-time activities, while men and women each accounted for 50%. 44% of people have not taken part-time activities.

From the above data, we can conclude that the proportion of people engaged in part-time activities at Nanyang Institute of Technology is slightly larger than that of those who do not, and the proportion of men and women is very average. Analysis of the psychology of college students and the basic social conditions of Nanyang City. We can understand that the proportion of part-time jobs may not be obvious due to various factors such as social resources, but in the case of extremely inadequate social conditions, the number of people More than half of it can also explain from the side that the concept of college students doing part-time work has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. (II) Purpose of part-time activities In the survey of the main purposes of part-time activities, 48% and 54% of the people are preparing to improve their personal ability and social experience to prepare for future work; 24% of them are In order to make money, only 2% and 6% of people are engaged in part-time activities with great flow or satisfying curiosity.

The data shows that most people engage in part-time activities in order to improve their personal ability and increase their social experience. A small number of people aim to earn money, and very few people have no purpose. Most college students think that engaging in part-time activities is helpful to themselves and has a positive attitude. Whether it is to improve ability or make money, only a small number of people do not have any purpose to carry out part-time activities, and the randomness is relatively large.

This also reflects the fact that the concept of part-time activities is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

(3) Engagement survey 1. Types of occupation Among the students surveyed, 38% chose to work as tutors, 28% chose catering services, 28% chose to distribute flyers, and 42% chose to do promotion work. 18% choose other types of work.

From the above data, it can be concluded that tutoring and promotion work is the main part-time job of college students.

The tutoring work is relatively fixed, which is more suitable for college students, and the salary is also considerable. It does not waste too much study time and is very popular among college students. But after all, tutoring is not easy to find, there are not many opportunities, so more students have chosen to engage in promotional work.

There are a lot of promotional work on the market, and the salary is relatively high. At the same time, the reputation of the unit is relatively good, so more students choose to promote the work.

28% of people choose catering services and distribute leaflets. This kind of work is relatively large and the salary is relatively low, so the number of people selected is relatively small, and 18% choose other types.

2. Career and professional relevance Among the survey students, only 4% of the students choose part-time work that is completely related to the profession, 30% is completely irrelevant, and 66% is partially related to the profession. For most students, the professionalism of the school is relatively strong, there are not many opportunities to practice in society, and it is really difficult to find a professional-related work, and social resources are limited. At the same time, many professional jobs are relatively strong, and people in the society will not give opportunities to students who do not have any social experience. There is no better opportunity to give students the opportunity to practice their theoretical knowledge.

Most of the part-time choices are based on time and salary issues, and rarely consider professional relevance. (IV) Ways to obtain part-time information Through the questionnaire survey, 62% of the students chose the introduction of friends and classmates, and 46% of the students chose to obtain information through some part-time clubs or organizations in the school. 32% of them chose Going out to find out or get it through the Internet, only 24% are small ads that can be seen everywhere in the school. These data fully demonstrate that students have great concerns when they go out to work part-time. They often obtain part-time information through relatively reliable methods, and rarely use some advertising.

The biggest hidden danger for college students to work part-time is security. Through friends or some relatively familiar institutions in the school, security is better, and sometimes there may be cases of being deceived, but the probability is much smaller than that of small advertisements. (V), the relationship between part-time and study In the survey of how to choose between class and part-time conflict, 40% of students choose to take classes, give up part-time, 40% of the choice is the importance of the course, only 20% of students choose Skip the class to do part-time work.

As a student, the most important job is to study.

Most of the students are still able to put learning first, and only a small number of students give up studying for part-time work. In fact, the important component of our part-time job is to improve our own ability, and then serve our own learning. If we can't put learning first, it is the end of the game. We must arrange our time reasonably, try not to be in a dilemma, and dare to make trade-offs. Only in this way can we better enhance our ability.

(6) Parents' views on part-time employment In surveying parents' views on students' part-time work, 46% of parents support their children to engage in part-time activities at school in order to improve their ability and increase their ability to practice in society; 18% of parents of students object to students doing part-time work. They believe that the most important thing for students is to study. They should not waste time on part-time work. 36% of parents do not interfere with whether their children are part-time or not, and the students decide. (7) Obstacles and difficulties encountered in part-time work 1. In the part-time process, various difficulties will be encountered. The first is the obstacle to obtaining part-time information. In the survey, 62% of the choices are introduced through classmates. Forty-six percent are acquired through some part-time societies or organizations, 24% through a variety of small ads, and 32% are looking for themselves.

The survey shows that students have a single way to obtain part-time information, and most of them are private and professional. There is no public institution to provide information and other help to students who want to work part-time. In this environment. Students need to spend a lot of time to get information, and the accuracy and authenticity of the information does not guarantee that the classmates of this class bring great inconvenience.

2, in the part-time process, there is still the possibility of being deceived. As a college student, the social experience is insufficient, and it is more likely to be deceived. At the same time, while being deceived, the problem is often not solved in a timely and timely manner. This is also a major difficulty for college students to work part-time. . In the survey, 26% of the students chose to negotiate with the leaders, 7% of them chose to swallow, 46% chose to complain to the relevant departments, 18% chose to report directly, and 14% would solve them through other channels. The data shows that more people are complaining to the relevant departments, but as students do not have too much time and energy to waste in the coordinated solution of the relevant departments, many times it will be lost; and the part-time salary is generally In the case of the day, the amount is relatively small. It is often not for the relevant departments to pay attention to such 'small things'. Therefore, it is a possibility that the relevant departments complain that I feel that I can protect my own interests. A more effective method, the day of the day is resolved, and the amount is not very large, under normal circumstances, most students can return to their own meager salary. Some students choose to call the police. If the amount is relatively large, they can be resolved by the police. However, if it is a small dispute, the possibility of solving it through the police is not great.

Finally, some students will solve it through other means. The previous practice is more reasonable and legal, but if it can't be solved under reasonable circumstances, it has a violent tendency and brings disharmony to the stability of society. Factors, but also delay the study of some students.

Summary of the survey report: The rich and colorful life of college students gives us unlimited passion, full of enthusiasm, and more importantly part-time experience. Through the survey, most of the students hope to work part-time during the university or have already worked part-time. Parents basically agree to support their children and support them.

The conflict between learning and part-time work is inevitable. We should handle the relationship between the two. If we can study well, we can also exercise ourselves through part-time work, otherwise we will lose more than we gain.

During the part-time process, the students encountered various difficulties. Due to lack of experience and social experience, they did not know how to deal with them. Some students even got cheated.

But some of the students have certain strengths, good communication, outstanding ability, and can do a good job of part-time work.

In addition, it can be seen from the survey that the school should set up a special part-time guidance organization to encourage and guide the students to work part-time, so that while enriching their extracurricular life, they not only exercise their abilities but also receive a certain amount of compensation for the future. Prepare for employment. [College student part-time investigation report] Department: Major: Gender: 1. Have you done part-time activities during college (A) Yes, B, No 2. If you are working part-time, the main purpose is () A, earn Take the living expenses B, cultivate personal ability c, follow the big flow D, increase social experience, prepare for future work, e, meet curiosity 3. If you carry out part-time activities, what type will you choose () (multiple choice) A, tutor B. Catering service work c, issue flyer D, promotion work e, other 4. If you are working part-time, what time do you usually engage in part-time activities () (multiple choice) A, weekend B, Monday to Friday c, After school time D, cold, summer vacation e, holidays 5. If you are working part-time, how do you get part-time activity information () (multiple choices) A, small advertisements in the school bulletin board B, introduction of friends and classmates c, yourself Go out to find or network promotion D, through some part-time clubs or organizations. 6. If you work part-time, the average part-time time of the week is () A, 6 hours. B, 6-12 hours c, 12-18 hours D, 18 hours or more 7. If you are doing part-time activities, will you choose to be related to your major () A, B within the professional scope, not related to the profession c, Partially related 8. If you are working part-time, your parents will take a part-time attitude toward you () A, support B, no support c, no interference 9. If you are working part-time, what will happen when the class and part-time conflicts occur () A, class, give up part-time job B, skip class to do part-time job c, consider the importance of the course. 10, if you want to engage in part-time activities, what considerations will be made when choosing () (multiple choices) A, afraid of delaying school B, Worried that parents are opposed to c, worried about being deceived, D, worried that they can't do well. 11. If you are defrauded when you are doing part-time activities, what do you do? (A) Finding leadership negotiations B, self-confessed, unfortunately c, Find relevant departments to make complaints D, direct alarms e, other 12, do you think that part-time activities will help your future social work () A, very helpful B, helpful c, no help

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