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Parental role is important in educating children. Through their own observations, children can draw from their parents what can be done and what can't be done to derive the rules of conduct.

The following is a YJBYS Xiaobian finishing preschool teacher's experience in childcare, welcome to refer to! Preschool teacher child care experience 1 About the parents' education of children, it is a very difficult problem to fully express the language clearly.

It is a topic with rich connotations. Today, Teacher Chen Yan hopes that I will talk about the experience of parenting. I feel very pressured and unshirkable. But as a parent, although I was not very successful in the process of educating my children, I gained a lot of experience. First, be a good friend of him (her) To teach children, we should be his (her) good friend, turn yourself into a big child, let him (her) like you, trust you, not afraid of you. I will watch cartoons, sing children's songs, talk about card-pass characters, hide and seek together, eat snacks together, and tell my children about their childhood. Please pay attention to the fact that when playing games with children, you must be happy. Don't have perfunctory thoughts. In the game, try to let the child play the master of the game and listen to his arrangement.

Then, try to ask the child in the tone of the child, 'Are we good friends?' You will hear the same satisfactory answer as I do.

Our parents must be patient with their children! Be willing to spend time! Even if you are busy at work. It is also worth mentioning that I found that some parents asked the children to teach some things every day, and some of them also made horizontal comparisons among the children. They asked the children: 'How do people say what you can't say?' Q, I may have asked nothing, but I have asked all the confidence of the child.

Please don't put pressure on our children. They don't go to kindergarten with their own tasks. My children generally don't take the initiative to tell us about kindergarten learning, and I don't ask. I often go to see the teacher's teaching content published on the outdoor board. When he is very happy, I will tell the teacher's children's songs, he will follow them automatically, and then, head-on, curiously ask: 'How do you know?' 'The teacher is not writing on the blackboard outside, so the child gets a message: Mom and Dad are very concerned about me. For example, my child is the first team leader in the class, he does not go home, I It is known from other parents.

Second, we must respect children, protect children's self-esteem, and enhance their self-confidence.

We respect children and children can respect us. Although the child is small, he is also an independent individual with his own wishes and interest and hobbies.

Parents should learn to have an insight into the inner world of children. They should use consultation and guidance (incentives and children's communication, and should be considered from the perspective of the child, rather than impose their will on the child. Can not be because the child is small, but Feel free to blame or insult, especially not to ridicule and satirize children.

Now, children's learning and living conditions are good, but their psychological stress and learning burden are heavy. That is because some parents force them to attend various interest classes and trainings regardless of their wishes and interests. Class, killing the nature of children's love to play. The originally relaxing and happy weekend became a child's 'suffering day', and it was meticulous in the homework and interest classes from morning till night. Adults often impose their will on their children, require them to achieve their stated goals, and treat children with common orders and accusations. These are not conducive to the healthy growth of children's personality.

Parents should give positive and encouragement to their children's bit by bit, increasing their self-confidence and protecting their self-esteem.

Third, you must lead by example and become a model for your child's actions.

Parental role is important in educating children. Through their own observations, children can draw from their parents what can be done and what can't be done to derive the rules of conduct. Parents lead by example, in the daily life, affect children and educate children. Therefore, the parents' words and deeds, every move will be seen by the child, remembered in the heart, and then imitate, to act.

Therefore, as a parent, you must strictly demand yourself from time to time in your work and life, and take the lead in setting an example for your child. Be a good example and role model. 4. Pay attention to cultivating children's communication skills, lively and cheerful personality and love. Communication skills are very important to people's life. Today's children have no brothers and sisters and are the center of the family. Therefore, it is easy to develop self-centeredness, self-centeredness and other shortcomings, and is not good at dealing with peers. As parents, they should bring more children and other children to contact, communicate, observe more, and less interfere, so that he can learn to adapt and accumulate in the gradual interaction. Experience, learn to communicate. I believe that a lively and cheerful personality is beneficial to the child's life. The child will encounter some setbacks in his study and life.

At this time, parents do not use accusative, critical language, but use encouragement to guide them (they, keep them active and cheerful.

Especially for children who love to play, active nature, do not blindly suppress, let the child maintain a naive, lively nature, leaving a happy, worry-free childhood. Family education is also the self-education of parents, which is a quality consideration for each of our parents.

In the face of children, do we really want to give him what is the house, the car and the ticket? What do we want, what kind of child does he want to show to us and to the whole world when he grows up? In short, no matter what method you take to educate your child, just let your child feel happy, happy, healthy, optimistic, he (she) is full of love, full of confidence, full of hope for the future, then you are successful Parents. Preschool teachers have a second experience in parenting. I have two points to share with you today. One is parent-child reading and the other is classic reading. First, parent-child reading: I thought that I would talk about parent-child reading, because I think I am a good mother, but when I calm down, I don't know where to start.

Because everyone knows the benefits of parent-child reading, such as making children fall in love with reading, making children know a lot of Chinese characters, increasing their literacy, such as children telling a lot of stories, etc., but these are not in my children. occur. When I learned how children were, my heart was a bit sour.

I started reading parent-child from the age of three, and it may be later than other children in the class. Fortunately, as long as the child is around me, I basically talk every day, and I can still do it.

I still have something else to share, and I will share with you here: My child will suddenly mention a scene in a story to me: for example, one day I walked with the child and he suddenly smiled. I laughed at me. I asked him, he said, 'Mom, Aite and Senna are too interesting to ask a group of mice to have their family together for Christmas. I want to laugh when I think about it.' I went to the square to see the flowers. He said, 'Mom, this is not a complete flower.' I glimpse, because I can't remember which book the word came to. Asking 'Mom, Guan Yuxi's Huaxiong or Cao Cao's Huaxiong' once asked me again.

Once he said, 'Small bean sprouts are too funny' 'Which small bean sprouts' 'is the Chinese fairy tale you told me that day', once gave him a story about the Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate Qu Yuan. During that time, when he was fine, he would say, 'Long sighs to cover the suffocation, how hard the people are!' In fact, this is a sentence in the story of Qu Yuan, I just read it to him several times.

I feel very happy whenever the child has these scenes, although I don't know how much he remembered the stories, but I know that some stories or scenes are left in my child's heart. A happy, beautiful impression enriched his life. As a mother of a small snail, I am very satisfied.

Although my child rarely voluntarily flips through books and can't read it himself, he basically didn't tell me a story, but dear children, as long as you are willing to listen, my mother will always insist on telling you and let the story Accompany your childhood. I also hope that you will start your own small universe as soon as possible and swim in the ocean of the book. My mother told you that 'book' is a good friend of your life, and I believe that this 'good friend' will accompany you for the rest of your life. Here, I recommend the storybook that my child has been enjoying for two or three years to parents and children. You can also contact me for a loan. The titles are as follows: 'Magic School Bus', 'Fabul Insects', 'Journey to the West', 'Not the same Camera', 'The Three Kingdoms of the Little Man', 'Fun Nature', 'The Adventures of Tintin'. Second, let me talk about classic reading. When I first chose the four parks for my children, I didn’t know anything about the four parks. I just thought that the kindergarten looked very comfortable from the outside. What kind of Chinese studies, twenty-four filial piety, traditional culture has never been touched. My child is lucky. When I came to the Four Parks, I studied the Disciples in the first year, learned the Three Characters in the second year, learned the Thousand Characters in the third year, and recited many ancient poems. .

I remember one time: When I was a child in the bathroom, I heard what seemed to be in his mouth. When I was close to it, I was reciting the 'Three Character Classics'! I was moved by the children to sing 'The Sheep', especially It is the lyrics of 'Hundred Piece of Pieces' in the interlude. When I was a child, I said loudly, 'The filial piety is passed down from generation to generation!' I was touched by the child's persevering look. There is also the 'Grateful Word' recited every day when dining in the garden; there are also the lyrics of 'Water Melody' and 'Spring Rain'; and the song sung during the show 'The Song of Tang Dynasty There are paintings in Tang poetry, and Tang poems like Qingquan moisturizing my heart. 'And there are lines in the filial pies and so on.'


. .


Whenever a child recites these words while playing at home, it will cause my heart to move. He often recites from time to time and asks me from time to time: When I have a meal, ask me 'Mom, don't be contemptuous'. What is the previous sentence, 'Where is this?' 'In the Disciples'! 'Mom, there are no idle fields in the four seas, and the farmer is starving to death.

What does it mean?' 'Mom, what does it mean to read the world?' Whenever my child asked me these questions, I was very emotional. I sincerely thanked our four gardens for these classics for the children. The education and edification of culture also plagues the lack of culture in this area. So, led by the children, I picked up the 'Yuanyuan Textbook' of our four parks.

It’s probably at the beginning of this year. I only seriously opened the children’s “Yuanyuan Textbook” for the first time. I read it carefully. When I opened the first page of “Yuanyuan” and read “Foreword”, I was touched, I feel Dear Sun Yuanchang and all the teachers have their sustenance on the children’s study of Chinese classics. When I read these, I was very blaming why the children were about to graduate and left here. I only read that I had an urge to This insulting, full of love and love message took the child down and memorized it. Later, I didn't do it, but I found all the garden textbooks that the child had set, and let the children recite it. I found that many of the things that my child used to carry before have forgotten, so I took my children to start re-reviewing and pick them up. Our parents should pay attention to it. When the children still remember more, remember the forgotten parts and let these classic words accompany the children for a long time. The last thing to share today: I am here to read a paragraph in the foreword as my conclusion, and I will give this to all parents and friends, so that every family can restart the classic reading and nourish the children with the classic culture. Body and mind! 'In the hundred gardens of Chinese traditional culture, there have been many beautiful and wonderful things, such as Tang poetry, three-character scriptures, disciples, thousand characters, twenty-four filial piety, etc.

These classic works are fluent in language, beautiful in language and profound in meaning. They are called 'the soul of Chinese culture'.

Remember the classics when children have strong memory, and gradually understand the meaning of the classics when they grow up.

'There is a poem in the belly of China.'

Reading ancient poetry is about the overall development of children and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Let our homeland unite and work together to carry out good poetry reading activities, thicken and refresh the background of life, enhance cultural taste, and consolidate the profound cultural heritage of life. Let us go with the classics, and the sages as friends, lay the foundation for the development of children's life! Thank you all! [Preschool teachers have a feeling of childcare experience].


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