w88asia mobile:w88asia,mobile,One,the,big,que:? One, the big question 4 small questions, a total of 12 points. 1. The words added to the following words, the group whose pronunciation is completely different is (3 points) A. Carry / dominate the big / keep the promise of bandage / dying

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One, the big question 4 small questions, a total of 12 points.

1. The words added to the following words, the group whose pronunciation is completely different is (3 points) A. Carry / dominate the big / keep the promise of bandage / dying struggle B.隽 Yong / handcuffs frequency / endangered fiber rope / dust-free C.狡黠 / 狎侮 spray thin / thick ancient thin today smashed / the mainstay D. Degradation / blush mobilization / wind fading fading / perfunctory blame 2, the following idioms in the paragraphs used improperly (3 points) Hohhot police report that Mengniu Group 'Future Star Children's Milk' person in charge of the network ingenuity Published several articles that smashed Yili products.

This vicious marketing event has sounded the alarm for the news media, especially the online media. The influence of the media is growing, and once some inaccurate news is sent out, the consequences will be unimaginable. This requires the practitioners of the media industry to have a serious and responsible attitude and noble professional ethics. If the unaccompanied news is spread, it will cause a great loss. Even if it does not constitute a crime, civil liability cannot be waived. This is beyond doubt.

A. Ingenuity B. Unbearable C. Capture the wind and catch D. Undoubtedly, in the following sentences, there is no sentence (3 points). A week after the French workers went on strike, France’s social and economic operations were seriously sluggish.

The garbage on the streets of Marseille is piled up like mountains. The refinery workers have blocked the oil depots, making France almost cut off oil and the traffic is greatly affected... B. Due to the strongest cold air attack in the past five years, winds and winds have occurred in many places in northern China.

The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that this cold air will continue to move south in the next three days, affecting most of southern China.

C. Judging from the development experience of the international community, the period of social transformation is generally the period of gold development, but it is also easy to become a period of contradictions; and the current contradictions in China are highlighted, mainly because of the inaction of some government departments.

D. Yelang is a small country in the southwestern part of China. Its history can be traced back to the period from the Warring States to the Western Han Dynasty. It existed for about 300 years and then disappeared mysteriously.

The central location is still inconclusive.

4. The correct one for the following paragraph is (3 points). Perhaps the future hydropower comparison will not be limited to the 'big behemoth' of China's Three Gorges, Brazil's Itaipu or the American Hoover Dam. Those small hydropower stations with novel designs will also become A seductive landscape.

One-fifth of the world's electricity today comes from hydropower.

A group of European scientists are thinking about and designing small hydropower stations that are both environmentally friendly and efficient, and have made good progress.

In most people's minds, hydropower stations are always associated with tall water towers and huge dams.

Hydropower is arguably the oldest form of renewable energy.

As the only green energy source with mature technology and large-scale development, hydropower development has advanced by leaps and bounds.

But the 'big chunks' of hydropower stations will inevitably affect or even seriously damage the surrounding ecological environment, making hydropower always overhead.

A. B. C. D. Second, the main question 7 small questions, a total of 35 points.

Read the following texts and complete the 5-9 questions.

The transcendental Taiwanese record of Su Shi is very impressive.

There are considerable, all have cola, and it’s not a stranger.

You can get drunk when you are pregnant; you can get enough fruits and vegetables.

Pushing this kind of thing, I am not going to be a sorrower for the sake of blessing, but it’s a blessing and a curse. The desire of the human beings is endless, and the things that can be fulfilled are full of desires, and the distinction between beauty and evil is in the middle, and the choice is to go to the front. Then there are often fewer colas, and there are many more sad people. It is a blessing to ask for trouble. When the husband asks for a disaster and quits his blessings, the sorrowfulness of the sorrows is also a slap in the face. He swims within the object, not swimming outside the object. Things are not of the size, but they are not high and large. When he is too tall to come to me, then I often dazzle and repeat, such as the battle in the gap, but also know where the winners and losers. It’s a beautiful thing, and it’s a sorrow, but it’s not a big sorrow. Yu Ziqian moved to Jiaoxi, and released the boat's security, and served the horses and horses; to the beauty of the wall, and the house of the shackles; the view of the lake, and the wilderness. From the beginning to the day, the age is not up, the thieves are full of wild, the prison is full of suspicions; People are suspicious of the rest. During the period of the period, and the appearance of Jiafeng, the white hair, the day to anti-black. Yu is also a tribute to his customs, and his untouchables are also well-received. Therefore, the rule of his garden, Jie Qiting, the cutting hills, the high-density wood to repair the run-down, for the end. In the north of the park, because the city thinks that Taiwan is old, it is a bit new and new. Time and visit, let go of your mind. If you look at the mountains in the south, you will see if you have a hidden prince. If you are in the east, you will be in the mountains and the people of Lushan will be looking at the ruins of the mountains. The water is too much of a sigh of interest. Taiwan is high and safe, deep and clear, summer is cool and winter is warm. The rain and snow, the moon and the moon, the rest is not missed, the guests have not tasted.撷园蔬, take the pool fish, brew the wine, 瀹 瀹 而 而 而 而 曰 曰 曰 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方! In order to see the rest of the people who are not happy, the cover is also outside the things. (Excerpt from Su Shi's 'The Transcendental Taiwan') 5. The words added in the following sentences, the one that explains the incorrect is (3 points) A. The object is covered with a cover: cover, blind B. Yu from Qiantang moved to Jiaoxi Shou: guard, hold C. The release of the Zhou's collection, and the service of the horse and horse: accept, bear D. The age ratio is not up, the thief is full of wild ratio: successively, in the following groups of sentences, the meaning of the added words and the usage are the same (3 points) A. And the things that can be fulfilled by those who want to do it, the anti-black B, the blessings and the sorrows and sadness also cut down An Qiu, the high-density wood to repair the broken C, the beauty of the evil warfare D. From the inside, the summer is cool and the winter temperature is 7. In the following sentences, all of the groups that directly reflect the author's 'out of the world' thoughts are (3 points), and they can all be drunk; fruits and vegetables can be full. Say kitchen, eclipse, eclipse. During the period of the period, and the appearance of Jiafeng, the white hair, the day to anti-black. The cutting hills and the high-density wood are used to repair the run-down. The rain and snow, the eve of the wind, the moon is not missed, the guests have not tasted. A little bit new and new, the time and the visit, let go of the ambition. A. B. C. D. 8, the following summary and analysis of the original content, the incorrect one is (3 points) A. The author believes that everything has a place to appreciate, as long as there is a detached thought, you can follow suit. B. After the author went to Jiaoxi for a year, his body was full and his white hair gradually became dark. This is the greatest happiness outside his detachment. C. The author has come to the forefront and associates with the ancients. It shows that although the author is in the West, the ideal of establishing a career is still there. D. It is precisely because the author can 'out of the ordinary', so his brother named the station with the word 'transcendental'. 9. Break sentences and translations. (10 points) (1) Use '/' to sentence the sentence in the line with a wavy line. (4 points) Nanwang Changshan is invisible. If there is a glimpse of a distant prince, and the east is a mountain, the Qin dynasty Lu Yu’s place is from the 遁 遁 穆 穆 穆 穆 穆 穆 穆 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭 郭The survivors of the north are sloppy and swayed by the power of Huaiyin and hang their ends (2) to translate the following sentences. (6 points) Pushing this kind of thing, I am not happy (3 points), and the rest of the music is also the custom of the customs. (3 points) 10. Read the following two poems and answer the questions that follow. (7 points) sent to Japan, the king of the dragon, returning to Wei Zhuang Fusang has been in the middle, the home is in Fusong East. This is going to go with the division who has a boat to the moon. [Note] Jinglong: Japanese monk name. Wei Zhuang (836-910), the word end, the poet of the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties. Send Wei Er Wang Changling drunk Gejianglou orange grapefruit fragrance, Jiang Feng rain into the boat cool. Recalling Jun Yao in Xiaoxiang month, he heard the long dreams. (1) These two poems are made for the purpose of sending friends. Please analyze the similarities and differences between the two poems. (3 points) (2) Please appreciate the two writing techniques of 'Send Wei 2'. (4 points) 11. Write in silence. (6 points. 1 point for each sentence.) (1) In the dust net, go for thirty years. ,. (Tao Qian's 'Guiyuan Tianju') (2) Whoever sees the river in the river and sees the moon at the beginning of the month. (Zhang Ruoxu 'Spring River Flower Moonlight Night') (3),. Break free to Chun-fang, Sun-self to stay. (Wang Wei 'Mountains in the Autumn') (4) Look at the tears. Going to go, a thousand miles of smoke,. (Liu Yong 'Yu Lin Ling') (5) The accumulation of yellow flowers,. (Li Qingzhao, 'Sound is slow') (6) Seeing the white-bladed blood in a row, the death festival has always been Gu Xun. (Gao Shi 'Yan Ge Xing') Third, the main question 4 small questions, a total of 16 points. Read below to complete questions 12-15. The Artistic Appeals and Cultural Loss of Mobile Literature Literature Jiang Xinwei's mobile literature is not a feast of literature, but a snack of literature. Although the snacks are small, they have a different flavor. Mobile literature cannot and does not have to carry a lot of social content, and how much artistic appeal can be gained. It can even be said that mobile literature should be a kind of 'laughing' literature. It should be made on the word 'laugh' and can be given to people. With a sense of easy release and a smile, in a fast-paced, stressful modern life, it plays a role in regulating mood. If art tension is the existence of mobile literature, then humor, irony, and agility are the roots of life in mobile literature. Humor can solve the knot of happy and stagnation, releasing the seeds of happiness in life. Humorous and funny, enough to make people happy. Irony, if you leave the humor, you will lose the inner artistic charm, become a disguised sarcasm and jealousy, and the wonderful irony is always in harmony with the humor. The agile drama is the natural expression of life wisdom, and it is the 'heart and soul' between the creator and the reader. In other words, that is, the creator utters something that the reader wants to say but does not say, or does not expect to think about. In fact, just as humor and satire interact, agility sometimes blends in humor and satire to create a diverse aesthetic. Of course, in this humorous, satirical, and intelligent aesthetic pursuit, from time to time, the post-modern qi is also revealed, showing the artistic tendency of planarization, fragmentation, and deconstruction. The emergence of mobile phone literature is, in the final analysis, the result of the collision of literature in the era of technology consumption, and the result of the grafting of modern commercial lifestyles. Taking the road of industrialization and pursuing commercial interests is the original intention of mobile literature. Downloading and sending are two major events that have a bearing on the fate of mobile literature. 2. As far as traditional literature is concerned, mobile literature is in the technological age. Under the dual context of the market economy, it is difficult to avoid the 'two sins', that is, mechanical reproduction and excessive temptation. Under the influence of mechanical duplication and excessive temptation and profitability, mobile phone literature will inevitably produce a large number of 'fast food culture' and even 'cultural waste.' The mobile phone is no longer a position of literature. On the contrary, it has become the maker of literary desertification. Although the variety of snacks has a lot of flavors, but the taste of the snacks is harmful after all. For the majority of mobile phone literature readers, the 'bad quality' mobile phone literature will undoubtedly become a potential 'cultural poison'. Therefore, it cannot be said that the lack of culture and worries are hidden behind the quiet rise of mobile phone literature. It is undeniable that mobile phone literature has played a certain role in the literary construction of the era of mass culture, and it is unrealistic to talk about any kind of exaggeration or disparity. Faced with the artistic appeal and lack of culture of mobile phone literature, it will play a certain role in promoting the development of mobile phone literature in the direction of health and quality. (From 'Wen Wei Po') 12. According to the meaning of the text, the following two incorrect statements are (5 points) A. Mobile literature cannot carry rich social content, so its artistic appeal is not great. B. Most of the mobile phone literature is very happy, so it is welcomed by many modern people who are fast-paced and stressful. C. The communication between the author and the reader of mobile phone literature often has a wonderful feeling of 'the heart has a little bit of a heart.' D. Mobile literature is like a snack. Although it has a lot of styles and no taste, it can't be elegant. E. Mobile phone literature will also become a potential 'cultural poison' in some states. F. It is necessary to guide mobile phone literature to develop in a healthy and high-quality direction, and to prevent mobile phones from becoming the makers of literary desertification. 13. The understanding of the relationship between the three characteristics of “humor”, “satire” and “smart” in mobile phone literature, the correct one is (3 points) A. 'Humor', 'satire' and 'smart' complement each other and are the fundamental characteristics of mobile literature.

B. The sarcasm of mobile phone literature is evolving into a disguised sarcasm and lack of humor and agility.

C. Smart is the natural expression of the author's emotions. It must be combined with humor and satire to form the unique aesthetic meaning of mobile literature.

D. The current artistic tendency of mobile phone literature to be flat, fragmented, and deconstructed is the result of pursuing humor, irony, and agility.

14. What are the positive and negative effects of mobile phone literature in the literary construction of the mass culture era (3 points). According to the content of the text, it is summarized that mobile literature is different from traditional literature.

(5 points) IV. The main questions are the two sets of questions for the content of the test.

Three questions for each group of questions, a total of 15 points.

The two sets of questions in this major question are the 'literature text reading' test group and the 'practical text reading' test group.

A candidate can choose one of the answers.

Before answering, be sure to fill in the information points corresponding to the selected test group on the answer sheet with 2B pencil.

The information points are missing, mispainted, and coated, and the answer is invalid.

(1) Literary text reading 怅 花 花 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王

Opening the door, I saw that my wife was concentrating on observing the flower that was not noticeable.

On the edge of the flat, leafy new branch, the jade-like flower buds, without the wind and the tremors, trembled and seemed to be overwhelmed; after a while, they were exactly the same as in the movie close-up, gradually and gradually Opened, the center flashed a cluster of yellow scented, golden flowers, each stem is like a thin gold wire, and like the tentacles of the butterfly, fluttering slightly.

Each ribbed layer on the petals of the surrounding layers is still stretching outwards, as if to accumulate the strength and effort of many years.

Some people think it takes too short to be fleeting.

In fact, this is too demanding.

Whether life is short or short, the key is to see if it has a bright color; if there is no bright color, it will be nothing but a void.

As long as it can be in the 'one-shot', like a comet rushing into the atmosphere, it can shine brightly in the violent friction, also called the Saturn cloud splendid.

It is said that the flower is originally a tropical plant, and in order to avoid the heat of the day, it hides in the middle of the night to bloom.

Historical Records, Southern Song Dynasty painter and poet Zhang Yidang when the peony was opened, invited friends to hold a flower-watching event. After the guests gathered, they ordered the curtain to ventilate, and immediately they were full of incense, and then accompanied by singers and dancers. , smashing through the night.

I think that this kind of 'love' is definitely unbearable if it is applied to the flowers.

I sat down by the side and carefully looked at the graceful posture of this show.

Super, elegant, solemn and solemn, where is this flower? It is clearly a beating heart! At this moment, I am full of excitement, but also mixed with a kind of sorrow and apology, and I am slowly immersed in the memories of the past.

Remember that it was the spring season, a friend gave me a leafy twig of silk flowers.

With the mood to try it out, I inserted it in a small chrysanthemum pot with a young seedling.

After ten days, it actually took root and gradually grew up.

I am a pure amateur in flower cultivation. How to fertilize water, I don’t understand it.

Sometimes when you look at the pot and dry it, just pour a large cup of herbal tea into it.

After the friend who gave the flower found it, I blame me for pulling Li Wei to go with Zhang Shun.

The original chrysanthemum is resistant to moisture, while the flowers are dry.

I am so 'a pot of cooking', I don't suffer it! After that, I moved it into another small pot.

In a blink of an eye, a thousand days and nights passed, but this flower was quietly opened in the quiet autumn night, and the most beautiful things in the heart were brought out to give people the warmth and joy of love.

Bingxin old man wrote such a verse: 'Successful flowers, people only admire her present Mingyan! But at the beginning of her bud ## children, soaked in the tears of struggle, sprinkled the blood of sacrifice.' /p>

'Thinking of this, I am aware of the shortcomings left in my heart.

I plan to buy a large flower pot in Mingchun, full of fertile and soft humus, transplant it early, and be diligently and reasonably trained.

............Yes! The huge corolla of the silk flower has fallen down and the petals are all closed.

Look at the branches and leaves of the shallots, and it seems to fade away.

This is due to long-term neglect of management and lack of nutrients.

昙花,昙花! In order to bloom a wonderful flower, I tried my best to do my best, and finally I tried my best! If you can do this, it will be enough.

The laws of nature's own flowers have their own laws of growth.

But there is something to be learned, and there are some things to do. Sometimes some objects can give people profound insights.

After the flower soul, I remembered an anecdote recorded in The Poems of the Garden.

An old man named Chen Pu, with his own poem, asked Yuan Ji, the poetry singer at the time.

Yuan Mei’s banquet was held in Quangui and talented women. He did not pay much attention to this poetry manuscript, and set it aside.

After a few years, I remembered this matter, and took out the poetry and essays and found that the author was originally a poet with a high score and a lot of accomplishments. There are some works in the poetry.

He is busy asking about his whereabouts.

Unexpectedly, the old man was already stunned by the poor and sick.

Yuan Mei is full of affectionately recording the seven poems of the late poet: 'There is no way to live in poverty, and it is difficult to die in a hometown.

Look at how much hate the ancient and the modern, pity and know what to do! 'And then, in the 'Poetry', I wrote: 'Hey! After Yu Yi’s knowledge is done, he can’t say anything about it! 'The squares mentioned here are the poets of the Tang Dynasty. They are very talented. After the frustration of the subject, the mountains are shaped and the depression is over.

Later, the court discovered his talents and confessed him to the scholars and the first.

But the deceased has been paralyzed, and it has not helped.

In this case, isn’t it happening today? (From August 8th, 2007, 'Tonight's Evening', there are deletions.) 16. What do the authors think is the 'soul' of the flower? (4 points) 17. Faced with the flowers, why is 'I' full of excitement and mixed with a kind of sorrow and apology? (5 points) 18. The common scented flowers are mostly 'like', but this article takes '怅', do you think it is appropriate? Since writing '怅', why spend so much ink to write the beauty of silk flowers? Please make a brief analysis.

(6 points) (2) Practical text reading Read below, complete the 19th to 22nd questions.

Crying insects Xu Lu French writer Fabre's life is for the life of insects.

When he was alive, he tasted the poverty of life and the discrimination and prejudice from the human world, and the only thing that brought him warmth and comfort was the insect world he loved.

Fabul was born in a farmhouse in the village of Sanreón in Aveyron, southern France.

The poor country life did not send roses to his childhood, but the generous and unselfish nature brought the nest, mushrooms, dragonflies, and white geese, burdock and cotton to this innocent child. Wait a minute.

He always had great curiosity about flowers and insects when he was a child.

When he was thinking about a bird, he often had to see the bird's nest, the bird's egg, and the bird with a small yellow mouth. You have to see what you have to say.

Throughout the middle school period, the small Fabre family was forced to move several times because of their livelihood, and they were wandering.

At the age of 15, he enrolled in a normal school and was formally admitted.

After graduation, he entered a middle school and became a teacher.

One time, he took the students to the outdoor geometry class. During the break, he suddenly found a delicate honeycomb on the pile of stones.

It’s like a flash of light. The corner of the insect life that he was very interested in since childhood and kept in his heart was suddenly illuminated! At that moment, he felt that he The 'bug heart' is like a nest of hills that are basking in the sun and sleeping in the afternoon. They are awakened by a pedestrian who has occasionally passed, and they have opened their bright wings.

He made up his mind to be a person who wrote a biography and life history for insects.

He felt that he had been jealous since he was a child. 'You can use the name of the surname to send hundreds of actors to the field stage, to the side of the field side or hundreds of thousands of small flowers that open our smiles. When we are warm and gracious, it has already arrived.

This year, he is less than 20 years old.

He knows that in order to realize this ideal, he must first regard himself as one of the insects, fighting and fighting in a very cold and quite complicated living environment, just like the nephew he wrote. To get the joy of Yang Xing, you must first endure the hard work and labor under the dark ground.

In a long teacher career, Fabre insisted on self-study until he obtained a doctorate in natural sciences.

At the same time, he used all his spare time to meticulously record animals and plants, and devoted himself to discovering and revealing the living truth of insects.

The biological authority of some 'classes of origin' is biased against him, making him lack of knowledge in the world, but he can confide his insects. He wrote: 'My dear worms, once You can't convince the wealthy people because they can't do what they are praised. I will come out and talk to them. They will tell them: You are cutting the belly of a bug, but I am living to study them: you treat the insects as Frightening or pitiful things, but I let people love it; you are operating in a twisted and sloppy workshop, but I am under the blue sky, listening to the music of the humming music to observe... What you are paying attention to is death. I carefully observe life...' The first volume of Fabre's 'Insects' was published in 1879.

He dedicated the first ode to an insect that many people might not like - fecal worm.

He used the ancient Egyptians' title for this insect, called the 'sacred beetle.'

With full respect and love for a small life, he describes the insect world, discovers the mysteries of those magical and wonderful life, and praises and eulogizes the dignity and meaning of those benevolent and noble life.

He believes that whether in the grass in the night or in the mud after the rain, there is a strange human light.

He observed that a nephew, from a small scorpion egg to a larva matured, had to live in the darkness for four years.

And it broke ground, and climbed to the green tree for a singer, but only a short five weeks.

Under the moonlight of autumn night, he listened carefully to the fascinating concert in the 'Blood Stone Garden'... In November 1915, when the winter was about to come, it was only one month away from his 92nd birthday. The giant, who has been living with insects for a lifetime and who has swayed the trembling of human destiny with insects, has died.

When he died, in the paradise of an insect that he had built himself, the insects that had not hibernated were crying in the dark corner.

They used their coleoptera of their lives to play a soulful piece for their common old friend.

('Prose Selection', No. 10, 2009, with deletions) 19. The author quotes Fabre's 'My dear worms... I am observing life...' A paragraph, what does this work (5 points). 'He believes that whether in the grass in the dark or under the mud in the south, there is a strange human light shining in the sentence,' 'What is the strange human light?' (4 points). Why do the article commemorate Fabre but use the topic of 'cry insects' to talk about your understanding.

(6 points) V. Two questions in this big question, a total of 12 points.

22. The following are three oral communication scenarios in daily life. There are inappropriate places in the use of words. Please point out and correct them.

(6 points) Scenario 1: A talk show: When the host learned that the other father’s father had just left because of illness, he immediately said with a tone: “I express my condolences to the father’s death on behalf of the audience. Please feel sad.” /p>

Scenario 2: A college student went to see the middle school class teacher who had not seen it for five years. When he met, the student held the teacher's hands and said excitedly: 'The teacher, long time.'

Specially miss you, the body is okay.' Scene 3: There is such a message in the blog of a famous writer: x teacher; reading your new work, benefiting a lot, many places have caused me a strong resonance, you really It is the originator of prose! Change to.

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