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'Do not' can not escape, the daughter can only endeavor to beg this cold-blooded father

Mother-in-law's buttocks were strong, and the sound of '噗嗤', the amount of semen poured out, and I was picked up by my hands, and the other went to the sheets

Luchai Kongshan is not seen, but it smells people.

Return to the deep forest and revisit the moss.

'Shanshui 诀' Acacia red beans are born in the South, how many springs are sent? I hope that you will have more choices. This is the most loved one.

In the end of the year, the middle ages are quite good, and the night is in the middle of the mountain.

Every time you go alone, you will know what you are doing.

Go to the water, sit and watch the clouds.

Occasionally, Lin Biao, talked and laughed without repayment. To the side of the bicycle to ask questions, the country has been extended.

The levy was sent out to Hanse, and the geese entered Hu Tian. The lonely smoke of the desert (15) is straight, and the long river falls into the sun.

Xiao Guan is waiting for riding (jì), and he is guarded by Yan (yān). Say goodbye to the mountains and send them to the mountains.

Spring grass will be green next year, will Wang Sun not return? On September 9th, the Shandong brothers were alone in a foreign land for a stranger. As far as the brothers are ascending, they are less than one person. The Zhuli Pavilion sits alone in the quiet, playing the piano and rescuing.

The Shenlin people don’t know, and the moon is coming. Every September 9th is the traditional festival of our country - the Double Ninth Festival! So how much do you know about the verses of the Double Ninth Festival? Not just one? In fact, in addition to Wang Wei’s poem, there are many poems about the Double Ninth Festival! Let's take a look at it for Xiaobian! Chongyang Xishang Fu Baiju [Tang] Bai Ju Yi Man Yuan Hua Ju Yu golden, with a cluster of color like frost.

It is also like the current banquet, the Pulsatilla enters the juvenile. On the 9th, Dengbatai [Tang] Baijuyi fragrant wine was first ripe, and the chrysanthemum flowers were not opened. Listen to the bamboo branches and listen to the cups. Last year, Chongyang Day, wandering the city.

This year’s Chongyang Day, Depression Ba Zitai.

The travel search has been white, and the township book has not come for a long time.

Linyi has a dagger and the guests are also awkward.

The nine-day title Tuxi [Tang] Baiju Yifan grass mats maple leaf shore, 'Bamboo Branch' song to send chrysanthemum cup.

Next year, you will be a South Bin, or you will be able to go to Chongyang. On the 9th, drunkenness [Tang] Bai Juyi has a hateful head and white, ruthless chrysanthemum since the yellow.

One is the state of Sima, and the third is the age of Chongyang. The sword is dusty and the cage is long. Laughing from the fisherman, the door is a singer.

Asked about illness, because of the guest, I listened to it. Sigh on the reliance, nostalgia survives.

Nai Lao should be countless, cure or have a good side.

Nothing to learn from the king, only to drunk as a hometown.

独September 9th, drinking alone [Tang] Bai Juyi Huanghuacai green front, there are some old orchestras. Occasional encounter with Qiuqiu on the 9th, Dongfeng has a discretion.

Since he was fasting in September, he has not been drunk for 15 years. On the 9th, the accompanying doctor climbed up [Tang] 岑 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九 九

The frost is smashing the Asian phase.

The flute is stunned by the geese, and the songs are sung.

There is nothing wrong with the side, drunk and dancing.

On the 9th, Qishan Denggao [Tang] Du Mujiang Han Qiu Yingyan first flew, and the passengers carrying pots on Cuiwei.

It’s hard to laugh at the world, and the chrysanthemums must be filled with their heads. But it will be a good holiday, no need to board the hate. It’s only like this in the past, why is Niushan alone.

Nine-day mountaineering [Tang] Li Baiyuan Ming returned, not to go with the world. For the sake of no cups, I am a native of the state.

Because of the white man, I laughed at the yellow flower. I don't want to be stunned.

The title is He Junfa, and the knot is in the southern part of the city. The earth is built in the sound of the mountain, and it is overlooking the water. The Hu people called the jade flute, the more women played the frost silk. Self-made king, you can't see. Akasaka Chung high, white turtle road Feng Yi. Lingxian is like a Buddha. Gulai Denggao, several people are here.

Pazhou is in violation of the promise and will be waiting for tomorrow. Even the mountains are like a shock, and they merged into the sea. Yang Yan waved four, and Luan knew. Qi Song sent Qing Yang, and the dance was mixed. Bin with the leaves scattered, hats blowing in the autumn wind.

Don't post on this stage, wish to say lovesickness.

Wang Wei: The martial art of the martial arts is standing, and the strength of the work is always strong, always clinging to loneliness, indulging in drama, not forgetting the silence, seeing the generations, and making a high flow.

As for the old age, Miga enters the road and sits in the virtual room. Take the Xing for the text, don't waste the pen, or scatter on friends, or stay in the middle.

Li Yu: Bingzhi of Qing, the name of the poem in Tianbao, and the taste of the music in the thrones.

Dou Yu: 1 poetry is in the spirit, the brush is fine.

General Li’s name is high, and the past is already over; Xue Shaobao’s time is beautiful, and he is not qualified. 2 Shi Tongtong's 'Da Ya' work, the beauty of mountains and rivers is better than Li Sixun. ...... The second public name is expected to be the first time, when discussing poetry, then Wang Wei; Cui Wei's argument, then Wang Hao, Li Yuzu said that Zhang can not be pre-emptive.

Yin Yin: The poetry of the poetry is beautiful and elegant, and the new one is in the spring. The spring is in the bead, the wall is painted, and the word is in one sentence. Sikongtu: Wang Youzhen, Wei Suzhou, Cheng Yu, exquisite, in the middle of it, you may wish to squat! Liu Wei and so on: 1 such as Yan, Xu Zhirun color Wang Yan, Wu, Lu Zhipu Yang Hongye, Yuan Zhen, Liu Wei's countermeasures, Wang Wei, Du Fu's carvings, is not caused by the industry, since the sky is perfect. If the pearl color, no fake quenching, Kong Yu Cui Yu, Zicheng Huacai, set the Wenyuan, real Huan Tuo. The 2D is famous for its poetry in Kaiyuan and Tianbao, and Kunzhong is the two capitals. All the kings and horses are right to the door of the nobles. All of them are welcome, and Ning Wang and Xue Wang are like teachers. Vuyou has five poems.

Paintings and paintings are particularly fascinating, and they are used for creation; while the creative maps are lacking, such as the mountains are far away, the Yunfeng stone color, the extinction of the heavens, and the non-painters.

Song Wei: 1 If the attendance is rewarded, Li Wei, Song Zhiwen, Shen Yu, Wang Wei, the book is Chang Yi, Yang Yan, Lu Yi, Quan Deyu, Wang Zhongshu, Li Deyu, and the poetry Du Fu, Li Bai , Yuan Zhen, Bai Juyi, Liu Yuxi, 谲 则 Li He, Du Mu, Li Shangyin, all of them are the crown of the world, which is still available.

2 Weigong Cao Li, good painting, famous in Kaiyuan, Tianbao, Haoying nobles left to welcome, Ning, Xue Zhuwang to be a teacher.

Painting into the gods, to the level of the mountains, the cloud of stone, the painter thinks that the opportunity is up, scholars are not as good. Su Shi: 1 poem of Capricorn, there are paintings in poetry; paintings of Moss, there are poems in the paintings. 2 Wu Sheng (Dao Zi) is wonderful, but still works on painting. In addition to the image of Capricorn, it is like a singer.

My two sons are all Shen Jun, and they are also convinced. Chen Shidao: Right and Suzhou are all learning Tao, and Wang is comfortable.

Cai Wei: Wang Mo's poems, a thick section, covering ancient and modern.

But as a person who has been hiding in the mountains for a long time, he is bleak.

敖陶孙: Wang Youzhen, such as Qiu Shui Fu, leaning against the wind and laughing. Zhang Jie: In the 1st world, the king of the sacred poems and the poems were beautiful, and the ancient poems were too white. The ancient poems of the singer and the singers could not be exposed to the bones, and the poems were beautiful and old.

...... Although it is not as good as Li, Du Zhixiong, but means time, it is also Pia. The mind of the Capricorn is indifferent, and the Buddha is good at painting, and he is accompanied by the priests, Xue Zhuwang and the noble tour, and the return to the mountains and rivers, so his poems are rich and beautiful, and both have their own interests. 2 Wei Suzhou poetry, high rhyme and clear. Wang You's poems are old and long. Although the masters of the five-words are different from each other, there are advantages and disadvantages. In terms of the standard rhyme, right-handedness does not catch Suzhou, as the word is not urgent, and the taste is very long, although Suzhou is not as good as it is. Xu Wei: When Ningbi Chitou listens to music, he can't die but can be sad. Hechuan became a famous place in the world, borrowing a poem from Chaotian.

Xin Wenfang: Wei Shi enters the magical product and paints the same.

To the level of the mountains, the clouds are stone-colored, all of which come from the heavens. Xu Xianzhong: The right poetry is a show from the sky, the words are rhyme, the word Hua Xinlang, the image is leisurely.

On the Qing Dynasty Temple, it is close to the standard; the quiet Chuulin, the same with the spring stone. Talk about its style, and thoroughly sweep the microwave; adopt its flow, and also cross the generations.

In the 'Three Hundreds', ask for it, and cover the flow of 'Xiaoya'.

And the snoring is small, the husband is also in the air, can not wash and look high. Wang Wei: Capricorn uses the sound of ancient cymbals to write the sounds of leisure in the mountains, such as the poems of the Suichuan, a piece of ink is not colored.

And the prosperity of the country, such as 'Nine days to open the palace, the kingdom of clothing and worship', 'Yunli city double phoenix, the rain in the spring tree people', and He Qiwei also! Lu Shizhen: Capricorn has a clear color, and he has already hoped for Tao and Xie Zhixuan. The first poems are flawed and the ancient poems are not enough. Departure is God, love is sexual, who can the author of the latter? The poet of the world, so good and high, curious and different, this vulgar magic, non-poetry is also true. The physical things are sentimental, the feelings of sentiment are prosperous, and the use of poetry is so embarrassing.

Hu Yinglin: 1There are five words on the right, the work is leisure, and the two factions are different.

2 The seven tales of the Tang Dynasty are called Wang and Li. Wang Cai is a great show, but the article is multiple.

3 Taibai Wuyan is absolutely a fairy language, but the right is into Zen.

Hu Zhenheng: Zhong Moyun: Right, he has a very long poem, and he is not caught in ancient works.

Reading the episodes, the whole sentence is very straightforward, and there is no shortage of chapters; the small words structure is fresh and the style is lacking.

Xu Xueyi: 1 Wang Mozhen and Meng Haoran are unable to catch high and embarrassed, but they are profound and profound in their interests. Therefore, although their ancient poems are insufficient, the style of poetry is more round and round, the language is more lively, and the meteorological style is comfortable. Holy shrine.

2 Capricorn talents do not catch high and embarrassed, but the five or seven rhetoric styles are different.

Five rhythms have a kind of whole chestnuts, there is a kind of one who is a temperament, there is a kind of eloquent, there is a kind of free and easy.

3 There are three kinds of rhythms in the seven capricorns: there is a kind of grandeur, there is a kind of Huazao Xiuya, there is a kind of panning and clearing. ... is also high, and it is too late. Capricorn has five words, and the meaning is fascinating. ...... Capricorn is in the chest, and the environment is in harmony with the fun, so its poetry is so beautiful. He Sang: Tang Wu Li, Du, Capricorn should be the first push, the former said that 'such as Qiu Shui Fu, relying on the wind to laugh', not as beautiful as it is, a few 'cough down for nine days, with the wind and special jade' ear . Compared with the three people, they are still waiting for the city to turn to the fullness of the city, and the sleeves are with the haze of Qi, from the non-Pingyang, and the Qufu.

Qian Liangxuan: The taste is faint, and the words are close to the distance. If you don’t know what it is, you can’t follow the rules of the world.

The old people said that they can start their hearts and minds.

Zhao Diancheng: Right-handed in the meditation, the words have no back touch, sweet in the middle.

The sound of extraterrestrial is also the shadow of the water, the fragrance is also solid, the fruit is also the papaya, the wine is also built by Jiankang, so that people can’t go between them. It’s all right and it’s all about it.

Li Yinpei: 1There are five rows on the right, the appearance of the scorpion, the suffocation of the suffocating, the genius of the genius is so wonderful, the wind is flowing, the qi is the cover. One change into the lang, the beauty wins and the deep gas is also reduced, one of the ethos is also closed. 2 The right 丞 poem glory is out, the color of the show is contained, the end is condensed without revealing the bones, the super escaping does not make the gas, the scent of the gods is the essence of poetry, so it was called “Poetry St.” at that time.

Shen Deqian: 1 is too deep, too arrogant, too dark, and the poet is sick, so 'Mu Ruqing'.

Right-handed poems are never focused on.

2 There are two kinds of rhythms in the right side: one is to win with Qingyuan, one is to win with heroes, .... Yao Wei: 1 The poetry of the Tang Dynasty is incomprehensible, and the five-character law is the most. In this body, Wang and Meng are the most important, and the poet is in this ear.

Wu Hao: Wang and Meng Shi specialize in natural imagery, and there is an instinct in it, and it is for everyone. 2 Right-handed seven laws can be prepared for thirty-two similarities, while Yixing is far-reaching, although there is a sense of transcendentalness towards Rongguan Yan, it is appropriate to crown the Tang Dynasty.

Fang Dongshu: 1 辋川干诗, also known as a ancestor.

It’s like Du Gong, it’s really like Wei Mo’s, it’s really a school.

Finding what you are looking for is just a matter of being far-reaching and arrogant, and it is beyond the reach of future generations; Gao Hua Jing police, the singer of the singer, does not fall into the world, so it is valuable.

Ran is not happy, because it is bloodless and temperate.

For example, the fairy palace is not noble, but it is not useful in the world; like a painting worker, the picture is written in a sacred way, and it is not a real object. Why use it? It is said that poetry does not deserve to be in Xing, Guan, Qun, Resentment, and loses the purpose of 'Wind' and 'Sao'. Politics is like a horse, so that there is no such thing in the world, but there is nothing to do with the use of the library and the philosophers, and think that the system should be used. 2 Suichuan's narrative is not leaking, but it can also be set with color and framing. It is like a painting. Nowadays, the scientific examination is similar to the ink scroll.

Shi Buhua: 1 Mo Yan five-word ancient, Ya-fat, do not Rao Huaqi, so his people are expensive; Gai Shanze between the manners, non-Yamaze temperament also. 2 Capricorn seven ancient, the whole and the air is convergent, although the vertical and horizontal changes are not as good as Li and Du, but the things are elegant, the work is stable, and it is very good for future generations to learn. 3 Capricorn seven laws, there is a high-powered one, there is a clear-cut one, can be effective. Song Yuren: Its origin is from Ying Deyi and Tao Yuanming.

The five-word short story is particularly strong, and the 'Fables Two' is just born out of 'One Hundred Days'.

'Zhu Guofan' Zhu Yu, then 'The Poor', the 'Tian She' articles, 'The Devil' is also the Asian.

The seven-character style of the early Tang Dynasty, the deepest sputum; the poetry of God is super, the origin is also far.

Fuqi refining into the show, fainting into a sly, changing the depths of the six generations, the Ming Dynasty of the Three Tang Dynasty, and the ancient Fang does not fall, Xi Xiu Fangxin, Sikong Watch Shengyun: 'If it will not end, 'With the ancient is new', the name of the Chengsi people, the high track of Tang Xian. Wang Weishi appreciates that the Suichuan leisure residence gives the Xiuxiu talent to the cold mountain to turn green, and the autumn water is sunny. Outside the coffin, the wind is listening to the wind.

On the day of the ferry, there is a smoke in the market.

Xia value is drunk, mad song Wuliuqian. Say goodbye to the drink of the king, ask the king what to do.

The slogan is unsatisfactory and falls to the South Mountain.

But go back and ask, when the clouds are endless. Where the landscape is painted, it means to write first. Zhangshan rule tree, inch horses. Far-reaching people have no eyes, and distant trees have no branches. There is no stone in the distant mountains, and it is faint as a brow; there is no wave in the far water, and it is high with the clouds. This is 诀 also. The mountain is high in the clouds, the stone wall is in the spring, and the road is stuffed.

The stone looks at three sides, the road looks at both ends, the tree looks at the head, and the water looks at the wind.

This is the law too.

Whereever the landscapes are painted, the tops of the flats are smashed, the cliffs are steep and connected, the rocks are suspended, the rounds are round, and the roads pass through. The two mountain pilgrims are named 壑 ,, the two mountains are named after the water, and the ridge is the highest, the ancestor is named Ling.

According to this person, it is as if it is also known. The viewer first looks at the weather and then discerns the turbidity.

The pilgrimage of the lord of the host, the glory of the peaks, the chaos, the more chaos, the less the slow, the more than a lot, to be far and near.

The distant mountains must not be close to the mountains, and the distant waters must not be close to the water.

The mountainside is covered, the temple is safe; the bank is broken and the bridge is small.

There are forests on the road, ancient ferries on the shore, smoke trees on the water breaks, sails on the waters, and dense houses on the forest. Linyan ancient wood, roots broken and wrapped around the vine; the front of the stone bank, singular and water marks.

Whereever the trees are painted, the distance is smooth, the near is dense, the leaves are tender and soft, and the leaves are hard.

The pine bark is like a scale, and the cypress is entangled.

On the raw soil, the roots are long and the stems are straight, and the stone is on the stone.

The ancient wood festival is mostly dead, and the cold forest supports Shu and Xiao Sen.

There is rain, no matter what the world is. Windy and rainless, only look at the branches. There is rain and no wind, the tree head is low, the pedestrian umbrella is paralyzed, and the fisherman’s clothes are worn.

The rain rushes to the sky, the mist is faint, the mountain is rich, and the sun is near.

In the early morning, the mountains are fascinating, the smog is slight, the moon is ruined, and the color is coma.

In the evening, the mountain is in the red, the sail is in the river, the road is anxious, and the fire is half.

In the spring scenery, the fog locks the smoke cage, the long smoke induces the water, the water is like blue dyeing, and the mountains are gradually clear.

Xia Jing is an ancient wood-covered sky, green water without waves, wearing a cloud waterfall, near the water pavilion. Autumn scenery is like aqua, clusters of trees, Yanhong Qiushui, Ludao Shating.

In winter scenery, the land is snow, the squatter is paid, the fishing boat is leaning against the shore, and the water is shallow and flat. Where the landscape is painted, it must be four o'clock. Or smog the smoke cage, or smash the clouds, or smash the autumn, or smash the monument, or smash the Dongting spring, or the road to the desert. Such a category is called a painting title. The hills are not the same, and the tree heads are not ordinary.

The mountains are made of trees and the trees are made of mountains. Trees should not be complicated, they must see the beauty of the mountains; the mountains should not be chaotic, and the spirit of the mountains must be manifested.

It can be said that it is a famous landscape.

Autumn night Qu Guizhen was born in the autumn, and the light Luo was thin and not changed. The silver zither is long and diligent, and the heart of the room is not tolerable! In the third sentence, it is the spring color of the poet's imagination in the coming year. A 'green' character makes the whole poem have a distinct color, and also expresses the poet's deep hope for the return of friends.

The first two sentences of this poem are the foundation of the last two sentences. Wang Wei did not spend too much pen on the bitterness of the separation, but placed on the expectation of seeing again.

At the beginning, the guest ends with a drop-off. After returning home, the loneliness of one person is more intense, and once again paves the way for further meetings.

The mountain is alone in the far-away village, and the sky is the only plateau.

——Wang Wei, “The Seventh Garden Music·The Five” Remuneration of Zhang Shaofu’s old age is only quiet, and everything does not care about self-concerning and no long-term policy.

The pine wind blows the belt, and the mountain moon plays the piano. The group asked the poor and the fisherman songs into Pushen.

The theory of painting theory The blame of the mountain is the Qingchuan belt, and the horses go to leisure. If the water is intentional, the birds will be reconciled.

The deserted city of Gugudu, the sunset is full of autumn mountains.

迢 迢 嵩 , 归 归 归 归 归 归 归 归 归 归

Among the paintings, the ink is the most. The nature of nature, the power of creation. Or a picture of a thousand feet, write a thousand miles. East and West, East and West, Waner present; spring, summer, autumn and winter, born in the pen. The first paved water, bogey for the mountains of the floating; the second cloth road, do not make a continuous way. The main peak is most towering, and the mountain must be rushing. Back to the hug, the house is safe, and the water and land can be set. In the village, there are several trees in which the branches of the forest are to be clasped; the cliffs are combined with water and the waterfalls lie, and the springs do not flow. The ferry should only be silent, and the pedestrians must be sparse.

The bridge of the rafting, and should be towering; the fishing boat of the fisherman, low is no harm. Between the steep cliffs, the good and the strange wood; the cliffs and the rocks. The distant view and the cloud capacity are handed over, and the sky is full of water. The mountain hook locks, the most along the flow; when the road is in danger, the plank road can be installed here.

Flat-floored building, which is better than the high-willow family; the famous mountain temple view, elegantly known as the Qishan lining pavilion.

Vision smoke cage, deep rock cloud lock.

The flag of the wine flag is high, and the passenger sail should be suspended.

The distant mountains need to be low-row, and the near-trees should be pulled.

Hand-picked, sometimes three games. The years are far away, and the exploration is very quiet.

The fascinating people are not saying more, and the good scholars are still rules.

The top of the tower is towering, there is no need to see the temple, it seems to have no, or up or down. The fragrant piles of earthworms, half of the dew; The mountain is divided into eight sides, and the stone has three sides. Idle clouds do not care for the grass, the characters are only one inch, and the pines and cypresses are two feet long. I don’t know Xiangji Temple in Xiangji Temple, and I’m in Yunfeng. Ancient wood no-path, where is the mountain? The spring sounds like a dangerous stone, and the color is cold and green.

Thin and empty Tanqu, Anchan made poisonous dragon. The Han River Linyi Chusai Sanxiang pick up, Jingmen nine sent.

Outside the river, there is no mountain.

The county is floating in front of the Pu, and the waves are moving far and wide. Fuyang is a good wind day, staying drunk and mountain. Wang Wei (701-761), the word Capricorn, Han nationality, ancestral home of Shanxi Jixian, Tang Dynasty poet, known as 'Poetry Buddha.' More than 400 poems have been preserved here.

Wang Wei is a master of Buddhism, admiring Vimalaki, and calling himself a dimension, the word Capricorn (Buddhism has a Vimalan Sutra), which is a book that Vimalaki teaches to his disciples. Vimalaki is a home. The Mahayana Buddhist layman is famous for his bodhisattva at home.

Wang Wei’s poems, books, and paintings are well known and well-versed in music.

Wang Wei created the School of Ink and Wash Paintings, and his close-knit poems are strictly guarded by the rhythm.

Wang Wei was in the ninth year of Tang Kaiyuan (721), and he was a member of the Taishi Temple. He was involved in the dance of the Yellow Lion. Zhang Jiuling was in power, and he was the one who picked up the right and moved to monitor the censor.

Kaiyuan was ordered to go out of business in the 25th year of the Kaiyuan, and was sentenced to the Liangzhou Hexi Festival. After the official to the right of the book, the second half of the book was seclusion.

After the arrest of the Anshi Rebellion, he was forced to serve as a false post, and the war was quelled and then reinstated. In his later years, he lived in the Lantian Xichuan Villa. 'Shanshui Idyllic Poetry' is one of the two poets of the Tang Dynasty. This poetry school is the successor of Tao Yuanming, Xie Lingyun and Xie Tao. It is famous for his portrayal of landscape scenery. By depicting the quiet scenery and reflecting his quiet mood or seclusion, the main writers are Meng Haoran, Wang Wei and Chang Jian. Zu Zu, Judi, etc., among which the highest achievement and the greatest impact are Wang Wei and Meng Haoran, also known as 'Wang Meng'. Because he used to be the right-hand man of Shangshu, the world is also called 'Wang Youzhen'. Wang Wei’s poetry has a high artistic conception, and poetry and painting are naturally integrated. No matter the frontier, the landscape poetry, the law poetry or the quatrain, there are excellent works. Su Shi said that 'the poems of the taste and the sorrow, the paintings in the poems, the paintings in the paintings, and the poems in the paintings.'

In terms of painting, Wang Wei not only created the School of Ink and Wash Painting, but also made achievements in the theory of Chinese painting.

The 'Shanshui' and 'Shan Shui' have played a pivotal role in the inheritance and development of Chinese ink paintings. Sended to Lizhou, Li Junjun Wanshuo towering, thousands of mountains ringing Du Fu.

One night in the mountains, the trees are covered with hundreds of springs.

The Han women lost their shackles, and the Ba people slanded the fields. Professor Weng Weng, did not dare to rely on the sages.

Qingxi has entered Huanghuachuan, and every Qingxi water.

There will be thousands of miles in the mountains.

In the sound of the rock, the color is deep and deep.漾漾 荇 荇 荇, 澄 葭苇 葭苇 葭苇. My heart has been idle, and Qingchuan is like this. Please leave on the stone and the fishing will be over.

The city of Qufu City is raining and dusty, and the guest house is green and green. Advise the monarch to make a cup of wine, and the West is out of the sun. 'Shanshui' After the new rain in the mountains and autumn, the weather is late autumn.

The bright moon is shining, and the clear spring stone is flowing.

The bamboo raft belongs to the niece, and the lotus moves under the fishing boat.

Random Spring Break, Wang Sun can stay. The bird sings and sings the osmanthus flowers, and the night is quiet. The moon is a stunned mountain bird. The end of the Nanshan Taiyi near the sky, even the mountains to pick up the sea. The white clouds look back and the greens look into nothing. In the wilderness, the peaks change, and the shades are clear. If you want to invest in a place, ask a coward.

According to the 'Lantian County Records', Wang Wei's tomb is located 60 meters east of Baijiaping Village in Luanchuan Township. The cemetery is on the banks of the Luanchuan River under the Feiyun Mountain. The original cemetery is about acre. It is now under the 14th factory of Xiangyang Company. The stone of the Tang Emperor Wang Gongwei Tomb was used by the Xiangyang Company on the 14th stone and pressed into the water hole. The relics in front of the tomb were in the 41st year of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1776), and the two tablets of the treacherous erected by Zhao Zhisheng and the governor of Shaanxi Province were destroyed in the Cultural Revolution.

Wang Wei’s mother was also buried here.

When the Ministry of Communications repaired the Chuanchuan Highway, the Wang Weimu grave tower was destroyed. In his later years, Wang Wei concentrated on meditation and enlightenment, and ignored the world.

Therefore, many of his poems are full of Zen. 'Over the Xiangji Temple' cloud: 'I don't know the Xiangji Temple, and the number of miles into the Yunfeng. The thin and empty pool songs, the Anchan system poisonous dragon.

'In this poem, there is a deep Zen, and it is agile and ethereal.

, 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹 爹? Who would have thought that a pot of flowers would go up and let the West remember what happened? I knew this before, she had already smashed the West! Bug Mom: Are you willing to give up? Xia Xiangqing said: It’s better than your dog! Pest Mom: The pot is smashing, I want to smash the West again

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