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The forehead represents the heaven in the three stops, which affects the fate of our first half of life. It is better to be full and round in the face. Some people have depressions on their foreheads, which are not only related to our skull development, but also to our destiny. Then, what is the saying in the middle of the forehead in the face? Let's take a look at the Fuyuan Hall! Interpretation of forehead face The forehead is the heavenly court of the book, Xiang Shuyun, the court is full of official meals, and the cabinet is full of power. Heaven has a pivotal position in facial science.

Forehead Heaven specifically represents the father, mother, career, luck, career prospects, thinking, analytical power, life ideals, husband, leadership, and intelligence. The forehead heaven is auspicious and smooth: the heaven is full, the forehead is round, there are no chaos, no streaks, no evil, no collapse, no sag, no deep cheeks, no narrow edges, but no bulging, no dark dust No evil scars. The forehead of heaven is fierce: evil, chaotic essays, low marks, hard and thick hair, dark colors, narrow sag, scars, and longevity (ie, the forehead is fuller, but the middle is concave).

The face of the forehead is 1. The bitterness of the forehead is a person. The face of the forehead is unfavorable in the early years. The main stop is 15--30 years old. The forehead affects intelligence. Generally speaking, 30 is not good before, but for life. The pattern has already been affected.

If the eyebrows and eyes are not well regenerated, you will only have to work hard in your life. The analysis of the surface of the forehead depression was unfavorable in the early years after the age of 30. 2. The forehead depression is so good that from the perspective of the face, most of the foreheads can get help from the elders.

It also means that you were born in a middle-aged family. You will have achievements before the age of 30, and you will be more expensive in your life.

The person with a forehead is not born well. Before 30 years old, the luck is average, the study is poor, and there is no outstanding performance. If the forehead is narrow and narrow, there are evil and evil lines, then the young fortune must be very poor, due to various The reason is that you can't get the love of your parents, you can't finish your studies, and your life's wishes can't be realized.

The girl's forehead looks very round and full and bright. There are no depressions, scars, dullness, etc. The hair is moist and shiny, and it feels very smooth and smooth, without any dry hair, yellowing, knotting and other bad hair. The forehead represents the ideal ambition, and the forehead is also high.

A person with a high forehead will have a good career, and women in marriage will choose a comparison, and the horizon will not be too low. Otherwise, the face of the forehead is only lucky. Scientific explanation of the forehead depression 1. Deformation of the forehead middle sag The deformation of the forehead sag is mostly congenital, and there is a depression in the middle of the forehead.

2, traumatic bone injury sag deformation Traumatic bone damage sag deformation may occur after trauma, the depression of the frontal bone is not reset together after the fracture injury is cured, or after the traumatic skull defect.

3, half-front forehead atrophy Half-front forehead atrophy manifested as a recessive atrophy on the forehead side, accompanied by atrophic sag changes in the eyelids, cheeks and to the entire half of the face.

The cause is mostly congenital, and may also be caused by trauma or infection.

Forehead is a part of the official residence of the 12th house, which is responsible for a person’s career, work, promotion, and other fortune. If the forehead is too much, it will affect the appearance of the person. People's fortune, let's take a look at the forehead's prominent face. The forehead is prominent. The forehead's left and right eyebrows are high risers, indicating that this is basically a person who can have a big job. Or there is a phase of official transport. 2, the amount of people who are headed out, the general feelings are particularly rich, such people are quite good for the opposite sex, but they can not easily get the favor of the opposite sex, if the frontal bones up and can still straighten the head.

Indicates that this kind of person has a kind of emperor.

It is the emperor's phase. In ancient times, the emperor was the most common. 3. The person who stands out in the upper part of the forehead belongs to the type of theory, has a human touch, is gracious, and is amiable.

4, the person who stands out in the lower part of the forehead is a type that strives for labor and gains results. They have strong observation and judgment on things. 5. People who are prominent in the center of their forehead have the vision and reason, and will not take unreasonable behaviors, and they can seize the opportunity in work and love.

The forehead highlights the fortune. 1. The angle - rich in reality This person's hairline and forehead form a triangle, giving a man a masculine impression. People with such foreheads are realistic and will never pursue unrealistic dreams.

In terms of love and marriage, focusing on each other's economic situation, and often acting in line with each other's thoughts, is a typical realist.

Although they are serious and attentive, they are not good at using strategies, so they are suitable for tedious and diligent work. Women have a horn, can fight side by side with men, and fully play their talents, helping the husband.

2, bald amount - too worried about the tendency to be bald when young, said that this person is quite active, but everything is too worrying, can not listen to the opinions of others, so it is easy to suffer the fate of failure. Such people are more straightforward to the opposite sex, and often do things according to their own ideas, regardless of the feelings of the other party. Not good at socializing at work, so it is not suitable for foreign work such as entertaining people.

If you are a type of person, you need to listen to your elders and be flexible.

3, the weak forehead - employed and people This person's entire face looks a bit strange, the proportion of the entire forehead is small, unnatural. They are very good people, and they are easy to be used, and they are rebellious. The interpersonal relationship is not smooth. Although such people have no way to lead, but as long as they work hard for a long time, life will be stable after middle age. Because of the good temper in the opposite sex, I am liked.

4, M-head forehead - rich originality This kind of person's brain turns fast, subjective consciousness is strong, can foresee the future, and can give some fresh ideas, like to do some original things.

It is therefore suitable for work that is designed to perform its own characteristics, such as designers and engineers. In addition, in music, literature, and art, we can also play our due talents. In love, they are very romantic, can easily capture each other's heart, and take the initiative. 5, Fuji amount - full of self-awareness This kind of person has a warm feeling, and harmony with the people around, so can live a happy life. When they are young, they are often tortured by love at first sight, but life will be stable after middle age. Fujifilm's people are unplanned in their work, often imitating others, and sometimes halfway, so they often suffer the fate of failure, but if they encounter a job that they really like, they can make a difference. 6, round amount - gentle heart This kind of human nature is honest, honest, harmonious, and modest, will not impose their own ideas, so everyone likes him. However, they often move in love and inadvertently fall in love. In addition, people with a large amount of money are less creative, have no patience, and often switch careers.

In ancient times, it was said that if a woman’s forehead was full and full, it was the phase of Wangfu. In the 'Biography', the hair of the hair was also said that the forehead was high, and the birth was good, it was a blessing, then What is the impact of a woman's narrow forehead on fortune? Let's take a look at the specific analysis. The face of the woman's forehead is narrow. The forehead is divided into three parts. 1. The uppermost end of the forehead represents the level of analytical ability. Men usually have a higher frontal angle than women, so men generally have better analytical ability than women. This part also represents the fate of the father and is related to the development of the career.

2, the center of the forehead represents memory, the central position of the male forehead is generally not as full as the female, so women's memory is usually stronger than women.

3, the lower part of the forehead (where the brow bone) represents the ability to observe, the male brow bone is usually more prominent than the female, the career male observation ability is mostly stronger than the female, of course, there are exceptions.

This also represents a person's utilitarianism and is related to compassion.

There are two types of narrow-faced foreheads, one is the so-called narrowness of the forehead collapse, and the other is the facet with a narrow left-right forehead. These two characteristics are slightly different.

The narrow forehead character resolves the narrow-headed person to be practical, serious, not sensitive enough, not too persevering, often often because of a small setback, but they are fairly good, a group of people and people People who get along.

People with narrow foreheads seem to give a feeling of meekness and subtlety. In fact, such people are not timid, but they are born with a group of honest people who are sincere and step by step.

If you use the tortoise and the hare to make a metaphor, then they are the tortoises.

However, the narrower the forehead, the more naive the character.

If you start your temper, they will not only ignore the occasion, but also ignore the situation, and will not reason, and have a tendency to be emotionally impulsive.

Relatively self-willed in character, they often make some wishful actions. In social life, such people do not like to compete and win. They pay more attention to the peace and tranquility of life, so although they will not have much success, they generally live and work in peace.

In love, they are generally a group of people who are not too strong. They treat their lovers and are willing to pay their true heart. Once they have locked in an object, they just love each other to the old, so this kind of person is generally family life. Will be relatively happy.

Because they are more willful and impulsive, they are much more likely to have a crush on others. If you want a lover or wife who can love you forever, then a narrow-headed person will be your ideal choice. A person with a wide forehead will only be a butterfly flying around in your life. Seven kinds of women's foreheads are narrow-faced. 1. The woman's forehead represents a person's teenager (15-30 years old), and the round and full-fledged woman's forehead can be a prostitute.

2. People with narrow foreheads have a bad birth environment and a small amount of life. People with narrow, low, and sharp foreheads are not smart, stupid, small, and not beautiful.

The forehead is narrow, and the pavilion is large and prosperous. It is a water fire. These people have worked hard all their lives, and they have lost more.

3, the woman's forehead narrow side, directly affects the husband, if the forehead is collapsed and narrow, then the marriage must not be smooth, such a woman's heart is better than the sky, too demanding men, so can not find a good man It is.

4, the woman's forehead is narrow, but full of plump, such a woman's eyes look far, not misleading for the surface form, select a man to be stable, can marry to the noble. 5. Generally speaking, if the forehead is narrower, the youth fortune is not so good. It can be said that it is very difficult to ship before the age of 30. It may be difficult to say that the forehead is good, the forehead is high and the intelligence is smart. The degree does not explain what the economic situation is. It can even be said that most of the economic conditions are earning hard money.

6. The narrow forehead is more cautious in doing things, and it is easy to miss the opportunity.

You should develop your own decisive work style.

Of course, such a personality makes this person more suitable for academic or high-skilled work. 7. The width of the three fingers between the forehead and the eyebrows is the standard. The forehead of the three-finger width is too low. The person whose forehead is too low is extremely poor in intelligence. The person whose forehead is too narrow is also very poor in intelligence. lazy.

The two of them walked happily while they were walking

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