bet365 cycling:bet365,cycling,Uncle,Wang,who,:Uncle Wang, who often plays chess in the park, has not seen it for a month. He often inquired that he was hospitalized. Uncle Wang has three children and both have a decent job with good income. Every time he mentions the three children of

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Uncle Wang, who often plays chess in the park, has not seen it for a month. He often inquired that he was hospitalized. Uncle Wang has three children and both have a decent job with good income.

Every time he mentions the three children of Uncle Wang, he is envious and always complains that his son does not live up to expectations. This time, Grandpa Wang was hospitalized. He was pleased to come to the hospital with a large bag of fresh fruit to visit his chess player who had been with him for many years. When I grew up, I never thought of being an entrepreneur. In fact, I have never heard of anyone who is an entrepreneur.

I recently learned from my hometown BobofBob Pizza Shop.

My parents are social workers. When I tell them the art school I went to, they think that I am definitely going back to my hometown. My parents always said that if I get a job, it must be selling medical insurance.

The third stage is that other people are jealous of seeing what you are doing and want to copy and destroy you.

External threats are competitors and governments.

I want to have all our meeting rooms decorated with apartments on the site. We called the homeowner to ask for their consent, they were shocked and liked it. We now have tens of thousands of people who are not working at Airbnb, they will fly to us to visit the company. So the office is the highlight of the recruitment. This is an example of how the design is applied. The audience asked: What is the hardest thing for you now? After 6 months, my father really passed away, which made us unprepared, and when my mother and I worried that we were driven out of the house, the insurance company’s claimant sent a check. That money is just enough for the house we owe. It turned out that his father had secretly saved money to buy this insurance before he died - until he was lying quietly in the graveyard, he was still caring and caring for us.

ReidHoffman (Co-founder of LinkedIn) Dialogue with Brian Chesky (founder and CEO of Airbnb) Brian Chesky: The funny thing was that I didn't think 'air bed + breakfast' could be big.

We think this can only be paid for rent until you think of others. What I learned is that the great Idea sounds silly at first.

I always heard that if your idea has any good, you can share it, because everyone ignores it.

A lot of ideas come from you to solve your own problems, not the kind of life change, but may eventually become a life change. After graduation, I got a job. One of my teasing friends, Joe (pictured above), bitterly advised me to let go of my work and go to San Francisco to start a business. The world is so big, we want to see it.

I don't know what to do, but I just want to do something. I told my roommate that I was ready to go, and the whole person was not good.

This is a situation I have never dealt with. We immediately called the security chief to build a remote command center. I have a house with 2 bedrooms and 50 people, using the bathroom and other possible spaces to hide. We were told that we might lose the network, and we quickly named the employees and homeowners, contacted and emailed everyone to see if they were safe.

Next, contact the local government, the federal government, and our homeowners in Paris (300 people) to open our homes for people who need security.

Finally canceled the meeting, contacted the staff's family, ensured everyone had a safe flight home, and did our best to generously support our employees and homeowners.

I have never encountered an emergency like this. Sometimes he saw his son busy for a few days and finally signed a policy, but for this policy, with the hot sun in July back and forth seven or eight times, although very tired and very sad, but who wants him to choose this Work, deserve it. If I let you learn a theme in a week, basic UI design, how would you do a lot of books and ask people to do exercises? This is a very energy-intensive process, but you can fix it.

The man outside the house stood stiffly, clenching his fists with his hands, looking at the closed door, and his face was wronged, but he could not tell. After standing for a long time, I had to turn and leave. 2, PG gives us a lot of guidance on the route. The most important suggestion is that 100 people love us better than 100w people like us. The Silicon Valley issue is that when you do an app you always expect the App virus to grow to reach millions of users.

This is a bad idea. It is best to let 100 people fall in love with it at the beginning. There is no way to get 1 million people on Airbnb, but we can do 100 people to love us.

This is what we are prepared to do non-expansion.

It’s hard to let 100 people fall in love with you. It’s easy to let people like you. Starbucks China announced on April 11 that since June 1 this year, all full-time partners (employees) who have worked in Starbucks China's self-operated market for two years and whose parents are under 75 years old will enjoy a brand new 'parent' Caring Plan' - parental critical illness insurance provided by the company.

The first batch of benefits is expected to benefit tens of thousands of partner parents in more than 1,000 stores in more than 100 cities in China.

He had seen it with his own eyes. The son ran all the floors in the community one morning, but did not talk about a policy. Finally, he was reprimanded by the neighbors as a thief.

ReidHoffman: How did the Airbnb team deal with the Paris terrorist attacks? 'If you do insurance again, don't enter this house!' The father heard a thunderous scorpion.

8 star service, when you arrive at the airport, there is a grand parade to welcome you. When the neighbors saw their son, they detoured or pointed at the distance. They said, 'I have to sell insurance again.' 'You see, you are deceiving again.'

Seeing that the neighbors looked at their son with a kind of contempt and ridicule, it was really not a taste in his heart, and it made him difficult to raise his head in the neighborhood. So much work outside, why the son is selling insurance! As a father, he really can't understand the child's thoughts. What is good about selling insurance, holding a meager basic salary every day to go outside and being blinded.

The father in the house, sitting on the sofa in the living room, was sulking, and he heard the sound of footsteps drifting away from the outside, and the anger in his chest became more and more uncomfortable. The15CoolestOfficesInTech: AirbnbOfficeTour When we started to pick up, it was copied by Samwerbrother, and the whole person was not good.

The hottest company at the time was Groupon, the fastest growing Internet company. They grew so fast because they bought the European Airbnb clone SamwerBrothers.

This is what we need to fight. We got 700w US dollars from GreylockPartners. In 2011, Samwerbrothers raised 9000w, recruited 400 people (40 people at Airbnb), opened 20 offices, and also worked hard. of.

Airbnb cannot afford to lose Europe because it needs to be covered as a travel website.

This is the time to 'below the fate of the company'. SamwerBrothers offered Airbnb a proposal and hoped that Airbnb would buy it, but this is a huge financial and cultural cost. ReidHoffman: I have only known that you have also done roommate search products until now. In the first company socialeete I created in 1997, there are similar functions. B: Recruitment and management are more important for scale.

When you start, defining everyone around you is not the most important thing. Before the product market is positioned, everyone has to do anything. After product positioning, I did less and focused on recruiting, strategy and culture. I have never managed other people before Airbnb, and I don't know how to manage it, especially if it is older than you. When you start a business, data is not the most important; after scale, you need to learn how to be intuitive and data driven.

Before market positioning, data is reflected in the interaction between people, and the most important thing is that you can't die. You can't plan things outside of 2 weeks. And in the later stages of market positioning, you can think longer, you need plans, roadmaps, strategies.

ReidHoffman: For the challenges of scale, what you need to change, you also need to learn. The learning group is limited to insurance company elites.

It is forbidden to advertise and forward any articles, and it is forbidden to pull and smash. Once reported, the warning was black! ! ! ReidHoffman: What changed the fate of your company (Airbnb contributed to the public library) (the original look) (The response made by the Airbnb team in this Paris attack) 'Hey, you see, you are in my opinion.' I usually work very busy. If I have time, I will go to see a customer like you. I feel that my heart is solid!' The son's tone was frank and honest. However, just want to step into the ward door, it is not your own son... It is reported that TOP2000, one of the eight 'specialized operation systems' with unique characteristics of Taiping, aims to train in large quantities in the industry. The most competitive super salesmen and excellent managers further enhance the company's core competitiveness, and strive to make Taiping Life Insurance the highest-paying company in China's life insurance market, becoming the company with the largest number of million-level salesmen in China's life insurance industry. TOP2000 spends huge sums of money every year to create two phases. Each period is 3 months as the competition time, and the top 2000 business personnel are preferred as training targets.

As of the end of 2008, the Taiping Life Insurance agent team continued to show a stable and healthy growth trend. Among them, the number of high-end agents with an annual standard guarantee of RMB 1 million has reached 21, and the annual standard guarantee has reached 5 million yuan. Up to 16 and the company's traditional insurance premiums have maintained a 50% positive growth for six consecutive years.

As of the end of August 2009, the company's first eight months of insurance traditional insurance standard premium income of 100 million yuan, a 38% year-on-year increase, the long-term competitive advantage of personal business has been further highlighted.

'Then your relationship with your dad has been very stiff?' Uncle Wang asked. (Email Marketing, Craigslist Integration Tool) BrianChesky: A lot of people asked me about the story of Airbnb.

People think that I have an idea and then start letting it happen, which masks the rest of the startup. When entering the 2, 3, 4, and 5 stages, it is actually more complicated than 1. The first stage is easy, solve one of your problems, find 100 love products, find a good partner. These are not very complicated, but they can also be learned from other books. But the things that follow may not be recorded. I can go out and ask the CEOs of other big companies, but the risk is that they may be wrong or not under my conditions.

ReidHoffman: Another trigger is the government. How do you face it (famous mushroom meeting room) If you think you know everything, you can't be big. I knew I didn't know, cheeky to get feedback.

I remember Picasso said, 'I spent four years painting like Raphael, but spent a lifetime painting like a baby.

” “Children, don’t be busy with your uncle, accompany your grandfather! What is the recent work life? 'The uncle Wang was lying pale in the hospital bed, but the young man who was busy with himself was full of love.

'Hey!' The door slammed loudly and closed.

B: The product is purchased by your customer.

Your product can be an app, but our customers may want to buy a house. They are not just buying a house, but about the whole experience in a new city.

I think this is O2O business and the next wave of the Internet.

The Internet began to put things on the line, connecting things together, so that the Internet returned to the real world.

When we talk about the Airbnb experience, we draw every square of the experience, not just the online part of the product.

(New York's opposition to Airbnb's parade) Another thing we don't look at is paying: I want customers to be able to book directly and pay us through the landlord.

We may be the first to do this. Let's take a look at eBay and Etsy. They all do it earlier than us, but they all need to pay through Paypal.

6 star service, all of the above + your landlord to pick you up at the airport.

How to maintain culture at a new scale. Now 500 people are not suitable for 2000 people. I ask that we still maintain a fast-growing startup rhythm, mission-driven, and something needs to change.

(Wimdu and Airbnb contrast, the section is broken.) So the question is coming, I let you learn UI design, development, accounting, and how to do business cooperation in the same week, how do you do not have enough Time to learn everything. So you have to find some shortcuts.

One way is to come from the authority. If you choose the wrong study materials, you will learn the wrong things; but if you choose the right one, you don't need to look at anything else.

For example, for management, I will look at HighOutputManagement.

It is enough to read this.

PG tells us at YC which are important resources. The benefit of your success is that you have the opportunity to consult with more successful people. Even before you succeed, you can read the books of those excellent people first. There are still many people who will help you when you ask questions, we can share information and knowledge.

I ask ReidHoffman every time, I don't care if it's so annoying, I just want to learn. B: I think culture is a common way of doing things. There is no good or bad culture, but there is a weak and strong culture. I hope to have a strong culture, a shared mission, and a way of sharing things.

A large part of culture is recruitment, who do you want to work with for a long time, and how to remove people who are not culturally compliant.

I was interviewing everyone in the early days, up to 200 people. My team begged me not to do this because it couldn't be expanded.

Now in the recruitment process, in addition to functional technical interviews, we also let everyone interview the cultural part.

Two rounds of independent interviewers tested six core values. One of them is 'Be a Master', and hospitality helps others. Test and see his potential with some questions. The whole experience reminded me of this sense of responsibility.

Airbnb has a thousand employees, 100,000 homeowners, and a million guests. Their lives depend on us. This sense of responsibility is real. This is the humbleness of life that we have experienced personally. Note: The above is an excerpt from the insurance story. The full text is clicked and downloaded. The second stage is fire fighting. There are problems everywhere and you need to solve them right away. We started to open our minds and thought about office design. Airbnb is about all the space in the world, and we want the office to be different.

People spend more time in the office than at home, and we want to make them happy. The office is also our comparative advantage.

In the early office, as you approached the lobby, you found all the Airbnb family photos on the wall.

I thought of a better way than a photo. When I passed the furniture store, the bathroom floor was very eye-catching at night.

I thought it was really cool when we had a meeting in the bathroom and the next day in the bathroom in the furniture store.

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