bet365 app review:bet365,app,review,Beauty,what,:? Beauty, what is it? Some people say that there is no flaw, the most perfect thing is beauty. Others believe that shattering is also a kind of beauty, and it is an alternative beauty, trait beauty, maybe a lot of people can't accept it at o

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Beauty, what is it? Some people say that there is no flaw, the most perfect thing is beauty.

Others believe that shattering is also a kind of beauty, and it is an alternative beauty, trait beauty, maybe a lot of people can't accept it at once, but think about it, why not, imagine something broken. For a moment, the beauty of flowers blooms, can't make you feel a little bit more! Some people think that the defect is also a kind of beauty, it is a flawed beauty, the beauty of the distressed \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; Can love left and right but love can influence us, only we can adapt to love, cherish each other, happiness can last longer. In the hot days, the season is summer.

On campus, the student is dressed in loose sportswear and sweats under the scorching sun. Even if he is not willing to do so, he has to endure this one-hour sun drying. It’s hard to be happy if you say or laugh at three or three.

In front of the administrative building, a row of big king coconut trees was planted, standing still in the windless high temperature, tall trees and wide branches, dragged by the sun with a long shadow and landed on the ground and On the building, it still makes people feel that it is not cool. In one of the studios of the school, a male student and a male, feeding and feeding, slow down slowly, in the middle, right, right, as a boy, it’s just like this. It’s really boring, it’s not good. Just go to someone else (note, don't think about it, think a little bit) Just listen to a boy shouting: Who said I can't do it, this painting is no problem for me, I still feel too light, Qing said: less bragging, You are lighter, otherwise if the painting is broken, we have to go to the principal's room to drink tea drops. At that time, I will die of Ye Jingwen: I still don't blame you, or will it be like this? We will fall to the point of cleaning the studio. Child: You also have a share. When you let the principal's trousers be bad, you tell me that it makes me laugh. Otherwise, I won't be punished. This is mainly because of you. Okay, don't say it, work quickly. Otherwise, I have to leave school after N+1 minutes........... Qinger: Huh, finally finished, exhausted me, Ye Jingwen: Then why are you still here (ping-pong Pang Qinger kicked and kicked Ye Jingwen) I am willing, can't you, you are staying alone, I want to go home to eat, don't see again.......... (pS: Male: Ye Jingwen, female lord: Qing Er (Xiao Qing) )) Senior, hehe. Ye Jingwen moved to him and told the truth, she had a kind of fearful feeling for the senior, and the terrible gas field around him was too close to people, especially when he raised his mouth and smiled evilly, Ye Jingwen only felt after The goose bumps are springing up like mushrooms.

Look, he started laughing again.

The sister is very punctual.

After Ye Jingwen finished, he put his hand into his trouser pocket and pulled out two strange tickets.

Two fingers holding a ticket, handsomely raised, and then handed to Ye Jingwen, to you.

Ye Jingwen was shocked to take the ticket in his hand. It turned out that the sky would really fall off the pie \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; go to Guilin, the senior, how do you not go to the travel association to book the tickets, with the group, too many people I can't cultivate my feelings. I really don't know what the guy thinks.

Ye Jingwen bowed his head and smiled, and suddenly became a gentle smile, scaring Ye Jingwen.

Schoolmaster, then you give me the ticket. I remember that we \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; it seems that \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; is not very familiar.

Of course, send you, or call you to do it, oh, that, how much money, don’t want money.

Ye Jingwen smiled and turned and went into the dormitory building. He waved his hand and said: Have fun, be careful not to fall into the water.

Ye Jingwen stayed in the same place and took two tickets for a long time before he sighed and went back. Couple tickets \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; No. 520 and 521 two tickets, do not know who bought, will really choose the number. The problem is, I am alone, how do I have two tickets? How to deal with the two tickets has become a problem. Nearly eleven, Ye Jingwen packed his bags and planned to go home. Although the family was in the local area, he could have a busy school of medical school, so that she could not find time on weekends. I don't know if my brother can't go back. That bastard, I have really thought about him for a long time. Although this person has a bad behavior, she has never let her experience the care of her brother, but she has been robbing her from an early age. After all, it is a brother, who is too loud and has feelings. Ye Jingwen took two tickets and took the subway home. When I got home, I could hear the earth-shattering sound in the hall, frowning and opening the door. Sure enough, there was a flesh on the sofa, a fruit knife in my hand, a serious face, an apple, a terrible source of sound. On the TV screen, what is being staged is the Japanese horror film. Brother, I am back. Ye Jingwen walked over and turned the TV sound down a little. I saw the man on the sofa jumped up and jumped up. Why are you coming back? Listen, is this the attitude of my brother to my sister? I am bored, come back and see. Ye Jingwen glanced at him and dragged his suitcase into the bedroom while he was careless. I still want to open a party at home, if you don't come back, just fine. Some sorrowful tone. I am sorry to disappoint you, my brother. Ye Jingwen looked back at him and saw that his hair was dyed in gold, a fierce old tiger's head in the middle of the T-shirt, and a lot of weird cloth on the trousers, like a patch. Can your head be dyed back? Ye Jingwen looked at his brother with some disgusting look, but the latter said with a serious look: 'I am young now, don't catch up with the trend, don't wait for the old hair to dye a long hair as a white hair witch old hair I will turn white. Ye Jingwen argued whitely, only to see his brother shrugging his shoulders boringly, then his hands were opposite and slowly separated. Just when Ye Jingwen thought that he was practicing what he was doing, he listened to him suddenly saying: The gap between me and you is so big that I can’t communicate with. Listening to his intentionally prolonged tone, watching his distance between the two hands is nearly one meter five, Ye Jingwen sighed helplessly. Until the evening, Ye Jingwen suddenly remembered the two couple tickets. Or give him a picture. I thought for a long time, remembering that he used to kill pets, steal fruit, watch gun movies in the middle of the night, grab computer games and other bad behaviors, Ye Jingwen still dismissed the idea of ??traveling with his brother. Just kidding, traveling well, with him, it becomes a torture. Then \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; is better for your good sister. Thinking of this, Ye Jingwen immediately dialed the phone of Juan Juan. Nan Nan, the sound of the anecdote Juan Juan still has no temperature. I have a ticket, go to Guilin, send you or not, the other side is silent for a moment, then smiled gently, replied: I am more interested in the desert, the mountains and rivers are not suitable for me. Travel is also suitable for not suitable, the strange thinking of this sister is not understandable by ordinary people. Ye Jingwen hangs up some calls and then calls Xiao Qing. Qinger, I will give you a ticket, go to Guilin. Guilin, how do you suddenly want to go to Guilin, the National Day has a show, there is that your favorite club to come and perform, there are many well-known cartoonists come over, you don’t go because I am going, so I will give the ticket You \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; Ye Jingwen twisted his neck and smiled: It was a four-day journey. When I came back on the fifth day, I went to see the exhibition, and I missed it. Xiao Qing considered it for a long time, and this was agreed. The next day, I got a coffee shop and sent the ticket out. A stone in the heart of Ye Jingwen finally landed. Turned and went to the brother's room, he heard a free ticket, and robbed the past without saying anything. Sure enough, bad, thank you. Ye Jingwen thinks that the plan is seamless. First of all, during the National Day, I have to stay at home. If I don't send my brother away, it is inevitable that the two will quarrel. Secondly, Xiao Qingmei has no boyfriend now. She just likes the boy of the alternative class. Her brother should be different. Maybe a trip can spark a little spark. Unexpectedly, Xiao Qing’s attachment to the exhibition is far better than traveling to Guilin. After she got the ticket from Ye Jingwen, she thought about it again and again and made an important decision. My brother is so handsome, I don’t have a girlfriend until now, and I don’t have any extravagant people’s fields. I just create opportunities for good sisters. Although Ye Jingwen sometimes gets off the line, it’s pretty cute, I don’t know if I’m brother. That cup of tea, to control him, the fate is also needed to be manufactured. When Grandpa died, he left an apartment. The elders had their own living space, so the house naturally fell into the hands of Xiao Fan and Xiao Qing. Xiao Fan seems to have no feelings about the house. He just pulled a simple suitcase and put it in the bedroom upstairs. It was moved in. He usually didn't come here to live, but Xiao Qing, used it as his own nest. After waiting for a long time, Xiao Fan did not come back. Xiao Qing gave him some phone calls. Xiao Qing doesn't need to use such a strange tone to her sister. \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; Xiao Qing is a little depressed, brother, do you have an arrangement for National Day? Speaking is always short and powerful, and it is worth learning the law. I have a ticket to Guilin here, I will play for you, I can't go. Not interested in. How long have you not gone out to go? Always boring at home, when you are a man, go out and distract yourself, brother, go go. This big brother's temper is sometimes helpless. Xiao Qing was cheeky and persuaded him with the voice of a child. When you haven’t gone out since childhood, you should open your eyes. Xiao Fan was silent for a long time, then nodded and agreed. Perhaps, it is really time to go out. After Wei Teng got the ticket, he began to pack his bags. I saw that he had stuffed a lot of messy things in the huge suitcase. The clothes didn't need to be said. On the four-day journey, he brought four sets of clothes and four pairs of underwear. Other cameras, such as Mp3, are of course essential. In addition, there are telescopes, sunglasses, sun hats, umbrellas, motion sickness medicines, and stomach medicines. Then there is a whole lot to eat, potato chips, biscuits, egg rolls, everything. After everything was done, Wei Teng pulled the zipper of the box, smiled at the sister, and put my towel and toothbrush shampoo in a bag, trouble you. After all, I don’t care if my sister turns into a pig-colored face and takes a bath. At 8 o'clock the next morning, Xiao Fan arrived at the place agreed by the HKTA early, and arranged the team according to the number, waiting to set off. This number is really weird, but the owner of the 521 number has not appeared. It was not until half past eight, when I was about to enter the station, I saw a person slowly coming from a distance. He hung Mp3 and mobile phone around his neck, listening to the song, carrying a huge plastic bag on his left. According to the visual inspection, there was a lot of food inside, and a huge suitcase was handed on the right. Wearing a white cap on the head, a very new style, the upper body of the clothes is full of strange patterns, even the bottom color can not see clearly, the most exaggerated is the pants, tight pants wrapped two slender legs Particularly sexy, the area below the knee, also made two asymmetrical holes, showing white skin. Xiao Fan glanced at him and smiled in his heart. This child has no taste. Of course, other people are amazing. Under the guidance of a tour guide, a group of people entered the station. When he entered the station because he walked too fast, the man seemed very struggling, and Xiao Fan frowned and took the bag in his hand. Thank you. The man looked up, a bright smile, dazzling. However, the mouth doesn't have to be smashed anymore. I don't know if it looks like a vampire. Xiao Fan smirked in his heart. On the surface, he was still quiet and politely returned: You are welcome. Why are you so little luggage? You don't have to change clothes. Why are you so small? I hate trouble. Xiao Fan’s answer was cold and faint, while the other party was self-cooked and enthusiastic. Don't look at the things I bring, these are all used! I have traveled all over the country. There are only a handful of places I have never been to, but Guilin is the first time to go, 嘿嘿\u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; He is a blind man. It’s gone when you open it. Xiao Fan frowned, and his noise was only his left ear into the right ear, nothing in his heart. I said, I hate trouble, and hate sparrows. Finally arrived, this road is very annoying me, wow, it is worthy of Guilin’s landscape, it’s so beautiful, this time it’s really earned, haha, hello, why don’t you wait for me, Qinger I didn’t notice Ah, I forgot (all the way you are honed, waiting for you unless my brain gets into the water, of course, this is in my heart) Hey, you, stupid, so confused (omit n+1 sentences) I am directly Ignore him to go forward, annoying people, so we have been looking for a room here, to see where to rest, finally found, put things in the holiday, I came out, no way, so beautiful, so. ...........嘻嘻Let's climb the mountain together (he actually has a good temper), and the boat feels very fast, so it is so late, it seems to be playing for a while, but Have a good rest, have a spirit to play tomorrow, say goodbye to the other party and go back to the room. After a short while, I will sleep a lot. The next day, we decided to go to the adventure early. Haha, can you see what you can play, we Always along the house After the child walks, (there is a small road) there is a cave|(Wow, is there a treasure, stunned, energetic, pulling him, I rush inside, he said it is not safe or don't go in, but I don't have Guan, he also had to accompany me, the result is black hole, nothing can be seen, wait a minute, there is a light here, see, it is a light, we go in and see, I go, mom, python, I shouted in an instant. He held me in his arms and said nothing. There is me. I will take you out. I feel that he is also very concerned about me. Haha, when we go out, I see what he wears. Broken, it looks a bit like rubbish, I immediately asked him how it happened. He laughed and didn't talk. At this moment, I felt lucky to have him. Otherwise, I don't know how, we just returned to the room. In the evening we kept talking about some memories in school. Now think about it. If we were trapped at the time, I am afraid I will never see him again. I will cry with him and he will be with him. And then......... I want to end, I can be sad, I can be happy, and I can use my imagination. In fact, you can also sum up happiness: Rainy sky can hold a small umbrella for you. Happiness is: holding your little hand to spend the sunset with you; happiness is: you are always happy and happy! Cherish the one around you, maybe he is not the most handsome (beautiful), but he is irreplaceable in your heart, and finally I wish all lovers have a genius. (Editor: admin).

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