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Snake dog walks nowhere to play a Xiao: Geze's 24th birthday, German Football Association and Bayern Qi bless Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard Xiao Yang Xuezeng talk about losing : Three foreign aids play normal David Liga Bogut to Ibakaga Adams, Bogut played a famous little move, Ibaka and Adams are one of the dirtiest players in the new league, melee, dark battle, both sides The matchup of the inside line combination is also a splash. .

'You three Lai Pi, say good singles!' James defaulted Kobe's statement.

But he can't say this in front of Irving, and immediately shift the topic. . Adetokounmpo is always Adetokounmpo, even in the face of the luxury combination of such a strong and Monroe, can still put the ball into the basket, he is worried about the individual ability to shoot inside, causing foul or The ball was scored, 11 seconds before the end of the first quarter, and finally made a penalty shot to help the team get the 10th point, get rid of the single-scoring score. Counterattack! Plumlee's six consecutive rebounds, the old Wharton League passed the James list, with the Heat Shabs-Napier replaced the injured Jabari Parker as a member of the rookie match. Although there is no Parker help, Adetokounmpo has no way to play more complicated tactics like before, such as predicting the teammates in advance, but he has a simpler way to help the team score.

European Championship France 2:1 wins Romania's former shopping guide Ge Jincheng became a national hero.

Someone immediately retorted, saying that he was as omnipotent as Superman. It was Jack who strongly discovered this rebuttal. He is now holding the Superman toy that he gave him.


Stephen Jackson criticized Durant: The performance of the G6 won't win.

Strong and Adetokounmpo’s matchups are not willing to intervene. This is not a regular season or a playoff game. It is a show that makes players and fans happy, as long as the two sides are not walking, not stepping on the line, no Violations, except for obvious hitter fouls, will basically not blow.

Exposure is interested in Newcastle striker Papis-Cissé.

Du Feng: After the point guard team made up for a series of performances, they finally entered today's dinner, the All-Star Game.

Green: My performance must be better, but what makes him desperate is that there is no tendency to win two more games in the top five in the Eastern Conference.

Menno: Loss has nothing to do with rotation. Physical strength is affected by the AFC Champions. It is worth mentioning that the Cavaliers completed a deal with the Nuggets during the game. The Knight did not pay the ball. The Cavaliers used the Grizzlies and the Warriors. The two first-round draft picks were transferred to the Nuggets' big center Mozgov.

Mozgov will report to Cleveland after the All-Star Weekend.

Grounding gas foreign aid winter! From the beginning of this year, Duncan’s ability has been reduced. Although he is still the best power forward in the league, he has changed from a leader in a superstar to an ordinary superstar, from his personal ability. In terms of the influence of the game, James, Kobe and Paul opened up a position.

Manning: I won’t be a coach, I will let the children play, and they will find that although they are fierce, they will not react too much to the rude defense or small movements, because he is too strong, these small movements interfere with him. Not big.

Xinjiang Women's Basketball: There is no pressure in the finals.

Back to the field, vigorously continue to take over the right to shoot.

In the outskirts, crazy shots, consecutive scores.

Others are defensively rebounding and are making great opportunities to create singles.

Yang Xu: We have been running, and we hope that Magath will bring fighting spirit.

The third place is the New York Nets, the world's largest city is good, the team that bought less than 600 million in New Jersey, because it is in New York.

In the past two years, the value has soared to 2 billion.

The two or three hundred million wages invested in these two years have earned back.

Yansen Weinal Dum meritorious, Netherlands 2-0 Austria.

Poor is the rookie in the east, and the Wilkins, who are in opposition to Adetokounmpo, tonight.

'It’s finally here, our second fight.

' Lillard looked at the purple number 5, which was looking for a touch with CIC, full of fighting spirit.


The Timberwolves guards Zach Lavin, Andrew Wiggins, Timberwolves forward Shabas Mohammed, Anthony Bennett, Gogur-Gion, jazz defender Dante-Exum, special Ray Burke, Rockets forward Clint Capella, Spurs forward Kyle Anderson.


Li Jianbin apologizes to Ji Annu: I did not expect it to be so serious.

The Lakers regular players are very happy to represent themselves in the best clubs, represented by Sacramento and Price. The fans of the team, Nick Young and Johnson, are cheering as if they own this one. The team is as good as the ordinary fans.

Bayern has renewed the contract with Levante for four conversations? .

'Ah! The big color wolf hands don't touch it, let me sleep for a long time...' Qin Zaier pushed away the evil hand, muttered two sentences and fell asleep.

After the Pistons interviewed three point guards such as Yulis, the Thunder now feels like those people say, Waiters has a huge impact on the core lineup.

Before, there are many shots, but everyone else can get more performance opportunities. Now, with Waiters, the other people’s shots are completely robbed. Waiters is not as willing as Harden in the previous three years. When supporting the corner.

Looking at yourself as a star, the chemical reaction to the Thunder was not bad.

Manchester United teenager: has the ability to play for Mourinho.

But the fate is so cruel. In the summer of 2014, when Kupchek was busy with the free players who didn't get James and Anthony, and the players who were looking for replacement were too busy, Alina fainted at home.

The Xinjiang women's basketball team visited Pishan County one year later.

The data of other people didn't care too much. On Monroe, he felt very strange. He didn't see what he did, and he blocked people and passed the ball.

Then unconsciously, 15+9, vigorously watched the average data of Monroe's squad and scored a number of rebounds and assists. It is all amazing, but there is no sense of existence.

I will kill my opponent without knowing it.

Shuai: I will give the bench a chance. The young man is the future of Evergrande. Today's game is more difficult for the Blazers than usual.

Their starting center Robin Lopez had a sprained ankle and couldn't participate in the game. There was only veteran Kaman in the center position and a third-year bench center.

The burden on their inside is basically on Aldridge alone.

The snake dog walked in nowhere to play a Xiao Dufeng to watch the high school league, and the young players were cheering the whole game and watching the game.

Xinhua News Agency has authored the Chinese Basketball Association's four short-board Celtics to send Jeff Green, Marcus Thornton, the first-round pick from the Grizzlies' 2015 lottery protection, from the Sun. In the second round of the 2015 draft, Tyson Prince and Anthony Tolliver.

Jin Shuhao: Blood, sweat and tears, I love this team.

Adeto Kunbo has been the most comprehensive player in the eyes for more than half a season. He can play from the center to the point guard. He often plays a change-state triple-double, averaging 35 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists. People's cognition of him is super comprehensive. Those who have seen him playing before are even more impressed by the title of his all-around fighter.

(To be continued.


) After the Jazz Lakers get a two-day break.

The last game of the month was on the 28th, at home against the Bucks led by Adetokounmpo.

Exposure Everton interested in Lester City goalkeeper Schumacher? Qin Zaoer finally understands why the VIP lounge area is a VIP. The place she was brought to is a small living room feeling, a large sofa, a coffee table, a huge 2d, 3d only switchable giant screen LCD TV, adjustable heating temperature ...and the bathroom.


Adeto Kunbo scored 10 points and 2 rebounds in the first quarter of 12, 4 assists, and others did not enter 11 times.

(To be continued.


) Li Xiaoxu returned to the Liaoning men's basketball team because of a waist injury. However, compared with Matthews and Davis, the defense can't be defended. The attack is also limited by Kobe and Aldridge. It is much better and more aggressive. Rebounds and defensive rebounds can be grabbed.

The high-level confidence of Manchester City is more likely than Manchester United to get Messi.

Rivers is a trick that everyone can see. Little Rivers averaged 6 points per game this year. Farmar scored 7 points, 3 assists and 2 rebounds this year. According to the Clippers official, Little River Sri Lanka has more talent potential. . 'What you have to do with Carmelo is to take a good rest, let your shoulders recover, and then train like this summer last summer, keep this year's high standard, and greet your teammates with your best status. What is the focus of the draft? The ones that can finally be left behind are you. You can keep your own state, and the other will be handed over to me, I will bring them, you will wait for Kobe in 2008.' Zen master gave Anthony I took a dose of a strong heart, using the original Gasol and Kobe to give examples. Zhu Fangyu: Desperate life to stimulate the team's energy This year, Yaoyao got the amount of money that she had never received before, and received a total of 12,000 red envelopes. There is also Xiao Ai and her sister who gave the rest of the change after playing the card. After counting the number of small treasury of Xiaofupo Yaoyao, she has already had 20,000 dollars. The snake-walking dog went to nowhere to play a Shawite. The deal was out, the whole world was shocked. It was really to change the team to the rhythm of the water dispenser administrator. Whoever played well? Mayweather can play NBA? Little Thomas: I don't object to the fact that everyone on the scene sees the strong action. Immediately, the guys of the Nuggets' black-handed guys emerged in their minds. They don't worry that they will suffer. At the beginning of the season, one person facing the four robbers and all the other people into the hospital, and the things that helped Randall have long left a fierce name in the league. . I have an accident! Durant: Maybe I should face the three people directly to vote for this game. It is the main point of attack. I got 29 points, 19 rebounds and 7 blocks. I almost doubled 20 data. I vigorously got 9 points in 8 of 8 in the first half. Hayward with Derrick Favors stubbornly resisted, the Lakers did not be able to pull the points difference in the first half. In the third quarter, I completely lost my patience and the Jazz continued to entangle. The firepower opened the inside to force the outside shooting, 11 in 8, 6 in free throws, 20 in a single quarter, and the defensive end was stronger than the first half. A variety of anti-blocks, leading the Lakers to play a single score of 38 to 17, the points difference will be opened. . The Lakers have a strategy today, and the Thunder’s super new support, who is defending, is single. In addition to the early focus of Qin Zaier, the camera slowly swept over the field. Today, there are a lot of big names, and the face is brought with a hat with the player's team logo and player name. Rihanna with the Laker Chamberlain. Cap, boxing champion Quinn with Adeto Kunbo's ball cap, Beckham with Kobe's ball cap, is also drunk... Xinjiang women's basketball team foreign aid eye injury wound 6 stitches vigorously on the way to the locker room, occasionally encountered A funny guy - Yannis Adetokounmpo. (To be continued.). It seems that the eight-day break did not let the Lakers players relax. No one was out of shape due to the holidays. Instead, Boozer lost the fat that had not been piled up for half a season. The steaming team is not the same. I heard that the Clippers’ big baby, Glen Davis, has lost another 5 kilograms this holiday. Rivers is mad. They have no more frontcourt players to use. . If the Lakers want to sign a top point guard, the first choice is definitely the type of Kidd and Mike Bibby in the middle and late stages, not the all-around point guard who needs a lot of ball. . Scott is more worried about the body of Kupchak. Otherwise, this matter can be sent directly to a newsletter. Adeto Kunbo played Monroe with speed and flexibility, and Monroe played Adetokounmpo as an absolute advantage. Without hesitation, Sakri, who had already prepared for the ball, immediately took the ball and the action was a bit slow, but it did not affect the feel. A heavy shot hit the inner frame! Vigorously passed back to Saclay, Blake released Johnson to defend Saclay, and Sacreema uploaded to Alonzo-Ki. The referee did not make the first time to make a penalty. They had a lot of law enforcement for the Lakers because it was the Lakers game. Every time they are the best referees to be the referees, so they are very familiar with the strong temper, and they have a good grasp of the emotions on the court. 'Yes, what we can do now is to make this top three picks a summer bargain. If we don't attract top free agents in the summer, we use this pick to trade a top that wants to change teams. Players, then rely on the attraction of you and the people who come, and then recruit players.' 'I want to sign too.' This somewhat cold voice is Shabas-Muhammad. . In general, the Zen Master is successful this year. It is undeniable that the Knicks are the most disappointing team this year, but they are not broken, the team is playing so badly, the players are playing so badly, giving the management enough reason, summer one Not renewing the contract, just like the 10 years of the Heat, except for Wade and Haslem, all other contracts were cleared. Looking at the children in the window with a smile on their faces and other all-stars, I have a feeling of nostalgia. When someone gave him the welfare of his orphanage, he was so happy. . The league's most expensive team is the Lakers, 2.8 billion US dollars in the gimmick, the Lakers since the signing of 200 million annual broadcast contract, the team's market value has been comparable to the Knicks, this year's Lakers record, the team's three major players outstanding performance And the Knicks played badly and successfully became the most expensive team in the league. I have tried to understand the domestic players. In addition to the training of the team, those people will basically not train, except for Yi Jianlian and Sun Yue. Everyone else is all waste. . Vigorously helpless, these little devils are really true, is not telling stories! But soon he had a way to deal with it. But even so, what Angie thinks is incredible is that such a lineup can still win the Knicks more than 20 points, just Anthony can change the Celtics, now the whole team has to add several draft picks, no way Anji can only continue to trade, more thoroughly smashed. 'It's not easy for you to admit that you are old, but I am not the old man.' James does not admit that he is old, he is only 30 years old, at least for a few years. . (This week, the rookie mini training camp told us 10 things) Snake dog walked nowhere to play a Xiao.

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