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Yijian Mountain Villa, this name is the sword of Li Muchan

As a result, the children are silent and try to double. This is why I am enamored with children: the right way to say it in the right way, they promise to respond. That night, I suddenly realized that I was inaccurate. The outerspace refers to space and is not the same as the “empty” in the spaceshuttle capsule. The next morning, I and the campers clarified the issue and said that they were not clear at the time, which led to misunderstandings. Lowell listened to the excitement, because he had discovered my thinking and language loopholes before, and now the teacher took the initiative to help him unravel the knot of thought, and he explained his entanglement. The Vice-Chancellor of Jiashi Dele Primary School, Salvador Sandoval, said that the Chinese-English bilingual teaching of the school has been welcomed and supported by the school district and parents. Many parents said that China is developing rapidly and is one of the most important countries in the world. Understanding Chinese culture is very important to the future development of children. In the early days of children's exposure to Chinese characters, Chinese summer camp training courses can focus on cultivating their interests as the main content, allowing their hearing, touch, taste, smell and kinesto to participate in activities, through what they see, hear, taste, smell, Do it to stimulate the brain. The course is based on the theme or synthesis, and under the guidance of the teacher, the game is autonomous. Good morning Chinese teachers will create scenes related to the theme before the game, create a set of cards for children to operate, and agree on some rules of the game, so that children can use the tips of Chinese characters to talk, read, listen, think about Drawing, moving, doing. For example, the Chinese characters of food teach, listen, say (taste), smell (smell), and make fruit colors together. I don't particularly like speeches, but I will give lectures to children when necessary.

But there are still exceptions. The reason why I picked this 'hand' was because the parent called the phone one week before the camp and asked to come.

Because there is indeed a vacancy, and I really want to help this child, I promised.

How I wish my children could indulge in their most comfortable language in my summer camp! The campers are looking forward to playing with Taylor every day, and some don't know how to beat Beat Taylor – beat her.

One is not to write as long as each article. Last year, she reminded me every week that there should be no more than 2,000 words per article, but I accidentally approached 5,000 words.

Chen Lu is about motivating campers to use Chinese. My half-minute speech in the summer camp is like this: Silk Road First Station: Chang'an East City West City Last Friday night, my family and I are in Manhattan. The PennStation took the 7 o'clock train and went to Boston for the weekend. The four-week summer camp, the end of the third week, feels a little breathing.

The remaining three boys, I and the teachers gathered in a meeting to discuss the various tactics of breaking: to break up the small gang, more dedicated to individual attention.

After studying the Silk Road for two weeks, our camp became the station of the Silk Road. Some of the campers turned into Changan Dongshi, the hawkers on the West Market, and some became passers-by in Dunhuang. The Hanhan official with the seal, the Hami girl who sells cantaloupe and embroidery, the Persian merchant who sells cockroaches and cockroaches, sipping everyone to buy these local instruments and resell them to the big man in the East.

At 6:45, I hurried to the train station and found several women who seemed to look at me from time to time. Look at yourself and find yourself wearing a fresh pink sweatshirt.

Looking around at the huge waiting hall, the same bright color as my clothes is a pink gift bag that someone is carrying.

Summer Camp I almost took campers to play table tennis every day. Every morning, I went out in the darkness. I caught this dress this morning and I didn’t care what it looked like. Go to Boston! Language is the most important form of communication between children in primary school. The children come to the summer camp to think, learn, interact and enjoy the summer time through communication. Language is just a tool for our summer camp activities.

The purpose of the summer camp is to allow children to broaden their horizons, learn Chinese culture through a comprehensive experience, and then temper their thinking skills through comparative cultural analysis.

I pointed to the food on Alex's hand and said 'sandwich'. Everyone immediately followed the 'sandwich'. I pointed to another child who was also eating a sandwich and asked, 'What is she eating?' 'Sandwich', everyone answered immediately.

After hearing about this, David said humorously, 'If I were, I would be a bandit. When the emperor was bored, there were so many responsibilities.

” Whenever he struggles to find a suitable Chinese word, I will let him struggle first. When he can’t say it, he will give him the word. When he has a grammatically organized sentence, I will repeat his meaning in the correct grammar and provide him with a correct corpus sample. This touches an educational area that I am not familiar with.

At 11pm, we stayed at one of my favorite small hotels on the Harvard campus.

As soon as I entered the front hall, the young man at the front desk had short blonde hair, brown glasses and a gentle personality. There was a tall blonde woman standing in the hall, looking around and talking on the phone.

They are all speaking English.

Ah, English? ! In this way, Kelly and Coco have become our key work targets.

Life is short, there are too many things worth writing, and there are too many things worth reading. I hope that this year, I will pass through some solid little essays and collide with the little sparks of thinking. This behavior weakens the Chinese context quality of all campers.

By3pmthisFridayafternoonwhenyoustepoutofthisspace,nooneintheentireworldwouldcaretopushyoutospeakChinese,otherthansomeofyourparents,,notonlywecare,,andrisetotheoccasion. However, what I dreamed of was myself and the teachers like a group of eagle, always rushing to the English-speaking children! The interpretation of the second Silk Road brings together the wisdom and experience of the combination of Chinese and Western. Implemented to a specific level, the details are complicated.

On the first day of the first issue, four boys of similar age came together and always spoke English in violation of the rules.

International Online Fujian Channel Report (Yangliu): On April 1st, sponsored by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, hosted by the Fujian Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, and the honorary chairman of the Philippines-China Business Association, Chen Yongcai, sponsored the 2016 “China Root-seeking Tour” - Philippine Chinese Students Learn Chinese Summer Camp' held a ceremony at Quanzhou Normal University. More than a thousand Filipino Chinese-born teenagers gathered in Huaqiao University, Jimei University, Quanzhou Normal University, Xiamen Foreign Language School and Quanzhou South Shaolin International School to start a 50-day Chinese tour.

Dr. Chen Yongzai, the honorary chairman of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Liang Zhiwei, deputy inspector of the Culture Department of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Yang Hui, director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Fujian Provincial People's Government, and Kang Tao, the mayor of Quanzhou Municipal People's Government, attended the opening ceremony. .

Every time I go to the table tennis club, I will talk to Lowell while walking while watching the safety of the six roads.

He said that he had been to China, and I immediately asked what I liked and when I went.

He said that he had seen the big turtle at the beach, I asked what color, what the turtle was doing. Everything I say to him, I will ask a lot of questions to advance a meaningful dialogue. I hope that Xiaowen will also help other teachers and parents.

If you are not a parent or a teacher, just satisfy your curiosity and see what a psychologist can do with the summer camp! It is a huge challenge for dozens of American children to keep speaking Chinese in a wealth of activities. Eric wrote the lines very seriously, and there were words such as 'hit' and 'kill'.

A teacher expressed concern that this was too violent. The other is to simplify typography and illustrations.

There is a saying in English that is calledcarriedaway, that is to say, because it is too particular to go beyond the range that you can support in a certain direction. Last year, I and Lilac both spent a lot of time looking for the right illustrations and tangling the details of the typography. Through these interactions, I found that his Chinese is still good, there is a foundation for improvement, and I also know which level of Chinese can make him improve.

I also found that his thinking ability is very strong, knowing what kind of thinking challenges him to meet. The entire Chinese environment is our commitment to parents.

Among the 20 campers in each period, from 6 to 11 years old, they are all children whose English is the main language. Chinese is fluent and has just started.

Fluent in Chinese, we challenge them to use rich Chinese through activities.

Chinese has just started, we help them learn to deal with a full Chinese environment in Chinese. On Monday night, the result of my thinking was that, if we didn't have the resources to get the four naughty little boys in time, let the child stay in the summer camp, it would be for those who signed up a few months ago and always expect the children to be tempered in the summer camp. The injustice of Chinese parents. Losing a student’s income is not a factor worth considering. When campers have lunch, I like to spend time patrolling.

I will pick out what everyone is eating and let them speak Chinese.

I went to consult my family psychologist David.

He also said that it does not matter. As long as the child can distinguish the character from the real life.

Other children know that he is playing a bandit, not a bandit. Eric wants to play the bandit and leave the school to the train station. I want to tell the English colleague Lana what to do. As a result, I stared at her, screaming, and couldn’t speak for a long time, because the response was nothing but what to say. .

We designed our own questionnaires to interview the passers-by in the Chinese community to detect their understanding of silkworms and silk.

We discuss whether silkworms can survive in space and watch scientific experiments of silkworms in space. We burn different silk containing silk to distinguish the proportion of silk.

We interviewed professional fabric designers to understand the difference between silkworms and other materials.

We raise our own silkworms, and the camp is filled with the taste of silkworm eggs, silkworm cocoons and mulberry leaves.

We play games and let the children quickly separate the mulberry leaves from a bunch of leaves that look alike.

Eric refuses to play any role when the role is assigned.

In the new school year, using the Chinese school platform to build a Chinese education system will be my most intoxicating career.

However, in the first two days of the second period, the two could not control the English chat.

This is a common phenomenon and is completely expected. Chinese children in the United States, although speaking Chinese at home, rarely speak Chinese with their peers.

This is an iron law for children's language psychology – what is easy to say, convenient, and what everyone around is saying. If there is no such individual attention and stimulation, he is a little boy in the summer camp full of English and unruly rules. Kelly spoke Chinese at home and was still a bilingual school. In the first summer camp, she was able to insist on speaking Chinese.

In the second period, she joined a good friend of her, Coco, who is also fluent in Chinese.

This parent expressed understanding and approval.

My teacher and I have a 'precept': open the language. If our activities are all done in the child's main language, do the children have enough rewards? If so, we will do it right. Sometimes, watching these children, trying to comply with the rules of the summer camp, and trying to communicate in Chinese, I am very emotional. On this basis, the children also use Chinese all the time, which is really wonderful. And, there are two of them. Every time the teacher announces the next activity, they don't want to think about it. They blurt out 'Idontwanttodoit!' (I just don't do it!) There is a conditioned reflex against the teacher's request.

New school year However, what I can guarantee is that I will exhaust my wisdom and ability to give the readers the most accurate scientific information, the life experience and thinking that I think is most valuable, with the greatest respect. Then, I began to comment on the meat and vegetables in the bread, so that the children can analyze what the ingredients say.

The teachers told him about the conditions and said that you created a character yourself. He immediately said without hesitation, 'I want to play the bandits.'

I seriously told the campers that there are indeed bandits on the Silk Road, which is one of the challenges of passers-by. I started eating salad. Just eating two, I found two white guys in the front seat turned around and looked at me. I suddenly realized that my chew was too loud.

One day on the way to the table tennis club, listening to the two girls behind me talking about a game in Chinese, my heart is happy to take off! The campers play table tennis every day. The coach is the top professional Chinese athlete Taylor in the United States.

People's Chinese is a standard Beijing language, with strong professionalism and children.

Take the train to the north, hungry, take out a large plastic bag and take out the food prepared by the teachers before leaving the Chinese school, a large box of vegetable salad. This was done at noon with the campers. They cut the vegetables very hard, but they did not eat actively, but rushed to eat fried dumplings. I usually arrive at the camp at 6 o'clock in the morning, 8:30 campers arrive, and finish at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. At 6 o'clock, the teachers will finish the summary meeting and work for a while. If they can eat at noon, it will take three minutes.

I am used to eating at this speed, and the sound is definitely not too elegant, which leads to the curiosity of the two in the front seat. At the beginning of the new school year, why did the first article record the lost summer camp? The suspension of the WeChat public article in the summer was like a long dream. In 'Dreamtown,' I and a group of teachers are running a Chinese school. I am immersed in this 'dreamland' and can only wake up slowly. I pointed to the outer layer and said, 'This is bread.' Then I used my fingers to draw a big circle around the whole bread and said, 'What is that?' He smiled and shook his head, meaning that English I know is a sandwich. I can't say Chinese. I looked around the five children at the table. The summer camp was divided into my group. They were all senior students in primary school. There was no Chinese environment at home.

We group the campers in Chinese. Chinese fluent is divided into other teachers' groups.

Good 'United States'! I feel like I have come to a whole new world. Lunch language monitoring to deal with Ray's last move - playing chess and my teachers, day and night, don't have an 'English card' on the chest. When a camper wants to speak English, he must get this card. Say, it is not a violation of the rules. This is to take the initiative of language choice in the hands of the teacher. In the first two weeks we studied silkworms and silk.

We studied the Silk Road for the second week of the second period. Progressively within each week, the two phases are related to each other. We asked Eric to design a scene and write the lines of the bandits.

The level of the teacher depends on how effectively he/she can support the student to comply with the rules.

I later randomly invented an award called Gisela’s Award. The teachers set a specific goal, such as a language rule does not violate a certain time period, I will take them to a store opposite the camp to eat ice cream. These little boys are sometimes included.

The overall logic and details of the intermediate activity design are beyond the scope of this discussion. I will only give a few examples of activity segments.

Dispel a bunch of boys. The other two boys are assigned to three other teachers who use the same method to engage and interact. In addition to using this piece in Chinese, our summer camp's job is to let each child's thinking be tempered, and everyone's personality can be explored and understood.

There is a child called Ray, and the activities are not very active. When playing table tennis, he will waste a lot of time running around and affecting other campers.

All Chinese Summer Camp While studying the role of the 'bandits', there is also a role vacancy in the 'Great Han Dynasty'. The teachers asked Eric if he wanted to play, and he did not hesitate to shake his head. This linguistic interaction increased his cooperation and he began to participate in the event.

Once I asked the children to speculate whether the silkworm could survive in space.

In this space, I used the English word outerspace. Lowell and several other children raised their hands and said they could not survive. Finally, I announced the correct answer - to survive, and to show you the experimental video of silkworm living in the space capsule.

However, I found him confused. I pointed to the sandwich that Aelx had and asked, 'What is this?' He doesn't say sandwiches, he says 'bread.' I want to get rid of my habit of swaying and slamming. In order to promote the exchanges between outstanding university students, to improve the understanding of outstanding university students on the University of Science and Technology, to stimulate young students' interest in the study and research of related subjects, select outstanding students to continue their studies, the graduate school will be in July 18-24, 2016. On the day of the “China University of Science and Technology 2016 Excellent Summer Summer Camp”, the summer camp is expected to recruit 1,800 people in Class A and 800 in Class B. The school takes the performance of students in this summer camp as an important basis for receiving graduate students. Welcome to the 2017 undergraduate graduates who have the qualifications for recommendation and are willing to apply for our school. During the summer camp, students will be arranged to visit the school (laboratory) laboratory, listen to lectures by well-known scholars at home and abroad, professional introductions of various majors, face-to-face exchanges with tutors and graduate students, participation in closed-end evenings, selection of outstanding campers, etc. Interactive communication, enhance scientific research interests, expand academic horizons, and clarify research directions.

I don't know what the Chinese Chinese children use in their language. What do you think is this?

Knowing the inside story, you know how great this is.

'If he says to another student in the classroom, 'Give me your lollipop, kill me if you don't give it,' that's the problem.' David said. We asked our drama teacher Michael Leinbenluft, who is a doublet in drama and Chinese at Yale University and has his own professional theatre company.

He said that this language is actually ok, but it depends on how you play and what the characters are shaped into.

New Plan In this academic year, in the teaching of universities and middle schools, I set my own goal to deepen the attention of individual students.

In the past few weeks, I have had intensive meetings with Chinese school teachers to plan the program.

Among the various schemes, a small move is to publish a small article written during my summer vacation, to record the cases of individual interest in the students in our summer camp, to stimulate the discussion and design of the teachers. One day, I asked other teachers to replace my training campers. I took Ray and sat down on the sofa in a corner of the hall. Am I not living in New York? what happened? A few days later, an interesting scene began to appear. During the meeting, several boys often took the initiative to sit apart, each with a basic focus and a positive answer.

When walking out, often go away and try to control yourself not to use English.

This night, I struggled for a while. In order to ensure that the context is pure and rich, our teacher-student ratio is extremely low, 1:4. However, it takes time to get these children up quickly.

And for a two-week summer camp, we can't afford to waste one day.

Stimulating two Chinese fluent girls to speak Chinese This WeChat public account is to be maintained and cannot take up as much time as I did last year. My only partner, my sister Lilac, negotiated and decided to try two measures.

It turns out that in the past three weeks, my teachers and I have worked hard to create a world of Chinese. I have to forget myself, such as being in a Chinese world. At three o'clock this Friday, after you step out of our school gate, no one in the world will be anxious to push you to speak Chinese, except for some of your moms and dads.

Then why do we give you pressure to speak Chinese? Because we want to make your Chinese progress. We are not only concerned about whether you speak Chinese, but we also give you all the support you need.

You must meet this challenge and overcome this challenge! (This is very long, because there are many ways for foreigners to learn Chinese in the summer. It is a good way for young people to participate in the Chinese summer camp. Teacher Zhao of Good Morning Chinese said that we hope to learn Chinese culture through the Chinese Summer Camp. Simple Chinese communication, you can also learn the spirit of unity and cooperation, live with you, sincerely help each other, improve your hands-on ability, ability to operate and self-learning ability, and lay a solid foundation for future Chinese learning. Children's Chinese Summer Camp, a psychologist who runs me to stare at one of the children named Lowell. However, his bandit wishes have undergone a process of collective exploration, and although he did not reach it, he accepted the role of soldier and felt It was totally different at the beginning. In this process, both teachers and students have grown up. For me, this is the brightest point in education. The rest of the things, in all likelihood, have been cut.

We will inspire them to chat with each other in Chinese.

When they speak Chinese, they immediately pay attention, praise, join their topic, and when they meet what they won't say, they will help immediately. A few days later, they were more accustomed to chatting in Chinese. Later, because the performance was interactive with the audience, the audience also arrived at the stations on the Silk Road in batches. The role of the bandits was not well designed. Eric eventually played a soldier and performed very well. I am worried, emailing the parents of one of the children, saying that she hopes that her child will not come next day. The 2017 summer camp work will begin in mid-February. Parents are welcome to open an account. Please read the regulations carefully. Whenever a new camp is announced, we will send a mass mail to all parents.

My mother is very self-reliant, so I am also very good

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