w88win:w88win,April,Everything,colorf:? 35, April Everything is colorful, pleasant and pleasant, everything is fresh and beautiful. Yes, if I can, I want to use my clumsy brushstrokes, quietly writing, writing the seasons of colorful, the seasons of red and green and a pear, and



35, April Everything is colorful, pleasant and pleasant, everything is fresh and beautiful.

Yes, if I can, I want to use my clumsy brushstrokes, quietly writing, writing the seasons of colorful, the seasons of red and green and a pear, and of course the grassland, drunken early spring snow There are also memories that are faintly faint and lighter. 36. Commitment to things that you can't do is undoubtedly asking for trouble. Your initial wish is not to let others down, but then you make others more disappointed.

37, God will not only care for a person forever, how much luck for her, how much hardship will be given to her in the future. All she can do is grasp the moment of happiness and use it to rush to the highest possible peak. So, never miss a chance. 38. In an afternoon, suddenly all the thoughts were emptied and sat quietly.

The heart of the heart slowly relives the sweetness in a cup of light and appropriate tea.

I heard that this April is coming to an end. In fact, there is not much disappointment. I just want to leave the goodness of April in the memory of life.

Sometimes people think, it is also a happy thing.

39, the memory of the past collapsed, the quicksand generally fell in the fingers of time, how much effort, can not restore the former form.

The initial heart of the source of solitude, perseverance and firmness, never had a partial shake.

Receive the sudden changes of fate, follow your own thoughts, stick to your beliefs, don't give up, don't regret.

40, I want to rely on my own strength to stand in this world, have enough influence, have enough money, can guard the people I want to guard, can not be faced in the face of any sudden disaster, will not be Down.

41. I thought I would leave the past, and there will be only occasional sorrow in the days to come.

You can work hard again, and then use your heart, and it will still be a painful sorrow.

There are a lot of memories, and people will be willing to erase it forever.

Without recall, there is no pain.

42, a leisurely, floating on the shoulders, dagger, look at that group of gentle, just like your eyes... I want to tie the time so that it will not let it flow, it will fall into the rain The picture is engraved into an eternal memory; I really want to be so independent, waiting for the next spring blossom, not to miss the encounter with you.

Well, 'I don't care for myself, people don't have to pity themselves.

'43. When you are happy by me, happiness is by my side. When I hear your laughter, happiness is already with me.

44, recall is a profound note, carrying the joys and sorrows of people's life, talking about the years, the youthful vigour, the young and frivolous years old, everything has changed.

Time has passed, and when I look back, it seems as if yesterday, the memory is still so profound.

45, the lost memories are amazing memories, you and me in memory, Qinshen and Ming.

For your burial, bury a heart that loves you, love to the end, overwhelming water, even if there is a real love in the world, can you really forget the love with you; cut off all connections, can you go back to the beginning? Indifferent? Ruthless and innocent, no love, no hate.

46, all the way to the dust, all the way to the vicissitudes of life, the footsteps of the sly, quietly contemplative.

How many people who have said that they will never be separated are already scattered in the horizon? How many people who want to be obsessed with each other are blocked from the door of the years? How many more beautiful things should not be lost, can only be treasured in each other's memory? Perhaps the most beautiful scenery is not on the road, but in the heart; the most beautiful companionship is not the pilgrimage, but the soul.

47, autumn wind, once again blown the dead leaves of the ground, in the familiar rustling sound, in the dark night, so crisp and harsh, let the dreamer wake up the sentence.

Awakening, this is no longer the dead leaves of the past, the wind of the past, which stars in the night are not the rhythm of flashing.

It used to be long gone, but the memory was kept. After the precipitation of the years, the more clear it was, as if yesterday, there was a residual temperature, like the present, that moment.

48, ??I do not add any commentary words to describe these words, because in my character, no matter who said, will be said by me.

No reason, personality determines everything. At this time, I have to carefully recall her words, use these words on myself, describe myself, and decorate my love.

49. That inadvertently changed the boy of my life.

I believe that one day we will meet again on the roof of the world.

Don't use the past to measure the happiness and misfortune of life. Everyone's life can be beautiful, as long as you cherish it.

Because I rely on a memory that I only remember, I have grown up.

Be long enough to face all the ups and downs of the world.

50, there is a familiarity in the world, no need to deliberate, but it is like a long time reunion.

There is a landscape in the world, not the most beautiful, but the most beautiful memory in life.

There is an emotion in the world, no need to see each other, but it will also make you feel sad! There is a kind of understanding in the world, no need to look back, but it will also be inscribed in the heart! There is a kind of love in the world, no words, you already know! 51. I really want to promise everything that people want me to do, but please forgive me, I can't do it.

If you love someone, don't promise to love, if you don't love someone anymore, you promised to betray sooner or later.

52, let me see this universe again, maybe the next moment my lover will come, indulge in this colorful curve, hold the fragments of my heart with your hands, and clip it into your beloved diary.

May the blood in the petals redden your memory, draw the mark of my heart on that piece of paper, without words, everything else can't be replaced. . 53. One year, many people who thought that they passed can forget, but they don’t. They have been perching in a corner of their heart, always squatting at a similar place or time and letting tears fall into the sea, instantly inundating all the inadvertent. When I cried, I knew that the road to life is a process that I will never forget. It is these unforgettable memories that make up our memories and emotions. 54. Twilight swayed with the wind and rain, and the memory of missing thoughts could not get rid of the deep traces of life. Purple romance and a different kind of fragrance, perhaps, is her traits are still warming my emotions, leaving a strong fragrance and endless aftertaste. The odes that have been in the past are swaying at the tip of my leaping pen and telling the lingering and lingering of the water. 55. Acacia is like a bird with wings folded. Every time you move it, you have to endure great pain and scream. When you think about the moments of every heartbeat, with memories and concerns, you always touch the pain of the heart. The sorrows of the heart tremble; these thoughts can not be driven away, the memory can not be erased, in the dead of night, lonely when one is flocking to the heart, is it unseen? 56, after the ups and downs of life, looking back, suddenly felt the value of the past, cute in the past. Then, my heart filled with the feelings of the silk, entangled in the memory of feelings, understanding what is truly beautiful. The oath and promise are not laughs and lies. 57. I only hope that my sad memory will float like a smog in the flow of water, then drift away, and I will never see it again, annihilating in this bustling blue sky. Looking up, my sky is still sunny...58, we live in the same warm waters, and may occasionally be entangled in water, but because of the warm breath of each other, I believe that it will not be a knot. If I say that I love you, I always love you, don't know if you will believe it? 59. If you didn't tell me at the beginning, you will always like me, never leave me, just hold you, you can have the whole world. 60. That rain, once ridiculous of the field, ridiculous of the eaves, but can not ridicule the memory of love. Although we have not returned to the original gentleness, we have met in the most pure age, happy in the publicity of the public, and separated in the vicissitudes of the years. I hope that I can reunite with you in the dust, just to confirm your happiness, see you again. 61, life is in a hurry, there are always people in the life of fireworks like a smashing past, there are always people who come to meet. Feelings of deep love, long or short memories, slowly disappeared into the folds of the years. Time is changing, emotion is in the clutch. 62, September, gradually drifting away in the pen. The dependent heart did not go far because of neglect. There is no sound, and the words are scarred. The poetry of the Year of the Flow is because you have me, you are infinite. Countless ordinary fireworks, blooming in the silence of one after another. Years of green, welcoming a lot of love and leisure, and sent away how many turned around, but there are still thousands of styles left in that year, that month, has become our precious memory. 63. Maybe I am just waiting for the rabbit, I have never taken the initiative, but from my own point of view, I am far from being excellent enough to attract her. Even if she knows that she has a boyfriend, she is still stubborn, maybe, another second. After another day, she will come to me. 64, deep in memory, the sea has been very blue and blue. I know that you will eventually understand my silence. It was mottled by the wind and smoke, and it was quiet in a year of ink. Side ears, I heard the wind that you have been to. Then, let me write the wind into the dark floating chapter. Meet, walk a little, taste the taste of life. Let love flow in time, always flow in your direction... 65, open the diary to find your shadow, the sweet once in the diary. We have not returned. 66, like the water year, youth always has an end. Youth is a long journey, and after going through it, it will not come back; youth is a meeting, love and dreams bloom together. Youth is like a smoke, walking away with the wind. Time flies, memory is always in the heart, not old. 67, moved, in the reincarnation of the years, hand in hand to forget the Sichuan, the silk into a song. This spring, I am willing to take a season of Fangfei, pick a willow color. Put all the cockroaches on the stem of the memory. Just forever, remember that we have been to each other's world. 68. These words are words that are full of certain philosophies. More or less we should remember a little, but I always believe that what I really remember is words that are more relevant to others and others. 69, I always like the afternoon sun. It makes me believe that there will be a turning point in everything in this world, and I believe in the generosity and beauty of fate. We will eventually grow up and grow up quietly with a feeling of no complaints. In the final analysis, growth is a kind of happiness. 70. When someone else needs you, they will find you. When you don't need you, they will leave you alone. 71. If you don't appear in front of me at the beginning, then I may not know the taste of happiness. Why are you cruel, give me all the love, and I can't help but tell me that you always like me to love me, never leave me, let me think that I can be as happy as a pet. Awkward children, I am wrong to think that as long as you hold you, you can have the whole world. 72, time is finally speechless, memories of the dust that passed through the millennium, the soul sorrow slipped through the lonely fingers. Missing from the wound, the pain penetrates the memory of the millennium. Mind, by the years carved a shallow and deep scar. 73. I have tasted the joys and sorrows of the world, and I miss the gentleness of the moonlight. The footsteps of the cockroaches gradually came with the wind, and the muttering gentleness was firmly in the heart, but carefully opened the dusty memories... 74. No one in the world can truly believe, only believe Self, because only you will not betray yourself, deceive yourself, and leave yourself. 75, the remaining is a good memory, do not have to remember, which spring flowers thank you, which leaves just fell, winter to spring, the tides and tides, can not catch all kinds, only willing to remain. The cloud is in the sky in Qingshan, the moon is clear, and it is also safe. If you miss, let the feelings be simple. If you want to be happy, let the heart be simpler, look at the world as much as you can, remember that this heart can be used as a fence. The time is long, calm; a smile, the spring is thick.

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