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What year is the midfielder wording on January 29th, 2016: Harkleys: We lost our own victory Fan Wuchen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super big standard small mourning! The death of Nigerian football director Amodu has been awful recently. Woke up, originally a multinational company cosco Group's Chinese staff, 38-year-old single otaku Lu An, inexplicably turned into 24 British football coach Paul Hall.

Time has also returned to 2018 from 2034.

Well, Lu An admits that he likes the job, better than working under the old woman of the cosco group.

But everything is gone, friends, social relations, classmates, etc. Luan felt that he was almost alone in this world in the past two days. In short, it was terrible. Lu An, who inherited all of Paul's memory, decided to be his football coach, Paul. Because he is also an ashes player in the FM series and has Paul's good professional knowledge, this job is not difficult for him.


'Paul, where are you going, is your university chosen?' Old Hall, with a pair of glasses, is reading the newspaper.

His hair is neatly combed, smart and strong, and is the backbone of this family.

Paul will soon be eighteen years old. Like most British children, he will choose to leave his parents and live independently.


Paul sent a text message to Elizabeth: 'For the world, you are a person; but for someone, you are his whole world.

(Totheworldyoumaybeoneperson,buttoonepersonyoumaybetheworld.) 'This is, Jon Lavelli, a student of the University of Huddersfield Accounting' Donovan talks about Durant's mistake: to make quick decisions other coaches look over Paul's eyes At that time, nodded, this is the only choice, the ranking of Huddersfield against the 12th of the Xialifas, the pursuit of a draw is a correct idea.

'Mom, I will earn £100 right away.

Li, where is he told him to come out soon, someone is looking for him.

' Andy turned sideways and let his mother see Paul behind him.

Paul bent over and walked in and said, 'Hello, ma'am.

'The former sea eagle's external card, Cardo-Lockett, announced his retirement.

Jon then called Paul's phone and there was a sweet voice: 'Sorry, the user you dialed has been shut down, please leave a message.

Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please leave a message.


The receiver Wilk served as a crow and a dolphin trainer.

Paul swept the people around him who looked at them from time to time and said, 'Go in and give it to you.

'Friendly match: Zhu Shizhong scored, South Korea 1-6 negative Spain.

Hardden MVP ranked ninth, Beverly held Paul's small hand and laughed and said: 'Detective Amon.

Mr. Munch.

' Daxie: I hope to pass on the experience to the young insider. 'No, how come?' I will ask you to eat again for another day.

'Sun Yue: Participating in the movie is just a try. Rocky ran over with the ball. Paul shook his head and said, 'Run with the ball, Lee, you have not much time, you have to hurry all the time to get acquainted with football.

'Picture introduction tower: Paul, who is very fast and defensively superior, is urging training. He found that the phone in his pocket rang, and he went to the side of the field to connect the phone.

National Youth regrets the United States, Fan Ziming contributes 22 points. 'Good job, Sean, come back, I will give you a raise, give you a full-time contract.

'Paul said happily.

Northern Ireland vs Poland: Levan Kuba starting.

Ryan saw a sly Paul, his hair was messy and his eyes were dull.

Half-field report: Wu Xinghan broke, Luneng 2-1 TEDA.

It’s already the day, and Leeds’s official website still hasn’t announced their head coach.

The local media are speculating about what is going on, is it that Lorimo is confused, although he has just taken over the position of the chairman, but this time he does not decide the candidate of the head coach, which is not conducive to the team. The downswing of the British League is very unfavorable.

Donovan: The defense of Curry is better.

'The second half begins with a kickoff by the visiting team Maggot.

' Ross continued his work after halftime. He is not a Huddersfield fan. He is a Leeds United fan.

So his commentary is still very neutral.

COSTA Coffee Shop is the most famous coffee shop near Huddersfield University. It specializes in coffee and has a variety of fruity blends of ice in the summer.

It is more famous that the students who go in are basically couples, which is also regarded by many students as the first step to success in love.


The players and coaches applauded for Beasley's applause. This is a wonderful long-range shot. It is not difficult to score a goal in the game.


Half-field report: Wu Hao Ruoqi broke the door, Suning 2-0 Pingyang.

Don't look at him in the conference room is very confident, the tone of speech is firm, but in fact, there is no way, just as the head coach, you can not panic first, otherwise the following coaches certainly feel no play.

It’s smashed again! Several people from Shanghai Shenhua fans have a conflict in Osaka.

Carrera stunned. Similarly, he listened to his mentor six years ago, and now Charlton coach Alainperrin said.

Behan said that his character lacks a paranoid factor and may not be suitable as a head coach. Sun Ke: The win still needs to be summed up. After each game is a decisive battle. This is the doorbell ringing. The restaurant person has sent the meal. Ryan jumped up and smiled and said, 'Go to hell! Paul' he walked over. It’s time to open the door and have lunch. Carvajal: I was disappointed to miss the European Cup. Looking at the flustered Paul, Chen Yu grinned. Former No. 1 pick quarterback Russell still hopes to return to the league. 'I still play football? Ryan, let's go watch football. I remember you are an Arsenal fan.' Paul invited the half-time data: Durant scored 23 points and set a new season. 'What do you find me?' Li Luoqi picked up the coat hanging on the wall and sweaty, and walked hard to the door. On January 29th, 2016, the midfielder opened the year. Essex: Evra scored a very good goal. The league's AFC Champions also played a very strong whistle on the training ground. Players and coaches started their work. Paul still has a long way to go to master this team. Inzaghi: Thanks to Milan, my heart red and black Jones passed the ball back to Hogg, Hogg saw the other side's formation is not chaotic, and continued to pass back to his own central defender. Cantona: I love Mourinho but his style is not suitable for Manchester United. Elizabeth looked at Paul before and after, convinced that there was no gift box in his clothes and nodded and said, 'Okay!' Certainly unrealistic. Zhou Qi won 10 NBA team interview invitations? 'Haha, no problem,' Moore agreed to come down. . Paul thought for a moment, then picked up the phone and dialed Jon: 'Jon, what is Kevin?' The Warriors grabbed the remaining tickets for the 5th game and sold out on the 5th day. The latest report of 'French Team', 'Europe The famous bookmaker William Hill entered the knockout stage and adjusted the winning odds of each team. Spain was not optimistic before the match, because of the 20-year-old striker Sergiomateos in Valencia. Born in the last group match, scored 2 goals to help Spain win, the odds rose to second place, the German chariot ranked first because of Odoka's outstanding performance. The third place is Kaka led Brazil. In the fourth place is the England team that has stumbled since the start of the game. At least they won all the group matches. The traditional tycoons such as France, Italy, the Netherlands and Argentina are behind.' Sun Yue: Participating in movies is just an attempt. 'Of course, I will be there later.' Waters said with a smile: 'No problem.' Paul's voice is very low now, with a strong London cavity. Austria's European Cup list: Alaba leads the title 'Paul, what do you want to eat?' Ryan's voice came from the living room, and he called the restaurant to deliver the meal. On January 29, 2016, the finals of the midfielder will be held in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia. Halftime battle report: Milovich placed an oolong, Shenhua 1-0 Lifan 'have been busy recently. After waiting for this time, I went to London to find you to play.' 'Ha ha-----' Several people laughed loudly, the car was running fast, and the laughter of several people spread far. good news! Wu Lei was awarded the Shanghai May 1st Labor Medal. Paul shouted on the sidelines: 'Stable down, steady, defensive, defensive.' With a chance to die, he called Hogg, who came over to serve, 'Lewis, telling The players are defensive, you must be steady in the midfield, no place to turn the ball, big feet forward.' Cohen smiled. 'I know how to do it, sir.' 'Hey--?' Halftime Report: Montiello broke the door, Luneng 1-1 Sydney England football tradition, the head coach has great rights, these years With the invasion of the Premier League by foreign capital, under the influence of the Premier League model, all clubs have begun to use the sports supervisor or the CEO's system to realize the club's operation. The head coach’s rights are slowly shrinking in football, and the people who have the final say in the team slowly become the only ones in many things. The rights to commercial development and other aspects have been lost. Some teams even buy and sell who, and the head coach can only decide. . Paul looked at the watch and walked into the training ground. Today, assistant coach White Brad faithfully fulfills his duties and leads the players in training according to the established plan. Paul supervised and observed the player's status. He wore a pair of sunglasses and no one found that he was walking. He was still thinking about calling Chen Yu yesterday and asking her to come over and get the ticket. Paul asked them to watch the ball at home. . 'Mr. Hall, I am Dkilpatrick, the president of the rochdale club in the domestic league. I invite you to be the head coach of the club. If you are interested, please give me a call. Thank you very much! '. Seeing that Paul didn't open the chair for himself, Chen Yuxi said: 'There is no demeanor.' Chen Yu said: 'Orange juice, add ice.' Paul said with a smile: 'I am too busy to get up, busy taking over the ball. Team. I have something to ask for your help. I don't know much about finance. Do you have such a service in your accounting office?” British football has spread all over the city, and their complete league system is enough for those who have this football. The dreamer offers the stage. Football, and even the spiritual sustenance of many fans. Football, this is also a kind of English culture. It is integrated into the blood of every city. 'I will, Sir,' Paul answered with confidence and gave Lorimer a reassurance. It wasn't nonsense, he had a cheat in his hand, and he didn't think he would be worse than his peers. Paul hangs up and picks up a cigarette. What is this called, lying down and shooting? What is the relationship between loss of love and losing, uncle. . 'Hello, Mr. Hall, I am keithflanagan, the deputy director of William Hill's foreign affairs department in Great Britain. We have a cocktail party in London on the day of the company. Can you come and join?'. Paul continues to sarcastically: 'Do you know where this is? London, how many teams are there? How many Premier League teams are there? It is no exaggeration to say that scouts are everywhere in the city, why are they? Don't come to you? How old are you? 15 years old good players, major clubs are fighting for it, I have received several invitations for training. ': Huddersfield 40. 'I will talk to him.' Jon said: 'Yes, I mainly review the finances, maybe I will go on a business trip, but most of the time is in Leeds.' Wallace came out of the office and reached out and shook hands with Paul. 'Good afternoon, Mr. Hall.' 'The cooperation between the two players is very tacit. Rocky didn't even look at the position of the wall. He kicked the ball directly in the neutral position. Cohen rushed out of the slant and did not do it after catching the ball. Any adjustments were made, football was put into the net, and poor Crompton (Acrompton) was unprepared. 'Barbosa looked up at Paul with a bad mood. He felt that Paul was right. He was not willing to be Fallen object. . (Luff: Schweinsteiger's experience is very important to the team.) What year is the midfielder's word on January 29, 2016?

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