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Optimizing habits in refinement Composing new articles in innovations The next year's moral education work plan for the 2015-2016 school year I. Guiding Ideology Moral education is the soul of school education, and it is the guarantee for students' healthy growth and school work.

The school moral education department always establishes the ideas of teaching, educating, educating and educating people, ensuring the smooth development of moral education. The next period of moral education will be further inherited, innovated, refined and standardized on the basis of solid progress in the previous work. Taking the education as the core, focusing on strengthening the construction of the class leader, taking the research of moral education as a breakthrough, taking colorful activities as the starting point, strengthening the campus civilization construction as the main line, establishing and perfecting the evaluation mechanism of moral education, and comprehensively improving students' comprehensive quality .

The next work plan is as follows: Second, the work focus (1) to create an atmosphere, to create a distinctive campus, class culture style. Campus and class culture construction has always been a beautiful landscape of Luohe Primary School: Mingli Chengxin Star, Xiaolao Love Star, Self-reliance Star, Helping Star, Virtue Boy, Daily, One Daily Q, Xiaohe Broadcasting Station \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; one place, one corner, one connotation, plus a new painting building, a neat and beautiful playground, a new propaganda bar, a reminder of the times, and a corridor, Teachers and students jointly design art works with rich children's tastes, all of which give people the edification of beauty and the cultivation of temperament. The most important part of campus culture is the construction of class culture.

Each class can create a spirit of affection and gentleness according to its own characteristics.

Not only should we arrange classrooms, do a good job, build a library corner, design wall decorations, open up special fields, class publicity columns, but also build a class spiritual culture environment, carry out class-level education activities, and learn from daily education management. Guide, meticulously cultivate, create a healthy, vigorous, united, harmonious and warm class atmosphere, so that students' comprehensive quality is internalized and sublimated in the edification of class culture.

Make full use of the public opinion orientation of campus culture construction, positively induce students, and cultivate students' right and wrong and civilized habits. (2) Grasping routine management, implementing various requirements, and strengthening education. Intensify the implementation of the 'Standards of Daily Behaviors of Primary School Students', strengthen the construction of civilized classes, and cultivate a good class style and style of study. All grades and classes should be based on the students' situation, and the students should implement ideological and moral education and civilized education in a targeted manner. Into education, taking daily behavior and norm education as the starting point, focusing on the students to carry out basic civilization education with emphasis on civilized etiquette, strengthen students' cultivation education, and optimize students' cultural habits. Health and discipline are the two entry points for cultivating students to develop education.

Give full play to the role of the team of the young pioneer team and the environmental protection small guards. The classrooms and cleaning areas are cleaned all day long, and random inspections are conducted; the two operations, the school road team, the school static school, timely inspection and timely publicity, praise and The combination of criticism and the gradual standardization of students' civilized behavior through refined management.

Further improve the hygiene level of the clean area and classroom.

Timely inspection and timely feedback (shown in the bulletin board), classroom health class or afternoon eye exercises are not regularly checked, and the clean area is inspected in the morning or afternoon. Inspect and supervise the phenomenon of casual paper and random dumping, promptly criticize education, and vigorously praise the class that maintains good health.

At the end of the semester, three excellent class groups will be selected at the annual level. The number of health and discipline advanced classes collected by each class in a semester is included in the class management evaluation sequence of the class teacher at the end of the period. Students go to school in the morning, and they are not allowed to encircle the school gates at noon. The Moral Education Department organizes a team committee to strengthen inspections to ensure that students are not allowed to stay at the small pond.

Thereby establishing a good social image of our school. Continue to carry out the juvenile juvenile judging in the Luohe Primary School, the star of integrity, the star of filial piety, the star of self-reliance and self-reliance, and the show of helping others.

Through rigorous training, efforts are made to externalize students' behavioral norms into behaviors and internalize them into qualities.

It is necessary to further strengthen the students' subjective consciousness and the self-management consciousness and ability in management, give full play to the main role of students, let students organize activities, management and evaluation independently, and gradually make students change from asking me to do this. In doing so, internalize good behavioral habits into conscious actions of students.

(3) Carry out various activities and implement quality education around major festivals.

The Department of Moral Education takes the theme education as the core, carries out student activities in a timely manner, implements safety education, mental health education, honesty education, promotes and cultivates national spirit education, and improves students' moral quality. 1. Do a good job in learning the spirit of Lei Feng in March and doing the theme education activities for young people.

Use the speeches under the national flag, the Xiaohe radio station, the hand-written newspaper exhibition and other positions to promote the spirit of Lei Feng, and call on the students to compete for the virtues. 2. Organize the Spring Festival activities of the Ching Ming Festival to be safe, orderly and meaningful.

For the actual situation of our school, the grade-level design activities, using the resources available around the city to carry out a variety of activities. At the same time, carry out educational activities with the theme of Qingming, remember the ancestors, the martyrs, and relive the Qingming culture.

3, to welcome the young and new pioneers to join the team to take the oath of work, use this opportunity to the students to carry out the revolutionary traditional education of the Young Pioneers, the young pioneers organized discipline education, the Young Pioneers revolutionary ideal education.

During the event, the Young Pioneers Organization of our school was trained and tested to further improve the work of the young pioneers of our school.

(4) Focus on the construction of the class leader team, grasp the management of the young pioneer team, and strive to build a moral education team with high moral character, excellent business and flexible methods.

1. Strengthen team building through education guidance, study and training, and rewards and punishments, so that each class teacher cares for students, understands students, and respects students.

Strengthen the team building of the class teacher and continuously improve the quality of the class teacher.

2. Carefully and meticulously assess the work of the class teacher.

Continue to implement and improve the inspection, assessment and evaluation system for the moral education of the class teacher.

Pay close attention to routine management, introduce the 'Class Teacher's Work Assessment Program', further strengthen the assessment and evaluation of the class teacher's work, and improve the class teacher's sense of responsibility and work enthusiasm. The class teacher will hold a variety of theme class meetings around the students' ideological education and regular education. Cultivate students to develop good civilized etiquette habits, cultivate and enhance students' labor concepts, cultivate students' good habits of loving labor, establish a campus is my home, beautify depends on everyone's campus health awareness. 3. Strengthen the management of the young pioneers and consolidate the infrastructure of the Young Pioneers.

Establish a network of young pioneers, including team counselors, squadron counselors, brigade committee members, and squadron cadres, clearly define the division of labor and responsibilities, and set a fixed position. Every second week, Tuesday afternoon, the second quarter will be in the third floor multimedia classroom. Conduct regular meetings of counselors and brigade members, improve and feedback in a timely manner, and strengthen the research on the Young Pioneers theory. Promote the improvement of the regular management of the Young Pioneers and strive to institutionalize and standardize the work of the Young Pioneers.

4. Strengthen the team building.

Team building is the epitome of school spiritual civilization.

There are four work to be done for each squadron team, that is, there are plans, positions, activities, and records. Enhance the collective cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the team and promote the formation of civilized class style.

5, we should make full use of morning meetings, class meetings, speeches under the national flag, and activities inside and outside the school. There are planned and targeted patriotic education, collectivism education, socialist education, labor education, legal education, and security. Education, network education, mental health education and basic moral education and basic civilization education, starting from standardizing students' behavior habits, cultivating good moral quality and civilized behavior of all students, starting from improving basic quality, promoting the comprehensiveness of all students Development, combining the virtues of the young, the star of the loyalty, the star of filial piety, the star of self-reliance, the star of helping others, the evaluation criteria of outstanding young pioneers, the student's daily routine and the daily management of the class. The assessment should continue to strengthen, increase efforts, tighten the focus, and pay attention to actual results.

(5) Adhere to the principle of prevention-oriented, and do a good job in safety education through multiple forms of education.

1. Carry out safety awareness and protect your own safety education activities.

Focus on the characteristics of the season and the physical and mental characteristics of the students, and focus on prevention of traffic, drowning, fire, crowded and trampling, etc., through special lectures, knowledge contests, organization of video recordings, safety manuals, and production of publicity newspapers. Forms, make full use of classroom teaching, class meetings, safety emergency evacuation drills, collective activities, etc., and timely carry out publicity and education activities in the safety education activities of primary and secondary schools in Luohe City, and carry out targeted student safety education to prevent accidents.

2. Do a good job in drug prevention education.

It is necessary to carry out extensive cherishment of life, stay away from drug education among students, enhance students' awareness of good and evil and safety awareness, improve their self-protection ability, resolutely refuse drugs and cults into the campus, and create a quiet for the majority of young students. Harmonious, healthy learning and growing environment. 3. Do a good job in life education.

It is necessary to use ideological and moral courses as a starting point for moral education, strengthen students' ideal education, outlook on life, inspirational education and grateful education, and gradually carry out cherished life education to guide students to correctly handle relationships with others, society and nature. To help students learn to appreciate life, cherish life, learn to seek the true meaning of life value, and constantly improve their understanding of the quality of life and the meaning of life, thus establishing a correct view of life, world, life and values.

5, strengthen psychological counseling, and promote the healthy growth of students In response to the problem of sudden rise in accidents and emergencies caused by mental health problems among young students, the mental health education of students is an important part of school moral education. Incorporate the mental health education course into the education and teaching work plan; open up the mental health consultation room, regularly carry out the exchange, preparation and discussion of mental health education; improve the level of mental health education of our teachers, and gradually establish a professional basic knowledge. Psychological health education teachers with rich practical experience; actively explore new ways and new methods of mental health education; we must firmly grasp the main channel of the classroom, infiltrate mental health education through disciplines, and carry out various forms of psychological education and psychological counseling. Activities, set up an online psychological counseling room, set up a psychological mailbox, talk about the ventricle, provide counseling and counseling for students; to address individual problems in the psychological development of students, carry out individual psychological counseling, take effective interventions to eliminate students' psychological barriers.

The innovative Luohe Primary School carries more hopes, and the Luohe Primary School will live up to expectations, adhering to the principles of macro-control, micro-doing, strengthening norms, paying attention to practical results, advancing with the times, and pioneering and innovative, exploring new ways. The model of moral education focuses on forward-looking, integrated and creative.

Continue to write a new chapter in moral education! Third, the specific work arrangements for the second and third months of work: 1, prepare for the opening ceremony and safety education report 2, training the flag bearer, prepare for the flag-raising ceremony 3, each class layout classroom, cleaning 4, behavior habits to develop education, 狠Grab the students leaving school.

5, greet the Arbor Day to carry out the main festival of love green protection activities: March 3rd National Ear Day; March 5th to learn Lei Feng Memorial Day; March 8th International Women's Day; March 12th Tree Planting Festival; Consumer Rights Day on March 15; World Water Day on March 22; World Meteorological Day on March 23; National Safety Education Day for Primary and Secondary School Students on March 25. Main points of work in April: 1. Optimize student behavior norms and campus environment 2. Organize the main festivals for teachers and students to enjoy outdoor spring activities: Qingming Festival on April 4; Health Day on April 7; Earth Day on April 22; Last week in April Love the bird week.

Key tasks in May: 1. Checking the civility etiquette, the implementation of daily behavioral norms, holding a handwritten newspaper competition on the theme of Thanksgiving Mother's Day, 3, lectures on law, transportation, and fire prevention, and conducting safety education; The main festival of the June 1st Young Pioneers entering the swearing ceremony: May 1st Labor Day; May 4th Youth Day; May 8th International Red Cross Day; May 8th International Mother's Day; May 20th National Student Nutrition Day ; May 31 World No Tobacco Day.

Focus of work in June: 1. Conducting squadron board evaluation ratio 2. Student performance evaluation and comprehensive quality evaluation 3. Checking the implementation of each class's education development 4. Excellent class teacher and excellent class collective selection main festival: June 1st International Children's Day; World Environment Day on June 5; National Eye Day on June 6; Dragon Boat Festival on May 9th, Lunar New Year's Day; Father's Day on June 15; National Land Day on June 25; June 26 Japan International Anti-Drug Day.

'Well, that's it

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