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'Little brother, my sister sees your bones are strange, and the talent is excellent

Human Resource Management Training PPT is a beautifully crafted PPT. The column belongs to the professional PPT. It is shared by users and uploaded for free download. The release time is 2017-05-03 and the size is 551KB.

Guo Qinghua Outline of the Village Management Department Member Service, Introduction to the Pastoral Society, the Management Mode of the Pastoral Society, the Service Mode of the Pastoral Society, the Service Project of the Pastoral Club, the Service Process of the Pastoral Club, the Core Value of Member Management, Member Management Core Values, Member Lifecycle Management, Member Lifecycle Management, Member Lifecycle Management Intentions Members: Definitions - Experience Member Sources - Community Site Promotions, Mobile Short Messages, SNS, EDM, Advertising, etc. : 1, perfect product package, service process design 2, improve conversion rate 3, expand the base 贰, member life cycle management member: definition - enjoy the source of goods and services provided by us - the conversion, reputation of the intended members Communication and other operational nodes: 1, increase the activity rate 2, increase the consumption frequency, consumption amount 3, improve satisfaction, loyalty 贰, member life cycle management sleepy members: definition - the member has not passed the phone, network, for more than three months Mobile phone terminals and other ways to contact us to communicate with the source - the turnover of the member Operational nodes: 1. Improve service quality and efficiency 2. Full service content, product package 3, member care, member lifecycle management, loss of members: definition – the source of sleeping members who have been marketing efforts within half a year but have no effect – - The conversion operation node of the sleeping member: 1. Classification management 2, no marketing promotion communication, sales process member service, sales process member service, sales process member service, sales process member service, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service叁, Sales Process Member Service肆, Member Service Channel Method Our Customer Service Representatives Pass What channels and core members肆, member service channel mode, garden service marketing middle management staff training ppt free download is a PPT treasure () member weisshenhe upload recommended training course PPT, update time 2016-07-28, material number 20974. Win in the middle layer - to create a new middle-level enterprise to win in the middle layer - to create a new middle-level new middle-level thinking revolution, a new middle-level professional quality, how to forge a new middle-tier, how to forge high-performance execution, how to build a high-performance enterprise team, a new middle-level thinking revolutionary outstanding enterprise New middle-level role positioning New middle-level how to face the problem of enterprise growth Three not miss three core thinking principles Excellent enterprise New middle-level role positioning New middle-level role positioning Sancheng three business, professional leader business skills counselor subordinates The mentality builder's subordinate behavior monitor department project development strategy proponent outstanding enterprise new middle-level role positioning three-in-three middle-level manager is the middle-level strength of the enterprise, in the management of the enterprise bears the burden of the past, the past and the future, the point of entry The function of 'three commitments and three starts'. It is necessary to strictly implement the leadership intentions and strategic decisions of the decision-making level step by step, and adjust the local tactics flexibly and flexibly, and formulate plans and organize implementation around the overall strategy; not only perform the management functions uploaded and released, but also spare no effort to promote the leadership intentions. Implement organizational plans and motivate employees to implement; on the basis of continuous “deepening, optimizing, refining, and ordering” various work processes, standardize and implement specific management at the grassroots level.

Excellent business middle-level role positioning business professional leader A successful manager must have real business expertise, technical advantages and professional knowledge, and constantly absorb knowledge, so that they have a reasonable knowledge structure, become Business, professional leader. The role of the middle-level manager of the excellent middle-level business of the excellent middle-level business managers, while managing their subordinates, also plays the role of 'coach' in daily life. Coaching is not only training, but also counseling, staffing, exposing contradictions and education. Training requires leaders to have the ability to listen and express their true appreciation and gratitude. Coaching is the job of helping potential employees to fully demonstrate their abilities. The staff is to give constructive advice, support and encouragement to employees when problems occur and work is affected, and to conduct two-way discussions. Exposing the contradiction is to publicize the problems existing in the work and the major work errors of the employees, and solve the problems together and correct the mistakes.

Education is what we generally call training. The role of the new middle-level talents of the outstanding enterprises directly determines the work efficiency of the subordinate mentality builders and directly determines the cohesiveness of the work efficiency and the overall cohesiveness of the team. As a middle-level manager, he constantly observes the working mentality of each subordinate, so that he is correct in the first time. It is an important part of daily management.

When employees are not confident enough, their intentions are not strong, and their inner feelings are uneasy, it is especially important for middle managers to open their subordinates and mobilize their subordinates' positive attitudes. Therefore, an excellent middle manager should also be qualified. 'Psychologist'. The role of the new middle-level of the excellent enterprise is to position the subordinate behavior monitor as the middle-level supervisor and should be responsible for the behavior of the subordinates.

Whether the behavior of subordinates promotes the development of the company and whether it promotes the development of departmental performance. This is the problem that every middle-level supervisor should be responsible for, and it is necessary to properly monitor and correct the behavior of subordinates.

Good enterprise new middle-level role positioning department project development strategy recommender middle-level manager must timely determine the strategy and action plan to achieve the goal according to the department's objectives, combined with the actual situation of the department, and actively seek superiors, subordinates and others according to the plan. The support of the department, thus ensuring the realization of the department's goals.

As a middle-level manager, you have the responsibility to propose the development direction of the department. It is responsible for formulating the development plan and development strategy of the department. It should not only be implemented, but rely on the decision of the superior, because it is the true understanding of the enterprise and the understanding of this department. Middle management personnel, only middle management personnel can propose reasonable department development and project development proposals. Only when the middle management personnel are truly active, active and upward, our entire enterprise will flourish. How does the new middle-level face the problems in the growth of the enterprise? Treating the problem with the 'three does not let go' is the best way to solve the problem. 'Three does not let go' means: problems occur, no reason is found, no problems occur, no responsibility is found. People do not let go of problems, no corrective measures are not let go. If faced with the problems of enterprises, everyone can do the first thing not to be afraid of problems, the second is to solve problems, the third is willing to take responsibility for solving problems, the enterprise The small problem will not become a big problem, and the big problem will not become a fatal problem.

Top management achievements come from a rigorous work style.

Three Core Thinking Principles Mirror Thinking System Thinking Creative Thinking Three Core Thinking Principles Mirror Thinking Mirror thinking is to look at yourself from the mirror and to understand “transposition thinking”. Three Core Thinking Principles Systematic thinking systems require thinking in a holistic, dynamic, and essential way. Three Core Thinking Principles Innovative Thinking Innovative thinking is a high-level thinking process formed through intuition, inspiration (sudden enlightenment), reasoning, and practice. It is the sublimation of wisdom, the high-level expression of intelligence and imagination, and the innovation of thinking itself.

New middle-level professional literacy middle-level managers of the six major internal injuries, the six middle-level professional literacy, the new middle-level must have the ability of the new middle-level 'three bogey' new middle-level 'three-question' middle-level managers of the six internal injuries must be pro-intimate Will not motivate and empower subordinates to have no opinion, become the 'sound tube' of the upper-level leaders, arrogant, follow the desires, talk and behave, emotional performance is too casual and narrow-minded, push the trick, doubt too much, avoid negative opinions will not Properly carrying out heterosexual management and superior management regardless of the interests of the company, only paying attention to the interests of the department and dealing with the six major professional qualities necessary for the new middle-level, there is no rule, not paying attention to the details, insisting; wrong, opposing by example, speaking, self-sufficiency Fully committed to a pragmatic and positive attitude New middle-level competency role cognitive ability Goal management ability Time management ability Stress management ability Communication ability Authorization ability Incentive ability Influence ability Others ability Innovation ability Learning ability Collaboration ability Execution force Team management ability Performance management ability new middle layer 'three bogey' 'three bogey': almost, too I have to go, slowly, forget it, next time I notice, I think the new middle-level 'three questions' and 'three questions': What do you say about the gap? Why is the new middle layer forging efficient execution? The new middle-level high-performance implementation of the six major Six key points for the efficient implementation of key new middle and high-level implementations: the organizational loyalty of employees' ideas and behaviors. All employees carry out the “OEC” campaign for time management. Appropriate incentives and pressures to train employees to effectively grasp the authorization. Dimensions and mobility management Six key elements for efficient execution of new middle-level organizational loyalty to improve employee loyalty and loyalty can help companies create more value. Factors affecting employee loyalty. Great secrets for cultivating employee loyalty. The six key factors to cultivate employee loyalty are the secrets of employee loyalty to corporate goals. Setting high expectations. Obeying the system, obeying the standards, constantly communicating, empowering, empowering, and re-authorizing the power of corporate culture. All key members carry out the 'OEC' campaign - OverallEveryControlandClear What is O The EC management model refers to the company's comprehensive control and management of everything that everyone does every day, so that 'the day is the day, the day is high.' The characteristics of OEC management mode are market-oriented, management-oriented human-centered management must adhere to high efficiency, high-quality, high-standard management, and systematically implement new six-level high-efficiency implementation of time-critical management of time management. It is a constant for everyone, the creation of time is impossible, and there is a personality that cannot be repeated, stored, added, transferred, etc. Only in the state of constants, manage the important resources of time, let the limited time play unlimited value. The concept of time management refers to consistently and purposefully using those that are proven to be in practice in daily life. Effective working methods, in order to organize and manage all aspects of your work and life, to make the most meaningful use of the time you have.

The concept of time management The concept of six key time management for efficient execution of the new middle layer is divided into priorities, and the problem is divided into levels. The core is short-board management to overcome the habit of delay. Concentrate on doing things and learn to use the piecemeal time to play the team. The strength of the society learns to refuse, saying 'no' to periodically review and summarize what to do, and must firmly set a deadline for efficient meeting management. Six key and appropriate incentives and pressures for efficient implementation of the new middle-level and timely assessment of your subordinates Assigning and tracking reasonable tasks, timely commendation and disciplining praise is always a lubricant for efficient execution. Middle managers are not a bridge of pressure, but a new furnace of pressure. How to create a high-performance corporate team that affects the performance of a company's team—interpersonal The closeness of the relationship to create a high-performance team needs 'wolf management' new middle-level construction high-performance team's employment principle affects the performance of the enterprise team's performance - the closeness of the interpersonal relationship, the characteristics of the efficient team, the new middle-level how to reduce the internal consumption of the enterprise team, the impact of the corporate team performance Elements - interpersonal The characteristics of a close-knit and efficient team: a common vision, clear team members, trust between members, open and supportive team atmosphere, relevant skills, factors that influence the performance of the team, a close relationship of interpersonal relationships, and a high degree of loyalty. Highly communicated team members participate in the level of full negotiation skills appropriate leadership internal and external support factors affecting the performance of the enterprise team - the closeness of interpersonal relationship How the new middle layer reduces the internal consumption of the enterprise team The new middle layer should be made in the following aspects Efforts: to eliminate the inaction of managers to optimize internal operational processes, improve efficiency, and strive to 'three public' to eradicate the old problems of employees, to be patient, to repeatedly grasp, to repeat, to solidify the concept of people, and then to strengthen people's The behavioral system strengthens the coordination between the upper and lower sides, so that the team wins to create a high-performance team needs 'wolf management'. The reason why wolves are great is because of their cooperative spirit. The core of 'Wolf Management': survival first, forever crisis and struggle consciousness first, forever obedience and execution consciousness team first, forever cooperation and overall situation loyalty first, forever sacrifice and gratitude awareness new middle layer Building a high-performance team's employment principle and building a high-performance team's employment principle: Recruiting, selecting the right employees to guide each employee, making them better and dismissing those low-performing employees. End of the course Thank you! ! ! The summary of 'Improving Manager Skills' is as follows: Management will be a profession in the future. Just like doctors, lawyers, and pilots, they must be well trained before they can accept a new position.

The adaptation group of target management is a management activity with knowledge workers as the main management object. Require employees to automatically break down the goals of their superior managers according to their job responsibilities. This is a mid-level management training ppt, which mainly introduces the new middle-level thinking revolution, the new middle-level professionalism, how the new middle-level is forging efficient execution, and how the new middle-level team can build high-performance corporate teams.

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