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Under my fat body, a pair of mothers and daughters and their bodies are squatting

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Although the current reluctance to go to Guanyin is rebuilt, the temples, bricks, walls, columns, doors and windows are very new, but here is the earliest place in the temple, which is the Buddhist holy land of Putuo Mountain. Origin, it is worth visiting. Among the four famous Buddhist mountains in China, Mount Emei, Jiuhua Mountain and Wutai Mountain are real mountains, and this Putuo Mountain is actually just an island. Because Zhoushan people like to call the island a mountain, Putuo is called the mountain.

Of course, Mount Putuo can actually be regarded as a mountain standing in the sea. Therefore, it is also known as the Haitian Buddhism, and the scenery of Shanhai Tonghui is quite different from the other three Buddhist mountains. On the Putuo Mountain, I dare not say that I have walked through every place in Mount Putuo, but I am also familiar with this Haitian Buddhism. There are many temples here. The more famous ones are the three major temples of Putuo Mountain: Puji Temple and Law. Yuzen Temple and Huiji Temple on Mount Buddha. In addition, there are three treasures in Putuo Mountain: Duobao Tower, Yangzhi Guanyin Monument and Jiulong Caojing; Sanshi: Vedas, Xinzi and Ergui to listen to the stone; Three holes: Chaoyin Cave, Fanyin Cave, Chaoyang Cave.

Personally think that these are the must-see attractions for visiting or visiting the Putuo Mountain. Chaoyang Cave and Duobao Tower are in Puji Temple Scenic Spot; Jiulong Caojing is in Fayu Temple, Yangzhi Guanyin Monument is in Yangzhitun in Fayu Temple Scenic Spot; Vedas, Second Turtles, and Heart Stone in Xitian Scenic Area; The Zizhulin Temple is not willing to go to the Guanyinyuan. There is also the most famous Nanhai Guanyin statue nearby. Together with the Fanyin Cave Scenic Area and the Huiji Temple Scenic Spot on the Foding Mountain, there is also the Baotuo lecture where the Foding Mountain Cableway is located. Temple and the great South Gate of the sunrise and sunset.

Therefore, Putuoshan is very nervous when it comes to arranging a day's time. If you burn incense and worship Buddha, you can only worship the three major temples and some temples along the way. If you want to visit, you need physical strength to get through the net in one day.

If you have two days, you can easily visit the entire Putuo Mountain. If you have three days, it will be very easy. Last year, Putuoshan came back and built a group of Putuoshan self-help tour, and exchanged accommodation, catering, transportation, attractions, photography guides, anti-slaughter attention and other matters of Putuoshan tourism. I did not expect so many people to go to Putuoshan. A group of thousands of people will be full, and it will help thousands of people to visit Putuo Mountain and worship Buddha Putuo Mountain. I think this should be regarded as a merit.

1 group is full, interested can add 2 groups: 193649532 (only add to Putuoshan worship Buddha or travel two purpose netizens, so please indicate that it is Yilong's netizen, and explain the intention, otherwise refused to pass) .

This is a superb view point, looking southeast, the lotus ocean, Baisha Island, Chaoyang Pavilion, and Fanyin Cave are all in the opposite direction. The south is Guanyin Temple, opposite the Luojia Mountain Island. Many tourists are here to linger. .

Not willing to go to the seaside next to the Guanyinyuan, is the Chaoyin Cave, one of the three caves of Putuo Mountain. The Chaoyin Cave is half-immersed in the sea, the hole is facing the sea, the rocks in the cave are staggered, and the bottom of the cave is open to the sea.

It is shot by the waves every day and night. The tide rushes into the hole. It is like a dragon. It sounds like thunder, so it is called Chaoyin Cave. The 'Chaoyin Cave' of Kangxi Yushu is engraved on the cave wall.

If you are interested, you can come here to listen to the high tide. Zizhulin parking lot can take the tourist bus to Puji Temple, very close, the ticket is only 5 yuan. The cost of the Putuoshan tour bus has been fully increased in 14 years. The ticket is only 5 yuan and 10 yuan. The meaning of 5 yuan is not far away. We chose to walk along the path along the beach and the scenery is good. When the Fanyin Cave came out, it was necessary to go down the cliff from the top of the cliff and go to see the Fanyin Cave.

Only the Van Gogh Cave, which was built on the top of the Fanyin Cave, can be seen. The tourist pier is very stylish. It can be dotted with Xiangshang Island. A bucket of incense ranges from 15 yuan to 100 yuan.

In fact, the so-called root number is a bluff, just look at it, a bucket of incense is almost enough.

If you feel that it is more troublesome in the past, some people think that it is more effective on the Putuoshan Island, then you will come to Putuoshan and ask.

15 yuan a barrel of incense on the Putuo Mountain privately sold for almost 80 yuan, you can also please in the legal circulation next to the temple, the fragrance is very cheap, but there is no barrel, not easy to carry.

Here you can clearly see the Nanhai Guanyin statue standing on the Guanyin Mountain Gate at the southern end of the Shuangfeng Mountain. The forest is lush, with the peaks and the smoothness.

Although we came to the weekend, it was because of the period of the college entrance examination, so there were not many people. It is said that this is the true most off-season of Putuo Mountain in a year. In this case, in fact, people can not be considered less.

The Nantianmen Scenic Area is surrounded by rocks and rocks. There are many stone cliffs in front of the gate. It is said that this place is the place where the Eight Immortals crossed the sea. The Zen ancestor of the Putuo Mountain Zen Master has been married here. It has always attracted many literati pilgrims. Sightseeing wins.

The Baibusha sand is pure, the beach is beautiful, and the scenery is very beautiful. The length of the coastline here can be far more than 100 steps, just to correspond to the thousand steps of sand in the north of Chaoyangdong, so it is called Baibusha because the east is not In the distance is a multi-tower, so it is also called Taqiansha. The scenery here is the most beautiful on the beach of Putuo Mountain. It is highly recommended. It is better not to go to the thousand steps of sand, and don't miss it. The waters of Putuo Mountain are very yellow, probably because it is close to the estuary of the Yangtze River and the Qiantang River. The two rivers carry a large amount of sediment flowing into the East China Sea. The Fanyin Cave is located in the easternmost part of Putuo's Qinggu Base Mountain. The Qinggu Base is inserted into Putuoyang. Here, the cliffs are smashing, the tides are smashing, and the night and night are ringing like a drum. So the locals are also called 'shocking'. . The plaque of 'Haiyue Chaoyin' sums up the scenery and environment here, and the scent of the scent is bright and the sea and the sky outside the courtyard. There is no fame here, but the location is excellent, so the pilgrim is endless. Accommodation and dining on Mount Putuo can't be recommended for everyone, because the price on the island is already high, and the peak season is doubled. When the bed in the Golden Week is in short supply, it is not a problem that doubles twice. Broken farmhouses are the price of a five-star hotel. Even if you don't have a slaughter, your feelings will hurt. I recommend it, you will kill me, why bother?

Zizhulin Temple is facing the sparkling lotus ocean. It is said that this place was the place where Guanyin Bodhisattva lived and practiced. Since the Song Dynasty, Guanyinyan Temple was built here. After several damages and reconstruction, it will become the current Zizhulin Temple. .

The short sacred sacred place is famous for its legendary story of aunt. It used to be called the short aunt, and before the Putuoshan passenger terminal was built, visitors to Putuoshan landed here.

South Tianmen is at the southernmost tip of Mount Putuo. It is actually another island that is solitary into the sea. It is separated from the island by water, but because of the stone bridge, it feels connected with the island. The boat that arrived at Putuoshan began to sell tickets at 6:20 in the morning. It is recommended that everyone go to the island as early as possible for a few days. First, there are fewer people. Even if it is in the peak season, it is not necessary to queue up. Second, it is early and late. You can have more time to play and get fragrant. The place we booked is near the short pier, so we will put down the things in the past to ease the burden. If you play directly, it is recommended that you go to the Zizhulin and Nanhai Guanyin Scenic Spots after you go to the island. Because of the distance, there are attractions such as the short aunt, the coastal archway, the Lushan Wharf and the Nantianmen.

There are two scenic spots in the Fanyin Cave area, such as Gufo Cave and Xianghui Temple. We have never used it. These two places are far apart, especially the ancient Buddha Cave. On the way to the Baotuo Temple, which is the Foding Mountain Cableway, you can go and see if you have good physical strength and plenty of time.

Into the Fanyin Cave, the six-character mantra on the wall above, '唵 呢 叭 叭 叭 叭 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 特别 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六 六In addition to the newly-built bronze statues of the short princes, there are a group of rocks of different sizes and shapes. There are “short-aged monuments”, “Cihang Pudu”, “Buddha Guangming”, “Xiadu Taoyuan” and “ 14 kinds of inscriptions such as “Le Tu” are in the waves of the tides.

There are a lot of people coming to Putuoshan to ask for a child. Here is a summary of the most powerful strategy for Putuoshan.

Ask the couple to go with the husband and wife, I don't think I have to say more.

Temples that must be worshipped by Putuoshan include: Guanyin Guanyin of Guanyin Ancient Cave in Xitian Scenic Area, Goddess of Mercy in the Huiji Temple on Foding Mountain, Yinniang Niangniang, Fanyin Cave of Guanyin Cave and Good Fortune of Shancai Cave The boy, the goddess Guanyin of the Lushan Yuantong Temple and the Guanyin of the Dajue Temple.

1. Guanyin Ancient Cave.

Guanyin Gudong is in the Xitian Scenic Area. If you don't have to take a complete Xitian Scenic Spot, you will not be far from the west side of the pier. The ancient cave is very spiritual, and many of the banners that have succeeded in the quest are hung inside. There are portraits of the goddess of Guanyin on the stone wall.

2, Nanhai Guanyin.

There is a tourist bus to the Zizhulin scenic spot in the dock parking lot. The Zizhulin parking lot is not far from the Nanhai Guanyin, which is 33 meters high. There is a big hall below the big bronze statue. After entering the hall, turn clockwise to the right. On the side door, a portrait of 'Send a Guanyin' is hung on the wall on the left side of the door.

3, Puji Temple.

The Zizhulin parking lot takes the tourist bus to the Puji Temple parking lot.

There are 8 halls and 11 bodhisattvas in Puji Temple. They are the body of Guanyin of the Great Yuantong Temple, seeking peace for the whole family; Wenshu Bodhisattva, seeking wisdom for children; Galan Bodhisattva, seeking for wealth; Samantabhadra, seeking career; the Three Buddhas of the Great Hall (Amitabha, Shighanni Buddha, Pharmacist) Buddha), disaster relief and refuge; the king of the Bodhisattva, the filial piety for the elderly; thousands of hands and thousands of eyes Guanyin, beg for son; Heavenly King Hall Maitreya and Wei Tuo, find peace.

It should be noted here that the first order of visits must be Guanyin Bodhisattva, the last one is Wei Tuo Bodhisattva, and the rest of the Bodhisattvas are in no particular order.

4, Bai Zitang. There is an alley next to the Puji Temple parking lot. The white appearance looks like a western-style courtyard building. The first temple is the Tianhua Temple, not the Baizitang. Walking along the alley, the second one is Baizitang. There are not many people here. When you enter the door, you will see a Buddha, a lot of lovely children in the Buddha. One of the temples behind the main hall of Baizitang, the second temple, went straight to the end, from the next staircase to the second floor, where a statue of Guanyin was given. This building is called 'Send the House.'

But the goddess of Guanyin on the second floor is not open to the public. There are many pennants in the glass. It is said that the goddess Guanyin in this hundred-child hall is also very spiritual. Can you go to see the fate, you can't be strong, if you don't let it in, you can worship outside the door. The goddess of Guanyin in this Baizitang is also very spiritual, but I don’t know why, in the many online raids on the Internet, I didn’t mention this “Baizitang”.

5, Fanyin Cave. Puji Temple parking lot takes the tour bus to the Fanyindong parking lot. After walking down, it is a few steps away from the Fanyin Cave. The Fanyin Cave is below the ladder.

The Sanskrit Cave is the main hall. The door reads the words 'Vatican sounds bright', but the Guanyin is not here, but is hung under the stairs and built in the Pavilion of the Sanctuary. If you have a relationship with Bodhisattva, you can see the Bodhisattva in the valley opposite the Pavilion.

There are two floors in the sacred sacred court. It must be down the steps to the second floor, which is the bottom layer. There is a statue of Guanyin in it.

6. Good Fortune Cave. Shancai Cave is also in the scenic area of ??Fanyin Cave, not far from Fanyin Cave. When you walk, you can go back to the parking lot from there without going back. Shancai Cave is also an ancient cave. The ancient caves are very spiritual. Send the Guanyin on the right hand side behind the main hall. After the worship, you can worship the good money boy next to Shancai Cave and prepare the 100 yuan for the number Geely. The new ticket, rubbing on the stone wall of the cave, staying home to gather wealth. 7. Huiji Temple. Take the tour bus from the Fanyindong parking lot to the Foding Mountain Cableway and take the cableway to the Huiji Temple in Foding Mountain. The main method of the left hand of the Huiji Temple is the Guanyintang, which is dedicated to the Guanyin Bodhisattva and the white jade-in-law who is enshrined on the back. This is the birthing maiden that must be worshipped by Putuo, which is what everyone says. The most effective way to send the niece, no need to pave the way in front of the maiden, sincerely can kneel down on the ground and bow down devoutly. 8. Fayu Temple. Walk down the mountain from Huiji Temple and come to Fayu Temple. In the Fayu Temple, there is a woodcarving statue of Guanyin, which is rarely noticed. In the small hall on the left side of the main hall of Fayu Temple, a woodcarving is given to Guanyin, holding a lotus flower in his arms. A closer look reveals that there is still a child wrapped in the lotus. 9, Luojiashan Dajue Temple. There are 7 temples in the Loka Mountain, most of which are the worship of Yuantong Temple and Dajue Temple. There is only one road here, although not far away, but the mountain road is still very tired to walk.

It is recommended to go straight to the end point to 'enter the door', next to the 'Dajue Temple', first worship the main hall, and then worship the 'send the temple' on the left hand side.

10, Luojiashan Yuantong Temple.

The Yuantong Temple is dedicated to the thousand-handed Guanyin Bodhisattva. It is the main brake of Luojing Mountain. The left side is enshrined with Guanyin Reclining Buddha. In the middle of the temple, there is a pen portrait of Guanyin. This is the tenth and last place in the trip to offer Guanyin.

It’s already dark to Putuo Mountain.

We came to Mount Putuo three times, and we all lived in the Lotus Road in Zhujiajian.

This is the center of Zhujiajian Town. It is quite bustling and the accommodations are concentrated here. I wanted to live in the hotel above the Xiongxian Building of Xiong Brothers who lived in the previous two years, but today is the weekend, because there is no reservation too late, there is no room.

Fortunately, I booked the room of the quiet hotel on the upper floor of the Ayong seafood stall. The Zizhulin is not far from the Guanyin of the South China Sea. There is a viewing platform overlooking the Guanyinyuan and the observation deck overlooking the Luojia Mountain Natural Reclining Buddha. It is very good. 10. Most believers will make a wish if they come to the front of the temple. I don’t know if the Buddha and the Bodhisattva are responsive, and there is a need for it. If we don’t know which Buddha and Bodhisattva we are asking for, then how should the Buddha and Bodhisattva should? Please understand the name of the Buddha and Bodhisattva when you bow down. It is recommended that you burn the incense and worship the Buddha everywhere to show respect. But if you wish, you can choose one or two Buddhas. If you want to make a wish, you must tell the Buddha what name he is, where he was born, when he lives, where he lives, what he wants to do, what he wants after the event, and hope for everyone. Helpful: 'Guanyin Bodhisattva is on, believes in female XXX, was born sometime in a certain month of the year, and now lives in No. XXX, XXX Road, XXX City, please Guanyin Bodhisattva bless me to have a healthy baby in a certain year, if I can do it. XXX also wishes. ” This bay is called Longwan, and the village next to it is Longwan Village. The opposite area should be a resort.

The name of Zizhulin is said to be because the rocks in the mountains are purple-red, and the cypress leaves and bamboo-leaf patterns can be seen in the cross-section, so it is called Zizhulin. It is also said that the descendants planted Zizhu here, so it is called Zizhulin. No matter what the origin, almost no one in the current Zizhulin is looking at stones or bamboo. The waiting hall on the Putuoshan Wharf is very special. It was not decorated like this last year, and it has a very strong Buddhist atmosphere. The main hall of Ciyun Temple is the Yuantong Treasure Hall. The title of the temple is “Haiyue Chaoyin”, which is the book of the late monk Miaoshan old monk.

The temple is dedicated to the statue of Daci and Pessimism. The face is full moon, the kindness is harmonious, the left side is good fortune, the innocence is lively, and the right side is a dragon girl, beautiful and lovely. Although this small brothel is inconspicuous, it has a long history. It was built in the Ming Dynasty. It is thought that this temple built on the sea and built on the cliff stands for a few hundred years beside this short aunt. It is also a vicissitudes of life, and there are countless pilgrims.

This is the legendary Mount Luojia. Looking forward to the Luojia Mountain, it looks like a big Buddha lying peacefully on the vast lotus ocean. The head, neck, chest, abdomen and foot are clearly distinguishable, so it is called 'the big reclining Buddha at sea'.

4, Guanyindong in the Xishan Scenic Area, many people say that they are very effective, and they want to get their sons and seek fame! A Yong's family is very good, the price is clearly marked, the seafood is very fresh, and the food is also very delicious. The time is a bit late, it is simple to have a few dishes, drink some beer, tens of dollars, eat and drink enough, comfortable. We came to Mount Putuo three times and lived in Zhujiajian. First, because Shenjiamen's catering and accommodation prices are relatively high, and the phenomenon of smuggling is relatively strong. Second, Zhujiajian's pier is closer to Mount Putuo, and it is also a beautiful island, and Putuoshan Airport is also in Zhujia. Pointed, it is more convenient to combine here. Moreover, when the weather is not good, all other routes are closed. Only the route to Zhujiajian can finally be navigated if the visibility is slightly better. The Lotus Road of Zhujiajian is the center of Zhujiajian Town. It is quite bustling and busy, and accommodation and dining are concentrated here.

It is recommended that Xiong Brothers Chuan Xianlou and the next Ayong seafood stalls, we have all eaten, the public comment evaluation is very high, the boss is a veteran, Shaanxi, very real, honestly do word-of-mouth. Unlike many restaurants here, they don’t make repeat customers, they rely on running water.

Zhujiajian is also here, especially the location is particularly good, in the most prosperous area of ??the street, the slaughter is particularly powerful.

When you pull the guest, it’s very nice, and the price is cheap. It’s not the same thing to sit down. Eat shellfish, even prawns and shrimps. It’s good to say that if you eat fish, the water will be Deep, it is impossible to not be slaughtered. The bear brothers Chuan Xianlou and Ayong seafood stalls are very good, the price is clearly marked, the seafood is also very fresh, the most important thing is to make the taste is also very good, is to catch up with the weekend, because there are too many repeat customers, but also waiting for this, this point Very unhappy.

We originally wanted to go to the Xiong Brothers first. Because there were too many people at the time, I went to the next Ayong. It was also very good here, so I recommended it together and saved me from advertising.

The two stalls have their own hotel upstairs, can stay, Samsung hotel configuration, although the room is not big, but the sheets are very clean, air conditioning, cable TV, wireless WIFI, 24-hour hot water, key The price is much cheaper, but the room is not much and needs to be booked in advance.

I suggest you plan to play on the island for 2 days. Stay here on the first night, enter the island the next morning, stay here on the third night, stay here on the fourth day, return on the fourth morning, or you can play again. Zhujiajian's Nansha Sand Sculpture Square and the bathing beach, as well as Wushitang and Baisha Guanyin Culture Garden, Zhujiajian scenery is better than Putuo Mountain. Here, you can actually play for 1-2 days, live in Lianhua Road, eat and stay. It is very convenient to play. [DAY2] Putuo Mountain (Nanhai Guanyin / Zizhulin / Fanyin Cave / Fayu Temple) If you are going to take a day trip, you must go to the Luojia Mountain, then take the first class on the Putuo Mountain, then come to 7:00 or At 8:00, the boat will go to the Luojia Mountain, and then come back to Puji Temple, Baotuo Temple, Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple, and finally worship the Nanhai Guanyin and Zizhulin. In that case, you can barely worship the main places. .

Xianghui Temple is not too far away from the tourist bus to come here. There is a small road from Shancai Cave to walk over. After reading, you don’t have to go back to the Fanyindong parking lot and stand by the road. can.

Go to the scheduled farmhouse and put a good thing and walk to the Nanhai Guanyin statue.

When you come to Guanyin in the South China Sea, you will pass by Zizhulin and refuse to go to Guanyinyuan and Chaoyin Cave.

Zizhulin Scenic Area is relatively large, so we will go to Nanhai Guanyin first, and then visit Zizhulin when returning to the parking lot. Although the South China Sea Guanyin statue does not belong to the three major temples, and its location is remote, there are many pilgrims here. This is the most off-season, and it is full of people.

Putuoshan tickets in the off-season 140 yuan, holidays up to 200 yuan, because the off-season is very short, only December and January two months, but also to remove the New Year's Day January 1 and 2, the first day of the Spring Festival to the fifth day, so The general ticket is 160 yuan.

All purchase points can be swiped. There is no discount on online purchase tickets. In the peak season, you are advised to purchase tickets online in advance. With the redemption code in the SMS, you can avoid the queue by picking up the ticket at the consultation counter next to the scenic spot purchase point. The top of the rock is flat, and the natural depression has formed two small water pools, also called lion eyes. There are stone carvings such as “Longhua Conference”, “Shuzhu Nantian” and “Coast of the Coast”. There are also many guests who eat at these two stores. Since they live in Ayong, the boss gives us a discount, so eat it here. The bosses of the two stores are veterans, Shaanxi, very real, and honestly do word-of-mouth. Unlike many restaurants here, they don’t make repeat customers, they rely on running water.

Zizhulin Temple is not big, the temple is triple, only this hall is full of incense, the rest is very quiet, tourists are rare, the third big sad building is dedicated to the heavy white tonnage reclining Buddha imported from Myanmar, very rare . The bear brother is next to Ayong. At night, the boss Xiong Er gave me a parking space in the opposite parking lot. Let me hurry down and park the car. The parking space here is free, but basically it is full, wait. There is a car to stop immediately after entering it. After a few days on Putuoshan, the car will not be moved here. At night, people are finally lost. The Chuanxiang taste of the Xiong Brothers is our favorite. I ordered a few dishes with the boss Xiong Er. I will come back from Putuo Mountain the next night and come back to his house to eat. The short pier and the tourist pier on the Putuoshan Island are very close. It is a few hundred meters away. It is actually the pier for the cruise to Luojia Mountain and the boat to Shenjiamen. 'Journey to the West' has repeatedly described Sun Wukong's enthusiasm for the participation of Guanyin. The name of Chaoyin Cave is actually a pun, on the one hand, because the caves are swallowing the tides of the sea and the night, and the sound is like a thunder; on the other hand, the 'tidal tone' is used as a metaphor. 'Buddha', the mouth and the waves are endless, the sound is like Guanyin, and it is like a thousand chanting.

It is said that most of the pilgrims who came to Mount Putuo in the Song and Yuan Dynasties would come to the Chaoyin Cave to ask the Bodhisattva to appear and bless, and after the Ming Dynasty, most of them went to the Fanyin Cave to ask for Guanyin Da Shi.

There is also a Western Jingyuan next to the Guanyin statue in the South China Sea. There is a Guanyin jump in it. It is also a holy place to visit the Putuo Mountain, but we are not repairing when we go there.

Zhujiajianyu Pier to Putuoshan ticket is 25 yuan. Basically, you don't have to think about time, buy a ticket to check the ticket, then enter the dock and board the boat, and you can leave soon. Putuo Mountain is the dojo of Guanyin in the South China Sea. To pay attention to the MM of Putuo Mountain, the following are some places where the child must go: After the Five Dynasties, Liang Shuming two years, the Japanese monk Hui Min from the Wutai Mountain, please take the Guanyin image, returning to the country This wind was blocked, as if the Guanyin image refused to leave, so I had to leave the Guanyin image here.

【DAY1】After the Zhujiajian (arrival) Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge is repaired, it is really indescribable to drive from Ningbo to Zhoushan Island directly from Ningbo. It is a pity that I have come three times and walked 6 趟 Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge. I am in a hurry and missed the viewing platform. I am particularly sorry. There must be plenty of time next time, and the observation deck here should be able to see a rare view. Next to Baibusha is the Puji Temple parking lot, take the tourist bus to the Fanyindong Scenic Area. Located in the northeast corner of Putuo Mountain, Fanyin Cave is a peninsula-like area. It is the most remote scenic spot in Putuo Mountain. The tour bus stops early and the temple gate is closed early.

Fanyin Cave and Shancai Cave are closed at 17:00, so don't put this place on the last tour, try to get ahead of time.

Soon arrived at Putuoshan Pier.

Everyone should pay attention to the beginning of the eight-point tour is the peak time of the tour group into the island. At this time, catch up with the platoon, and the island is basically noon. At least 10:30, the vegetarian restaurant in the temple can't catch up.

Ceremony of the Buddha. Entering the Putuo Mountain, you must first worship the Nanhai Guanyin.

2 Going to Mount Putuo must go to the Loka Mountain, not to the Loka Mountain, and Putuo Mountain is only halfway.

(To the boat in the Loggia Mountains, pay 10 more to stand on the deck). 3 The left hand is fragrant, because the right hand kills. 4 虔 烧 burning incense, three scent of each temple is enough.

The 5-span threshold is male left and right. 6 burn incense generally go to the door to worship Maitreya, and finally go out to worship the Vedic Buddha. 7 When your hands are together, put them on your chest. Don't put it in front of your mouth.

When you are worshipping, your fingers are close together, don't miss your money, your palms are facing up, and you receive Buddha light.

8 If you ask for a child, the couple will go together.

9 Many temples have lotus lanes. Every other distance, there is a lotus flower. Each lotus flower is different. The distance between lotus and lotus flower is exactly the distance between three steps and one dagger. It is dedicated to sincerity. A three-step, one-boiled pilgrim.

10 Wishes to be successful, remember to return. A few steps after the parking of the Fanyin Cave parking lot is the Fanyin Cave, and the Fanyin Cave is below the ladder. The Fanyin Cave is the main hall. The door reads the words 'Vatican Sounds and Bright'. Although it is the most remote temple in Putuo Mountain, it is like a cigarette, and the voice is full of people.

I refused to go to the Guanyin Academy. It is part of the Zizhulin Buddhist Temple. The yellow low wall is surrounded by three pristine Buddhist temples.

There is a small temple in Nantianmen, called Daguanpeng, which is dedicated to the white jade drifting sea Guanyin icon.

The rock near the temple is very interesting, and you can climb the rock top along the stone level. The place where the sacred sac is located stands on the cliff. There is a stone platform between the steep walls of the waist at the top of the cliff. The sacred pavilion on the stage can be seen in front of the sea. At the southeastern end of the Qinggu Mountain, a large cave is formed. The rock that is closed is like an axe. It is about 60 meters high and about 50 meters deep. The cliff is dangerous and the cliffs on both sides form a door. This is the Fanyin Cave. Guanyin statues are made of new imitation gold and copper. Now it has become the famous human landscape of Putuo Mountain and has become a symbol of Haitian Buddhism.

Since the Tang Dynasty Japanese monk Hui and the Silla merchants stayed at the Chaoyin Cave side, it has always been regarded as the birthplace of the Haitian Buddhism. Every year, thousands of people come from Japan, South Korea and overseas. Tourists come to worship. The quiet hotel room is small, but clean and tidy, the configuration of the Samsung hotel, air conditioning, cable TV, wireless WIFI, 24-hour hot water, the key is the price compared to the island, but it is much cheaper. The rooms of Xiong Brothers and Ayong are very few. They mainly do catering. The rooms are only for the convenience of the old customers, so they need to book in advance.

The hill head where Nantianmen is located is called Nanshan. It is at the southernmost tip of Mount Putuo, and it is hanging in the sea and the head of the short aunt. The place here is not to be famous for Guanyin Temple. The Chaoyin Cave is sacred and the scenery is wide and beautiful. Therefore, tourists are like clouds and cigarettes. It is one of the most popular spots in Putuo Mountain.

In fact, I chose to walk by the sea, just to see the beautiful Baibusha in front. I remember that I can still go there when I came last year. Now I don’t know why I stopped.

Nantianmen is not far from the short pier, which is a place you can't miss when you come to Putuo Mountain. Because Nantianmen was very close to the residence, I was prepared to come over during the day and watch the sunset at night, but then I thought I would be lazy in the evening. Since it is not far away, let’s take a look.

The scenery along the way is good. This small island of reef is called the coastal island and is very beautiful.

Opposite the Zizhulin Buddhist Temple, the unique shape of the reef extends into the sea like a fairyland. Here is the legendary reluctance to go to the Guanyinyuan. Her name and legend are very interesting, especially for the first time to come to Mount Putuo. Always attracted to find out.

The beach here is called Golden Beach. Although there is no one in Baibusha and Qianbusha, it is in this quiet harbor and attracts many tourists.

When I first went to Putuo Mountain a few years ago, I passed by Qiandao Lake. On the cruise ship of Qiandao Lake, I met a charming Hangzhou man, and we said that Putuoshan had to go at least three times because of the special efficacies.

At that time, I didn’t think so. I didn’t expect to come to Putuo Mountain for the third time.

The first wish was fulfilled, and the second time I came back, and the second time I made a wish again, so I came back for the third time.

This time I didn't dare to make another wish. I didn't want to come. It was because Putuo Mountain was too far away.

In this era of lack of faith, people have become very utilitarian, and the wishes they make are also very practical. In fact, faith and unbelief, sincerity and dishonesty, spirit and incompetence, are in everyone's heart, in each person's own opinion, without thinking about what others think.

It is also a matter of good faith to reluctantly, because when you make a wish, you know that you have come to fulfill your wish, so come again, it is not related to faith, but also the minimum credibility of being a human being.

So, no matter whether you believe or not, don’t make a wish. Wishing around may not be too laborious, but it is a big problem, but you don't remember where you want to make it. Of course, you don't know where to go. In the end, you have to have a burden and how bad it is.

When I went to Yunnan, I saw the newly-built Chongsheng Temple. Now I have upgraded to a 5A-level scenic spot. The tour guide took the tour group tourists to burn incense. It was declared in advance that it was very effective, and the wish would not have to come back.

This is nothing more than a reassuring amount of money. I am very surprised. If you don’t want to use it, even if you don’t choose the one who asks God to worship Buddha, then the Buddhas who worshiped us have the final say. You will be the guide when you are a guide. How old are you? On the top of the Chaoyin Cave is a large group of reefs. Next to the lotus pavilion, it is a good place for tourists to take pictures. On the Chaoyin Cave, the Tushi Bridge next to the Pavilion, you can watch the Chaoyin on the bridge. Panorama of the cave.

Putuo Mountain is the dojo of Guanyin Bodhisattva. The Guanyin belief of “Thousands of places pray for thousands of places, and bitter seas often make people to ride people” is well known in the Chinese nation and has far-reaching influence.

Zizhulin does not have tickets. It is very large and has many attractions. Zizhulin Temple, refused to go to Guanyinyuan and Chaoyin Cave, and overlooking the Lotus Buddha and Luojia Mountain Sleeping Buddha, whether it is tourism Still worshipping Buddha, it is a place that cannot be missed.

The round-trip price is inside. If you are a seasick person, take some medicine or get on the boat early, sit on the first floor, or go down one layer. It is estimated that you are dizzy. I can't eat the first floor. After getting off the boat, there is only one road. Ask the parents of the children to walk along the road to the last temple, Daju Temple, so as to avoid the peak of the flow of people, because with the flow of the side, when you go to the end, you basically On the top is to line up the fragrant hoe, this point got back when I went back, because I have not many people to go near. There were two pairs of lotus lights left before, and they were burned and placed on the stone steps. The staff in the temple was very good. After helping me to order, I collected the candle that they had been fragrant. My pair of lotus lights, so the basics of coming back to visit are all fragrant on these two lights, for me to accumulate a lot of good, point to the worship of the main hall Bodhisattva, the left side of the temple, worship Because this is the last stop today, when you are in front of the Goddess of Mercy, the tears will come up. Once you feel that you have finally wanted to go to Putuoluga for many years, you will remember the hardships on the road for many years. Pain, I sincerely pray that the bodhisattva bless the same sisters as me, and I can ask for success as soon as possible, and get rid of the pain of asking for help. It is difficult for people who have not experienced it to understand the pain. The South has no big compassion and pessimism. Jue Chanyuan, look at the sea view to the left, stand in front of Lingshi, you can go back and there is a quiet temple next to the head of the short aunt, called Ciyun Temple, also called Ciyun, named 'Tsz The meaning of 'Falun rain, Buddha and Japan'

The Buddha statue is topped by Amitabha, the left hand is tofaun, the right hand is fearless, and the wonderful and kind, which reflects the Guanyin Bodhisattva, 'the eyes of all beings, the swearing of the sea.'

Zhujiajian also has a smuggler here, especially the location is particularly good, in the most prosperous area of ??the street, the smuggler is particularly powerful.

When you pull the guest, it’s very nice, and the price is cheap. It’s not the same thing to sit down. Eat shellfish, even prawns and shrimps. It’s good to say that if you eat fish, the water will be Deep, it is impossible to not be slaughtered.

The photo here is not too high, but it is still very difficult to climb up and down. It’s too much to be tired of a lot of aunts who burn incense and worship Buddha.

Get up early and take a taxi from your accommodation to the pier at Zhujiajian. The car stops at the free parking lot opposite the Xiong Brothers.

The parking fee for the terminal is 48 yuan a day. It is not worthwhile.


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