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Lt; / brgt; 'Hey!', while Lohan fell fiercely, the typhoon also stood up and clenched the fist of the Kirin arm

'News 1+1' - Tuberculosis in Taojiang: Controllable, why is it out of control? (Program Guide) Commentary: A cluster of tuberculosis epidemics occurred in the Fourth Middle School of Taojiang County, Hunan Province.

Wang Jianguo, deputy head of the People's Government of Taojiang County, Hunan Province: A total of 72 students were treated and managed. 50 students have reached the standard of returning to school. The remaining 22 students are regularly reviewed. Once they reach the relevant standards, they can return to school.

Commentary: There were cases in January, why did the epidemic report be notified in August? Huang Zhigang, director of the Education Bureau of Taojiang County, Hunan Province: The (Miaojiang County) Commission for Discipline Inspection has already opened a case investigation. If the teacher, class teacher or principal of the Fourth School is found to have dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty at work, it will be announced to the public and the media. Commentary: What kind of reality is exposed to a public health incident? Students with tuberculosis in Hunan: Others will look at them with a different look. They will also say that they are farther away from them. They are tuberculosis classes.

Commentary: 'News 1+1' today's concern: Taojiang tuberculosis epidemic situation, controllable, why is it out of control? Commentator Bai Yansong: Hello viewers, welcome to the live news of 'News 1+1'.

These two days, the media and many other publics are paying attention to a news report about the outbreak of tuberculosis in Taojiang, Hunan. Why should we use the outbreak because we know that 29 cases of tuberculosis have been diagnosed in this school? There are 5 cases. For many viewers who are already indifferent to tuberculosis and do not even understand the situation, 29 cases are concepts, which may not be clear. Right, if you reach 10 cases, you can say that the outbreak has broken out. To this extent, 29 cases were diagnosed, and there are still 5 suspects, which of course is already very serious.

But the news is more serious than it is very serious. At 6:30 this evening, the Hunan Provincial Health Planning Commission reported on the official website that a confirmed case of tuberculosis was also found in another school in Taojiang. 8 cases.

We can look at this data. On October 12 this year, a case of tuberculosis was found in the Taojiang County Vocational Secondary School. After tracking and screening for close contacts, it was November 19th. A total of 8 confirmed cases of tuberculosis were found in the school. That is to say, there are 37 cases diagnosed in the two schools in Taojiang, and there are 5 cases suspected.

Then this kind of badness is reflected in the fact that we can still imagine that the outbreak of the epidemic was in a relatively closed space, a school, but this relatively closed space was opened. Please note that this is contagious. Will the disease be repeated again and again, and then will it be repeated again? How to prevent and control? Our reporter is now interviewing this matter, and immediately connected him, CCTV reporter Han Yong.

(Telephone connection) Bai Yansong: Hello Han Yong.

CCTV reporter Han Yong: Hello Yan Song.

Bai Yansong: First of all, I know that when you come back today to report on the tuberculosis epidemic in the fourth, I suddenly heard that another school found the epidemic. You went back and interviewed the newly diagnosed cases of these 8 cases. And there was a second one, and now their situation is so good, and quickly introduce the audience to friends.

Han Yong: This is the case. After I learned from the Propaganda Department of the local Taojiang County Committee, after the provincial first-level health planning committee confirmed, 8 cases of tuberculosis have occurred in the Taojiang County vocational secondary school. These 8 cases have been diagnosed. After the outbreak, the health department of Taojiang County has already carried out active disposal. All the sick students have been absent from school and are receiving active treatment. The local health department has also conducted a large-scale screening of the school.

Bai Yansong: Han Yong, a core issue is, just now I said, you can still imagine that it was only in a closed space of a school, but now there is a second school, how far apart they are, this Is contagious there is a correlation between them? Han Yong: There is no connection between the two, and it is still not confirmed at the moment.

Why, the distance between the two schools is about 40 kilometers, one in the country, one in the suburbs, can not be ruled out now, can not explain the relationship between the two schools, because one is a The full-time high school, the other is a vocational secondary school, the nature of the two schools is different, the student's student source is not the same as the way of studying. Bai Yansong: The next question, there are two schools now, the situation becomes as bad as multiplication, because it is a contagious disease after all, then what to do next in the county, whether to do more Area screening? Han Yong: Yes, the screening of a larger area has already started in the middle of Taojiang. In the large area of ??the county, each school has been checked and screened one by one. Is there any such situation because tuberculosis has An incubation period, so the screening time will be long and there will be a period of time.

Bai Yansong: Ok, thank you very much for the report that Han Yong brought us in front. Of course, I can't immediately find evidence to prove that there is a relationship between the two schools, because it is 40 kilometers apart, but don't forget, SARS Guangdong and Beijing are separated by more than a thousand kilometers. It is only necessary to have one person and another person contagious. This may bring about such a situation, so it is neither certain, but it must not be denied. And a wide range of screening, so what is needed now is to be eager to wait and be very alert, and to do a lot of things immediately, then we have to return to the fourth of Taojiang.

(Playing a short video) Commentary: At 8:30 last night, Taojiang County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province, this is a local epidemic of tuberculosis, and was first reported by the media for the first four days. 29 cases were diagnosed, 3 cases have been cured, 5 cases have been suspected, and 38 students have taken preventive medications, 9 of whom were treated in the field. This is the latest epidemic as of November 16.

Wang Lixia, director of the Center for Tuberculosis Prevention and Control of China CDC: From the technical point of view, we at least put the numbers on each link. Now the media reports that our data is not right. We have too many concepts, and we will diagnose them for a while. Suspected, preventive treatment, there is a cure for a while, so we think we must grasp the most basic information of this data. Wang Jianguo, deputy head of the Taojiang County People's Government: A total of 72 students were treated and managed. 50 students have reached the standard of returning to school. The remaining 22 students are regularly reviewed. Once they meet the relevant standards, they can return to school. Commentary: Today, the president of Taojiang No. 4 Middle School told reporters that 50 students who have reached the standard of returning to school have all returned to school. However, the teaching method has also been adjusted. Telephone interview with Yang Yu, the president of Taojiang No. 4 Middle School: There are 50 (sick students) in front, distributed to large classes, and 28 small classes (sick students). Interpretation: The school has also developed different learning programs for the actual situation and personal wishes of the students in the rehabilitation stage. Wang Jianguo: For the homeless network, no computer home treatment, the family installation network, equipped with computers, and the backbone teachers to provide counseling, to ensure that the sick students are treated and learn correctly, during the treatment period, through the door-to-door and WeChat, telephone contact, etc. Appease the emotions of sick students. Commentary: After the outbreak, on November 17, experts from the National Center for Disease Control and Beijing Chest Hospital went to the local site for on-site guidance. On the afternoon of November 18th, experts from the National Health and Family Planning Commission also arrived at Taojiang to supervise and guide.

As for the cost of treatment, yesterday’s press conference mentioned that after all the outpatient and inpatient treatment costs of the students were reimbursed according to the medical insurance policy, the rest will be settled by the county government.

In addition to this, strengthen popular science propaganda, strictly control the spread of the epidemic; release information in a timely manner, respond to social concerns; and infer against the occurrence of similar situations, at the press conference last night, the relevant person in charge mentioned There is still a lot of work in one step.

However, at 6:30 tonight, the Hunan Provincial Health Planning Commission issued the latest notification, and another school entered the public eye and strictly controlled the epidemic. News broadcast: On October 12 this year, the Taojiang County Center for Disease Control and Prevention discovered a case of tuberculosis confirmed in Taojiang County Vocational Secondary School. It was actively tracked and screened by close contacts. As of November 19, 2017, it was found. There were 8 confirmed cases of tuberculosis in the school. Bai Yansong: Actually, the Ministry of Education clearly stipulates that when a school finds two patients with tuberculosis, you have to report it. In three cases, you should rise to a new level, but don't forget, Taojiang No. 4 is 29 cases were diagnosed in such a situation.

Even before the experts in front, you see no, first of all, you must first make sure that these numbers are for me to understand, too chaotic, diagnosed, suspected, cured, etc. We need a clear number. There is no dereliction of duty behind the runaway. In the end, there will be a result of the investigation, but there will be dereliction of duty behind the loss of control, because if you don’t know or are not alert enough, the spread becomes such a big number, which itself has caused people to worry, let alone Today, the second school found news of 8 confirmed cases of tuberculosis.

Next, immediately connect the experts, the chairman of the China National Defense Association School and Children's Tuberculosis Branch, Lu Shuhua, director of the Tuberculosis Research Center of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.

(Telephone connection) Bai Yansong: Hello Director Lu.

Lu Shuihua: Hello. Bai Yansong: First of all, you heard that, in Taojiang, a secondary school confirmed 29 cases. At 6:30 this evening, another vocational secondary school in this county found 8 cases confirmed. You are from an expert's point of view. What will be immediately thought of, this is not a terrible change.

Lu Shuihua: Yes, I think there are more than 10 cases of tuberculosis in a school. It is a public health incident. If you are in another school, we will definitely judge whether the school and another school have tuberculosis. This is the first question I think of. Of course, we will also conduct investigations. We will always pay attention to the investigation. However, from the perspective of investigation, we must first use genetic polymorphism to map the spread of these patients with bacterial positives. It is the truth that helps to understand the facts, the truth of the spread, and the control of the epidemic, and our country now has the ability to map its spread of genetic polymorphism.

Bai Yansong: Yes, it is such a road map that will know how this correlation is, how it developed, right.

Lu Shuihua: Right.

Bai Yansong: The next important thing is that there are already two schools in the same county. Although they are not very close, they may reach 40 kilometers, but then do you want to do more in the county? Large-scale screening? Lu Shuihua: If screening, for the first screening of close contacts, this must be done. In the process of screening, as long as the patient is positive, screening is required, but there is a situation where some people are screening for the first time. It may be negative when checking, and it should be screened again from two to three months from the perspective of time. Bai Yansong: Director Lu, are you saying that there is a kind of sentence that makes us ordinary people worry, but I don’t understand it for a while, that is to say, it has a certain incubation period. You may not find it when you check it now. But it does not mean that it does not happen after one or two months. Lu Shuihua: This is the meaning that some people cannot find out using existing testing methods.

If you are screening after two to three months, we will see if he is infected, whether it is ill or not. If you want to do more tests, you should use chest X-rays, check-ups, etc. In order to see if he is ill, infection and morbidity are not the same concept.

Bai Yansong: Director Lu, also ask a question. In the same county, the number of cases that have been clearly diagnosed has reached 37, and 5 cases are suspect. What kind of scale is this? How to pay attention to it? Lu Shuihua: This is obviously a public health emergency of tuberculosis. Just now you have emphasized that more than 10 cases are a sudden public health incident. This should attract the attention of the whole society. I know that the degree of attention is also great, but we are under I have to take some measures in one step. I have just mentioned the screening of close contacts and found that more people with latent infections, or whether more patients will be discovered, and we need to use some of the current science. The means of judging the road map between these people, so that the problem can be solved. Bai Yansong: When it has already attracted enough attention, including when the media is also very transparent and open to report, does it still have people who are not so worried, is it controllable? Lu Shuihua: The controllability of tuberculosis to the present, from the technical means, from the management of the means is still a controllable disease, but this disease obviously has some problems, that is, some early cases have not been found, This will spread more people and lead to panic in society. I think this is a problem worthy of attention.

Bai Yansong: Ok, I will continue to ask you questions later. Next, we will pay attention to the case of tuberculosis in the middle school. He may take the university next year, including the situation of learning may be affected, etc. Next we continue to pay attention. (Playing a short film 2) Commentary: The case that existed in January, why did the epidemic notification not be carried out until August? What have the relevant departments been doing for half a year? Huang Zhigang, director of the Education Bureau of Taojiang County, Hunan Province: Our Education Bureau received a telephone call from the County CDC on August 3, and informed the case of suspected tuberculosis in Taojiang No. 4, and immediately notified the situation to the Fourth Middle School and sent an education. The comrades in charge of this work, together with the Guardian Department, immediately verified the situation and conducted an investigation. According to the reply from Taojiang No. 4 Middle School and after the investigation, we learned that the school did not know about the situation of tuberculosis, and (the reporter mentioned) these things are now under investigation.

Commentary: In the interview, another detail is worth investigating. Sick students: Some students are not mistakenly diagnosed with lung cancer. Then we are more worried. We said that we have to go to Changsha for inspection. Our students have to go to Changsha for examination, but the school has cut off the bus company and what taxi company. Our students are in the car, they don't take it. And the teacher also took the school leaders to intercept us halfway. Huang Zhigang: Our county disciplinary committee has already opened a case investigation. If there are further situations, it will be announced to the society and the media.

Commentary: In this public health medical incident that has been focused on public opinion, students, schools, and relevant government departments have concealed the epidemic? What do the parties think about the problems of the students in their bodies? Yi Yuexin, head teacher of 364 class in Hunan Taojiang No. 4 Middle School: Most parents think that the most serious is pneumonia. The general is cold, or stomach disease, or gastrointestinal disease. This is the case.

Reporter: You have not paid attention to it. Yi Yuexin: Of course, I thought it was a cold. It seems that we are not strange in our rural areas. These things have not seen a cold on the line. We have not considered these things if we want to move the public.

Commentary: On August 19th, the Taojiang County Government decided to initiate an emergency response plan for public health emergencies at the county level.

However, some students said that even after this, they still did not know that there was a tuberculosis epidemic in the class and the school did not announce it. Reporter: Before (August 19th), did the teacher tell you that there is tuberculosis in the class? Sick student: No, it was after the massive outbreak. Reporter: The student told me this way. He said that there is no publicity in the school. There is no reminder. He does not even know that there is already tuberculosis in the class.

Yang Yu: This publicity is not publicized in the public notice column. It is really not publicized. Reporter: For what kind of considerations, did not remind students that there is no publicity? Yang Yu: It is reminded that it is reminded by the class teacher that every class, for example, after screening, our high school is found here, in which it is very light, if I say it all, Not very good, I passed the class level one level to the next.

Commentary: Before July 26, there were already six Taojiang four middle school students going to the CDC for medical treatment. Why did the Taojiang County CDC have had no action before? Wang Jianguo: One is that there is no traceability. At that time, they concealed their identity, so they did not attract the attention of the disease control department.

Commentary: Wang Jianguo, deputy head of the county, said that Taojiang County’s daily knowledge of health defense and disease prevention are all daily education in schools. Every year, the theme class meeting, health class has such content, but in such an event Later, she also said that there is a lack of school and education departments.

Wang Jianguo: The students are still on leave, if you are on leave, if you follow the cause of the leave, then we must take the initiative.

(Telephone connection) Bai Yansong: Next, continue to connect with Director Lu. You see this in the first case in Taojiang. In January, the students in the third year were diagnosed as workers, and later there were five. The name is also diagnosed as a worker or a farmer, which is very intriguing. Let go and say, when you usually work, do you think that the society does not know, or deliberately do not know, or other factors may appear in this early stage without good prevention and control.

Lu Shuihua: There is no prevention and control in the early stage. Many times we find that there is a possibility of infection between cases. Many people do not report to the school regularly, and then they will continue to receive treatment. At the same time, they will have a lot of classes. Many people, this is a phenomenon we often find. This should be strictly avoided. The whole society or the population is not enough to understand the contagiousness of tuberculosis. Sometimes I often hear people say that tuberculosis is not a lung disease, how? It will be contagious. Everyone knows enough, so it often leads to these people directly participating in social activities and attending classes, leading to more people being infected.

Bai Yansong: But according to what you know, in fact, in the past few years, everyone thought that tuberculosis, if you take some medicine, is it finished, just fine, now whether it has some kind of effect that should cause the whole society to be alert, the current occurrence of Taojiang This kind of thing is of course bad, but can it make the society attach great importance to this matter? Lu Shuihua: With the decline of tuberculosis epidemic, in fact, the social and public harm to tuberculosis is relaxed. I have already said that some people say that the infectious knowledge of tuberculosis is not enough. We know that tuberculosis is still a serious disease that harms humanity. A healthy disease, the World Health Organization said on the official website, tuberculosis is still one of the biggest causes of death in the world. Last year, more than 1.7 million people died of tuberculosis, and the harm of tuberculosis is still very serious.

Bai Yansong: Ok, I hope that your reminder will be a process of increasing emphasis. Next, I heard an interview with the local deputy magistrate about the outbreak of tuberculosis in the second campus. (Playing the same period) Wang Jianguo: This is the case. Our Taojiang Vocational Secondary School is located in the suburb of the county town. Taojiang No. 4 Middle School is located in the town of Gray Mountain Port in Taojiang County. The two schools are nearly 40 kilometers apart. There is no close contact between students and students. We feel that there is no direct causal relationship between the two epidemics. The treatment of 8 patients is like this. One patient was hospitalized in Xinshi Hospital in Changsha, and the other seven were taking medicine at Taojiang home. They were not particularly heavy, and the condition was stable. Our other schools will strengthen daily monitoring, strengthen morning inspections, and strengthen the tracking of the cause of leave. Bai Yansong: In fact, everyone knows that in order to deal with this contagious epidemic, on the one hand, it must be open and transparent. On the other hand, we must maintain sufficient attention. It is better to pay too much attention and be more contemptuous than everyone. In the end, it will be much better. Of course, here we have to bless the 16-year-old children who have had tuberculosis to restore their health as soon as possible, without affecting their college entrance examination and without affecting their lives.

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