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This is the old saying that you two people are going to change it privately

1. Coffee is taste, mellow and sensation.

Indulge your mood and scent your coffee and smell it with a breath of coffee. 2, in a hungry desert, if there is a cup of hot coffee, it is a charcoal in the snow! It’s seductive and full of love! 3, love, is a misunderstanding, a little more dangerous than caffeine. 4, sometimes coffee is something that people can't figure out, but you will be tasted by coffee, so that you can't stand it. Haha.

Beauty! 5, we hurriedly, and occasionally look at the brown memories, so that forgetting the brown color is a lie, and the confusing opening of Tibetan sea flowers. 6, coffee, and fragrant and strong, but some people, even a cup can not enter the throat.

I think that everything can get used to it, coffee or love.

7, love is not like drinking beer, there is a big table, love should be like drinking coffee, a person quietly taste in the corner. 8, love is like a cup of delicious coffee, marriage is the coffee cup of coffee residue. 9, more envious of the gaze in the street cafe, only a flash, they feel that the sun and the moon are long, the mountains and rivers are innocent.

10, the road to life is just that! Why is it so hard? Just like a cup of coffee! After drinking it, it will be over! Whether it is bitter or sweet, it disappears with the wind in an instant! Take it easy! Don't let life be bitter! 11. After ten years, you can look at the present things from the current point of view, and you will find that maybe ten years later, you don’t care about these things at all.

12, coffee plus whiskey is fragrant, with a bit of wine, not spicy, taste just good \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; do not know how to describe, you have to taste. 13. When a cup of coffee can match your mood, that is the magic of coffee! Coffee can play its unique magic, combined with love, there is no magic to exist! With the mood, I feel that I am mentally minded at this time! 14, drunk, but I prefer cappuccino, the taste is really \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; wonderful, but not all people like it. 15. The cake is very fragrant, the coffee is very sweet, there is no earthquake here, and it is really good to live. 16, coffee, bitter and sweet, I don't know which one can express coffee.

Some things go naturally better! 17, the real Blue Mountain, because it is worth the price, coupled with the confusing and confusing of true and false, it has caused the curiosity of countless people! 18, the person who opened the magic key, as if there is nothing to appear, leave, countless, is not the coffee magic key can not be opened casually? 19. TV is not a real life. In real life, people actually have to leave the coffee house to do their work.

20, irritability always has to pass, everything will be attributed to peace. And sometimes I just want to stay with coffee.

Because it gives me a safe fragrance. 21, coffee \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; you are talking about the coffee in the bookstore today? Really good, but also my favorite is to sit at the computer and read a book while drinking coffee.

22, Where is the genius, I am using the coffee for others to work on the job. 23, I think, when it is time to livelihood, open a cafe, put a bookcase, there is warm sun, people can sit a cup of coffee and sit quietly reading. 24, coffee is very easy to be affected by time, people are the same, do not need to worry. 25, sometimes coffee is something that people can't figure out. You can be tasted by coffee, and you can't stand it until you can't stand it.

26, interested in wanting to know the taste of Irish coffee, may wish to try.

I have never drunk.

27, the bitterness and sweetness of coffee, is entirely in the drink. 28, I use coffee pull flowers to pull out the white line to cook a cup of love, your side face formed a miss on the surface of the coffee to form nostalgia. 29, sometimes like to drink bitter coffee, because it is like life. Right~ Life is bitter, memories are sweet! I am depressed.

30, good or bad mood, under the lamp, a pen, a mood, a cup of fragrant coffee, a calm and peaceful heart, perhaps this is life. 31. The coffee is scattered and fragrant, leaving me with bitterness. 32. Summer is a happy season! Ice coffee is the first choice! Ice coffee and hot coffee are different. Oh, of course it is cold and hot.

Relatively speaking, iced coffee has no hot coffee! 33. Basically, all people drink coffee to make themselves awake. Only I drink coffee to get a better sleep.

34. People will meet about 3 million people in their lifetime. The probability of two people falling in love is 0, 000,049, so you don't love me, I don't blame you, I don't blame this cafe.

35. I think the best thing is that I wrote my wishes in the message book in the afternoon cafe. You will come to this coffee shop one day, see my wishes, have you. 36. Don't think of opening a coffee shop as an entrepreneur. As an investment, don't expect to open up a coffee shop to complete the original accumulation. Opening a cafe is just a way of life. 37, God, you ditch my \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; I most want to sit and drink a fragrant coffee book, wow, too good, people with conditions can try coffee. 38, coffee does not add sugar, a touch of bitterness is its original taste. A cup of coffee with sugar, but lost the original innocence.

39, I like coffee, just want to use the bitterness of coffee to cover up the inner suffering. 40, ah, it’s time to sleep, drink two cups of coffee. After listening to the mental breakdown. 41. Do you know? A cup of cappuccino in the winter morning, like the warmth and good memories of life \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; Hey, I can only drink regular coffee.

42. Drink a cup of bitter coffee in order to meet life. 43. I always like coffee without sugar. Today, I found out that the unsweetened coffee is bitter. 44, coffee is coffee, no matter how much sugar is put, there will still be a bit of bitterness.

45, take a deep breath, add oxygen, courage, and the fragrance of coffee. 46. ??In fact, real coffee is a kind of mood and a taste.

47, you are my red potion, he is just a cup of black coffee. You will ask me if I am tired, but he can't sleep. 48. The magic of coffee is so great. Do you need a lot of thought and strength to open it? Maybe you don't need to measure, just feel it! 49, coffee is coffee, love is love. Pure things are the most natural, and you can't realize the true meaning without being artificial.

50, time control people's emotional memories, coffee can be refreshing! right? 51, coffee needs mood mood, life tempering, you can taste the essence of coffee color coffee and the secret of coffee! 52, coffee, and fragrant and strong, but some people, even a cup can not enter the throat.

I think that everything can get used to it, coffee, love 53, a cup of coffee at the beginning, drop half a cup, fill up with water, then pour \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; recurring, and finally, only It is a glass of water, not coffee. 54. Drink self-grinding coffee, taste its bitterness, chew coffee granules, smell the unique smell, look at the white clouds and dogs outside the window, life is just like that. 55. Taste the bitter coffee in the cafe, look at the flow of people outside the window, and suddenly feel that you are superfluous.

56. In the cafe, always in the mood to master the time, drink a cup of coffee, it can be ten minutes, or an afternoon. 57, coffee bitter and sweet, not how to stir, but whether to put sugar; a pain, not how to forget, but whether there is courage to start again.

58, Yunnan small coffee, gentle and mellow is not on the head.

59. Drinking coffee before is like the bitterness of it. Now I feel that it is not enough.

60. Don't be sorry, some things have been decided at the beginning, and efforts are useless. 61. Isn't our night of darkness tonight? But we drink coffee in a toy store, or it is instant. Is this the so-called coffee? 62, so many days, the coffee shop's coffee beans are so hard that they can't tell the way home. 63. There is a fairy tale in the coffee shop, and I met him again. 64, rainy days, drink coffee, in the coffee shop, across the glass, see the world outside! Drink the long-awaited aromatic coffee! 65, the end, and release the temperament and feelings of coffee, it slipped, a little nosed coffee scent coming in the wind! 66, will you suddenly appear in the corner of the coffee shop. 67, like coffee, because that mood \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; can not tell the unknown. 68, sweet if love, bitter if life, black if death, this is a cup of coffee in life.

69, spring, hand-held coffee that you expect very much symbolizes a new beginning, new life, new life, will come to you! 70, coffee is coffee after all, even if put more sugar, it can not cover its faint bitterness.

71. I like to connect coffee and love together. I hope that I will have a friend who can drink coffee and read music with me in the future.

72, European cafes, Americans can say that they are aristocratic widows, but in the cafes of American towns, Europeans can say that they are big fat girls in the country.

73. When you are not there, I will drink strong coffee, and drinking espresso is poisoning for me. Do you want me to take poison? So, you are coming back soon. 74. Coffee can appear at the most appropriate time or when people are most unhappy.

Coffee! Can represent a good mood! 75, the favorite is to listen to the music we like together with the company of coffee, slowly go! Great. 76. Give me a cup of coffee that can burn people, let my heart calm down with coffee. 77. Blue Mountain's coffee is just like the Rolls-Royce car. Therefore, the coffee shop in the coffee shop, the blue-tree coffee of the single product must be sold very expensive. Generally, the blue mountain we see is not the true blue mountain. 78. Where is a cup, he is called a cup; if the cup is full of coffee, he is called coffee! 79. Don't move, just wait for me to walk slowly. You must be more patient than me.

80. There is an expert in the hotel. They only use one brand of coffee pot, which is the kind that does not pour coffee into the cup, but puts 80% on the table.

81, romantic wine, coffee, love, red wine meets coffee together, but never love, but not addicted. 82. Time can make people mature. What kind of coffee will it be like for a long time? Should the wine be as long as possible? Is coffee the same? 83. Nothing is not dangerous, no safety is not boring.

Coffee is not good for the stomach, smoke is not good for the lungs, and love is bad for the heart.

But we can't quit it. 84. Every late night, I will drink coffee and think about him. 85, let coffee take your love. A tasteful girl should learn to taste coffee and be loyal to a cup of fragrant coffee or milk coffee. 86. Today, my life begins with a cup of coffee, I can't see the comfort and freehand feelings, and the only thing I see in my eyes is the color of the sky.

87. Look for a quiet room, rush a cup of coffee, and pay homage to those lost souls with a rich, full-bodied scent.

From then on, bring a pot of coffee on the road \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; 88, fall, drink coffee, hold a fragrant coffee in your hand, listen to the sound of the piano.

The feeling of a little maple leaf in autumn. Listen to the sound of the piano and remember the good things! 1. Only the width can accommodate people, but the thickness can carry things. Xue Rixuan 2, forbearance can not be tolerated, tolerance can not be tolerated, but the amount of knowledge can pass. Cheng Hao 3, the more wise people, the broader the chest. Mrs. Starr 4, forbearance, interest, anger, forbearance, less.

Chinese proverbs 5. Without forgiveness, life will be controlled by endless hatred and revenge.

Asagioli 6, the discouraged self-painting, the amount is narrow and easy to profit.

Zhu Zhiyu 7, Guan Gong put Cao Yuxiang, husband must have a capacity.

Chinese proverbs 8, wide to the fierce, fierce to wide, wide and fierce.

Anonymous 9, people should have a conscience, even the most cruel heart will have a short and beautiful memory of forgiveness. Sefert Tears 10. If you want to be tolerant of others, don't wait for others to plead, remember an old saying: Give forever more pleasant. Anonymous 11, big enough to accommodate the public, Germany is enough to carry away.

Huainanzi 12, people who are inferior, can not be sick. Anonymous 13, the human heart is only as big as a fist, but the heart of a good person is tolerate the world. Luo Dali 14, the gentleman is not very good, the chest swallows a stream.

Anonymous 15, can be a sinner, so his guilty conscience; its guilty conscience, so it is widely used; it is widely used, so the higher its people. Li Wei 16, a great person has two hearts: one heart bleeds; the other heart is tolerant.

Gibran 17, and to the gregarious, to be wide, to treat others, gentlemen. Anonymous 18, sometimes the moral shock caused by tolerance is stronger than the punishment.

Suhomlinski 19, people should tolerate each other: everyone has weaknesses, and in his weakest aspect, everyone can be cut and chopped.

Keats 20, step back to the sky, and let the three points and peace.

Couplet 21, tolerance is like freedom, just a pleading is not available, only to remain vigilant forever.

Wang Guozhen 22, can accommodate the villain, Fang Chengjunzi. Feng Menglong 23, the most noble way of revenge is tolerance. The method of Hugo 24, the ancient gentleman, such as holding a beautiful jade and deep hidden city, the latter person is stone as a jade and dazzling also.

Zhu Xi 25, there are many such occasions in life: the goal you intend to achieve with hatred may be realized by forgiveness. Sidney \u0026middot; Smith 26, tolerance is like the drizzle in the sky to nourish the earth. It blesses those who are tolerant and blesses those who are tolerant.

Shakespeare 27. Human beings need tolerance, and laziness, ignorance, and selfishness will not be tolerant! Personal intolerance does not create prisons or executioners; and the official intolerance, once tempered, can be used to kill innocent people, and never do anything to remedy. Anonymous 28, others help me, never forget; I help others, don't mind.

Hua Luogeng 29, the world's widest is the ocean, the sky is wider than the ocean, the wider than the sky is the human mind.

Hugo 30, patience is painful, but his result is sweet. Rousseau 31, respect for the opinions of others.

Don't say: You are wrong.

Carnegie 32, try to forgive others, and never forgive yourself.

Silas 33, the eyes are wide, traversing the famous mountains and rivers; measuring the macro, familiar with the history of the Five Classics. Kim Min 34, try to forgive others, and never forgive yourself.

Anonymous 35. A person who does not tolerate others is not worthy of being tolerated by others. Turgenev 36, but the width can accommodate people, but the thickness can carry things. Xue Yu 37, the bee from the flower girlfriends, when leaving the camp to thank.

The boastful butterfly believes that flowers should be thanked to him.

Tagore 38, wide in the chest, often has a ferry boat. Chinese proverb 39, the gentleman's arrogance, the arrogance of the sea, the villain is full of self-satisfaction, not too small.

Anonymous 40, the gentleman is more awkward in the lower position, and more praised in the upper position; the villain is more famous in the lower position, and more in the upper position. Liu Zongyuan 41, the tolerant makes others happy, and they are happy too; the mean person makes others suffer, and they are uncomfortable.

Anonymous 42, the brothers who are robbing the waves, meet each other and smile.

Lu Xun 43, tolerance means respecting any beliefs of others. Einstein 44, self-control is the instinct of the strongest.

Shaw 45, it is easier to forgive the enemy than to forgive friends.

Mrs. Dilwich 46. The heart of a person is only as big as a fist, but the heart of a good person is tolerate the world. In Italy, Luo Dali 47, to blame others for their responsibilities, to forgive others.

Anonymous 48, patience, worry, no trouble.

─ Chinese Proverbs 49. Tolerance is not a palliative error and weakness, but a strong and courageous one.

Zhou Xiangchao 50, there is no fish in the water to the Qing, and there is no one in the people.

Confucius 51, without a generous heart, is not a true hero.

Pushkin 52, can accommodate the villain, Fang Chengjunzi. Feng Menglong Zengguang thinks that it is 53, the heart of the person, the desire is narrow, and the desire is wide. Kim Mine 54. Forgiving an enemy is easier than forgiving a friend. Cloth, Keelusa, 55. If others are not tolerant, don’t try to be tolerant and beg for tolerance. It is never true tolerance.

Anonymous 56, tolerance is like freedom, just a pleading is not available, only to be vigilant forever. Anonymous 57, metrics such as Haihan Spring Education, should be connected to the flow of clouds. Jin Hao 58, Haina Baichuan has a large capacity, and the mountain is high and there is no desire. Lin Zexu 59, the person who swears me, it is better to be able to argue than to be able to argue. I am also a man, and it is better to be able to prevent it. Master Hongyi’s maxims are not recorded in 60, wide and fierce, and they are wide-ranging and politically.

Confucius's family language 61. When it is convenient, it is convenient, and you can spare people and spare people. Wu Cheng'en Journey to the West 62, tolerance is not a palliative error and weakness, but a strong and courageous. China’s Zhou Xiangchao 63, who will not tolerate others, is not worthy of tolerance, but who can say that they do not need tolerance? Turgenev 64, no regrets, no regrets, no one can endure.

─ Feng Menglong 65, although I do not agree with what you said, but I maintain your right to speak.

Favorte 66, metrics such as sea culvert spring breeding, should be connected to the flow of clouds.

Anonymous 67, the real greatness of a person is that he can recognize his own smallness. Paul 68. If you want to love your own values, you have to create value for the world. Goethe 69, the most expensive revenge is tolerance. Hugo 70, forgiveness and not forgetting, is like burying the axe in the soil and leaving the axe handle outside. Bashkary 71, people should have a conscience, even the most cruel heart will have a short and beautiful memory of forgiveness. Sefert 72, tolerance and meanness, I choose tolerance. Because tolerance loses only the past, what is lost in the mean is the future. Anonymous 73, a person who does not understand tolerance, will lose the respect of others, a blindly tolerant person will lose his dignity. Anonymous 74, I am also a person, it is better to be able to argue than to be able to argue.

I am also a person, and it is better to be able to prevent it.

Master Hiroyuki 75, a good amount of work, the tree is good for shading.

Chinese proverbs 76, more forgiveness, less forgiveness.

Chinese proverbs 77. Treating people with gentleness and generosity, and letting each other live happily and cheerfully, may be the most important thing.

Japanese Matsushita Yukisuke 78, tolerance is like the drizzle in the sky to nourish the earth.

It blesses those who are tolerant and blesses those who are tolerant.

Shakespeare's famous Venice merchant 79, the heart of the people, the desire is narrow, and the desire is wide.

The Golden Jubilee Maximal 80, from the hole to the invincible, has to spare people and spare people.

Good Chessman's quatrain 81, good deeds are good forgiveness. Frost 82, you have to let go when you let go, you have to be spared and spare.

Anonymous 83, the will is as strong as iron, the measure is like the sea. Mao Zedong 84, the gentleman does not mirror the water, but the mirror is human. Mirror in the water, meet the face, mirror the person, then know the good and fierce.

Ink 85, only brave talents know how tolerant; cowards will never be tolerant, this is not his nature.

Mestern 86, I hope that every time I remember, I will not feel guilty about life. Guo Xiaochuan 87. There are many occasions in life: the goal you intend to achieve with hatred may be realized by forgiveness.

Anonymous 88, we love our nation, this is the source of our self-confidence. Zhou Enlai 89, when everyone can narrow themselves, everyone's space will become bigger.

Master Yan Yan 90, disrespect for people, the first is disrespect for oneself.

Whitman 91, the gentleman is frank, the villain is often jealous.

Confucius 92, the wicked are daring, the small popularity is large, and the gentleman is large.

Chinese proverbs 93. The human heart is not conquered by force, but by love and tolerance. Spinoza 94, convenient when convenient, has to be spared and spared. Wu Chengen 95, can tolerate the true gentleman, can bend to reach the husband. The Chinese proverb 96, the real life, can only be achieved after a difficult and strenuous struggle.

Seneca 97, no regrets, no regrets, no one can endure. ——Feng Menglong’s awakening to the world’s words 98, and to the public, to be wide, to treat others, gentlemen. Lin Biao 99, the spirit of generosity is the greatest of all things.

Owen 100, being good with others is good at understanding.

Frost New Hampshire 101, the gentleman gives people a word, and the monks give people money. In the case of 102, the violet left its aroma on the ankle that flattened it. This is wide anger. Mark Twain 103, without a generous heart, is not a true hero. Pushkin 104, the eye should be wide, traversing the famous mountains and rivers; measuring the macro, familiar with the history of the Five Classics.

Anonymous 105, to treat others' tolerance, we should know ourselves; we treat others with tolerance and should know self-discipline. Anonymous 106, to be rich, to be thin, to be blame, to be thin. Anonymous 107, who gave me a drop of water, I will return his entire sea.

Huamei 1, the big event must be cautious. Book 2, treating the problem with care is half of wisdom.

Britain 3. Always being cautious is the highest value. Mark \u0026middot; Twain 'Eve Diary' 4, the matter is not convinced, that is, the worries of the four seas; a carelessness, that is, a hundred years of suffering. Qing \u0026 middot; Xuan Zang 5, before thinking of regret. Yuan \u0026middot; Guan Hanqing 6. Be cautious that any other intelligence is used more frequently. Sloppy events in everyday life make it work and affect small things. Plug \u0026middot; Johnson 7, the head is cold, but it is hot.

Japan 8. Don't open your heart to anyone.

'The Bible After the Code \u0026middot; Ben Syrah' 9. The cautious person has eyes behind his head.

Wei \u0026 middot; Robertson 10, be careful and be careful. 'Book of Rites \u0026middot; by the clothes' 11, shallow river to be a deep river crossing.

Japan 12, OK can be strong, and words can be good. Song \u0026middot; Hu Hong 'Beards know the words \u0026middot; Wen Wang' 13, the words must be feasible, and then say; the line must be said, and then do.

Han \u0026middot; Jia Yi, 'New Book \u0026middot; Dazheng' 14. Precaution is always better than afterwards.

Love \u0026 middot; Cork 15, cautious is afraid of small, wisdom lies in governance.

Xunzi 16. If you are careful, you will not lose.

Laozi 17, the words are the world, the behavior is the ruler. Southern Song Dynasty \u0026middot; Liu Yiqing 'Shi Shuo Xin Yu' 18, pre-caution includes aftergiveness after the event.

Germany 19, strict and careful, the mother of wisdom. Germany 20, the only defense force of people is to be cautious.

Yu Wai Na 21, go out to be stable: steady, steady hands, stable mouth.

China 22. It is always good to be careful. France 23, an ounce of caution worth a pound of learning.

The British 24, the things around you are yours, the ones under your feet are also yours; the things on the ground are yours, and the people under the ground are also yours, such talents are standing still! Gorky 'The career of Artamonov's family' 25. Cautious people can win the battle. Style 26, angry and swaying, more than mad. Ming \u0026middot; Lv Kun, 'Continued Children's Language' 27, too much, it is inevitable to say nonsense.

Gorky's 'Mother' 28 is more cautious than relying on recklessness.

Tacitus 29, a hundred people with confidence and determination are much stronger than 10,000 people who are cautious and respectable (respectable).

Sinclair 30. When competition and hostility live next to you, caution will thrive. Glacier 31. Most scientists are abhorrent to the most advanced adjectives and exaggerations. Great characters are generally modest and cautious. Beveridge 32. Cautiousness is much more powerful than boldness to prove that people who look scared are afraid of people who are cautious about everything.

Hugo's 'On Scott' 33. People who are too afraid of being deceived, lose their bold skills. France 34, however, no sword is single-edged. Each sword has a double-edged sword. One side hurts one and the other hurts himself.

Hugo's 'Les Miserables' 35. Caution is purely a qualitative nature. It is based on feelings rather than on reason. The limits it can achieve are correspondingly broader and more sublime. Be able to detect and avoid any danger that does not exist at all. Mark \u0026middot; Twain '冉 \u0026middot; Dak' 36, sliding on thin ice, speed is safe. Emerson 37, no cautious attitude, no amount of wisdom will help.

Germany 38, mines can only make one mistake in their lifetime. The Soviet Union 39 must be fully committed to the work you are doing.

When you get a strong impression, you can't act immediately; but after considering it, you should do it categorically even if you consider the mistake.

'Torsto's Biography' 40. Don't think of anything and say anything. Everything must be thought twice.

Shakespeare's Hamlet 41. I would rather go through the wall with my short talents in the broad daylight, and I will not be willing to save myself or make a fortune in the dark.

Ramet 42, before the decision, there is a big problem. History record 43, careful and thoughtful, and work diligently. Tang \u0026 middot; Bai Juyi 44, words and things, have a good personality.

'Book of Rites \u0026middot; 缁' 45, the boat should be close to the coast.

The United States 46, the hard day must be firm, and the day of success should be cautious. Mongolia 47, careful will be completed, light hair will be defeated. Song \u0026 middot; Su Shi 48, when you don't care, you have to be damaged; when you are not careful, you have to fail.

Mongolian 49, sincerely glass, cautious is diamond. Britain 50, caution is the eldest son of wisdom.

France 51. A scientist who is cautious and cautious can neither make mistakes nor discover. The United Kingdom 52, more words can not be combined, and more can not be with a long time. Ming \u0026middot; Xue Xuan's 'Reading Book' 53, especially in words, regret. 'The Analects of Confucius \u0026middot; for Politics' 54, the aircraft will always fight on the side of the cautious.

Euripides 55, caution is part of bravery.

Spain 56. Caution is the foundation of security. Britain 57, the triumphant thing can not be done, cheaper can not live.

China 58, everyone should be content, and should not be deliberate. Roman \u0026middot; Roland 'Gola \u0026middot; Breunion' 59, words and deeds like a move, a three-step thinking.

China 60, the birds fly and then fly, people think twice and then go. China 61. Three times before you cut the scissors. Italy 62, before the cautious, is better than the aftermath. Japan 63, the words must be believed, the line must be fruit. 'The Analects of Confucius \u0026 Middot; Sub-Roads' 64, people who value avoidance, will be cautious at first. Japan 65. Everything happens on a poor day. China 66, small caution and more wins, emotional impulses are more difficult.


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