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What is the vicissitudes of life? The vicissitudes of life are the alcoholic wines left to us in the years.

The vicissitudes of life is the exhibition hall of life experience, rich and rich. The vicissitudes of life are the moment when I am willing to wait for the flowers to bloom. I listen to the singing of the memory, laugh loudly, and leave a sigh of sigh. It seems to be saying: Turning the hand, turning around is a foregone conclusion.

The sentence of vicissitudes, let us read the life of the years! 1, streamer like water, vicissitudes of the face.

2, behind the scenery, not vicissitudes, or dirty.

3. Wandering between forgiveness and despair, the only feeling is injury.

4. Don't hang your grief on your mouth. Everyone has their own story.

5, I hope to lie on the sunflower, even if depressed, can move towards the sun.

6. When you are honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.

7, I will always be, even if the loneliness opens into the sea.

Now has left, tears dripping into the sea.

8, the reason why people live tired is because they can't put down the shelf, can't open the face, can't solve the complex.

9. I started to follow you silently from the beginning of the Year of the Cardamom. When you look back, you are seeing three thousand white hairs.

10. After vicissitudes of life, I know that life is the most precious. If you look down on gains and losses, you will understand that suffering is a foreign body.

11, the road is far away, the heart is long, hurt and parting, why sigh; windy, long night, hope for the king, do not sleep.

12. Maybe love is not a nostalgia, not a warm one, but a year, and a long and long period of time has become a part of life.

13. Leave a shadow of the shadows, take away the sprouting Acacia grass, only the green postal road, carrying the missing thoughts.

14, the dream was gently awakened by the dawn, and I said a passionate whisper in the middle of the night: meet you again at night.

15, friends, you have to go far today, have done this glass of wine; forget the hustle and bustle of the day, and drunk to the end of the day.

16, once young, embraced the sun; once struggling, chasing dreams; once a rough, like a lost lamb.

17. The mountains and the oceans separate us. I can only reunite with you in my memories and meet you in a dream.

18, many people, because of loneliness and love one person, but more people, because they love one person, and lonely life.

19, you have changed, I have changed, the gentleness that can't go back, the tears are like springs, and the most familiar ones have made me feel bad.

20. When you come, my expectation is in the distance; when you leave, you are the expectation of my dreams.

21, let me be like a pure child, standing in the same place, under the moonlight, watching your bright background disappear in the distance.

22, the world is vicissitudes of life, can you have no separate moments of pain? For the sake of our career, we let the tears of the farewell float.

23. We used to be a classmate on the desk. When we waved goodbye, please accept my affectionate blessings.

24, vicissitudes of life, is a roll of black and white film, recording the bits and pieces we walked through: chic or beautiful, sigh or stunned. 25, life is a big dream, Yu Huabai first, but in a blink of an eye, only the heavens are constant, reciprocating cycles, no change. 26, the most regrettable thing in life, is to easily give up what should not give up, stubbornly, insisted on not insisting. 27, the tears of the separation, add a new wave to the long river of memory; the blessing of the separation, opened the curtain for another gathering. 28, 10 years ago, the pursuit of perfection, almost harsh; only ten years later discovered that the most imperfect person was actually himself. 29. I asked God: How can I forget about sad things while laughing? God replied: Make yourself crazy. 30. Everyone has potential energy, but it is easy: it is covered by habits, blurred by time, and consumed by inertia. 31, time will slowly precipitate, some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs your own fulfillment. 32. It was snowing outside the window, soaking a cup of coffee, and holding it cold, I realized that I remembered you again. I am looking forward to how you can understand! 33. Some very long-awaited lives are always spent in your self-righteous dreams, and then give you a very disappointing blow. 34. In this mundane world, it is also a realm to learn to treat everything around you with a normal heart. 35. When you hold something in your hand, you can only have one thing. If you are willing to let go, you have the opportunity to choose more. 36. The so-called stranger is that he did not know each other at first, and eventually did not recognize each other. 37. Some things are always very good to think of, so in your own thoughts, a reality that could have been very happy was abandoned. 38. There is always a kind of voice that pierces the sky, and lingers in the ear for thousands of miles to carry the warmth in every part of the body, one point, one point. 39, the vicissitudes of life and suffering! Regardless of matter, or spirit, my life is affectionate and affectionate? And everything I have to do \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; 40, when I am a kite, or let me go, or take it home, don't take me with an invisible feeling, let me hurt . 41. The tree wants to be calm and the wind is not endless. The fate seems to be destined. It is a step away from pursuing the perfect world. However, the reality is still far away. 42. It is time to wash away everything except tears. It takes time to change feelings. The longer the time, the lighter the conflict, as if the tea is constantly diluted. 43. The interval between us is far and far, and as an ordinary little star, no matter how hard I try, how can I reach out and not reach you! 44, I want to give you a flower that is clenched in your hand, not enough to complete a fairy tale, so I look at you and smile, and hurried through my years. 45. Despite the hasty meeting and hurried departure, we have eternal life in the short life course. I believe that today's friendship is the best memory of tomorrow. 46, your loved ones have passed away, don't be too sad and sad, in heaven, he will not like you to be so depressed, fight up, work hard, for your loved ones. 47. The beginning of life is just an end that has already been written. We are all dolls with lines, rushing all the way to the finished ending until the end of the road. 48, the wind and the sun, the sky wandering a few colors of glass. Looking at the light blue of the cloud, it seems that the mourning of the millennium disappeared in an instant, and the loneliness of the year has been colored. 49. If you return to the past, or fall in love with you, whether you care about being able to stay forever or after love, just say goodbye and give me some space. 50. We probably can't be irreplaceable to each other as before. We probably can't ever use the same kind of love as before, until we cry out. 51. There are only so many people around you. You can only give so much. In this small circle, some people have to come in, and some people have to leave. 52, I thought that I grew up a little, indifferent, and some low-key. I thought that I was lonely, proud, and would be more happy. 53. At the end of the first year of life, sorrow, joy, quarrel and sweetness are all your stories. Mutual support for the interpretation of the true feelings, the original life is also too fast to die. 54. The butterfly, a flower of a gorgeous and prosperous world, who is the Yiren, looks at the vicissitudes of life, and prosperous and full of land. Sad, telling the sadness and loneliness of the world, playing the beautiful movement for you. 55, in fact, I have been waiting around you, waiting for you to rely on my shoulder to appeal, will there be a day, your gentleness belongs to me, I will not let you sad, let your tears flow again! 56, year after year, a few precipitation, a few touches, a few warmth, a few thin, are inadvertently, some people, some things are inadvertently \u0026hellip; become a habit \u0026hellip; 57, in the years Under forgiveness, growth has arrived as expected, but I don’t know that youth has disappeared in a flash. However, there are still birds flying in the sky. All things are ultimately going on. 58. The sky is going to collapse, and I can’t breathe! He felt that his heart was cruelly cut open by a blunt sickle, and grief flowed out of the wound and sorrowed. 59. I am very glad that I see it so clearly now. But I was wrong, I should leave him with confidence, but I went to another way. Betrayal, yes, I betrayed him. 60, lonely people will always remember every person who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you still, in the night of every starry night, count my loneliness again and again. 61. I thought that the bird could not fly over the Bohai Sea. It was thought that the bird did not fly through the sea. After ten years, I discovered that it was not the bird that could not fly, but the head of the Bohai Sea. There was no waiting. 62. On the other side of the perfect, a tragedy has just been staged. All the blood and tears in the withered thorns have a flower bud that will experience seven thunderstorms of reincarnation and then bloom in the humid air \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; Pain, then numbness, and then recovery, is a process that needs to be done. I understand, I understand. I also know that the wind will stop, and the world in front of us will always be separated. It just takes time and it will get better slowly. 64. I thought that one day, I will completely forget love and forget you. However, one day, I heard an old song, and my tears came down. Because of this song, we have heard it together. 65. The hourglass at that time slowly eroded the wind into a memory in the future. When the wind and the candle are still in the past, only the water of the ocean will be remembered until it is lost in the hands, waiting for the endless darkness to fall. 66, vicissitudes of life, not the lightness of the bridge, not even the joy of singing and dancing, it belongs only to the face of the dusty servant and the soul of the falling, it belongs to the ancient road, the wind and the thin horse, the heart of the broken heart is heavy in the world. 67. When the summer lost the enthusiasm of the fire, the only autumn wind that greeted it was the autumn wind, and the luxuriant branches could not save the falling leaves. When the winter is coming, I don't know how to comfort the faint heartache. 68, the red dust curtains a sorrow and grief, the endless water is the tears in my eye gland. You use the vows made by youth to change the sea to Sangtian. I understand, the so-called ten-finger clasp, the original, just clenched myself. 69, I have always wanted to let others know their feelings, those heavy, those sad and desolation that can not be told. However, how can I draw all my life wheels for you on shallow paper? How can I make you understand? 70, I don't want to, no longer, for your smile, I become a clown of love, this love clown, in your world, how can there be no more, you go, let's go, take all the emotions away, Don't look back. 71, the age of the woman glared at the sly face, less the tenderness of that time, more than a point of perseverance. I don't know when, there is a sad spring in my heart, Irrigate the dry memories, full of joys and sorrows. 72, fluttering, the tears of the night's tears, the loss of depression, and the frustrated sky. Sadness is rain, and rain is desolate. This sad night, the sorrow of this night, this precipitates the memory of the heart, what, no matter what, helpless, helpless. 73. What is the feeling of this? Let all the pure imagination become icy and clean; the scattered wings lead the way to the top. I can't imagine, I dare not expect to make all memories become eternal, let the fingertips slip through the vicissitudes of the years. 74, this light ink, light, not as good as the past. At the end of the October season, the frost and the maple leaf are only locked, and the red dust is locked. A singular syllabary, a dream, Jiangnan shore willow, swaying an unfinished complex, a vicissitudes of life, no love. 75. The annual ring is the memory left by the years to the big tree. Wrinkles are the vicissitudes of the years. Time passes quietly in the cycle of the hourglass, flowers bloom and thank you, year after year, no matter how the world changes, please don't let the old heart wrinkle. 76, years of waking up in the yellowed photos, how many wrinkles are woven in the annual ring, the hard work of the youthful life of entrepreneurship, you are like a few treasures poured into me, that is the loneliness that you are not sharing but proud of . 77, too late to erase the sadness of autumn, lonely snow is slap my desolation. Perhaps it is the rush of time, decades of time, and it has become a thing of the past. I can't say goodbye, I don't think about it, the road to the future is long, the future of the road \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; 78, sitting in the shallow time, writing the past, relying on the text to warm, each pen, covered with clear and pale In this way, it has continued, and it cannot be written and written. However, it is the love on paper, which will eventually turn into dust and disappear in memories. 79. The years behind history have been vicissitudes since ancient times. In the hearts of hundreds of millions of people, the Chinese nation is a great and rising nation. This nation has this history that is unbearable and has a grief for the people of all Chinese people. Historical history. 80, life is an endless drift. Faced with the unsuccessful accidents in life, the unexpected pains of the sudden fall from the sky, I believe that as long as there is love, there is enough courage to bear all the wind and rain in life, everything will become easy and relieved \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; 81, Long nights, look up and stare at your direction, the brighter the scorpion, and the distant you, you can see, how profound these ancient trivial words are, deep, shallow tears, printed How much Acacia melted on this thin piece of paper. 82. Standing on the other side of the flow year, I am leaning forward to hope, and the smile of the smile is locked in the tears of the pen. The original flower is fragrant, but the flowers are on the banks, on this lonely shore. I am obsessed with the oath you gave, and your teeth are swaying, destroying all my expectations. 83, the drizzle wets the spring, the evening wind plucks the thick homesickness! Not far away, the window that opened the hole, there is an old song floating in the sky: the sky drifts through the clouds of the hometown. I am obsessed with watching the window! The neon flashes and the night is thick. The green hills are sloping, silent, gazing at the vicissitudes of the world! 84, the human heart is terrible, there are always so many dark places in the human heart, let people see through the creeps. It seems that in the world, there is always a play everywhere, and my play is just a grain of sand in the desert. No one is going to control where I am going, the empty heart, where I have drifted unconsciously. 85, I want to raise a glass to invite the moon, to the wine as a song, life geometry? The road to life is short and long, and the red dust and trifle are helpless. Who can see the red dust, who can cross the world, who can be happy and enmity, why not free and easy to go their own way, no matter how bumpy, no matter the wind and rain, the pride and love of life and joy. 86, vicissitudes, like the old house in our life, filled with memories, but also filled with sadness. Flying sand and stone hit us with scars, but we can't escape this vortex.

In the face of a painful ending without ending, I really don’t want to escape, but I can’t escape, and I can’t pull out the knife in my heart, let it stir up in my heart and smash my heart.

In fact, there is no pain, the whole person has long been numb, only empty despair.

87, time goes away, even if you chase his footsteps, he is also ruthless, throwing you away in the cycle of the years.

Take the spring and summer, step into the autumn and winter, you said that life is nearing the end, the loess is counting the days.

The old man, the memories invaded quietly, and passed through a cool breeze, itching, and a calm heart, and the memory spread unstoppable.

88, all the way to the wind and rain, all the way.

Simple baggage, filled with vicissitudes of life; memories of green barley, faintly falling flowers.

Standing on the branches of the season, I hope that there is no summer dress that has not gone far, the greenness of the traces, the heavy hanging on the branches, all the words equivalent to the heat, at this moment, quietly away, leaving only these simple The complaint, still do not leave! 89, the vicissitudes of the day, miserable night; I am waiting for a sigh, sitting in the dark corner, thinking of you crazy, heartbreaking thinking of you.

The heart trembles and marks the traces of loneliness in every boring day and bitter night.

The cold time is filled with tears of sadness, ticking the endless desolation, turning the helpless loneliness and sorrow.

90, the road ahead has been vicissitudes of life, the wounds in my heart are still looking back.

Sighing the bitterness of season after season, and sprinkling a lot of helpless days passed silently.

I worked hard for the moonlight, who knows that a cloud has not passed, and the sky is coming again.

Suddenly, there are a lot of emotions, but they still can only smile, pretend that they don’t understand anything, and they don’t think about anything.

The future, no more words in the future, maybe perfect.

91, chasing the glimmer of the sunset in the alley, the blue sky is stained with blood, the flowers are mottled and red, like the tears at sunset, looking back at the lights, the Iraqi people are pinching their hands. ? Xu Yi paper is sour, ink is a little bit, but he never stayed in Acacia.

Cut the lingering behind the candlelight, smashing the dark fragrance of the heart, sprinkling the heart, leaning over and sniffing a little fragrance, and burying the sorrow of a thousand miles.

92, how is the sea of ??sangtian, it is difficult to destroy the obsession in my heart, how to abandon it, I will smile and abandon the world.

The loss may be just a flash in the pan, I am willing to wait for the moment of flowering, listening to the singing of the memory, laughing loudly, vicissitudes of life, leaving a sigh of sigh, seems to say: waved instantly, turned into a A foregone conclusion, destined to wait for a lifetime, endless vicissitudes.

93, lonely is more and more phone numbers in the phone, more and more calls are received every day, more and more text messages are sent every day.

But when you suddenly see a sunflower field that has been repeated in your dreams, you are excited to take pictures and shout loudly, but then you don’t know who to send the pictures to your phone, that moment. You suddenly understand that all the way to the present, no one is standing by your side, accompanying you to see the scenery.

94, drizzle like a sly, a beautiful woman with a thousand years of grief and affection.

The night of the night of silence, the legend of the thousand years of joy and joy.

There is nothing to do with the water, a glass of alcohol is drunk alone, flooding all the loneliness of my heart.

The world of heaven and earth, but alone, squatting, thousands of miles away, tears and blood melt together, and spend ten years in the spring and autumn.

Red Ying has fallen into the moss garden, and the intestines have been cut off by new ones. The night is ink, and it is difficult to think of words and feelings.

95, some things, after the vicissitudes of life, began to change without traces.

In the past, no matter how tightly held, it will eventually be lost.

And we are gradually getting old.

Love, the wind that started as a child, gently licked.

In the end, we will still have nothing.

It turns out that no one will be who, forever! Life is a lonely journey, and no one can accompany you to the end.

You can't do anything at the moment.

Maybe, I have been powerless.

96, the years have no traces of vicissitudes of life, back to the first stumble after the experience, there are always some things that are indelible in our memory, there are bitterness, laughter, touching, tears \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; these emotions The essence, firmly occupying the deepest part of our soul, always inadvertently dances like a butterfly in our spiritual world.

When we look back at those bits and pieces that were once, it’s still as heavy as lead, it’s suffocating.

97, life seems to be only busy, people are tired when they are not busy, this is the so-called stress in real life, really should try to change a mood, remove your gaze, try to do your best. Don't leave too much regret, enough. In the coming year, give yourself a promise. You must go out and take a look. It is not how much you look forward to the scenery outside. Just want to seek a spiritual thing. What is it? Can't tell, where is it going? Unknown \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip;98, wipe away the tears of old age, heaven and earth.

Abandoning the worldly smoke, the years go by.

A decade of dreams of Huazhi, the 榆 pods are scattered.

Standing in the high places, raining in the wind, can't wash the sorrow that grows into the elevation.

The green shirt sighed with tears, and the smile was still unseen for a year, and the thoughts slowly drifted into the distance in the rainy night.

The faint release, and finally slammed on the keyboard of the cold.

Rangerous and lonely, playing the lonely, a few ecstasy shadows, Acacia slowly filled the sky in the lonely night, silently hidden and finally revealed in the sad face.

99, the song is so weeping, mourning and cutting, fainting the vicissitudes of the night.

沧海桑田With the night wind of Hunchun, there is no colorfulness, leaving more loneliness and loneliness.

The memory of the past is like a yellowed image. The page is turned over, remembering not the past or the end, but the feelings or sadness of the past.

The flow of the year is hurried, the redness in the rain and the rain, the scum of the mud, the luster of life disappears, the brook is nine turns, the water is flowing, it is endless! Life is like a sorrow, or sad or happy, with the years gone, leaving.

100, the spring rain and pattering, such as crying like a complaint, like a sacred wine, falling down and always grief is a broken heart.

The past event, a kind of sadness that is hard to tell, a painful rain and tears, and the pain of the rain, and 30 years of vicissitudes of life, how can the thoughts of a paper can be confessed? When grief and indignation turns into pain, it turns into a sigh. When the tears in the corner of the eye gradually become the wind and frost of the year of the year, you still have a pain in your heart. You can’t forget it. You can’t forget it. It’s a black-and-black age. .

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