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[Part 1] I finally finished reading this book last night. It is exciting to dream of Shaoping at night. I still vaguely remember some plots in the morning, but now I have forgotten everything. At the beginning of this book, I gave it to me. I didn't pay attention to it. I missed it a year ago.

I understand this book, but I know that the author is Lu Yao, who won the Mao Dun Literature Award.

The sad thing is, I don’t know who Lu Yao is. I don't read a lot of books. I have seen a few foreigners in China.

'Camel Xiangzi' is the first book I read, and the first book that made me feel so beautiful. And this 'Ordinary World' has brought me great spiritual shock.

After reading this book, I have a few words in my mind. I am poor, strong. I have not yet evaluated the quality of a book, but I think that a book can resonate with you and make you worry about the characters in the book. Destiny, mourning for their sorrow, and rejoicing for their happiness.

Even a book makes you laugh, I don’t think I have a good book.

When I was very early, I heard my father tell about his childhood. His difficult life at that time made me cry.

The poor life depicted in the book also makes me move.

I have never suffered from childhood, and I have been happy for twenty years.

I can't imagine how the people at that time climbed out of the stove of suffering and stood strong in this land.

The high school is the age of light, when energy is needed.

But Shaoping can only eat two black sorghum per ton, and even the cheapest food can't afford it.

You can only wait until someone else has eaten a meal, and you dare to go where he is.

The age of pride at the age of eighteen.

In this world, whether there must be some disasters, people will cherish the present life.

In the book, suffering one after another, like a claw, swears to tear these sturdy family members into pieces.

You can't afford to study in Shao'an, and your lover can't marry yourself. Later, the brick factory that you opened was closed down. It's easier to have a better life. His wife has lung cancer.

Shaoping, when I was in high school, I couldn’t eat enough. My first love ended in pain. Later, I went to work in the mine. His closest class leader had a mine disaster. His beloved girl died because of the rescue of the children. He was smashed in the rock to save people, leaving a long scar on his face.

Run Ye can't marry someone who loves her, who marries her under heavy pressure.

But they didn't spend a day in one.

This infatuated Li Xiang was kicked off his legs because of drunkenness, and eventually his limbs.

The suffering of all this makes me lament the sorrow of life.

It’s true that the sky will be reduced to a big man, so people must first bitter their minds, work their muscles and bones, hungry and their body can not restrain his swaying heart, resolutely left the Shuangshui Village and went to the city. Come to work.

Being a stone of more than one hundred kilograms, the flesh and blood of the entire back is blurred, but he is strong enough.

At this time, I will ask myself, under such suffering, will I be able to go down, will I put this bitter water like the sea in my stomach, can I stand strong like them? On this piece of land.

As mentioned above, there must be some suffering in the world, so that people can live more cherished.

Why did Tian Xiaoxia die, how can Xiulian suffer from lung cancer? I can't help but think that the author is ruthless, but I feel that the story should develop like this.

The end of the book is full of suspense, is Xiulian's disease cured? Does Jin Bo find his beloved girl? What happened to Shaoping and Jin Xiu, Xiaoxia’s body was not found, is she really dead? Scorpio! What happened to it later?

I imagine it, Xiulian’s illness is good, Jin Bo also found his girl, Tian Xiaoxia is really dead, Shaoping and Jin Xiu are still brothers and sisters.

But it is stubborn to believe that Shaoping will eventually marry the squad leader’s wife and take care of them for a lifetime.

There are three chapters in the book that have nothing to do with the main line, but they have no effect on reading.

reflects the current state of society at the time, but it appears to be more substantial.

A good book must not be read only once. It takes a few more readings to understand the thoughts and shocks.

Not much to say, just write it here! [Part 2] The book 'Ordinary World' has been read no less than ten times, and every time it is read, there is a little new understanding.

A few days ago, it was really nothing to do. I picked up the book and read it again. I felt a lot.

In the past few days, I have been trying to write a post-reading feeling for this. The reason is that the whole book is only a fur, and it has not been written for a long time.

Today, I have the courage to write down my own insights into the book, for the long journey and taste.

First of all, I have to mention the many touching storylines that Mr. Lu Yao Lao painted in his book. Although it looks very ordinary, whenever you see those places, you will resonate deeply in your heart. People can't help but sigh for their subtle descriptions.

Remember that the article began to write the embarrassing emotions of Shaoping and Hongmei in their youthful years. Let us call it emotions.

Because it is still far away at their age.

There are not too many language expressions between them, but the clear eyes will definitely make a youthful young boy and girl have a heat flow that cannot be described in words.

When one of the protagonists in the book of Run Ye appeared, the author interspersed the description of her childhood and the childhood of Shao An when she was a child.

We have to think of our carefree childhood, those childhood playmates.

When Shao An received the love letter from Run Ye, he remembered the tears of him and Run Ye as a child with tears.

Shao An understands that the childhood fun has gone away from him because they all live in a very real society.

He, Sun Shaoan, Sun Yuhou’s size, how can he form a home with a public, beautiful and generous teacher? Especially in the era when he lived.

Yes, real life always makes many beautiful dreams of youth become so far away.

I still feel how mature Shao An was at the time, his choice is completely correct, because we are all growing up in a real country! Remember Xiaoxia? It is the daughter of the secretary of the local party, that is, the reporter of the provincial newspaper, that is, the fake boy of the tiger head is the Tian Xiaoxia who deeply loves her black man.

I believe that the human image of Xiaoxia in the book will have a profound impact on every reader. She is so lively and energetic. She has the unique temperament of female college students at that time.

She is so simple, so sensible.

She was a good daughter who was not willing to take a public car with her father in order to consider the impact on her father when her father was promoted.

It’s a deep, heart-wrenching good girlfriend who loves Sun Shaoping.

She wrote that she should not be surprised, not to see the small notes, which have made me unforgettable.

When Xiaoxia was born in the book, I believe that it is not only the male protagonist Shaoping, I think every reader will shed tears.

We regret this young life, sorry for her and the romantic, romantic romance of Shaoping, and miss the sizzling tomboy.

Remember the playmates of Shaoping’s childhood and the friend Jinbo of his life? I think Jin Bo appeared in people's sights or did it start for Shaoping, planning a trip to their class leader Gu Yangmin. From then on, this thoughtful lyrical boy came into our sight. When he was demobilized from the army in advance, he had a habit of living: holding the tea cup that the unseen Tibetan girl gave him, and sang his first 'in the faraway place' forever and forever. Yes, he is a passionate child. He deeply likes a Tibetan girl who has never met. Maybe it is a bit unrealistic or childish, but our lovely readers will definitely understand this passion with a tolerant heart. Young man, isn't it? When I mentioned Li Xiangqian, I believe that every reader has sympathy and regret for this man, but more is a blessing. He deeply loves his wife, Run Ye. Even if they had never ignored him after their marriage, he still deeply loves the leaves. This feeling is not like a human being who tortures this young and sensible car driver. When the tragedy happened later, our lovely Run Ye returned to his side. But let's go back and think about it, this young guy is paying too much for a happy love, a perfect home. He is a good colleague, a good son, a good brother-in-law, and even a good son-in-law in life. He basically ruined his life in order to be a good husband. But he is happy again, because he finally got the feeling that he wants to have. Although all this was hard to come by, he finally got it. This reminds me of a character in Mr. Lu Yao’s other book, Life, Zhang Kenan. Yes, life will never be biased towards anyone. As long as we are young and strive to fight for our own goals, success will surely come to us in the near future. With so many characters in the story, we have to talk about Sun Shaoping. His life path runs through the book, his melancholy eyes, his masculine manliness, and his unique insights into life, have left us with a profound impact. He is an ordinary person, even extremely ordinary, ordinary people are not noticed. But he is so refreshing. I remember that he once told his brother that if you want to be a good brother, you must be a good friend. I remember the long letter he gave to his sister Lan Xiang, and planted the seeds of hope in the true sense of our Lanxiang young heart. He has always positioned himself in the identity of Sun Yuhou's second kid, but he is so eager to leave this hot land where he raised him to see the big world outside. He and Xiaoxia's innocent and romantic love story have left us a profound influence. He is an ordinary person, but he uses his hardworking hands to change this extraordinary, even if it is a big difficulty and frustration. When he confronted Kim Soo, who had always been a sister, to confess to him, he once again showed us his mature side. In the end, he chose my kindly Huiying nephew. Yes, he is a charcoal coal miner and he was injured. Huiying is his most suitable life partner. There are many cute, simple and kind characters in the book. Like our two poles Wang Manyin; that honest and honest, dare to love and hate Tian Runsheng; that poor and active Sun Yuhou couple \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; every character image of the old gentleman is so vivid, it is amazing that the author lives in the loess The familiar details of the life of the lovely people on the plateau, and the author's understanding and understanding of the depths of life through these seemingly ordinary, simple people or things! This book contains the author's passion, pain and mistakes towards youth, including the sweat of labor, the bitterness of life, and the complex experience of this world of warmth and warmth. More importantly, it also includes the author's love and affection for life. After reading the whole book, I am masturbating. We have lived in this world sincerely and passionately. We have tried our best to work hard and struggle. We don’t pay the price to dedicate our blood and sweat to the tree of the undead human! In the tide of fierce evolution in our world, human society will be completely different from the past, and we will not only be able to witness the drama that followed the scene, but also inevitably during the period. Playing a role of his own, no one in real life can escape its historical responsibility. Finally, I think this book tells me that we can only regard hard labor and struggle forever as the necessity of life. Even if we do not have the hope of harvesting, we will continue to cultivate with peace of mind! .

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