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p>2012 3d Annual Lottery Number: Beverly Hairpin: If I do this, Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size is very large standard Xiaohupu forecast: Ingram champion Zhou Qi rose to the 30th pick. 'What are you thinking about? The game is starting.

'Lin Shuhao's super plastic Mandarin is introduced into the vigorous ears.


This year's league schedule is really interesting. It happened to be the last game between the Thunder and the Warriors. Now the two teams have a record of 49 wins and 32 losses, no retreat and other options. Winning the team into the playoffs, losing home fishing, is so simple and direct.

. Monroe averaged 14 points and 9 rebounds, which was as stable as the regular season. The second assists list is the handsome Rubio. This year Rubio played 60 games, averaging assists, but only led the team poorly.

The third is Rondo. After going to the Mavericks, the assists were greatly reduced. There was no ball and assists. The fourth is the Nuggets' Lawson, the standard data brush, and Rubio is similar, maybe a team with a big center is suitable for him. ready! Jianghuai Lightning hit the playoffs now only the Trail Blazers have a little possibility, expecting the Lakers to lose seven straight, and their six-game winning streak, can get the regular season champion, but this little possibility, less than ten thousand one. It is not Iguodala who is defensively strong. Cole is somewhat disappointed with Iguodala. When he first came, he hoped that Iguodala could take more responsibility and play the best defensive lineup defense. At least the offensive end is digging. The contribution of the Golden Age, squeezed through Iguodala to play like his substitute Barnes, averaged only 6 points in 24 minutes per game. It can be said that Iguodala has become a high-paying and low-power representative. Xie Feng: Fight Yatai to be smart and patient, and Li Zhanghao does not want to lose. The sixth is the Spurs, 54 wins and 28 losses, the record is a little worse than the previous four years, but no one dared to despise them in the playoffs, after all, they are defending champions. . Dong Xuesheng scored consecutive goals, Huaxia happiness 1-0 victory over Yanbian. The Lakers players are not in the same mood. Kobe is confident. Nash looks downstairs in the Kupchak office. Jeremy Lin and Nick Young are very happy to come to the final stage of the season. Boozer is thinking if he can get it. A ring...Western media: Argentine international Gaitan has passed the physical examination of Atletico. Simmons Replica James Classic Magazine Cover No. 14 Vigor and Yaoyao finally finished watching all the TVs and movies that Marvel has produced. Winning the ball is still not satisfied, Swiss striker: Fortunately, there is a good goalkeeper president, Adam Silva, silently hiding in the corner circle, just as the president for more than a year, a lot of accidents every year. The England generals persuaded the fans to stay away from the fight and the warmth of the game made you feel moved to cry. After the 12th summer, the Warriors formed the core lineup of Curry, Thompson, David Lee and Bogut. The starting position of the four men has not been moved, and they have reached the playoffs. The third round of the FA Cup is released: If the Super League team debuts 110, if you leave Barcelona, ??Batra will join Valencia. 'It's okay. Let's go.' Rescuing attention and going all out to compete. The best team in the British Championship season: Berne Limmi has three teams. The rest of the Lakers are not too hot to be seen by the Raptors fans. They are buzzing when they play, but Kobe is very popular with them. Canadian talents can only see Kobe once a year, if Kobe is playing in the past two years. Retired, then they are the last two chances to see Kobe, so the fans are very excited. Tigers predicted: Ingram champion, Zhou Qi rose to the 30th overall. Now the Cavaliers want Valejo more, although the Varejao contract premium, the ball is soft, but the rebound is well protected, the defense is excellent... FA Cup: Wu Lei headed the ball to win, Shanghai 1-0 wins North. The Bulls didn't put the eagle in their eyes. They didn't hide their plans. They felt that they could easily defeat the Hawks. 'Yeah, your IQ will be similar to Yaoyao in the early days, and I will be deceived by me. You will have to help me to have children in the future. For the early morning, we will have a daughter in the future, so cute.' Strongly left hand to rest Yaoyao's head, right hand will hold Qin early child tight. . Vigorously stop outside the three-second zone, borrow the inertia of the sprint, bend the legs, prepare to burst, and fly over the basket. Kobe also made a pass, empty? . Chastity: Happy Sichuan players enter the national team. This is not a Kobe dependency. The Lakers are most dependent on 33 points per game. Kobe's current role is like the Spurs' Duncan, the role of stabilizing the military in the game against the strong team. Morata: I feel at home in Juventus, focusing on the European Championship. There are two playoff games today, the first is the Cavaliers playing the Bucks. The Cavaliers continued to triumph, 91 to 77 to win the Bucks, there is no suspense, although Adeto Kunbo has performed a lot better, but his teammates are so bad, even if he gets 28 points and 17 rebounds, the Bucks still lose. . The Cavaliers scored 2:0 ahead of the Bucks. Football Association Cup: Wu Lei headed the ball to win, Shanghai 1-0 wins North Control West now there are 3 teams to lock the playoffs ahead of time, Lakers, Trail Blazers, Grizzlies, Rockets, Clippers, even if they lose all the game In the ninth victory, there is no way to surpass these five teams. The Lakers and Trail Blazers, Grizzlies, Rockets have long locked the playoffs, the Clippers have just won the 50th victory, the record is 50 wins and 23 losses, the Warriors and Thunder are 42 wins and 23 losses, the two teams this season and The Clippers have a record of 1 win and 3 losses, so the Clippers have decided to enter the playoffs ahead of schedule. The luxury front line is difficult to stop losing, and Quan Jian is so late to talk about He Chongchao? . After the suspension, the Grizzlies entered the regular rotation: Udrih, Courtney Lee, Carter, Randolph, Gasol. Zhao Wei invited Sun Yue to participate in 'No Other Love.' Hugely hurry up to pick up Yaoyao. This time, Yaoyao did not refuse, but couldn't help but cry again. He cried directly in his arms. The little Loli pear flower looked like a rain and Qin Qin's heart hurt. Say two words? Han Dejun: The team ruled not to let the Lakers attack. Henry ran over Livingston with a strong body. Livingston had a good defensive attitude, but it was too tall and too thin, and was hit by Henry like a bulldozer. In 2012, the 3D full-year lottery number in England was equalized by Dell. It was not 35 minutes of lack of experience, 15 of 36 scored 18 points and 18 rebounds, Kobe played 29 minutes, 15 of 8 got 22 points, 8 assists and 4 rebounds. Monroe 10 of 7 got 18 points and 9 boards. (To be continued.) British media: Blind and Mata may be off the team this summer compared to the Cavaliers and Wizards in the end of the game is not warm, the Thunder and the Warriors have beaten the blood.

(To be continued.


) British media: Evergrande wants to introduce William to 50 million pounds.

After the three-pointer of Love, the Cavaliers can only tactically foul, and Wall made two free throws.

The power forward is Brandon Davis, who lost the draft and wandered in the NBA and overseas leagues. He was signed by the 76ers last year to replace Noel injury. This year the 76ers chose another injury. Embiid, he was left behind by the 76ers for another year.

Seg has a photo with a little girl dressed as Adams? Although Kobe had that meaning, because he was also somewhat dissatisfied with Paul, but was directly said this, Kobe Bryant secretly scolded the idiot Cousins.

Don't be so obvious.


The tie-break, did not think that the first round of the first playoffs was so exciting.

Suning vs. Yongchang starting: Teixeira suspended, the more obvious the team that Wu Hao rotates, the more obvious it is, the more offensive in the playoffs, like the Spurs. In the playoffs, the same smooth as the regular season, in order to dominate the West for two consecutive years.

After the game: Durant defeated the Warriors on the road.

The team was relatively quick. The first game was lost to the Lakers in April. The second game was too big because of the first attack. It was killed by the 76ers. It has already fallen out of the playoffs without any reaction.


But if you look at his other data, you know that he has a lot of pits in addition to iron today. He sent 13 turnovers with only one assist! Suning released the game Yatai poster: April 'grab seven' hope for victory is also Kobe this rookie coach is so bold, other coaches into the rotation lineup at least to put a starter, and is the star level of the first on-site shock scene, Like the Raptors, no matter how they change people, Lori, DeRozan, and Valanciunas always have one on the court.

2012 3d year-round lottery number 14 is another battle of Tianwang Mountain. The second round of this year's playoffs was too intense. Three of the four series hit the battle of Tianwang Mountain, firstly the Raptors killed. The eagle, then the Spurs pulled the Blazers away, and now it is the turn of the Wizards to play the Cavaliers.

The league added a malicious foul to Tony Allen and the fat and water did not flow outside the field.


' think more, we look at the captain of the United States and listen to them saying that I am like the captain of the United States. I really don't want to know where I am like the Saclay guy. I am much better than him.

' Recently, many fans have erected the slogan of the captain of the United States, and the slogan of the Sacramento American Towel Captain has become a beautiful landscape at the Staples Center, which makes it very uncomfortable.

Suning coach: Ramirez is not hurt, Wu Hao is still unclear as if he had Joe Johnson, the unspoken Josh Smith, Al Horford's eagle, and three All-Star players. In the first four quarters of the regular season, the first round of the year was mighty, but in the second round, when the team met a real strong team, it would be defeated.


Compared with the Cavaliers and the Wizards in the end of the battle, the Thunder and the Warriors beat their blood.

(To be continued.


) Nick-Yang performance in the first three quarters can only be said to be average. In the first three quarters, Nick Young added up for 14 minutes and scored 8 points on 2 of 7 shots. In the fourth quarter, he played the same performance as Kobe Bryant. 9 goals, three points, mid-range shots, layups, hit the Warriors, the last time he saw his shot directly foul.

After the game: Lori's key three points, the Raptors took the King Mountain to play for a while, and vigorously opened the web browsing news.


The Lakers scored a 1-0 lead.


The Lakers continued to attack, and Blake was fouled by Speights after catching the ball and went to the free-throw line.


Use two words to describe Kobe's thinking, that is wonderful.

'Kobe is saying that Paul is not qualified to enter the second round? I think so.

'Cousins ??is not good for Paul for a long time. Finding the opportunity is like damaging Paul, but just dragging Kobe down.

Menro wants to stay in the Lakers.

But I don't want to take too low a salary, so he played more hard, and the singles Griffin did not fall.

I strongly feel that Wiggins is very good in the league's younger brother this year. Although he is usually annoyed, but those who do not like the compliments, I strongly say that I just like to listen to good words.

105 vs. 95, the first game of the series, the Warriors away from Lakers, hard to take home advantage to grab the hand! Gasol's catching number has not been counted by Ross. He only made 4 of 10 shots and scored 8 points and 13 rebounds with 5 free throws.


'Well, what a wish is all right.

' Strongly said.


The regular season is too long. Kobe had a full firepower at the beginning of the season, but after playing for a dozen or twenty games, his physical ability could not keep up.

: The Warriors and Thunder are both 40 wins and 30 losses. The Thunder will be able to catch up with the squad, but the last game was lost to the Lakers. Now the Thunder and the Warriors are on the same starting line. Really the eighth position in the west.


The Raptors are relatively weak at the small forward position. The best is Landry Fields, who has a good relationship with Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin had lived in Fields for the poorest time. At that time, Fields The apartment with the basic salary or rent, only one room and one living room, plus a bathroom, they played in the Knicks at that time, Lin Shuhao played Lin crazy performance, is living on the sofa of the Fields apartment.

The Lakers haven't been able to make any plans for Scott. Kobe sees the move, the tactical use, and the on-the-spot command. He hasn't reached the point of using tricks like the top coaches. After all, he Has always been a player, do not know to guess people.


The normal level of the Warriors is not to beat the Lakers. If the Warriors want to win the Lakers, someone must break out.

(To be continued.


) The sixth is the Bucks 42 wins and 40 losses, only Adeto Kunbo support, Knight, Parker injured, Sanders drug do not want to play, can record this, very good.

The Lakers and the Warriors played as much as the Pistons and Wizards series, and the Warriors came to Curry today.


(If: family is in Brazil, the super broadcast, China is a developed country) 2012 3d full year lottery number.

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