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' Suore is so surprised that it will not lead the boss to attract a new one

Eighth grade ideology and morality (People's Edition) Book Preparation Resource Pack Lesson 8 Exercises Download Eighth Grade Ideology and Morality (People's Edition) Book Preparation Resource Pack Lesson 8 Exercise 1. Single Choice 1. National 'Two Sessions' in 2011 'Food safety has become the focus of attention.' Some representatives brought such a sentence to the meeting: 'Chinese stomach is very strong', it is responsible for digesting everything: 'Glue noodles' 'leather milk' 'cadmium rice' 'lean meat ''artificial egg'' waste oil ''Colored skull'...'.

This shows that (1) China's food safety situation is very serious and cannot be alleviated. 2 Food safety issues have become the main contradiction in China's society. 3 There are still many violations of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in social life. There is a long way to go. A. 12B. 134C. 234D.342. Some companies use lime to treat leather waste into industrial gelatin. Made into a medicinal capsule and enters the patient's abdomen. This process violates the consumer's (1) personal property security right 2 the right to know 3 legal claims 4 fair trading rights A. 123B. 124C. 134D. 2343. Hui people went to a restaurant to eat, ordered a bowl of beef noodles.

After a few minutes, the waiter put a bowl of pork noodles.

Li said that he is a Muslim, does not eat pork, and asks to replace it. The waiter replied that the beef was gone, and said: 'Your Hui people are strange, pork has nothing to eat.

'Li is very angry.

The hotel waiter violated Li's () A. Property ownership B. Honor C. National customs and habits are respected. D. Right to life 4. Individual industries borrow the name of supporting services, and they are hard to match sales. This practice infringes on consumers. (A. True understanding of rights B. Self-selection rights C. Fairness Trading rights D. According to the year of legal claims, the Consumers Association has received many complaints from consumers. They have purchased thousands of consumer cards ranging from tens of thousands to 10,000 yuan in a hotel bathing center.

In March 2013, the hotel's bathing center was closed for renovation, and it was announced that the old customers could continue to spend the renovation. In October, the hotel reopened.

Old customers who are ready to spend their cards are told that they can only use consumer cards in another bathing city near the Qibin District Railway Station.

The following statement is correct: () The hotel's bathing center practices violate the consumer's autonomy.

B. Consumers Association should revoke the business license for the hotel and order it to suspend business for rectification.

C. The hotel is upgraded after the renovation and has the right to default. D. The majority of members should gather to interfere with the hotel business and recover their rights.

6. During the May Day of this year, Xiao Ming’s mother bought a beautiful purple sand shovel that was advertised as “natural purple sand propylene gallbladder” in a shopping mall. Soon, Xiao Ming’s mother saw CCTV reports, knowing that the beauty of the purple sand pot that she bought was not natural purple sand.

It is made by using ordinary clay as raw material and coloring with chemical preparations. At this time, Xiaoming mother should () A. consciously use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests B. Self-confessed bad luck, because there are too many fakes in the market, personal strength is too small C. Resolutely safeguard their own choice, and pursue business according to law Legal liability [] D. At the entrance of the mall, the warning message 'America's electrical appliances are fake and inferior products' is posted to prevent other consumers from being fooled into two. Multiple choice questions: (At least two are correct and in line with the title) 7. Consumer Ms. Li spends 2,300 yuan in one An electric car was purchased at the electric vehicle dealership.

On July 24, 2013, Ms. Li rode her electric car to go shopping.

During the driving, the electric vehicle beam suddenly broke, and Ms. Li was about 2 meters away, causing many injuries on her body.

Ms. Li asked the electric vehicle dealer to replace the new electric vehicle and compensate her for medical expenses and lost time. The dealer only agreed to repair the electric car for Ms. Li and refused other compensation. The operator violated Ms. Li’s rights.

A. Self-selection rights B. Security rights C. Right to know D Claims according to law 8. There are often unscrupulous vendors around the campus selling unhygienic food and “three no” products to students, which seriously affects students’ mind and body. Healthy growth has disrupted the normal teaching order of the school.

If you are a student of the school, you should () A. report to the industry and commerce department, request to ban B. According to law, actively promote the students, remind everyone to buy C. confiscate the unsanitary food and 'three no' products. D. Enhance awareness of rights protection and refuse to buy 9. When the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are infringed, they should bravely take legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests. The correct method of rights protection below is () A. When Shen made a dispute with the merchant at the settlement price during shopping, he requested the consumer association to mediate B. When Li bought a new house, he had a dispute over the contract and filed a lawsuit with the people's court. Zhang bought a new mobile phone frequently crashed, after inspection is a quality problem, negotiate with the dealer to obtain compensation D. Wang was unable to solve the quality accident caused by the purchase of the car. He dragged the car to the door of the Industry and Commerce Bureau and publicly smashed 10. Eight-year-old student Xiao Nan loved photography. In order to support Xiao Nan’s hobby, the parents decided to accompany Xiao Nan to the mall to purchase a digital camera. When they consume, the correct way is () A. Please ask the waiter to introduce the camera function in detail. B. Father and daughter choose several cameras for comparison. C. After purchase, ask the waiter for the warranty. D. Request the purchase invoice in time. 11. In our country The rights and obligations of citizens are consistent. While consumers enjoy various rights, they also have to fulfill their obligations.

As a consumer should do () A. Language civilization. Attitude and moderation B. Compliance with market order. Improve self-cultivation C. Maintain the legitimate interests of production operators D. Be considerate of the fault of the operators, not to pursue the operators Infringements 12. Consumer rights are often inadvertently violated. The following commercial household language is a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers () A. Discounted goods, once sold, will not be returned.

B. Genuine guarantee, fake one lost two. C. The shop refuses to bring their own drinks D. The deposit is paid first, and will not be refunded. Analysis of the problem 13. Xiao Li did not intend to receive a counterfeit banknote, he used this counterfeit banknote to buy a box of cigarettes in Wang’s shop. Who knows that he bought fake cigarettes, Xiao Li was very angry, and the two students Published a comment. Classmate A: The behavior of the owner and the customer is voluntary, and there is nothing wrong with it. Classmate B: The owner and the customer do not talk about integrity and mutual fraud. They are unethical and should be condemned.

Four. Observation and Thinking 14. Miss Wu and her group went to a restaurant to eat supper. When they paid the bill, they found that the bill was not discounted according to the “20% off of the night seafood”; the second was a fee of 9 yuan at the bottom of the bill. Price fee.' Among them, it was indeed the cashier’s mistake that I did not discount the day and night. After recalculation, Miss Wu was given a rebate. 'But we have received more than two months for the material price increase.' The duty manager explained.

Miss Wu questioned this. The seafood products of other hotels did not increase due to the increase in materials, and the prices of related products in the market did not rise. I think that these nine dollars should not be collected.

(1) What rights does the restaurant infringe on Miss Wu? (2) Please analyze according to relevant laws and regulations? 15. (Ningbo, 2012) 20. (8 points) On April 11, 2012, more than 20 passengers in Shanghai Pudong Airport were delayed due to flight delays. The airline did not give timely and reasonable explanation and compensation and lost control. They rushed into the runway and forced the aircraft to stop. A scene of rights protection. [Block passengers] The interception is to protect our legal rights.

[Other passengers] 'Blocking rights' is incredible, and a slight carelessness may lead to machine damage.

[Airport Public Security] Passengers in violation of the Aviation Safety and Security Regulations are subject to public security penalties.

[CAA] The airline improperly handled the incident and suspended the operation of the route.

Read the above materials and answer the questions.

In the above incidents, the airlines infringed on the legal rights of the passengers (2 points). What do you think is the nature of the behavior of the 'barriers' (3 points). In the middle, on December 6th, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce announced that there are 6 kinds of overlord clauses in the catering industry less than 2 days. The China Cuisine Association issued an open letter accusing it of “identifying the lack of basis” and demanding the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce. Apologize. These terms include: prohibiting the bringing of alcohol; sterilizing tableware costs one yuan; limiting the minimum consumption of private rooms; reducing the number of seats without prior notice; the responsibility for throwing property at your own risk; customers not accepting the restaurant proposal is deemed to automatically waive the right to food hygiene complaints. How do you refute the association and what is the basis? What is the significance of the practice of the Trade and Industry Bureau? How do you think consumer rights can be better protected? V. Activities and inquiry 17. Raw materials: Fresh milk Product type: Full-fat sterilized pure milk product Standard number: Q/NMRY31 Shelf life: Normal temperature sealed for 30 days Production date: August 25, 2013 One day, Dongdong from childhood The store bought a bag of milk. After seeing it, the mother said, 'This milk can't be drunk.' After that, he threw the bag of milk into the trash can.

Dongdong inexplicably asked 'Why?', Mom asked him to see the milk label. After watching the East, I suddenly realized.

Dongdong wants to find a store theory. My mother waved her hand and said, 'A bag of milk, one or two dollars, no need.'

Forget it, the next time you pay attention. How does the mother see that milk is not suitable for drinking? What rights does the store infringe on Dongdong? The experience of Dongdong reminds us what should we pay attention to when we consume? Do you agree with Mom’s 'calculating' approach? why? How can Dongdong maintain its rights? 18. Read the material and answer the questions. Material 1: The current content of student rights protection in a school, the proportion of project content (%) choose various ways of consumer rights protection, call 12315 hotline and complain to the Consumer Association []] and the operator negotiates with the operator to argue and feel unlucky to be too lazy to be in the media 8 Or post a post to the court to sue for consumption and ask for an invoice. 13 Occasionally 27 will not be 60. Material 2: There are often some violations of consumer rights in social life. For this reason, China Consumers Association announced that 2013 will make consumers more powerful. 'The top ten events have strengthened consumer confidence. 'Disc Action' is sought after by civilized consumption into fashion 2. Common rights to power the power of Apple to end the 'overlord clause' 3. 'Cancel the law' ushered in the first major overhaul of the new 'elimination of law' to open a new milestone of rights protection 4. Internet finance is quickly warming up the regulatory blank To fill in 5. 'Anti-monopoly law' highlights the Justice Development and Reform Commission issued the largest fines 6. Cruise detained tourists innocent damaged enterprises rude behavior condemned 7. China's first 'Tourism Law' officially implemented the tourism market ushered in rational spring 8. Automobile ' The 'Three Guarantees' policy is finally the most praiseworthy for the demonstration. 9. 'GMO foods' ignited the consumers' informed choices and were left out. 10. Beijing Industrial and Commercial Clearance Catering Industry 'Overlord Clause' is not afraid of challenges according to law (1) The data reflects the characteristics of the school's middle school students' consumer rights protection? What do you think are the reasons for the violation of consumer rights? (3) From Material 2, we can see that consumers are more powerful in those aspects. (4) Through the comparison of the above two materials, the power of consumers also needs the rise of consumers' awareness of rights protection. How should middle school students do better rights protection? The eighth lesson single choice BBCBAA multiple choice BD / AD / ABC / ABCD / ABC / ACD analysis 13, 1 classmate A's point of view is not accurate. The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests stipulates that the transaction between the operator and the consumer shall follow the principles of voluntariness, equality, fairness, honesty and credit. Although the owner and the customer are voluntary, they all violate the principle of honesty and credit. 2 Class B's point of view is also not accurate. Honesty and credit are the requirements of the law for operators and consumers. It is illegal for shopkeepers to sell fake wines and customers to use counterfeit banknotes. It is not only subject to moral condemnation, but also subject to legal sanctions. Reading and Thinking 14. (1) Right to know and fair trade (The Consumer Protection Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that consumers have the right to know the truth about the goods they buy or use or the services they receive. Notifying Ms. Wu that the price increase of the material has violated the consumer’s right to know the truth about the goods they purchased or used or the services they received.

(Chinese law protects consumers' fair trading rights, the price increase behavior of the hotel may have no factual basis, artificially raising the price, unfair to consumers.

(Consumers and operators must follow the principle of fairness, honesty and trust in transactions, and hotel behavior violates these two principles.

15, (1) the right to know, the right to claim according to law, the right to fair trade. (2) Passengers 'blocking rights and defending rights' is a general illegal act. (or violation of the Security Administration Punishment Act) endangers the safety of oneself and others; undermines public order and harms the public interest. (3) Revelation: Citizens must enjoy both rights and obligations; we must establish a sense of legislature and protect rights according to law; citizens must respect the rights of others when exercising their rights; they must not harm the interests of the state, society or the collective; Exercise rights within the limits prescribed by law; exercise rights in a legal manner. (After answering 3 of them) 16. (1) The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights stipulates that consumers have the right to choose independently, and the operators of consumers must follow the voluntary principle in transactions. (2) Correcting the overlord clause, safeguarding consumer rights, regulating market behavior, maintaining market economic order, and promoting the healthy development of the market economy. (3) State: Improve relevant laws and regulations, be administrative according to law, and strictly enforce the law. Society: Establish a sound supervision mechanism and increase market supervision. The news media will strengthen the exposure of enterprises that violate laws and regulations, increase public opinion supervision, and advocate socialist concept of honor and disgrace. Operator: Based on the principle of equality, fairness and integrity, operate in accordance with the law, operate with integrity, and actively assume social responsibility. Consumers: Actively learn and master consumption knowledge, enhance their ability to judge and choose; follow the principles of economic activities, rational consumption; establish a sense of rights protection, master the path of safeguarding rights; fight against violations of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers according to law.

Activities and inquiry 17. (1) It can be seen from the date of manufacture and shelf life on the label that the purchased milk has passed the shelf life. (2) The right to personal and property safety is not damaged, and the right to fair trade.

(3) Learn more about some common sense of consumption, such as: pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the goods; pay attention to collecting and storing evidence.

(4) (1) Disagree. (2) Because this not only damages their own rights, but also condone the illegal activities of unscrupulous merchants. (3) Dongdong can defend its rights by negotiating with the operator, requesting mediation from the consumer association, appealing to the relevant administrative department, filing an arbitration agreement with the operator, and filing a lawsuit with the people's court. 18. (1) Most middle school students can use legal methods to protect their rights. However, some middle school students have indifferent awareness of rights protection, do not take the initiative to protect their rights and interests, or have no legal ideas and take some illegal methods to defend their rights.

(2) In the relationship between the operator and the consumer, the operator is in a favorable position, and it is difficult for the consumer to intuitively understand the performance and quality of the product, thereby being passive in shopping, relatively highly organized and powerful. For the operators of strength, consumers tend to be alone, and individual operators have forgotten their interests and used their position to harm the interests of consumers. Indifferent consumer awareness of rights protection will also condone the infringement of unscrupulous merchants. (3) The state perfects consumer laws and regulations, the administrative organs strengthen market supervision, public opinion supervision, and consumers' joint initiative to safeguard rights.


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