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” She There is burning, 'Oh, don't ask!' She walked away, and indeed she was mad at her death, what started from a new beginning, a ghost! Lanjia pulled back, Linna wanted to marry him, and his outstretched hand let her swallow it back! 'Nana, I love you, keep on, don't stop all the time!' Quietly stroking her cheeks, exquisite as the treasure of the Capricorn, his eyes are deep and flexible! Her anger, thawing in a flash, disappearing, yeah, he loves, keeps on loving, but the method is not so good! Condensed to him, the most beautiful smile on the corner of his mouth! Hug, kiss, ten fingers tight, the sun shines on the warmth of the two, on the golden beach, dazzling! (End of the article) 'Hello everyone, I am the host Li Wei

Because all people must be self-righteous and break through everything

Kunsha, Chinese name Zhang Qifu, one of the world's most powerful drug lords, is also the Burmese warlord, the former commander of the Yan State Liberation Army (MTA).

He was born in 1933 in the village of Lemo, in the Shan State of Myanmar. He has half of the Chinese blood and has countless battles in his life. From the 1960s to the early 1990s, the control and circulation of drugs in the 'Golden Triangle' was controlled.

The United States once offered a reward of $2 million to capture the once-world first drug lord, but he is strictly forbidden to take drugs and develop agriculture in his own area. To this day, people in some areas of the Golden Triangle still miss this 'President of the Republic of Shan State.' Li Guohui (1910-1980), the locals called 'General Xiao Li', the head of the 708th Regiment of the Eighth Army of the Kuomintang Army. In the Golden Triangle, this character is famous and has reached a household name. He is the originator of the Golden Triangle. Without Li Guohui, there is no gold triangle in the world of drug kingdom.

7. Liu Ming, the drug lord who was killed. Tan Minglin was born in 1962 in an ordinary farmhouse in Lezhi County, Sichuan Province. Due to family poverty, he dropped out of school only after a year of high school.

In 1986, Tan Xiaolin went to work in the Yunnan border area and happened to know the daughter of Yang Guodong, a drug lord in Myanmar. Two years later, the two married and moved to the ancient area of ??Myanmar.

This marriage completely changed Tan Minglin's life. After Yang Guodong's introduction, he quickly embarked on the road of drug trafficking. Initially, Tan Minglin mainly engaged in the drug business on the border between Thailand and Myanmar. However, when Tan Minglin’s drug trafficking scale continued to expand, the drug transportation channel he relied on had problems.

In 1992, Tan Xiaolin’s wife was killed by drug users. After 1994, due to the constant fighting in the Thai-Myanmar border, the drug transportation channels were often cut off, and the drug lords often clashed with black and black. Tan Minglin decided to find another drug exit passage. After the Mekong River bloodshed, the name of the Golden Triangle poisonous Kang Kang once again surfaced.

In 1950, Li Guohui led a team of Li Mi’s Eighth Corps to be defeated by the People’s Liberation Army. He led more than 3,000 people from Xichang, Sichuan, across the small and small mountains, into the jungles of southern Fujian, and struggled in the big nightmare forest. After a month, they finally met with Tan Zhong and his 287th group who had crossed the border a few days ago. Later, Li Guohui and other remnants of the reunion set up a new unit, the “Republic of China Rehabilitation Forces General Command”, in a place called Xiaoyan, in the northeastern part of the Golden Triangle.

After the merger of the remnants of the army, there were more than 1,600 combatants. Li Guohui became the chief commander and head of the 79th regiment, Tan Zhong served as deputy commander and head of the 270th regiment, and Qian Yunzhou served as chief of staff. After the efforts of Li Guohui and others, the troops finally reached 35,000 troops.

And the Myanmar government has reached a peaceful coexistence and acquiesced in the 'treaty', and they are unaware of each other. Kun Sha had never read a book since he was a child. He lost his mother when he was a child and lived in a broken family.

In the early 1950s, Kunsha was once involved in the remnants of the Kuomintang in the rogue gang and learned some military common sense and technology. Later, he pulled a small drug trafficking vehicle that specialized in escorting drugs. In 1962, Kunsha swears allegiance to the Burmese government and was appointed as the “Commander of the Self-Defense Forces of the Regional People”. After receiving this legal status, Kunsha vigorously developed poppy cultivation in his own control area and set up a card. , levy a drug transit tax, establish a morphine and heroin refinery, directly produce and sell drugs, on the other hand, he defeated and compiled small arms trafficking vehicles around the country to expand their power.

His troops used to have 10,000 people, equipped with American M-16 rifle equipment, and Soviet-made air defense missiles. It is the largest anti-government army in Myanmar and has gradually become the largest drug dealer in the 'Golden Triangle.' When the drug trade in the Golden Triangle reached its peak in 1989, Kunsha controlled 80% of the drug trade in the entire Golden Triangle. Therefore, he once arrogantly called himself 'the king of opium.'

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been praised by the media as 'a woman from early to late.' Recently, Obama was exposed to Yingla eyebrows, so that the first lady Michelle was jealous and claimed to be 'humiliated.'

After being elected, Yingluck has always been the 'big red man' chased by the media.

It is said that Kunsha’s army is equally important. He looks handsome and looks like a white-faced scholar. Although there are not many literacy, they respect the 'reader.' He once founded a Chinese school to take in the educated youth who fled from the mainland during the Cultural Revolution. They asked them to be teachers and called them 'Mr.'

Moreover, despite the numerous drug trafficking in Kunsha, it is not allowed to use drugs by its subordinates and upper-level officials. He stipulates that anyone who discovers that his subordinates are taking drugs can be executed on the spot. He himself has long been detoxifying and thought it was a demonstration. Drug lords refer to the bosses of drug trafficking groups. Nowadays, they generally refer to people who sell drugs for a long time and have strong strength. In drug trafficking, the most powerful ones are drug trafficking groups or underworld organizations. They have fixed personnel, strict organization, armed forces, and various modern weapons. Even the regular army cannot afford to ignore it.

The heads of these large drug traffickers are generally called drug lords.

In November 1993, the Burmese government forces began an offensive against the Mongolian armed forces led by Khunsha, and they occupied some of Khunsha’s strongholds. At this time, Khunsha’s age was already high, and he began to fight with no heart. On January 5, 1996, Khunsha surrendered to the Burmese government. On the 18th, a total of 9749 people disarmed the government and handed over 6004 pieces of light and heavy weapons, including surface-to-air missiles. On the same day, he attended the ceremony of being held at his headquarters in Hong Meng. Afterwards, he went to Yangon and began his late life under house arrest. On October 26, 2007, Kunsha died of his diabetes and emphysema in his home in Yangon, at the age of 74.

Myanmar’s Daqili Town was once the place where Khunsha acquired, processed, transported and sold drugs. There is a Khunsha Temple here.

It is said that Kunsha washed his hands after surrendering to the Burmese government in 1996. He repented of the poisonous world and spent the next year investing in the construction of this temple, hoping to clear the sin.

There are more than 2,000 acres in the temple. There is no photo of Khunsha in the whole temple. The wall is full of stories about the birth of Buddha Sakyamuni and the achievement of Buddha. The production of opium in the Golden Triangle of North America was 37 tons before Li Guohui came to 1949. This number is not too big.

Because the opium produced in Vietnam, Laos and Thailand exceeded 100 tons in the same year.

Opium production in the four countries is basically flat. By 1959, the Golden Triangle had experienced the era of Li Guohui, Li Mi and Liu Yuanlin, and the annual output had only doubled to 60 tons.

In the era of Khunsha, opium cultivation soared, reaching 1,000 tons in 1970 and climbing to 2,000 tons in the 1980s, breaking the world record.

Since then, Kunsha has planted poppy in his own control area, refined drugs, set up customs clearance taxes, and controlled 70% of the “Golden Triangle” drug production and most drug trafficking operations. He not only engages in 'one-stop', but also 'brand' for his own drugs. High-purity No. 4 heroin has 'Double Lion Earth Standard', and other 'Samsung Global Standard', 'Beauty Brand' and '骷髅牌', etc. . Tan Minglin, also known as Tan Xiaolin, is a new generation of poisonous cockroaches in the Golden Triangle after Luo Xinghan and Kunsha. It is nicknamed “Little Sichuan” in the Mushi district of Myanmar.

'Since 1999, among the various drugs seized in the Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan, Tan Minglin’s smuggling traffic accounted for 40%. In 2000, this figure rose to 60%. Tan Minglin is in the Pan-Golden Triangle region. The most dangerous drug lord.' Sun Dahong, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department said.

After the Chinese Huaping and Yuxing 8 merchant ships were killed in the Mekong River in October 2011, the reporters sneaked into the Golden Triangle and the Mekong River with the reconnaissance team of the Thai government to explore the secrets of viper paradise, and found his in the new poisonous king Naokan organization. Second home - Kusina Kajili. Born in the United Arab Emirates, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a master's degree in chemical engineering. He is 27 years old and has white skin, angelic appearance, and Miss World.

Even more so, she joined the team in Nakana and took the second place in three years, taking control of the research, production, finance and North Asian, South Asian and European markets of the Nakan Group, known as the Poppy Queen.

4, Tan Minglin is called 'Beibei North poison king' 1, Li Guohui, the originator of the Golden Triangle Yingla was born in the northern Chinese province of Chiang Mai, the prominent Chinese family.

Chiang Mai has always been known as the 'Northern Rose' and is known as 'Beauty and Rose'. What kind of water and soil has created such a charming woman? (China Economic Weekly) In 1950, Chiang Kai-shek sent Li Mi to the Ministry of Finance, Laos and Thailand to serve as the chairman of the Yunnan Provincial Government and the director of the Yunnan Jingjing Office. Li Guohui and Tan Zhong received the order of Chiang Kai-shek, saying that they must be loyal to the old chief and hand over the military power to Li Mi. After the surrender of military power, Li Guohui flew back to Taiwan. The era of 'General Xiao Li' who relied on 'protecting the business' to support the army ended. Li finally ended up in Taiwan.

Since then, opium production and trafficking in the Golden Triangle has become Li Mi’s patent, and the financial resources have come.

2, Luo Xinghan's 'Opium Kingdom' first generation of drug lords after Li Guohui took the town of Mensa, bandits armed with attachments or fleeing, the escort - that is, armed smuggling opium, almost became Li Guohui's exclusive industry .

It can be said that the armed trafficking of the Golden Triangle is the establishment and development of Li Guohui and Qian Yun on Monday.

Later Li Mi era, Luo Xinghan era and Kunsha era, etc., are all 'peaching peaches' and are the heirs of Li Guohui's career. Luo Xinghan and Peng Jiasheng, Tusi Wang Yang Zhencai brothers and called the courageous 'small three countries.' Luo Xinghan also established the Kokang Anti-Communist Military Academy in Lashio, and served as the principal. Luo Xinghan, who has grown up, is centered on Lashio. He directs two opium sales of about 200 tons per year, and his income is very high. The total profit is about six or seven million dollars. Luo Xinghan has thousands of Hummer caravans engaged in drug trafficking. He has also built several heroin refineries and has many large drug warehouses. In the hands of Luo Xinghan, the supply and marketing of opium products formed a one-stop, he became the first generation of 'opium king' in the Golden Triangle. Xiaolan crosses Myanmar North as a freelance writer, bravely walks the bumps of the “Golden Triangle”, and pays attention to the drugs, blood, violence, poppies under the poppies, the evils behind the money, and the evils behind the money in the golden triangle. People, women's living conditions.

On the bumpy roads, along the way, they passed through the construction of nearly 50 ethnic groups, and there were countless checkpoints. In the straits of modern civilization that has not yet arrived, she relies on her own courage, wisdom, and beauty to interact with the famous heroes, and to fight with each other; to take the ride of the United Nations mission to cross the 'black corridor' danger; Spy dance, 'wolves out of danger', sneak peeks, sneak into the jungle secret house, experience the big smoke trade fair; encounter the emotional troubles of foreign agents... Luo Xinghan's drug business has caused the Myanmar government to suffer from international anti-drug Pressure, and Luo’s troops did not solve the problem of the Burmese Communist Party’s separation in the northern mountains. So the Burmese government disbanded Luo’s troops, and Luo Xinghan refused to organize troops to retreat into Thailand.

Later, under international cooperation, Luo was trapped in northern Thailand and later transferred to the Myanmar government. The Burmese government sentenced it to life imprisonment and was released in the 1980 amnesty.

Now, Luo Xinghan is active in the Chinese community in Myanmar and has started an anti-drug campaign.

3, Khunsha 'Opium King' legend Luo Xinghan, the name of the Burmese is called 'Fear of Mongolia', born in 1934 in the courage, ancestral home of Jiangxi, is a descendant of the Ming Dynasty generals. In the early years, he studied at a military school run by the Zhuang Nationalist Party, the 93rd Division of the KMT, and later worked for the Self-Defense Force of the Kokoku Toast. In the war between the Burmese and the Kokang, it became the role of the Burmese government in fruiting and fruiting, and it was the figure of pro-Myan in the courageous forces.

Luo Xinghan was assisted by the appreciation of Miss Yang Er, the sister of Toast Wang Yang Zhencai, and eventually became the No. 1 drug lord in the 1960s and 1970s.

In the 1960s, Yang Zhencai opposed the Burmese military government. The Burmese military government differentiated the daring people, incited the courageous people to kill each other, and lured Luo Xinghan to organize the Self-Defense Force against the Guodan Revolutionary Army. The army of Luo Xinghan killed the revolutionary army, and the Burmese shackles were able to control the courage.

Yang Zhensheng, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, retreated to Thailand, and another Peng Jiasheng army retreated to China.

The mirror immediately bounced out a young and pale eyebrow, and the familiar and unfamiliar feeling suddenly came to my heart

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