bet365 casino free play:bet365,casino,free,play,Chen,F:Chen Feng took back a smooth interest and took his meat stick out of the delicate little mouth The emperor swayed like a giant ruler, and the blood blade of the Emperor of Heaven was disintegrated What is the understanding of the nose? From

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Chen Feng took back a smooth interest and took his meat stick out of the delicate little mouth

The emperor swayed like a giant ruler, and the blood blade of the Emperor of Heaven was disintegrated

What is the understanding of the nose? From the perspective of academics in China, everyone can learn through this article. For everyone's nostrils are different, some people have nostrils, and they are called Chaotian nose in facials.

The nose also represents the courage of the human being, and it also has the responsibility to develop in the career. And for the people with big nostrils, they will always be great, and they are also dare to be dare. What is the fate of the woman with the relevant frontal nostrils? Let's take a look at the face of a woman with a face exposed to see the fate. First, the fate of a woman with a nostril facing the sky, the fate of a woman who rises to the nose, in terms of personality, is relatively inferior, and also very conservative, oh, the fortune in adolescence will be very bad, For such women, they will all be less harmful to the opposite sex, and they will be more conservative in their personality, and they will sleep more inferiorly. In the youth's fortune, the water is not good, but in the character, there will be a lot of frankness, and there will be not a lot of mentality. In this regard, there will always be a lot of filial piety for the mother-in-law. .

Recommended reading: Looking at the face-to-face fortune-telling diagram II. From the face of Chaotian nose, women are actually somewhat oversized for the nose, and the amount is also the case with dew. In fact, from the personality point of view, this kind of women are There will be no big heart, and it is also a very straightforward week. In fact, in this regard, it is a very big conspiracy, it will be more powerful. It belongs to the best. It is always compared in the best. It’s big, so it’s also easy for women who will be in a bad week in marriage. They’re all going to do things when they’re not doing well.

Third, the female nostrils exposed face to see the fate actually and for the nose, the female nose is very important, and for the nose, for the nose is the best is optimistic Mentality, and it is better to be less and to be quarreled, this is also a good way to improve the bankruptcy, and the people exposed to the nostrils will actually be worse in their minds, and It is also very easy to have a kind of one that is easy to be deceived. It is easier to get weaker in terms of money. The above is related to the face of the woman with a face exposed to see the fate in the end? And for the so-called nostrils, that is, the nostrils face up, looking at the past, you can see the characteristics of the nostrils, nostrils exposed, and how these women will be in facials? From today's article, everyone can see how it is. The nose is one of the five senses, in which the ears look at intelligence, the eyes look at the mind, the forehead looks at the future, the mouth looks at enjoyment, the skeleton sees the right to control, and the nose looks at the ability and self. The nose is also called the face king. It is the master of the side. It is the face of the five senses. Because the nose represents me and act, the life of a person is not a fortune or a good life. There are many kinds of good life. For example, children have higher education. This is good. Life, a healthy and happy life, this is also a good life, the nose can see a person's self-awareness and personality. Mr. Liu Heng interprets life with others and interprets the ability to control wealth and control money.

The nose face is called: Caizheng Palace, the position is in the nose (nose head) + nose bridge + mountain root, the name of the nose part is as follows: Shan Gen, Nian Shang, Shou Shang, Jin Jia, Zhun Head, Nostrils. A person who controls people and wealth is mainly seen here.

The position of the financial palace is in the nose, and the nose is called the originator. Here is the representative of our human self-consciousness, the symbol of social relations, and the nose standard represents property and enjoyment. The good and bad of the financial palace affect our network. With the fortune, the Palace of Finance is the reliance of our acquired life, representing the material world on which we live and our temporary flesh.

(Liu Heng learns the Yijing face). Looking at the financial palace, the financial palace mainly looks at the nose and nose, and then looks at the mouth.

The nose bridge represents the ability to develop money, and the nose and mouth represent the amount of money that is owned.

Nose facial review The nose is generally divided into: straight nose, curved nose, broken nose, concave nose, nose, nose, eagle hook nose and so on.

The nose is raised, the nose bridge is bulging outwards, the character is stubborn, each has its own, the behavior is selfish, the person with short heart is short, the nose is short, the nose is short and the nose is exposed. This kind of face-to-face people are impatient, can't sit on the bench, and they are quick to make a profit. The person with long nose, the face is particularly long on the face, the nose is drooping, so that people are selfish and paranoid, and they never want to think for themselves. Everything starts from self-interest, and things are dark, most of which are calculated behind.

People with small noses, the nose is very small, and the nostrils are fastened. Such a face is not enough to do things. I always want to get a small fortune, but the facts are often unsatisfactory.

Straight nose represents the ability to have money on average and treats money fairly.

The person with the nose has special hobbies for money, to get the most happiness for money.

A person with a concave nose, a natural optimist, has a better fortune, and no money is not difficult. Those who have broken noses will have a large record of breaking money in middle age, investment failure, and cooperation failure. The person with a bulging nose has a heavy responsibility, pays attention to the cause, and pays equal attention to both career and money.

The person who has a broken nose is stubborn and resolute, and will tirelessly pursue his career. The person with the hook and nose is generally very embarrassed to treat money, and does not give up his wealth.

Nose face and wealth money fortune book 曰 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻 鼻The two noses, also known as the treasury, the nose is the fortune for the fortune, with the Tiancang (the place of the temple), the two bones, the chin, the Lanting, the gold cabinet and the left and right basement, collectively known as the Caijing Palace; Movable and immovable property.

The nostrils define strength and wealth, the nose represents the treasury, and the nose represents the source of finance. 2. The Fortune Star should be prosperous and straight, with a round head and flesh, a full nose, and a large nostril (the nose is described as a vault of money).

If the head is sharp and thin, even if there is a wealthy family, it will die because its temper is too harsh. 3. The Tiancang of the Caisong Palace is to look after the fortune, including the acquisition of property, more or less income, Lanting, Jinjia cabinet is the accumulation of wealth; quasi-head round, Lanting match does not reveal holes, the Lord has a beautiful wife If the lips are exposed, then the spouse looks awkward.

4. The nostrils are rich, the collection, the main wealth has accumulated; the nose is at the center of the face, the five elements belong to the soil, and Liu Heng’s point of view is that the dormitory is wealthy. Therefore, it is generally said that there are five elements of soil representing wealth.

So the nose is perfect, indicating that the money is abundant, life can be satisfactory, rich and expensive. The nostrils are small and strict, and they are worthy of the money. It is difficult to develop in a lifetime. 5. The meat of the nose symbolizes the material force, and the bones of the nose symbolize the mental power. Therefore, observing a person is to enjoy material life or spiritual life, which can be analyzed and understood from the nose.

The bridge of the nose should be straight or slightly concave and convex, but don't overdo it, there are scales, so that you can make a fortune, and the meat on your nose should be full and good in color, and you can make a fortune.

6. If there is a defect in the nose and the fortune is affected, career, health, and marriage will be affected. The nose is flat, the eyes are weak, the inferiority is heavy, the suspicious and timid, the dead and the flesh, the Lord is poor.

7. The nose and the roots of the person who exposed the bones should treat the feelings between the husband and wife, and care and tolerance should be done for each other. Teacher Liu Heng pointed out that the person with the nose is not even more fortune. Without the concept of financial management, it is difficult for the Lord to accumulate, the family has no food for the poor, the image of poverty; the nostrils are wide and unstoppable, there is no product, the nose is flawed, and the personnel is not much. Lantai is lacking, the main property is exhausted; Ting Wei is lacking, and there are many cross-cutting things, all of which are broken by the Lord; 8. People with narrow noses can't do speculative work and business; if the nose is like a eagle, then the Lord is greedy. The person who wants, the fortune is repeated, the evening scene is bleak, the poverty; the nostrils are fine, the Lan Tingqi, the Lord is so good.

There are lines, marks, sputum, and broken on the nose, all of which are harmful to the money.

9. The head color, yellow or white, the Lord has the joy of wealth; if there is black color, there is a sickness or career failure in the family, breaking the money and losing money; if the head has red color or red nose, the fortune is not good. The journey with the children is not smooth; if there is red silk on the head, the money will not work smoothly, and there will be a myocardial infarction; the red master has a tongue and a tongue.

10. To be good at the financial palace, the body should pay attention to the maintenance of the stomach, spleen, liver and gallbladder, the kidney is the innate, and the spleen and stomach is the source of the day after tomorrow.

The facial features include: ears, eyes, nose, lips, tongue, and the facial features we usually say include: eyes, ears, nose, eyebrows, mouth.

The so-called five senses Liu Heng explained: the appearance of five functions.

Today, we are discussing with you the trend of good looks and fate.

The nose consists of several numerology parts: the root of the mountain (located in the middle of the nose of the two inner corners of the nose) and the nostrils (the nose and nose) of the head (nose part) of the golden armor (nose or nose).

Comprehensive expression of the nose: self, self-esteem, personal ability, persistence, personality, opinion, idea, competition, cooperation.

Physical aspects: liver and gallbladder, bladder, lungs.

The nose mainly depends on wealth, heart, marriage, health, spleen and stomach, and kidney function.

Liu Heng: The gas of the nose comes from the scorpion, and the qi of the scorpion comes from the scorpion, and the qi of the scorpion comes from the life gate.

Therefore, on the nose, it is necessary to match the nose.

Book cloud; the nose is the dragon, the dragon is the tiger, and the dragon and the tiger match each other. Today, Liu Heng will interpret the good and bad of your destiny from your nose and see if your nose is good or not.

1, the nose of the mountain roots, the annual life is too depressed or the bones are too convex, the main hepatobiliary gastrointestinal function is not good, the nose is accurate and the head is flat, the main kidney function is not good. The nose has a joint, the heart is more strange, the personality is stubborn and unable to be accommodating, and can not normally interact with people. 2, the nose is the husband star and wife star, the nose is not reasonable, the spouse personality is bad, will affect the happiness of marriage, if the husband and wife are not good, the marriage is not beautiful, easy to divorce. Especially when the mountain roots are low and collapsed, the probability of divorce is especially high.

3, the nose also looks at the heart, nose is positive, the heart is positive, the nose, the heart.

The bridge of the nose and bones is violent, cruel, and brave. If the eyebrows are shackled and the ribs are horizontal, it is easy to fall into a triad, and the chief officer is jailed. If the nose is skewed, the human heart will also be wrong. In the face of big and big, it will abandon justice and be partial to one's own private.

4, the nose to see the status, the nose is high, the official position is high, the nose is low, the main status is low. The sacral bones look at the power, the high bones are high, and the low bones are low.

People with high noses and high noses and high noses have a high status in the collective, and they stand alone and have their own unique insights and ideas. 5, nose and cheekbones to match the talent, the nose is high and there are meat packers, the main high, high, easy to have valuable help. The nose must be highlighted, and the name will be obvious.

The nose is so high that the cheekbone collapses, and the life is so poor. Those with low noses and high cheekbones are despicable and weak.

Those with high noses and lows are said to be alone, and middle-aged is easy to break. Those with high noses and lows have the right to be positionless and suitable for the staff.

The nose is low and high, the main authority has no position, the main fighting spirit is strong, the activity ability and communication ability are strong, and the most suitable first-line salesman, foreign affairs, etc., should not be led or the position of the supervisor. One party has stronger self-respect and has a family status.

Both husband and wife are more likely to have economic power. Nasal high master plan, high power. 7, Shangen has the influence of marital quality, the nose is a good cooperation, it is easy to break the money, the nose has spleen and stomach and the property is worrying, the nose has broken and broken.

The nose is good, but the tibia is not good or flawed. The main life is not suitable for partnership. It is not a small person. It is easy to break the financial loss. The nose is high and meatless. It is self-sufficient and moral, but it has no wealth. The nose is high in meat, the personality is positive, there are many opportunities to make money, and there are many wealth.

People with too high a nose, strong self-esteem, die to face.

The bridge of the nose is straight and high, and the nose is full, the nose is meaty, and the life is rich and multi-industry.

9, nostrils and men's bladder system, women's ovarian system is associated, nostrils exposed or small nose, people with insufficient bladder gas, and the ability to gather money, the nose is too exposed, the main and other aspects of the disease. 10, the nose is reasonable, high, meat, prosperous, powerful, the main officialdom is proud, if the bones match, the sovereignty is high. The nose is the nose, the Lord does not gather wealth, the financial ability is not good, the eyes are not showless, the life is rich, the wealth is poor, the debt is poor, the nose is heart-shaped, the nose is skewed or too sharp, and there is no meat like a knife, the heart is bad. , ungrateful, have a tendency to be ungrateful. 12, the nose is yellow, the main wealth is prosperous.

The nose is sleek and ruddy, and every day, it is a businessman. The color of the nose is pale yellow, the function of the main liver and gallbladder is not good, and the fortune is not good; the nose is dark blue, and the Lord is caused by excessive scare, even if healing the liver and gallbladder.

13, nose color to see the entire nose, are bright, it is to take advantage of wealth. If only the head is bright, small fortune is also. If the nose is dark red and the nose is dark, then the fortune is not rich, and the money that is in hand is easy to throw out; the nose is red and red, the Lord is defeated, and the villain is robbed; the whole nose is bright yellow, even if other parts are not Good, but also the Lord has money, but the wealth is weak, the health is not good 14, the nose is big and the prosperous, rich.

The nose is short, but there is no defect. The other parts are good, but the main ones are not rich. The face with thick nose and collapsed nose is hard to come back. This is the gourd nose. 15, the woman's nose is the most right, the woman's nose is too big, for the husband to work, too small, the wealth is not rich, the body is weak, timid; if the nose rises high, the character is too high, the lone range . 16, the nose is good, with peach eyes, the Lord has money, but good lust, more lust, more heterosexuality, but because of the poor face, the feelings of life wandering, love nowhere. 17, the woman's nose is a show of the gods, other facial features of the five senses, the Lord's life Fu Lushou Sanxian, with the noble. The woman's nose is plump, her lips are shaped, her hair is round and round, and the heavens are towering. 18, a man with a nose as a wife, a woman with a nose as a husband, if the nose is good, the cheekbones match, the husband and wife palace is beautiful, the wife of the wife is expensive, the marriage is full.

Although both of them are common sense elements, they can hang on to the trivial things of their careers

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