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'Yuan' angered: 'There is another patience in this seat for a few years

'You have given up so much for him, I have allowed it

Sakura  扇 扇 扇 籼诙 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 馄沤 谔诩 谔诩 拔 拔 拔 拔 拔 拔 拔 拔 拔 拔 拔 伊 伊 伊 伊 伊 伊 伊 伊煨⊥ Я Я    骸 骸 骸 骸 骸 骸 骸 骸 骸 骸 骸 骸 徊钅 徊钅 徊钅 徊钅 徊钅 徊钅 徊钅 ┫ ┫ ┫ ┫ ┫ ┫ ┫ ┫ ┫ ┫ ┫ The handsome thin rabbit was washed, and the rabbit was raised. I yelled, and the rabbit was just turned over.

Grandma shouted, and the rabbit bunny rolled to the inside of the bed.

Mom said: 'Celebrate rabbit, you are not going to school, do you not want to go to school.', Qing rabbits climbed up, Qing rabbit did not change clothes, Qing rabbits just looked at everyone. Mother washed her face and saw that the rabbit was still sitting in bed. My mother said, 'Do you want to go to school? If you don't want to go to school, your mother will refund the tuition tomorrow. You don't want to go to school anyway.', Grandma said: If you don't go to school, you can't grow up and go to work.', Mom said: 'Why, what is it? He is not willing to go to school. When he grows up, he can't find a job. It's his own business. You don't have culture. You will go to the dirtiest and most tiring job and earn the least amount of money.', I said: 'You must dare to be the first person, don't always let yourself fall behind others, no matter at home or at school, we don't have to If you want to become the first few, at least we can't be the last few, fast, you can try to do the most things with the least amount.', Grandma said: 'You are not going to be a firefighter, firefighters hear the alarm The sound will soon gather and rush forward.'.

Qing rabbit finally got up, my mother said: 'Celebrate rabbit, you have grown up, you can't always worry about adults for you. Last night, my brother had a fever, and my grandmother didn't sleep well. Mom also I didn’t sleep well overnight, and my mother couldn’t sleep because she didn’t get up at night.

Qing rabbit seems to still not wake up, sitting on the sofa in a wooden manner, grandmother said: 'Celebrate rabbit, wear clothes.', Qing rabbit set on a white school uniform, two hands pinched buttons in slow The ground buckled, the grandmother used to help the Qingtu rabbit button, I said: 'Celebrate rabbit, you are not a kindergarten child, you have to do a lot of things yourself.', grandmother said: 'This button is not good deduction The clothes of the students should be easy to wear and take off, the light is so beautiful, and it is not practical.

”. Still blue sky, golden hang on the roof in front, the sun is not so hot.

Haven't taken a few steps yet, Qing Bunny said: 'Grandma, my paintings.

”, Grandma asked: “What painting? 'Chongqing Bunny said: 'I painted it last night. I want to paint it. The teacher asked us to hand it over to the teacher today.'

', Grandma opened the bag to find a picture, and celebrated the rabbit and said: 'My painting was placed in a box yesterday. Grandma is holding a little rabbit. I have to go home to get a picture. On this picture, I painted a vase. The vase is divided into many pieces. The top is covered with various colors, and there are many flowers in the vase. The painting is as spring-like as the paintings of adults, but as a rabbit, I am quite satisfied.

Later, the rabbit bunny called the rabbit bun, and the rabbit bunny promised to go forward. The bunny shouted loudly: 'Celebrate the rabbit, can't you wait for me?'. The rabbit should not be held by the grandmother. It is best for the rabbit to run over and celebrate the rabbit and hold hands, so the two people talked. Speaking, the rabbits are farther away than most of the children. It is better for the rabbits to be different. It is better for the rabbits to say a non-stop, and the rabbits are obviously less. Qing rabbits are suitable for rabbits, and the little rabbits are on my shoulders and watching the rabbits and rabbits talking. The rabbits want to talk to them. Unfortunately, if they celebrate the rabbits, they can’t listen. Understand, they did not expect to talk to the celebration of the rabbit. I noticed that two people were talking. I forgot to give the little rabbit a urine. I went to the school gate. I felt a little hot in the chest. I turned the Qingxiao rabbit into one, and the urine of the rabbit was sprayed out. Qingxiao rabbit's urine is like a fire extinguisher. The rabbit's urine is sprayed far and far.

My shirt has been soaked in the urine of the Qingxiao rabbit. I had to put the Qingxiao rabbit in the stroller. When I arrived at the door of Ruifeng Supermarket, a grandmother said, 'The little guy pee, you see he is getting the urine out.

', when I looked down, the two hands of Qing Bunny were still playing outside with their urine, and quickly hugged the Qingxiao rabbit and wiped the urine with a rag. After a long supermarket Travel, I can pick up the little rabbit, and the little rabbit sees the hawker who sells the balloon. He dances with excitement. The little rabbit reaches out and screams. Next to an aunt, he said, 'How is this little guy?' Then I like balloons.

”. The little rabbit got up at 6:30 in the morning. When he returned to the community, he couldn’t bear the weight of the head. The head of the rabbit was poured on my shoulder. I left home at nine o'clock. The bed lay quietly there.

At 10:40, the rabbit and rabbit opened their eyes. Today, the little rabbit has slept for a hundred minutes. The grandmother gave the baby rabbit a 90 ml of milk. The rabbit did not drink much, and the milk and rice paste. The Qingxiao rabbit also only ate a few mouthfuls. The grandmother said: 'Xiaojiu seems to have a fever again.', I quickly took the ear thermometer and measured it for the Qingxiao rabbit. The ear thermometer measurement was thirty-eight degrees.

At 11 o'clock, the little rabbits went out. Although the outside was full of dazzling sunlight, the shade was not very hot. How many little rabbits were a little uncomfortable. The head of the Qingxiao rabbit always wanted to lean on my face. The Qingxiao rabbit also snorted twice from time to time, so he had to hold the Qingxiao rabbit back.

Qing Xiaotu is less than five minutes outside, and comes back to the mercury thermometer to measure thirty-eight degrees. I said, 'Small nine fever, or open the air conditioner, so that he can disperse the temperature.' The rabbit's buttocks are not wet, I am afraid that the high temperature will cause damage to the testicles of the rabbit.

The little rabbit is uncomfortable, and the little rabbit has been squatting. I will sleep in the Xiaoqing rabbit. The little rabbit just closed her eyes, the doorbell rang, and the aunt came back from work. The Qingxiao rabbit was also awakened by the doorbell. . My aunt asked: 'Xiaojiu, what's wrong, so embarrassing.', Grandma said: 'We Xiaoji had a fever last night.

', seeing the aunt, the Qingxiao rabbit saw the savior, and the little rabbit immediately reached out and asked the aunt to hold it.

My mother got off work, and my aunt said, 'I want my mother not to play such a good vaccine. When I raise the rabbit, I don't have a shot at that time. I have a fever once every nine times.

”, the mother said: “There is no vaccine for a few needles. The physical condition of each person is different. It is normal to have a little burning. '.

Aunt said: 'Small nine is so hot or use a little medicine for Xiaoji.

”, Mom said: “It’s only thirty-eight degrees, is the temperature a little lower? 'My aunt said, 'How uncomfortable you are to see Xiaojiu, there should be no problem with using it.'

”, the medicine has just been used for a few minutes, and the rabbit’s burning will be retired. My mother has to go to work, and her mother said: “There are drums today, and I will go to pick up the rabbits after school.

”, Grandma said: “In the future, when the rabbits finish class, don’t buy those messy junk food outside to eat the rabbits.

”, Mom said: “He finished class, what if he is hungry? '.

There is a lot of dust and foam on the floor in the living room. I opened the sweeping robot and swept the floor in the house. I think this sweeping robot is like an electric toy. Qing Bunny may like it very much. I didn’t expect the robot to be The living room slammed the floor, and the little rabbit looked at it and even wanted to cry. I hugged the Qingxiao rabbit to the front, let the little rabbit's foot go to the cover of the sweeping robot, and the little rabbit did not show the excitement. I closed the sweeping robot. I let the Qingxiao rabbit sit in front of the sweeping robot and celebrate The rabbit did not touch it by hand, and finally had to sweep the robot to stop working.

At 14 o'clock, the little rabbit is a little embarrassed. I know that this is the signal that the little rabbit is going to sleep. I sang a few songs and the little rabbit soon went to sleep.

At 16 o'clock, the little rabbit suddenly burst into tears, and the little rabbit did not open his eyes. I picked up the little rabbit and celebrated the rabbit and continued to cry. Qingxiao rabbit sleeps crying, I touched the belly of Qingxiao rabbit, Qingbi rabbit's stomach soft, touched the forehead of Qingxiao rabbit, Qing rabbit did not have a fever, I said: 'We are not small nine is not Dreaming, we are not dreaming of big tigers, we want big tigers to go away, we Xiaoji like little white rabbits, we Xiaoji like little monkeys.' Qing Bunny continued to sleep, and the little rabbit was still squatting from time to time. The grandmother said, 'How can he always sleep?', I said, 'I can't remember, I will check it again.'

'Diclofenac sodium suppository' for children with caution. Adverse reactions are 1. Gastrointestinal reactions: mainly anal irritation symptoms, stomach discomfort, burning sensation, acid reflux, anorexia, nausea, etc., withdrawal or symptomatic treatment can disappear. A few of them can have ulcers, bleeding, and perforation.

2. The nervous system shows headache, dizziness, lethargy, and excitement. 3. The kidney causes severe renal adverse reactions such as edema, oliguria, and electrolyte imbalance. 4. Other rare cases have a transient increase in liver enzymes, and a few cases of jaundice, rash, arrhythmia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, etc. are reversible.

I suspect that it is a big dose. I will give the Qingxiao rabbit medicine at night, and the little rabbit will soon be smashed out. At noon, the rabbit is not smashed. At 17:30, my grandmother asked me to go to my aunt's house to water the chicken, and the little rabbit woke up. The little rabbit didn't cry, and the little rabbit kept laughing with me.

Aunt is leaving, my aunt sees the little rabbit again, and the little rabbit raises her right hand and aunt.

I took the little rabbit out. When my grandmother opened the diaper of the Qingxiao rabbit, I found that the little rabbit had a diaper diaper. It was a very thin baba. It was not a lot of Baba. It was probably noon. After the Qingxiao rabbits took medicine, they were stunned. Going out, my grandmother will see you again with the little rabbit, and the same rabbit will raise her hand and wave and see goodbye with her grandmother. Going out without going far, I met Qing Bunny and my mother. We came to the door, I gave the little rabbit a urine, and the little rabbit licked the body and didn't urinate. I said, 'Xiaojiu, how do you always have no urine? If you are on the floor at home, your grandfather will I want to hit your little ass.', Qing Bunny said: 'Grandfather, you can't play the little ass of Xiaojiu. If you play Xiaojiu, I will hit you.

”, Mom said: “Celebrate rabbit, what do you say? Are you talking to your grandfather? ', I said: 'This is assuming that my grandfather will not play the ass of Xiao Jiu.


When I was eating, my mother said, 'Celebrate the rabbit, you are doing well today. You are thinking about your mother when you eat.

”, Grandma asked: “At school? 'Mother said: 'This is what the teacher said. The teacher said that the Qingtu rabbit is very filial and thinks about the mother while eating.

”, the mother said: “You have good things, not only to think about your mother, but also to think grandmother. ', Qing Bunny said: 'I want grandma's grandfather.


Mom said: 'You go to kindergarten to visit the former teacher. Your behavior is also a gratitude. You eat something and leave something for your mother. It is also a kind of filial piety.' My mother asked her grandmother: 'Is there a small nine?' The grandmother said: 'Today, I ate a little bit of pig liver and some carrots.

', Mom said: 'This is good, you can add a little nutrition.

”. Mother and Qing Bunny said: “Celebrate rabbits, remember to close the door when going to the toilet.

', Qing Bunny said: 'But I am afraid of black. 'Mother said: 'Mom is talking about the situation with lights. You want to go to the bathroom and suddenly open the door. You and the people who come in will be very embarrassed.'


Mom began to review the lessons for the Qingtu rabbits. My grandmother and I will go out with the Qingxiao rabbit. I will go downstairs with the Qingxiao rabbit. I want to celebrate the little rabbit and the grandmother. Goodbye, the rabbit really raises the right hand. Goodbye to my grandmother, this is the third time that the rabbit has raised her hand and said goodbye.

When I came to the riverside, my grandmother suggested that the road would not go to the river. I still haven’t walked 50 meters and found Qing Xiaotu on my body. Grandma said: “Xiaojiu is going to sleep.” At this time, I just woke up and how wrong my decision was.

People who walk at night are accumulating on the banks of the Yangtze River. There are many lights on the banks of the Yangtze River, and we will not see a person on this road. The dim street lights make people sleepy. When the rabbit came out to play, it wasn’t the Zhaoqing bunny sleeping. The grandmother just wanted to walk a little and can clean a little. I said, 'We made a mistake. Xiaojiu wants to see people watching the lights.

”, Grandma said: “Then we will cross the road now. ', I said: 'This is not a zebra crossing. There is no way to cross the road. Let's go to the small square. 'Grandma said: 'Mom with the little rabbit in the small square, Xiaoji will be sleeping for a while.

”, I said: “Small nine is to watch children play, Xiaojiu is to touch a variety of things, you adults are standing and chatting, Xiaojiu has nothing to do, and the outside is so dark, Xiao Jiu does not want to sleep to blame.


A few five or six-year-old children are playing, and the eyes of the little rabbit have been following the children. Wherever the children go, I will hold the little rabbit to get there.

A child came over with a balloon. The eyes of the rabbit were immediately behind the balloon. The children left. The rabbit found a balloon. The eyes of the rabbit became a customer who sold the balloon.

It’s not bad to go out today, and the two rabbits are urinating.

The fat brother of the jade rabbit came. The grandmother tried to hug the fat brother. The grandmother jerked hard. The weight of the fat brother made the grandmother’s two hands slam down. The grandmother said: “It’s too heavy. 'I can't hold it.', Jade Rabbit Mother said: 'He has been a lot lighter, now only 27 pounds.', Grandma said: 'We are only nine pounds and sixteen pounds two, two months Xiaojiu is not long, but it is lighter than four.' Jade rabbit mother asked: 'Qing rabbit did not come out to play?', grandmother said: 'His mother is still at home with him to review homework.', Yutu rabbit mother said: 'Now the first grade homework is relatively simple, as long as a while 'You can review it.', Grandma said: 'Heqing Bunny and his mother have to review more than an hour every day. Today, the school bunny is still going to learn the drums.', Yutu rabbit mother said: 'I didn't let Xianxian learn anything again.' As long as the school's homework is good, it is not bad. The children are too hard. They go to school early in the morning, and they arrive home at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Let them go out for a while in the evening.' Qing Bunny came back from the small square, Qing Bunny still reviewed the homework in the room, and the grandmother opened the door and said, 'What time is it, still reviewing the homework?', the mother said: 'What if I haven’t finished reviewing.', Grandma Say: 'It's almost enough.

', Mom said: 'Every twenty minutes of homework, three hours of homework is not an hour.

”. I can’t say anything. Qing Bunny has become a machine for reading. What is the purpose of learning? Learning is for future use. If you learn a car and don’t use it, you are learning. More knowledge is just a display.

It seems that I decided not to go dancing this time. My time has become the reason for my mother to review the lessons for the rabbits. I used my body at the expense of my mother and I have more time.

To be honest, as long as the rabbits are good, as long as the young rabbits can calmly face the future, our older generation will sacrifice more and do not hesitate.

At 20:35, the rabbits came out of the room. After bathing, the mother was holding the little rabbit, and the Qingtu rabbit went to the small square to wait for the aunt. The rabbits went to the aunt’s new home this evening. go to bed.

I thought: You don’t have to take it off for a long time

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