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p>Zhu Zhuang squad five yards in special 48: European Cup opener France lore Paya: from shopping guide to national hero Fan Weichen / China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard small power Jian Boss: The Chinese team is a slap in the face, and the multi-billion-dollar professional golf course is a horrible triangle attack.

. Kobe was immediately replaced, and his state was full. He scored 14 points in the first quarter, 5 points, 3 points, 3 points, 2 free throws and 2 free throws.


'Uncle, I want to let my uncle hold the game every day.

' Yaoyao also ran to the side of the strong, climbed into his arms and sat on his lap.

Howard was another mistake, and Jeremy Lin made a strong connection and made a dunk. 23 to 18, the Lakers lead by 5 points. Lang-Babi will end the cooperation with the Sun. He watched the tsunami-like mvp sound when Kobe appeared. He was envious of the strong eyes, but he immediately became a firm look. Since Kobe can have such achievements, why can檛 he? ? Strongly holding the ball with an unprecedented fighting spirit. Brandon Rush, who defended him, looked at the shallow smile on the opposite side of the guy named Chamberlain, but felt a chill in his heart. Bi Yongbo officially jumped out of the contract and will test the free agent market. Fortunately, Komova is not a lazy person, put the clothes into categories and put them on the label. . Granger asked the Pacers not to fire Vogel. Although I don't know the connection between weight and shooting, after Sackley loses body fat in the summer, the CIC is also open, the better the training, the better the defense in the absence of defense. Li Tie: Guoan ranks in the top three, and Shao Jia is not good. Quan Jian has not won a victory in the six rounds. The Lakers are preparing for a relaxed atmosphere. The evening game is against the Oakland Warriors. Not many people care about this game. It seems that this is a victory that has already been in his arms. Zaka: Wenger told me that Arsenal is like a paradise. The Lakers players have a lot of opportunities to interview, and they are used to interviews. Some reporters casually asked Randall how strong the ball is in the training. Durant's total score in the playoffs surpassed Hamilton. 'How do you say that you know that I am no longer young? What I can do is to play the game. I am working hard to make me compete with young talents like Stephen and Clay. They won't fall and even win the game. They did a great job, but next time we will win, just like the last time in Auckland.?Kobe is not angry. Owen: The defensive splash brothers need the team's efforts. Not many people care about the team's victory. Now the reporters only care about three questions. How does Kobe feel more than 20 minutes? Kobe said it is not bad, it is easier than training. Official farewell! Bayern's top executives worked hard for the squad, but they couldn't stop Howard's direct layup. Scott: If I can come back, I have to win more. The lineup of the Lakers is Clarkson, Dali, Johnson, Kelly, and Sacre. French team defender three pick one, who is the partner of the gods? . Clarkson is very impactful, the defense is excellent, and the open shot is very good, but he prefers to take the ball and often shoot. When a passionate substitute is a good fit. Jeremy Lin is simply a versatile player. When playing with Kobe, Boozer and Randy, it is a great way to play as a ball-free catcher or catch the ball. In the use of strong, Davis, Hill, Johnson and other people to make good use of their physical advantage, always able to send out beautiful assists. When I was with Clarkson and Nick Young and Henry, I received the pass in the last three seconds as a pick-up. I had already done a good job in the Rockets last season. And because of the strong support, Kobe and Nash also acquiesced, Jeremy Lin as the main point guard has no objection. Pistons fans: Both James and I will watch the finals on TV. 'You called my father-in-law, right, anyway, I am your uncle.' Seeing Yao Yao's angry look, he couldn't help but eat Yaoyao tofu. My sister was discussing the work with Xu Yalan, that is, vigorous planning. She found that Xu Yalan agent who made a small plane model was indeed a bit of a talent. Some good ideas and marketing plans were very good. The two discussed it in a hot day. stand up. . After the Warriors finished the physical therapy, the Lakers flew back to Los Angeles overnight and met the Suns the next day. . The Zhejiang team warmed up the Lectra Malaysian Raptors. If you know Scott thoughts, I don檛 know if he will kill him. If you have a player with a salary of 5 million, you can make a sudden shot. The other side can檛 prevent it. If there is a pass, it not James or the peak. Kobe? In the offense, I tried to predict the opponent's defense and used all the attention. It wasn't that he didn't want to pass the ball, but he put all his energy into how to put the damn ball into the basket. Li Jinglong scored 23 points and the Olympics beat Canada. 'I can't block your little mouth.' I squeezed Yaoyao's face vigorously. 'I will stay with you in addition to the game.' Owen: I sympathize with Curry Paul, they are so bad. The Lakers, the record is 5 wins and 0 losses, a season before everyone expected the results, all these accidents are the Chinese defender vigorously - Chamberlain, he is like James in the Cavaliers 10 years ago, one person changed a team. Sina hosted on the street was blocked by Russian fans and was questioned. When the feel is also exhausted, Curry is a strong shot, this time did not enter, Kobe Bryant protects the backboard. Advance to the frontcourt, and then gave a strong eye, they suddenly attracted the double-team, hit the earth to the strong layup. The pseudo-fans in the European Cup are also going to pick up. 66 to 40, the Lakers led by 22 points in the half. Du Feng: Even if I don檛 leave Guangdong after class, 淚 am.?Barkley is also very honest. Zhuangzhuang squad five yards in the special 48 Mano: the venue is too bad for kicking the ball, can only be long pass to find the striker and even more surprised that Harden did not touch the success of the porcelain, even complained to the referee how to blow foul. The first time the fans did not see what was going on, they saw that Harden seemed to be slipping. Bidal scored twice in the penalty shootout, Chile 2-1 Bolivia 'I also think that the strong house is a little bit, all day at home, should go out and hook up the sister.' Qin early child suddenly popped up. The new king is born! Alan started the second time to dominate the Guangdong-Shanghai war. 'Oh! There are such beautiful little sisters, I suddenly feel very face.' I don't know when I became so much. Others were not interested in watching, and vigorously began to find their own name, the Lakers did not have the first twenty-one, continue to find, 23 Kobe Bryant. I laughed hard and I can imagine Kobe seeing this expression. Porzingis wearing sunglasses to participate in street games? A rare defeat? The coach also said that this is a time to lose? . This time, the two insiders of the other side came over to make up the defense, and Afflalo, who was caught up later, had to look at a trend of encirclement. The Pistons will be invited to participate in the US men's basketball selection team 'Vence, come with us next year.' Strongly against his defender Carter said. Lor-Deng: This summer, I tend to renew my contract with the Heat. 'We have died, I will do my best to help him. When playing this strong team, we can give up some games properly. When we beat the weak team, we try to win.' Kobe said the order. People are unexpected. . I got a big three-double with 35 points, 19 rebounds and 17 assists! Kobe got 26 points, Hill 19 points, Jeremy Lin 17 points and 5 assists. Wu Lei praised Lu Wenjun's performance: Give him the opportunity, it will bring return 'that early child sister, uncle is your boyfriend, you asked her to go out and hook up the girl?' Yao Yao asked excitedly. Zhuang Zhuang team five yards in the special 48 'Mr. Chamberlain, you have scored 40 points many times last season, and now get 50 points further, do you think you are the best shooting guard?' A reporter asked . Chai Changyi Sun Marriage Certificate: It no longer that the little boy is watching this scouting report. Some of them are sad. The backcourt is just a dead end attack. It may be a little worse in the three-point line, but there is nothing outside the three-point line. Can vote, from the three-point line, one step hit is also more than 40%, vigorously said that pressure is big. . 'Strongly, I want to eat celery and stir-fry, you can put more pepper.' Qin Zaoer and vigorously talked always so gentle and playful, still not revealing cute, vigorously agreed. Cao Fei: Going home to play football can make a filial piety for parents. All of the initiators, Adeto Kunbo, have been eye-catching for a time. . 'Shaq, let's analyze this game! We are professional explanations, let Kenny go on to talk about the chair!' Barkley saw that the two people with rings were not so united, and decisively pulled one of them. Suddenly, the light suddenly turned on, and the powerful eyes were suddenly stimulated, and I quickly closed my eyes. After a few seconds, I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the people in front of me with great surprise and swallowed. Si Shuai avoids talking about class: Evergrande is not a god, can not enter the finals every year '...' Others look at the monster as if watching monsters, this is good! This inside line is good everywhere. . As Pelinka thought, Van Gundy is now in an awkward position, leaving Monroe, which does not really benefit the team. As a substitute, it suppresses the development of the starting Drummond, Drummond. As the 12th and 8th show, talent and champion Anthony Davis are not much more than the last season, that is, the second grade almost got the rebounding king. . 'Calling early child sister.' Chapter 31: Victoria - Komova came to a Western restaurant, which is a Western restaurant, and feels like a tavern. Unlike a regular pub, it is quiet.

Chapter 34: The winning streak continues to score the magician. As a strong girlfriend, Qin Zaier photo with a strong pass on Twitter is attached with such a nickname.

When you see the bus that picks up your own teammates and teammates at the airport, you know that your teammates are here.

Looking at the phone, there are a lot of missed calls. I just made a big noise when I walked with Komova.

Poor Howard, eleventh, Harden, fourth in the season, is still normal to the thirteenth.

The twelfth is Anthony, Anthony is really poor, teammates are not bad, last season's lineup is more luxurious than last season, but the playoffs can not enter.

In the peak period, I don檛 know whether it is a curse or a curse? .

Strongly and unconsciously built a defensive system! .

What he regrets is that he should say it and buy a car. Why do you want to talk about shopping? At the beginning, the two went to the Ferrari 4s store in the villa and bought a red Ferrari 430 for her sister. This car with a total cost of 4.5 million in the country is also topped here, only 400,000 dollars.

Then Qin Zaoer chose a car that looked very ugly, Porsche Cayenne, 230,000 US dollars, but Qin Zaieri liked it very much. She didn't recognize the road. It must be Xu Yalan driving two people out together.

Xu Yalan has already applied for a US passport after coming to the United States. It is not as difficult as taking a passport here, and he will drive as long as he is familiar with the right side of the car and get a driver's license soon.

Because he wants a Lamborghini himself, but there is no one here, he can only give up temporarily, and then go to the house nanny Lori Shinozaki to buy a beetle as a nanny, although it is difficult to sit in, but think Qin Zaier, Xiao Ai, Yao Yao and three people sat inside, and they felt that they were sprouted.

: Redick is not a chance for Johnson to catch the ball. If Redick has a ball attack, then you don't have to play so ugly. The key point is that he doesn't.


It turned out to be this! It seems that Kobe is also very concerned about his younger generation, and he is very touched.

The Lakers start here are Price, Dali, Johnson, Boozer, Hill, Nash and Kobe, although they came to the scene, but they can only wear a suit, so the fans on the scene are very sorry.

Nash and Kobe will not play back to back, and take a break.


By the battle with the Warriors, I found out that the lack of three-point ability is really a big problem.

But after careful consideration, I strongly decided to practice one hundred three-points a day, which is to invest.

Drug is not prepared to focus on the three points in this season. What he has to do is to make his strengths in the middle distance and inside the box singles stronger.

Kobe speech was a success. I檝e seen the changes of my teammates. If the teammates before this are like a group of people who haven檛 stolen things for a long time, they are now a group of arrogant mountains. Thief... 'If Chris can partner with you, I think it will be very good. Can you see one of your outsiders, can you help me?' Paul, who defended him with great strength, swam in the middle distance, the Clippers attacked. The best is Paul, the best organization is Paul, and the best defense is Paul.

Dali is very eye-catching such a teammate, although he is very satisfied with Jeremy Lin, much stronger than last year's pile of point guards, but compared with Paul, it is a lot worse.


(Lamos: I am eager to win as I did two years ago).

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