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It is the automatic weapon of 100,200, or even 1000 rounds of guns per second after the emergence of automatic weapons

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People's Edition Seventh Grade Politics Book: Lesson 4 First Handshake Data Download People's Edition Seventh Grade Politics Book: Lesson 4 First Handshake Lesson 4 First Handshake Unit Plan: Lesson 4 First Handshake Teaching Objectives: This module is to help students learn to get to know and understand classmates, teachers, learn the skills and wisdom of interpersonal relationships, and build healthy interpersonal relationships and collective ideas.

Teaching focus: interpersonal methods and principles; attitude and ability of empathy; how to integrate with teachers to integrate into the collective life teaching difficulties: 'harmony and difference' in interpersonal communication, how to feel others, how far we are from the teacher Teaching methods: performance, discussion, competition time schedule: 4 lessons, the fourth lesson, the first handshake, the first and second lesson, the topic: the first handshake, the teaching goal: learn to get along with others, the teaching focus: the method of interpersonal communication, teaching difficulties: communication Psychological Teaching Methods: Telling Stories, Discussing Teaching Process: Introduction: Storytelling: 'Dream', 'Don't Talk to Strangers', 'Robinson Crusoe'-----New: Guide students to read textbooks 'The same table' Q: Have you ever had similar embarrassment and regrets? Remember how you met with strangers and classmates when you first entered school? Who is the first to say? Recall the scene as clearly as possible, don't make any details a 'fish of the net', and then give everyone a performance.

Come to 'reproduce yesterday'. I recall the moment of activity: Yesterday, two scenes were re-enacted, and the live performance was first seen at the beginning of the school.

[Miscellaneous warnings] It is very unfaced to take the initiative to say hello to others.

[Analysis] First of all, this is a misunderstanding in the exchange, a misunderstanding of active communication.

Proactively greet people, reflecting a person's ability to communicate, is a manifestation of self-esteem and self-confidence, and some people are afraid that they will not respond positively to others, thus causing themselves to fall into awkward situations and hurt themselves. Fragile self-esteem.

In fact, these are all manifestations of lack of self-confidence. Everyone has the need to communicate. As long as we are sincere, I believe that we will impress each other so that the other party will be willing to interact with you. Don’t let your heart be too sensitive and vulnerable. We can't think that the other party will reject you first. On the contrary, if you are very confident and polite, I believe that no one will reject you under normal circumstances.

Activity 2, each of their offerings meets strangers, and it is inevitable that they will be restrained and embarrassed.

But there are some methods that are good tricks, it can break the embarrassment, what are your good tricks, share the whole class with four groups, start the game, see the group said the best, say one plus one Points cannot be repeated. (Answer Tips) Good move 1: First time to meet, to maintain a natural and generous, sincere and friendly smile; Good move 2: friendly and kindly say hello, take the initiative to greet; good move 3: call out the other party's name, so that the other party feels harmonious; good Recruit 4: Timely, just the right compliments will draw closer to each other.

Second, communication skills for the first time. Many students have this experience: When walking into a strange room or meeting an unfamiliar person, the most common sentence to me is: I should How to break the deadlock and make friends.

First of all, active communication, overcoming your own timidity, is also an important step in our growth. As long as you bravely say the first sentence, you have already succeeded in half. Try to find some topics that can narrow the distance between the two sides. You can also be a listener first. Add people to the topic when appropriate. Pay attention to courtesy. Don't just export it. Otherwise, you may offend others. Third, the 'sense of the heart' of communication (a) the common characteristics of the 'stars' activity three: the 'communication star' selected by the group, together with the discussion and analysis of his reasons for being good at interacting with people, and then grandly launched to the whole class, help Its campaign class 'Communication Stars' (textbook page 36) Our group's 'communication star' is ______________________________________________________________ The common characteristics of these 'communication stars' are: 1, __________________________________________; 2, _________________________________________; 3, ____________________________________________; 4, ____________________________________________; [Dial] This activity aims to find out the characteristics of being good at communication among the classmates who are good at communication by selecting the 'communication star' among the classmates, and then find out the common characteristics and clarify the characteristics of those who are popular in interpersonal communication. Good quality.

During the event, we reflect on whether we have these qualities. Whether we can learn from the 'stars of communication' and make ourselves a popular person is the meaning of this activity.

[Answer Tips] The common characteristics of these 'communication stars' are: they can listen to other people's opinions, and they have their own opinions and thoughts; they are smart, understanding, easygoing, and considerate.

Self-motivated, full of confidence and vitality, responsible.

There are always smiles, optimism, humor and cheerfulness on the face. Enthusiastic, simple and kind, not selfish, sincere.

Not arrogant, tolerant, friendship, trusting others.

(b), what kind of people are popular (communication skills and magic weapon) 1, smile: ▲ the role of smiles (why do you want to smile?) The smile of love is like a magical key, you can open the maze of the mind.

Smile is a recipe for communication, and people who are good at communication often have a smile on their faces. Smile conveys goodwill, friendship, love and identity. It can break the gap between people in the shortest time, and it is the golden key to the happy knot. A sincere smile will receive unexpected gains. (Try it) (1) When I was in school, I smiled at my neighbors and said good morning: ____________________________ (2) When I smiled and complained to me: _______________________________ (3) When I inadvertently offended others, I smiled Apologize: _____________________ Humor you want to be a popular person? Humor can help you achieve this. Why do you say this? Due to the role of humor.

▲ The role of humor (why is humorous in communication?) Humor is a kind of wit and friendliness that can easily smooth interpersonal relationships.

Humor is a special kind of emotional expression that can dilute people's negative emotions and eliminate depression and pain. People with a sense of humour, life is full of fun, and many painful troubles, they can cope with it. Humor is a life attitude. It can relieve mental and psychological stress in the face of difficulties. When we get along with humorous people, we will feel relaxed, happy, harmonious and friendly. In short, humor is a kind of wit and friendliness that can easily smooth interpersonal relationships.

[Explore Communication] Do you have a similar experience to recall, what impressed you the most humor is to show it and share it with you. How would you deal with this event and exercise with your classmates to see what effect your treatment would have. (Textbook 40th page) [Dial] This activity is based on our past life experience, to experience the joyful feelings that humor brings to interpersonal relationships. How do you deal with some embarrassing events and cultivate us with humor? The ability to resolve the crisis. [Answer example] (1) There is a similar experience. My most impressed humor is that I went to the classmate Xiaowei's house to play. Xiaowei wanted to ask her mother for some pocket money, but because her mother had just given her pocket money, this time I really don't want to open it again, but I have to.

So Xiaowei said to her mother: 'Mom, can you give me some kind of paper issued by the bank?' I don't mention the word 'money'. After listening to my mother, I can't help but smile, so I gave it to Xiao. Wei some pocket money. (2) I will deal with this: I took the note and opened it and saw only two words 'fool'. I will be very calm and smile and say to everyone: 'I have received many anonymous letters, all of which are only text, not the writer. Signature, but today is the opposite.

Someone just wrote to me, only to name my name, but forgot to write the text. 3. Tolerance (1) Why should we be tolerant? 1 person has different personalities and different characteristics. Each person has advantages and strengths, but also shortcomings and deficiencies. Therefore, if you want to get along with each other, you must first have a tolerance. Heart, learn tolerance. 2 Tolerance is the key to open the door of reconciliation between people, it is an important cultivation for a person.

Tolerance can make people's relationships easier and bring happiness to themselves. As a kind of self-cultivation, tolerance is the key to opening the door of understanding between people.

We have learned to be tolerant, to make interpersonal relationships easier, and to bring happiness to ourselves.

(2) Correct understanding of tolerance and tolerance is not a manifestation of weakness. It requires great strength and courage. Tolerance is actually a state of mind, a healthy mentality that is not demanding, not extreme, and irresponsible.

Tolerance is not forgiveness, and its meaning is far broader and farther than forgiving one's mistakes.

Behind tolerance is a heart of love.

[Miscellaneous warning] Tolerance is the quality that a person has in his lifetime. [Answer] This view is wrong. Tolerance is by no means an innate nature, but the result of the day after tomorrow.

We need to learn, to experience, to feel; to take our courage and wisdom, to think, to do. Tolerance is a rare environment in life. It is a realm that needs to be practiced and needs to be practiced.

[Exploration and Communication] If you are this girl, will your treatment be the same as her? If it is different, what would you do is that you have been wronged by others? Which one are you most impressed? Talk about the grievances in my heart at the time. What should you do if you blame others (textbook page 42) [Dial] This activity aims to evoke our inner experience, through learning, experience, perception, and tolerance with our courage and wisdom.

[Answer Tips] My treatment is the same as her, because maybe her friend is really not interested.

We all have a heart of love. Or, my treatment is different from her, because good friends should keep each other's secrets, and she has the responsibility to keep secrets for me. She lived up to my trust and I decided not to care about her anymore.

(So lost the only same-sex friend).

I was mistaken by others.

What impressed me the most was that my good friend Hai Kuan found that Harry Potter in his bag was gone. He rummaged through all the places and couldn't find it. Later, he found that I had a book that was exactly the same as his book. He was very angry. He thought that I was not enough friends, and I actually took other people's things for myself. I broke off.

Later, his house was swept away, and he found that his 'Harry Potter' was lying under the sofa. I was very wronged at the time, thinking that he had married me and didn't trust me. It was too uncomfortable.

If I blame others, I will immediately apologize to him and sincerely ask the other party to forgive.

4, I really care about the ancient Chinese 'Four Books' mentioned: 'Only the world is sincere, in order to do its best.

” means that only those who are sincere and sincere in the world can govern the great rules of the world and establish the fundamentals of benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and wisdom to the world. Being sincere is the foundation of our lives.

Communication requires skill, but more needs to be paid. No matter when, the truth is more noble than skill; or treating people with sincerity is the greatest skill of interpersonal communication. Sincerely treating others, sincerely paying, 'Achieved the supreme realm of 'nothing' wins 'has a move'! [My supplement] (textbook page 43) Students: Slightly [dot] The textbook was shaped by anthropomorphism in the beginning. 'Communication' This cute elf tells the various skills of interpersonal communication through its tone.

Of course, in addition to the techniques listed in the text, there are other techniques.

It is worthwhile for us to think about the importance of modern social interaction. With the awareness of active communication and the skills of communication, if our interpersonal relationship is still a mess, then the 'social' nephew can really Fired. [Answer Tips] My supplement is: From today, I want to take the initiative to interact with people, treat others with sincerity, warm others with a heartfelt smile, and develop an optimistic and humorous attitude towards life, so that people who are with me can be relaxed and happy. When there is a contradiction in communication, you must tolerate others and learn to be generous.

I said, I will be able to do it myself, I can do it! Summary: Student summary homework: See the 'Youjia Case' related content after class: Third, fourth class Question: Is it strange? Do not blame the teaching goal: to train students to accept different abilities. Teaching focus: Learn to accept different and one of the mysteries of communication. Teaching difficulties: learn to accept different and one of the secrets of communication: the introduction of new lessons, everyone is different, everyone We all have our own personality, we all know this truth, but in real life, when people who are different in words and deeds from us, we will feel that this person is strange and will stay away from it. 'Communication' reminds you, When you are away from the geek, you may lose a good friend.

Everyone is an independent individual, and each has its own unique personality.

There are various differences between people, and they need to understand each other and respect each other's individuality. We must appreciate and accept the personality of others while affirming and accepting our own personality. Teaching new lessons: First, organize students to read the article 'Lonely Flower Skirt' (textbook 43 pages) lonely flower skirt I transferred to this class. Looking at the strange face, I feel deep and lonely. Looking at other people, a group of people gathered together to talk and laugh, I was sitting alone in the seat, my heart is really eager to integrate into them... At this time, one is tied with a pair of cockroaches, very strong, wearing a flower skirt and plastic The girl in the sandals... Discussion: (1) Where is Li Juan’s “blame”? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (3) If someone thinks you are weird, what should you do (textbook page 46) (4) If there is any behavior around you that makes you feel weird, please think about what the reason is (5) From the story, what do you realize? [Answer Tips] (1) Long-term wearing two flower skirts, from the countryside, poor family, like to borrow other things. (2) Being able to actively smile and interact with classmates; be able to tolerate the faults of others; be proactive, hard work, and glory for the class. (3) If others think that I am weird, I will analyze it objectively, calmly deal with it, try to smile and face everything, carefully analyze the difference between myself and my classmates, treat others with sincerity, give true feelings, act positively, prove everything with facts, and win The trust of the students is integrated into the collective.

(4) Yes. According to the 'blame' place, objective analysis of the reasons can be. For example, the reason why Li Juan wears two flower skirts for a long time is because she comes from the countryside and her family's economic conditions are not good. (5) From the story, I realized that the 'freak' also has cute things. To learn to accept differences, learn to respect others.

Second, there is no identical person in life. Learning to accept differences is also one of the mysteries of communication (emphasis) (1) Learning to accept differences, seeking common ground while reserving differences Since there are differences between people, we must face this reality. Others respect my personality and we must respect the individuality of others. Today, in the construction of a harmonious society, Confucius’s words are gradually known as “the gentleman is different and the little one is not the same”.

There are no two identical people in life. Learning to accept difference is also one of the mysteries of communication.

When we look at people with a critical eye, what we get is often ridicule, dissatisfaction, anger and misunderstanding. When we look at people with appreciation, the surrounding things should be more admired and more appreciated. , I will understand more, be more friendly, and have more love.

(2) 'The gentleman is different, the little one is not the same.

” “The gentleman is different and the little one is not the same. 'This sentence is spoken by Confucius, from the Analects.'

It means that the communication between gentlemen is to seek harmony, but it is not blindly voted for others, blindly obeying; the communication of the villain is 'the same and not.'

Everything says 'good' and 'yes', but it is rare to be harmonious with each other.

(Revelation) The relationship between people and people is seeking common ground while reserving differences.

You can't appreciate or dislike others, but you can't despise others. He just is different from you. You must respect this difference. At the same time, don't let others in the interaction with the shooting people; thus throw yourself away. Personality. Data link respect is the premise of communication. Respecting others, respecting the personality of others, and respecting the wishes of others, only those who know how to respect others are a person worthy of respect, in order to gain the trust and friendship of others; to learn to communicate, we must first respect and learn to respect.

[Miscellaneous warnings] 'Gentlemen are different and different'. In pursuit of harmony, we must lose our own personality.

[Analysis] This view is wrong. Some students think that if they are different from everyone else, others will not want to play with themselves, so what others do, how to do it themselves, have no opinion, and thus lose their own personality. In fact, the gentleman is different. The gentleman here refers to a person with high morality and cultivation, which can refer to both boys and girls.

Means: The communication between people with high moral cultivation is to seek harmony, but it is not a good place to vote for others, blindly obey, to maintain their own personality, and to adhere to their own principle of being a man.

Third, read and experience the short text 'Different, is to fall in love' (1) What do you understand from this story (2) Do you have a similar experience? If so, please talk about your experience. [Answer] (l) Acceptance is gain, exclusion is loss. The mother's words are to accept different warm words, to show respect for people of different colors, to win the trust of black drivers, so he firmly refuses to collect money. The driver's mother's words are to exclude people of different skin colors, and they do not respect themselves, causing their sons to always think that they are inferior, so they have lost their opportunities for their own development.

(2) Yes.

If I see a classmate approaching the teacher, I don't want to be associated with it, which makes me lose the opportunity to learn the skills of interacting with others. I don't want to actively communicate with my classmates, which makes me lose the opportunity to cultivate the quality of cooperation; I don't like to play. However, I like to work with people with higher basketball skills. My interest in playing is gradually improving, my skills are obviously enhanced, and my body is getting stronger. [Extension and training] Practice inquiry questions (integration into life, focus on practice, self-answer, encourage innovation) After learning the content of 'Weird, Don't Blame', in order to enhance the ability of students to interact with 'freak', learn and ' The geeks exchanged, the Seventh (3) class of Hongqi Middle School held an experience exchange meeting with the theme of 'I am a 'freak'. Please participate in it and work together! (1) Please talk about the true meaning of 'Weirdo'. I think that 'Weirdo' in life refers to those who have noble moral character, are helpful, work hard, work hard, and contribute to society. People.

(2) In your life, how do you prepare to deal with these 'freaks' and talk about your reasons.

In life, I am prepared to deal with 'geeks' with techniques such as sincerity, smile, and tolerance.

Because tolerance is a virtue; smile is a magical key; sincerely treating people is the greatest skill of interpersonal communication, and giving the true feelings can achieve the supreme realm of “no wins and no tricks”.

(3) Through the interaction with these 'freaks', what kind of gains have you got? My gains are: acceptance is gain, exclusion is loss. (4) Please write a slogan for this exchange. Correctly interact with the 'freak', be the master of communication; accept 'freak', succeed, reject 'freak', lose friendship, and so on. Summary: Student summary assignments: See the 'Easy Study Case' related content board design: the art of student exchanges between students and students in the data field, there is no interaction between people, the world will become a desolate desert.

Communication brings happiness and happiness, as one famous psychologist said: 85% of a person's success comes from social.

But in real life, quite a lot of people are upset because they can't get along with some people.

So how can we build good interpersonal relationships? (1) Let each other be honest.

To make others like yourself, you must first be interested in others.

It is conceivable that anyone who is interested in others will be interested in you (2) learn to be obedient. It is necessary to have a good relationship with others, patiently listen to other people's speeches, and often let others feel his importance.

(3) Learn to talk. Be good at expressing your emotions and thoughts; pay attention to the sense of speaking on different occasions; don't say what you shouldn't say; pay attention to the sense of humor in your speech to increase your attraction and overcome the embarrassing scene; in the conversation, pay attention to the interest of the other party The things and the most cherished things, sincerely and generously praise or praise others, make them happy, you are not difficult to get close to them. (4) Throw away your heart.

Jealousy is actually an attempt to deprive others of the material and spiritual needs they have already received. This kind of psychology can easily cause resentment from others.

At the same time, we must overcome the unreasonable state of suspicion, demanding, loneliness, inferiority and complacency. (5) Be careful to make friends and make friends. Not everyone wants to make friends, and not everyone can be your friend. Therefore, we must make friends in a selective way. In interpersonal communication, we should improve ourselves, find happiness, get rid of sorrow, and benefit our physical and mental health. After class: Yesterday reappeared each other's offerings, smiling stars, humor, tolerance, and sincerity, the first time 'handshake' is different, in order to fall in love.

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