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Nearly 30% of the players do not have the number of people who are full of requests, and the reason is almost the same

Video introduction: At 7:00 am on August 6th, Beijing time, the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be held at the Rio Maracana Stadium.

Unlike the previous Olympic opening ceremony, the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games did not pursue the use of high-tech and large-scale props. Instead, it created a big celebration party through the rich music and dance elements of Brazil. During the period, the highlights continued, and the audience continued to cheer. The video narration indicates that every athlete who participates in the Rio Olympics will plant a tree and leave an Olympic forest for Brazil... 'We are all the general public, we want to make the earth green again...' Highlight 4: Peace Environmental protection concept green five ring moment medal harvester! Yan valued group! Not the Wright brothers. The Brazilian said: We invented the first plane! First come a few live maps ↓↓ happy original life I cried on the spot! ! ! CCTV live broadcasts at the beginning of the talks and said the opening ceremony. Each Olympic Games will be awarded a hero of the Olympic Games.

The trophy is centered on the five rings and is connected to the base and the laurel wreath. Fortunately, the projector helped the fund to be very busy. But why do you want to jump up, then the opening ceremony goes to a serious part, with a little boy's doubts about the environment, leading to human damage to nature and the impact on the global environment... Many people in the industry believe that this is a simple The relaxed and happy Olympic opening ceremony, although there are some extreme performances in detail, but there are many highlights.

A close look at the McDonald's Uncle in a square. The opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games is roughly divided into three parts: the first part is the beginning of the world, telling that Brazil is the world's woods and gardens; the second part is about Brazil as a global race. The most diverse country; the third part is about the tolerance and enthusiasm of the Brazilian people. The budget of the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil is only 21 million US dollars, and 18.95 million euros. What is the concept? In view of the transfer of Brazilian striker Hulke to Shanghai's 58.5 million euros, this opening ceremony can buy the following part of Hulk's left leg knee, only 35% of the transfer fee to Hulk, but the opening Fernando Meri, the director, used the money to turn the opening ceremony into a Rio color show and incorporate the human history into the opening ceremony. However, the plane took off at Maracana Stadium, and the main torch was lit at the opening ceremony. The picture shows the final ignited flame, and the flame table behind it continues to roll.

The Rio Olympics, which has been constantly being squandered, finally ushered in the grand opening ceremony. The third part, the enthusiasm of the Brazilian people. The opening ceremony of the most economical and sexy opening ceremony in history is an important event for every host country to show the country its image to the world, express its unique cultural charm and express its vision and pursuit of the future. It is more than just a The opening ceremony also contains rich cultural connotations, reflecting the style and temperament of the host country.

Each Olympic Games will be spread to the world through TV screens and networks, and it has a broad international influence.

Therefore, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games not only shows the spirit of the Olympics, but also represents the cultural soft power of the host country. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games fully demonstrated the unparalleled weather of China's great powers, and the whole world was amazing and sighed. Under the background of global green life promotion and sustainable social development, Brazil's creative opening ceremony of the Olympic Games also brought us some inspiration. Is it only Xiaobian who is looking for Ning Zetao in the crowd? The first part is the beginning of the world, Brazil is the garden of the world; the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games shows the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The national is the world. The opening ceremony of the Brazilian Olympic Games has once again confirmed this. This is a nation that combines music and dance in the blood.

I feel the various euphemisms of CCTV live broadcast... Thatched cottage Raising the flag ceremony Let’s feel the big long legs. The Brazilian finally got the chance to say it! Often people think of the American Wright brothers as the world's first inventor of the aircraft, while the Brazilians believe that this honor belongs to the Brazilian Alberto Santos Dumont. After the performance, the admission ceremony was carried out... Like this kind of creative idea with visual deception, according to the Brazilian government news, more than 40 international politicians participated in the opening ceremony, many of which were not heads of state or government. Except for Brazil, no other BRIC countries have heads of state or government to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games; only two of the G20 countries are well-known politicians: one is French President Hollande who is striving for the Olympic bid, and the other The position is Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Among the European countries, Portuguese President Marcelo also attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

As a South American country, only Argentine President Mauricio Macri, Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos attended the opening ceremony.

The heads of state of Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Guyana and Suriname were not present. The virtual image projects out the buildings and “pushes the ground”. Then there is all kinds of dancing. It’s better to watch the game than to dance. No matter if the little friend doesn’t watch the live broadcast, let’s take a look at the Xiaobian’s animation! The Brazilian life on the plane is presented to the audience in the most three-dimensional form. The 31st Olympic Summer Games were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The picture shows the actor dancing on the stage.

The countdown dance of the opening ceremony, silver, a blue flag fluttering in the hands of the actors, the performance also formed a shocking effect, compared with most opening drum performances, the paper drums are full of creativity.

Netizen: The woman who holds up the half-day of the opening ceremony is called the first supermodel of the universe, the textbook of the step, the printing machine for walking, one step of 450,000 dollars. For the seventh consecutive year, the supermodel income was the first, and the second one was not even a fraction of her.

Xiao Lizi’s favorite woman also took her away to Oscar, and Xiao Li’s most handsome five years belonged to her.

Married to American football star Tom Brady.

The two most expensive bras of Wei Mi are all worn by her.

In 2015, Gisele Bundchen was the world's highest-paid model. As the sixth-generation German-born Brazilian, Gisele Bundchen has the height of the meter and the impressive measurements. She has been the 'Victoria Secret' angel for five consecutive years. She has won the global finals of the world's three major professional model competitions. It has been called the world's richest supermodel since the age of 24, assets. It is estimated to exceed RMB 400 million.

In April last year, bid farewell to the Brazilian 'national treasure' model model Gisele Bundchen, highlights 2, supermodel Giselle's appearance of the footprints into a music curve. The Olympic Games participated in 206 countries and regions, the number of athletes More than 10,000 people competed for 306 gold medals in 28 projects.

The refugee delegation will appear for the first time in this Olympics. Knocking on the blackboard: Beijing time on August 6th at 7 am Let the audience can not help but sigh: Wow! It is the biggest flaw in the opening ceremony! Rio, which has a procrastination problem, has made the world sweat for it. The Brazilians believe that the invention of the aircraft is Santos Dumont, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 6th. The four-year Olympic Games have once again opened.

Yes, the Rio Olympics has not been started yet and has been questioned. It seems that people all over the world have opened up the road of finding and discovering various 'slots' of the Rio Olympics: it is a tight budget and is the most difficult Olympic Games; the organizers are slow to organize, and the athletes from various countries who have settled in the Olympic Village have experienced 'buy'. The difference between the 'home show' and the 'seller show'; what is even more worrying is that at some point, even the safety of the immigrants can not be protected.

The bad reviews continue to accumulate, making Rio almost the 'worst Olympics in history.' However, we saw that Rio achieved a perfect counterattack through a wonderful opening ceremony. Highlight 1: The creative and full-fledged performance of the simple fan is also shocked The 31st Olympic Summer Games were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The picture shows the performance of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 6. It is also a frequent visitor to the cover characters of the world's top fashion magazines.

The free-spirited Brazilians turned the opening ceremony into a big man, 8:16! ! The Chinese team is out! ! ! ! It is estimated that many people are drooling in the screen! I have to say that this can better reflect the spirit of modern Olympics. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is divided into three parts. If it is not for the friendship, these steps are estimated. It is estimated that the Olympic budget has already been spent on the stage. A portrait of a singer appears on the stage. Basanova crosses the sea, from architecture to music to painting. ,literature. TomJobim, Vinciusde Moraes and others use music, beaches, colors or lines to present a sexy and cool Brazilian. How tired is it? However, budget compression does not mean that it is not exciting.

Merrills said that when people mention Brazil and Rio, they always think of beaches, sambas and football. The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games will try to avoid showing these Brazilian symbols without any new ideas. However, he stressed that it is impossible to mention these symbols of Brazil at all. 'It is an incredible thing to hold the Olympic Games in Rio, if you don't mention the carnival.' This will mean that the Carnival elements will become a major feature of the Brazilian Olympics. Planning Sharp Sports - Interpretation of the opening and closing of the true and contradictory Brazilian sharp sports - revealing the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Brazil, although the chaos of each delegation was preceded by a human tricycle guided Beijing time today at 7 am, the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games officially and the world I met.

When it comes to dance, I have to say Brazilian samba. At the opening ceremony, the samba performance is arranged for the finale. The 8-minute samba is opened after the athletes enter the stadium. The costumes are bright and the performance is amazing. The samba parade and the sexy samba girl caused the audience to watch.

In the second part, Brazil is the most ethnically diverse country in the world. I remember that in the past 15 years, someone has calculated that the Indian goddess is a step-by-step 45w dollar. The most beautiful model in the world, the gas field is full! It’s really beautiful to skim over Rio! Today will be her last catwalk, (seeking thousands of Baidu in the public). She has spoken for dozens of internationally famous brands and appeared at the opening ceremony of today's Olympic Games! International Olympic Committee President Bach said that in order to ensure the extraordinary achievements made by sports in the fields of education, culture, development and peace, in the spirit of the Olympics, we will award the Olympic Honor Award to the great Olympic champion and the Olympics. Philanthropist Judge Jod Keno. As the sixth generation of German-born Brazilians, Gisele Bundchen has the height of the meter and the impressive measurements.

She has been the 'Victoria Secret' angel for five consecutive years. She has been known as the world's richest supermodel since the age of 24, with assets estimated at over 400 million yuan.

It is estimated that there are hundreds of factional square dances in the field. The reporter noted that the Chinese audience seems that the opening ceremony of this Olympic Games is not as brilliant as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but the exquisite creativity and enthusiasm. The unrestrained dance still gave people a lot of surprises and unexpected gains.

Beautiful night view of Maracana Stadium! A promotional film, a song, a dance, can save the province, electric motor hip! Forced science: The entrance-style 'riding the team' tricycle actually has only a dozen. After sending a country, it will immediately return to send the next one. When will the 2016 Olympic Games be opened? Original Title: Brazil, your heart-warming country, has actually made the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games like this! From the sound of slums to pop music and street dancers, the scene is like holding a giant concert. Will not pursue large props and high-tech... In the performance of the controversy, a variety of dances are displayed.

Including sword dance, dance BATE-BOLAS with typical carnival features in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, the unique folk dance 'MARACATU' in the PERNAMBUCO region of the northeastern state of Brazil, 'MARACATU' dance music is a fusion of Portuguese, primitive tribes and Africa Music features. The budget is 1/10 of the London Olympics... I watched for half an hour... plus the performance of the dancers in place. The thunder and high-altitude flag rate was the 45th appearance of the Chinese Army! .

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